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What's new at K 2007.

October's sellout K Show is set to beat all records in terms of exhibitor numbers. Over 3,000 companies will present their products and services across a colossal 168,000 square metres of exhibition space. Many will be using K to launch new products. To provide a flavour of what's in store, Plastics Engineering picked a few early highlights.

K 2007 will give Arkema (Hall 6/C57) the opportunity to showcase new applications in PMMA, in particular for flat TV screens, and new developments in Technical Polymers, especially for the Rilsan and Pebax ranges. The company will focus presentations on a selection of key polymers from its different product areas: polyamides (Rilsan Clear and Pebax), fluoropolymers (Kynar), fine and ultra fine powders (Rilsan and Rilsan Active) and functional polyolefins (Evatane, Lotryl, Lotader and Orevac).

Ciba (Hall 6/A27) will launch two new ranges of XYMARA effect pigments. One for exceptionally brilliant, sparkling effects suitable for packaging, household and leisure goods made of PVC, engineering plastics and polyolefins; the other for demanding end uses, for instance where high resistance to discoloration is required.

Also being debuted is CROMOPHTAL DPP Red TFP. Offering high transparency, brilliance and colour strength, this new-generation red is targeted at polyolefin packaging and PVC applications. It can be combined with effect pigments for colourful glitter and gleam or with a special clarifier from Ciba for transparent shades.

Other introductions will include additions to Ciba's fully organic, heavy-metal-free pigments, and CROMOPHTAL Yellow 4GV, a new non-warping pigment based on patented chemistry. A new light stabiliser for thermoplastic polyurethanes, new antioxidants for ABS and polyolefin nanocomposites, plus a new high-performance stabiliser for polyolefins will also be on show.

DSM Engineering Plastics (Halls 6/B11, 6.1/N07) will introduce a new range of materials, and a significant number of new applications. These include: Stanyl Diablo PA46 with improved long-term heat stability for various applications especially UTB automotive; Xantar PC Anti-Bacterial enhanced for power distribution and general industry; and Yparex 8207 ES PE-MAH offering improved temperature performance for hot/cold water pipes. Also featured will be several new halogen-free flame retardant materials; Arnitel VT for manufacturing breathable films; Arnitel TPE-E for replacing rubber; Akulon XP HV PA6 for improved productivity in packaging films; Akulon Ultraflow PA6 for injection moulding (80% more flow compared to standard PA6); and Stanyl High Flow and Super Flow PA46 grades offering greater processing and performance benefits. New applications include Akulon Ultraflow for structural inserts and Stanyl PA46 for LEDs or gears.

Dow (Hall 8a/K47, K50) will have its full portfolio of products on show at K 2007. Latest introductions will include 20 new and upgraded PP products for rigid packaging and film converters: INFUSE Olefin Block Copolymers (OBCs) featuring a unique block architecture for "new-to-the-world combinations of performance and processing enhancements"; and two new advanced functional adhesives--AMPLIFY GR 380, a polyethylene compound for hot and cold water pipes, and AMPLIFY GR 388 for use with underfloor heating pipes.

Among the many introductions by DuPont (Hall 6/D27) will be a number of high performance engineering polymers. New Zytel HTN PPA resins are targeted at applications such as automotive wheel speed sensors and HV cable connectors. These high temperature, non-VO polymers feature a recently developed DuPont technology that prevents the escape of additives and the possible corrosion this can cause to electrical devices. Also new is Thermax TE4004, a high temperature polyester initially tailored for use in the latest high performance pencil-coil ignition systems. Two new high temperature, halogen-flee resins (Zytel HTN FR52G30NH and Rynite RE19041) for E/E applications, together with two new additions to the Zenite 5000 polymer range will also be featured. Zenite ZE 55201 is an ultra-low-warp LCP for components such as connectors and chipcard holders, while ZZ 55801 is a palladium-doped, glass-reinforced grade that allows selective chrome plating of connectors in twin-shot moulding.

Making its world debut for ENGEL (Halls 15/C58 and 10/D42) will be the e-max all-electric injection moulding machine. This compact, modular system has a clamping force of 100 tonnes and is being offered as an economic alternative to currently available electric IMMs. It features a new tiebar damping unit with ample mould space, and new high performance injection unit.

