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What's in a name?

For more than 30 years, I have watched our industry wrestle with itself and confuse the buying public by being unable to decide on one name for the product we sell that is filled with hot water, has a recirculation system, a heater, jets, and sometimes many other operating features and ... is not a bathtub.

To demonstrate the confusion, I direct your attention to an article on page 24 in PSN, 8/8/2003:

Headline: "Thieves Swipe Four Spas in Omaha"

1st paragraph: "The size and weight of hot tubs ..."

2nd paragraph: "The thieves targeted two spa and pool stores ..."

3rd paragraph: "In the first heist, a sand colored spa...."

3rd paragraph: "Two weeks later, three hot tubs ..."

6th paragraph: "... trading the hot tubs for drugs ..."

7th paragraph: "The only spas they took ..."

7th paragraph: "They had to move spas around ..."

8th paragraph: "... probably took the spas ..."

9th paragraph: "sell them as 'new' or like new tubs' ..."

So, did these daring thieves rob?

a. Four spas

b. One spa and three hot tubs

c. Four hot tubs

d. Four hot water vessels

e. Tubs and spas

The industry doesn't seem to want to properly define its products, so why doesn't PSN take a position and set the "style"? After all, for many years (prior to its recent "troubles") the New York Times set the American journalistic style in a handy little reference book. PSN, as the leader in this industry, should set the style and once and for all come to a definitive position on what we call this thing with hot water and jets that's not a bathtub.

Joel W. Caesar, CAE, CMP

Executive Director

Northeast Spa & Pool Association-NSPI Affiliate

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Title Annotation:Letters
Author:Caesar, Joel W.
Publication:Pool & Spa News
Date:Oct 3, 2003
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