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What's in your carton?

Many products look similar and barcodes all look the same. How do you know that you have the correct barcode on the correct product? The Barcode Checker from Weyfringe has been designed to check that product is barcoded and that the barcode is the correct one. It happens all the time. The wrong barcode label is applied to a product and no one notices until it is too late! The resulting product returns (and subsequent disposal in the case of perishable goods) destroys margins and threatens ongoing business.

Working on-line and unattended the Barcode Checker from Weyfringe can stop wrongly labelled products and incorrect barcodes in their tracks, literally if necessary. If Barcode Checker sees the wrong barcode on the product a range of actions can be initiated including audible and visual alarms, stopping the conveyor and activating a reject station to isolate the product. In addition to recognising the wrong barcode, Barcode Checker can also identify missing and unreadable barcodes providing a total solution to on-line barcode checking.

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Title Annotation:PACKAGING
Publication:Food Trade Review
Date:May 1, 2006
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