ENGEL will also feature its extended speed series of fast-cycling machines. On show will be a speed 180 and speed 500, the latter being the largest in this four-machine series. Performance features include a newly developed five-point, double-toggle clamping system that combines highly dynamic movement with gentle acceleration/deceleration, and new fully automatic feedback control of the closing system. The new injection unit, rated to match the highly dynamic movements of the clamping unit, has a barrier screw optimised for processing PE, PP and PS. Screw advance speeds of up to 1,000mm/s are possible--enough, says ENGEL, to mould parts with the thinnest walls with absolute reproducibility.

The company will also be demonstrating its Exjection process that combines extrusion and injection moulding in manufacturing long profiled parts; and a system that integrates RFID labels in injection moulded parts. Other featured technologies include a new water injection system for producing branch pipes for engine cooling systems, the Dolphin process for manufacturing soft-touch car interior components using a combination of IM and foam moulding in one machine, and a new high throughput screening system for the development of new thermoplastic compounds.

Extrusion Dies Industries (Hall 2/G06) will introduce a motorized dual deckle for extrusion coating. The device enables processors to automate width changes, increase the precision of deckle settings, reduce or eliminate manual adjustment, and cut downtime between job changeovers. Key innovations are motorised drives with built-in edge bead control, and a spring-loaded external deckle that provides constant pressure at the lips of the die while permitting width changes with little or no manual adjustment.

EDI says that motorising and automating the process of changing width enables processors to return to exactly the same deckle settings every time they run a particular product.

GE Plastics (Halls 6.1/N01, 16/D6) will present a new portfolio of high-tech LNP Starflam compounds that meet the requirements of halogen-free parts. The LNP X-Gen Starflam Z270 family of fiber-reinforced polyamides are said to offer high-end mechanical and electrical properties, and support compliance with the WEEE and Rolls regulations. Also complying to the regulations is a new family of flame retardant Valox thermoplastic polyester resins targeted at the E/E sector. The first offering is ENH4550, a 25 percent glass-filled grade providing enhanced ductility and strength.

GE will also introduce new LNP Verton Xtreme compounds that deliver one-pellet solutions for enhanced colour, flame retardance and weatherability. This patent-pending technology is said to improve consistency by eliminating the need to blend two pellet types, which can lead to separation, settling, and other quality issues. The grades are XC for extreme colour, XFR for extreme flame retardance, and XW for extreme weatherability.

Krauss-Maffei (Hall 15/BC 24) will feature a new system that links extrusion, injection moulding and reaction processing in a single manufacturing cell. The new concept cuts cycle times in the production of moulded parts with integrated vibration damping, and is a joint development with Elastogran.

Also on show will be a trial application of a new one-shot process designed to cut manufacturing costs for large, ready-to-assemble parts. It combines a PUR process with injection moulding on a high-tonnage machine with integrated robotics. A KM 230012000 MX SpinForm spin-platen IMM will be producing an interior trim dement developed to OEM specifications for series production.

Both Krauss-Maffei and Degussa will showcase a jointly developed one-step Clear Coat Moulding (CCM) process that cuts the cost of applying a protective, scratchproof layer to plastic parts. The part that will be produced at K is an electroluminescent PMMA-based film. The film is positioned in the mould of a KM 80-180 CX and a protective PMMA coating over-moulded. The coating cures sufficiently in the mould for the parts to be demoulded without damage. Curing then completes under UV light in a postmould process.

Other highlights will include: a Krauss-Maffei Berstorff modular compounding line suitable for processing PA, glass fibres and fillers as well as for PP and filler; the new KMD 63K/P conical twin-screw extruder that can be fitted with two different screw geometries providing outputs between 55 and 220kg/h; and a KME 125-36 B/R single-screw extruder engineered for pipe extrusion with very high, surge-free melt throughput.

