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What's new in RIM & urethanes.

Look for several large and small RIM and foam systems, but little news in materials. Accents on non-CFC processes and RIM recycling.

NPE '91 will see a modest number of new urethane foam and RIM machines, but a very slight presence among PUR materials suppliers. Much of the latter's emphasis will be on "environmental" technologies such as non-CFC systems and recycling. Dow Plastics, Midland, Mich., will discuss the idea of mixing reground RIM material with polyol to mold new parts; while Mobay Corp., Pittsburgh, will present an alternative approach of compression molding 100% reground RIM scrap (see PT, March '91, p. 38).


"One of the best-kept secrets" in RIM machinery will be out in the open: Linden Industries, Inc., Peninsula, Ohio, has been building complete RIM/RRIM systems for Ford, General Motors, and a major bathtub producer for six years. In Chicago, Linden will be featuring a new "dust-free" filler-blending system that unloads directly from gaylords or totes. Also new is a nucleation approach that involves blending some of the nitrogen into the polyol day tank, and the rest in the recirculation line. Linden's automotive-type RIM system offers real-time SPC reporting of all process variables on a PC connected to the machine control. Linden will also show a three-component RIM system that can be used for recycline regrind.

Decker Industries, Inc., Port Salerno, Fla., hopes to make its RIM debut at the show with its first high-pressure metering system. This is planned to be an 80-lb/min, continuous-recirculation machine using rotary pumps.

Gusmer, Lakewood, N.J., a relative newcomer in RIM, will show its largest machine to date, the DeltaRIM 240, capable of 240 lb/min. It comes with PLC control--now standard on all models of 120 lb/min or more, and optional on smaller ones.

Cannon USA Inc., Mars, Pa., will have an upgrade of its Model HE RIM system with a new SPC package. Another is a complete new "a" series of high-pressure systems, replacing the old "H" line. These modular, electronically controlled systems all use rotary pumps and can be upgraded from a basic PLC-driven model to total computer control (IB-compatible) with closed-loop temperature, pressure, ratio and throughput regulation, CRT graphics, full SPC, production reporting, and an on-screen machine maintenance and operation manual.

The Hennecke unit of Mobay Corp., Pittsburgh, will show a new color-addition mixhead that reportedly can be cleaned with single purge shot, and the Aeromat nucleation unit.

Klockner Ferromatic Desma (now KFD Sales & Service, Inc.), Erlanger, Ky., will introduce a UniRIM A16-8 high-pressure system for smaller throughputs (13-63 lb/min). It uses Rexroth axial-piston pumps and has a more compact layout on a single frame so that the whole machine with controls can be moved by a single forklift.

New from Krauss-Maffei Corp., Florence, Ky., will be the RIM Star B metering unit with closed-loop control and self-adjusting mixhead nozzles, seen previously at K'89 and Interplas '90 (see PT, Feb. '90, p. 31). Also new is the TPC Mold Carrier, a single-mold clamp available in four sizes, which has unobstructed operator access to front and rear and a bottom platen that shuttles to the rear--away from the spraying of release agent--for loading of glass mat (in SRIM) or window glass to be encapsulated. K-M's third entry is the small KK Metering Unit for lab use or molding headrests and glove-box doors. Its lance cylinders can meter 13-130 cc/sec.

Another relatively new, small RIM machine, the Precision Flow system, will be running at the booth of Hi-Tech Engineering, Inc., Grand Rapids, Mich. (see PT, July '90, p. 29).

What is perhaps the first commercial RIM flow-simulation software to be brought to market will be shown by Simcon GmbH of Herzogenrath, Germany. The Protheus RIM flow module is part of the Cadmould-3D package of programs for injection molding simulation, developed at the IKV (German Plastics Processing Institute) in Aachen.


Rounding out Cannon's new entries is a low-cost, "basic" high-pressure metering system, Model L, available in two versions for up to 90 or 220 lb/min. It costs $60,000-65,000.

In addition, Cannon will have its Easy-Froth machine for pouring rigid insulation foams, first seen at K'89 (PT, Feb. '90, p. 35). Key feature of this high-pressure machine is provision for injecting gaseous HCFC blowing agent at the mixhead in place of liquid CFC.

Elastogran Machinery (EMB), Wyandotte, Mich., will introduce an upgrade of its U.S.-built Puromat high-pressure pouring machine. It has a simpler temperature-control system that eliminates heaters--using process heat instead, with just-chilled water for control; new U.S.-manufactured day tanks, with single-wall construction that's said to be more efficient and easier to clean than the former dual-wall tanks; all-plug-in wiring; and a more secure mechanical seal for the agitator in place of a "stuffing box." It's also more compact, making it transportable by forklift on a single pallet. What's more, it costs less.

Glas-Craft Inc., Indianapolis, will introduce a low-cost foam packaging system that costs only $3995. Polycraft GmbH of Germany will show its CFC-free foam-in-place packaging system, which uses a Gusmer CG gun.

And Gusmer itself will unveil its VH-3000 variable-ration, spray/pour machine for elastomer coatings.


Mobay will be featuring its new Prism solid rigid RIM material, intended to compete with thermoplastics (PT, Oct. '90, p. 80; April '91, p. 120). Preliminary date for a part with 1.09 g/cc density: flex modulus of 365,000 psi, unnotched Izod impact of 6 ft-lb/in., elongation of 9%, tensile strength of 7500 psi, flex strength of 15,000 psi, and HDT at 66 psi of 203 F. A 1/8-in. part is said to meet UL 94V-0 and to cure in 60-90 sec from a 170 F mold.

Also new from Mobay are water-blown (non-CFC) Bayflex 900 footwear systems with improved abrasion resistance. Two other footwear systems are a transparent polyether outsole material and a lightweight, low-density foam for single-density unit soles.
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Title Annotation:National Plastics Exposition '91; reaction injection molding
Author:Naitove, Matthew H.
Publication:Plastics Technology
Date:May 1, 1991
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