Maillefer (Halls 8b/C63, 12/C06) will feature manufacturing solutions for heating and plumbing pipe, medical IV tube and automotive fuel tubes. On display will be the new fully automatic dual coiler MWB 800 with a versatile coil unloading unit. Also on the stand, an MXC 80-24D extruder with the new Cinegran optical material control system. Improved cooling is a key feature of this latest 80mm version which can now cater for materials such as EDPM and XLPE. Other highlights will include a demonstration of the triple layer ECH 8-45 extrusion head in a split view, and a forming and welding bench from Dreistern for manufacturing PE-Al-PE composite pipe.

MANN+HUMMEL ProTec (Hall 9/D60) will be highlighting two machine series: the SOMOS T/TF eco dryers and dryer/feed stations, and new compact dryers for small quantities of material.

The energy-saving SOMOS T/TF eco products feature automatic adaptation of the drying air volume to match material throughput, and the SUPER SOMOS operating principle that adapts the regeneration frequency to the moisture quantities adsorbed.

The SOMOS small-quantity dryers have hopper sizes of 5-10 litres and throughputs of 600-4000g/h or 1300-8,000g/h. They can be filled either manually or automatically via the Autoload Junior feed station. Suitable for direct mounting to processing machines (due to their low weight), these dryers operate without moving parts and can achieve a dew point of -20 to -25[degrees]C by collectively filtering the compressed air using preliminary filters.

Polivinil Rotomachinery Group (Hall 9/C22) will present two patented rotomoulding technologies: the Intel Arm and Intel Oven. Described as the first 'intelligent arm', the first product is designed for reading moulding and cooling temperature data inside the mould in real-time. Sensors connected directly to the machine's command and control system allow graphs to be created of the air temperature inside the mould and of the material.

Intel Oven is said to be the first of its type to manage the flow of hot air in relation to the mould during production. A flow deviator angles blades to direct hot air to the desired area, thereby increasing the efficiency of the process. It operates in two modes: continuous oscillation and fixed position. Automatic, self-regulating modes are currently being developed.

Rhodia (Hall 6/E24) will use K to launch a High Fluidity Polyamide 6.6 range, which it describes as "a breakthrough solution providing a broader degree of design freedom together with an outstanding surface finish". The company claims it will enable moulders to improve productivity and reduce cycle times, while maintaining the temperature, chemical and mechanical advantages of polyamide 6.6. The material is also said to provide high level of stiffness and retention of mechanical properties at high continuous use temperatures. Rhodia believes it will open up new opportunities, particularly in applications where high levels of mineral or glass fibre reinforcement are required without compromising productivity or surface appearance.

Also being showcased are three new Technyl products. Technyl SI (Super Impact) is a high toughness polyamide range said to balance exceptional impact resistance with good stiffness for applications such as machine components, power tools and sports.

Technyl XT is a new family of modified polyamide 6 grades designed to satisfy the extrusion and blow moulding industries' needs for higher productivity and energy savings. Processing temperature is approximately 20[degrees]C lower than standard polyamide 6 and initial trials have shown a 40% higher moulding output. Rhodia says it offers the equivalent mechanical, thermal and chemical properties of polyamide 6 but significantly better impact resistance.

Technyl XCell 6.6 and 6 polyamide grades are optimised for use with Trexel's MuCell process. They are the first products to emerge from Rhodia's recently signed global co-marketing and development agreement with Trexel. In trials, Rhodia says that density savings of at least 10% were realised while rigidity, heat deflection temperature and notched impact performance were fully retained.

Sidel (Hall 13/B89) will focus on innovation to enhance machine performance and expand its blow moulding machine range. The Group will present new container capacities (up to 10 litres), lighter bottles, new packaging materials (PLA) and new control systems. An automatic blow moulding process regulation technology will be on display.

Among the new productas being introduced by Songwon (Hall 6/C79) are: Songnox 1290, a phenolic antioxidant; Songnox 6280, a high performance, hydrolytically stable phosphite antioxidant; Songsorb 2908 and Songsorb 7120 benzoate UV Absorbers; and Songnox DSTDP, Songnox DLTDP and Songnox 4120 thioester based antioxidants. Songwon says it is now the only company able to offer the benzoates used by the industry as well as the most complete range of thioesters.

Uniloy Milacron (Hall 15/B05) will launch its hybrid blow moulding machine, the UMS 16H.S. At the show this single station machine will be demonstrated producing 10 litre UN approved containers at an output of approximately 180 pph.

Uniloy claims an energy saving of around 22 percent with the UMS 16H.S, which has been achieved by changing all movements--except the clamp--from hydraulic to electric drives. Going electric includes other benefits such as the machine being suitable for clean room production and reducing its noise level.

The system at K will feature fast machine movements, optimised mould cooling as well as two post-cooling stations in which the critical parts of the container (neck, shoulder, handle and bottom) are cooled with contour parts. The single cavity mould as well as the contour parts are provided by the mould maker Friedrich Weischede.

Also developed with Weischede is the scrap removing system. This prevents flash--especially handle flash--from falling in or on containers. A combined leak tester and scale type APIS WV-01 is externally installed. The station is linked to the B+R machine controller. Should the weight of the product vary the base gap of the die will be adjusted automatically.

K 2007, the 17th edition of the international trade fair, runs 24-31 October at the Dusseldorf Fair Grounds, Germany.

K 2007 Exhibitor FACTS

Suppliers of machinery and equipment are traditionally the largest exhibitor contingent at K. This year they will be occupying 115,000sqm, an increase of some 2,000sqm on 2004 and equivalent to about two thirds of the total exhibition area. Halls 1 to 4 and 9 to 17 are reserved for this exhibitor group. Manufacturers of raw materials, semi-finished products and technical parts will be found in Halls 5 to 8a. Of that area, 36,000sqm will be used to accommodate raw materials suppliers, up some 5,000sqm, and will account for a good fifth of the total floor space. Covering 13000sqm, the section dedicated to processors remains the same size as the previous event (just under 8% of the total exhibition area). A new Hall 8b will serve as the interface between the product segments.

Around 57% of the exhibition space has been booked by companies based outside Germany. These include: Italy 30,000sqm, Switzerland 8,300sqm, Austria 6,500sqm, Taiwan 5,300sqm, as well as France, the UK and USA each with over 4,000sqm. When divided into continents; K exhibitors from Europe (excluding Germany) have booked some 70,000sqm (approximately 1,000sqm more than at K 2004); Asia has taken an additional 5,000sqm to reach 19,000sqm, while North America's share has remained almost constant at 6,500sqm. Companies participating in K 2007 come from 57 different countries. The total area covered by exhibitors will be approximately 8,000sqm larger than in 2004. This expansion has been made possible by a new exhibition hall in the north of the Dusseldorf Trade Fair.
2007 Thermoforming Conference Exhibitors *

Company, City, State, Phone Booth Number

Advanced Ventures in Technology (AVF), Gladwin, MI
 (989) 246-0445 146
Alcoa Kama Corp., Hazleton, PA (570) 455-2022 327
Allen Extruders Inc., Grand Haven, MI (800)
 833-1305 216
American Maplan, McPherson, KS (620) 798-2317 107
American Tools and Engineering Inc., Greene, IA
 (641) 816-4921 325
Ametek Land Inc., Paoli, PA (610) 889-5277 318
Amros Industries Inc., Cleveland, OH (216) 433-0010 117
B & F Plastics Inc., Richmond, IN (765) 962-6125 111
Basell, St. Petersburg, FL (727) 808-6561 205
Berding 3D Scanning LLC, Loveland, OH (513) 831-6620 426
Brown Machine LLC, Beaverton, MI (989) 435-7741 313
Castek Aluminum, Elyria, OH (440) 365-2333 212
Clinton Aluminum & Stainless Steel Sales, Clinton, OH
 (330) 882-6743 109
CMT Materials Inc., Attleboro, MA (508) 226-3901 434
Copper and Brass Sales, Southfield, MI (248) 233-5725 422
Davis Standard LLC, Pawcatuck, CT (860) 599-6311 225
Diversified Machine Systems Inc., Stow, OH (330) 923-3125 246
Dow Chemical Company, Houston, TX (713) 978-3307 129
Ex-Tech Plastics Inc., Richmond, IL (815) 678-2131 309
FACTS Inc., Cuyahoga Falls, OH (330) 928-2332 131
Futurex Industries, Bloomingdale, IN (800) 541-2353 223
G.N. Plastics Co., Ltd., Chester, NS (902) 275-3571 231
Geiss AQ, Sesslach, Germany (708) 287-0688 240
Invision Inc., Akron, OH (330) 668-7318 125
INVISTA S.a.r.l., Spartanburg, SC (864) 579-5047 330
Irwin Research & Development, Yakima, WA (509) 494-1408 230
JRM International Inc., Loves Park, IL (815) 282-9330 235
Kaneka Texas Corp., Pasedena, TX (713) 824-7610 432
Kleerdex Company LLC, Mt. Laurel, NJ (856) 866-1700 218
Klockner Pentaplast, Gordonsville, VA (540) 832-1427 105
KMT Robotic Solutions, Auburn Hills, MI (248) 829-2800 348
L.L Brown Inc., Enola, PA (717) 766-1885 228
Maac Machinery, Carol Stream, IL (630) 665-1700 332
Minneapolis 2008 Thermoforming Conference 304
Modern Machinery of Beaverton Inc., Beaverton, MI
 (989) 435-9071 548
Mold-Tech Midwest, Carol Stream, IL (630) 784-2424 127
Naugahyde by Uniroyal Eng. Products, LLC. Nappannee, IN
 (574) 773-5983 204
New Hampshire Plastics, Manchester, NH (603) 494-8224 314
Octal Petrochemicals, Piano, TX (972) 998-9103 135
ODC Toolling & Molds, Waterloo, ON (519) 576-8950 221
Onsrud Cutter LP, Libertyville, IL (847) 362-1560 316
Plastic Concepts & Innovations, LLC, Mt. Pleasant, SC
 (843) 971-7833 220
Plastics Distributor & Fabrication Magazine, LaGrange, IL
 (708) 588-1845 412
Plastics Environmental Division, Lindale, GA (706) 238-9101 121
Plastimach Corp., Valley Cottage, NY (845) 267-2985 227
PlastiVac Inc., Charlotte, NC (704) 334-4728 236
Portage Casting & Mold Inc., Portage, WI (608) 742-7137 301
Premier Material Concepts, Findlay, OH (419) 429-3374 224
Primex Plastics Corp., Richmond, IN (765) 966-7774 321
Processing Technologies, Auroa, IL (630) 585-5800 305
Producto Corp., Bridgeport, CT (203) 367-8675 436
Quintax-Ferry Industries, Stow, OH (330) 920-9200 113
Raytek Corp., Santa Cruz, CA (831) 458-1175 322
Results Cyro Inc., Sterling, IL (815) 626-7799 222
Royce Routers, Carol Stream, IL (630) 665-1700 340
RTP Company, Winona, MN (507) 454-6900 207
Scope Machinery, Victoria, Australia (613) 955-31846 430
Select Plastics Inc., Fort Worth, TX (817) 595-3804 210
Sencorp Inc., Hyannis, MA (508) 771-9400 306
Senoplast USA, Auroa, IL (630) 898-0731 315
Solar Products Inc., Pompton Lakes, NJ (973) 248-9370 200
Solvay Engineered Polymers, Auburn Hills, MI
 (248) 391-9514 217
Southtech Plastics, New Bern, NC (800) 840-7688 232
Spartech Corp., Clayton, MO (314) 889-8375 201
Stopol Inc., Solon, OH (440) 498-4000 333
Thermoformer Parts Suppliers, Beaverton, MI (989) 435-3800 206
Thermoforming Division Hall of Fame 311
Thermoforming Connection LLC, Bridgeport, CT (203) 929-1433 416
Thermwood Corp., Dale, IN (800) 533-6901 540
Tooling Technology LLC, Fort Loramie, OH (937) 295-3672 324
Topas Advanced Polymers Inc., Florence, KY (859) 628-9036 312
Total Industries International, Southbend, IN
 (574) 232-7484 123
Trelleborg, Emerson and Cuming, Mansfield, MA
 (203) 937-9555 420
Walton Plastics Inc., Walton Hills, OH (440) 786-771 215
Weco International Inc., Clio, MI (810) 686-7221 133
WFB USA Inc., Chicago, IL (773) 509-9878 115
Zed Industries Inc., Vandalia, OH (937) 667-8407 213

* Exhibitors At Press Time
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