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What's in a name? Views of the North.

WE all know about information management by the Westminster mob, but there's also word fiddling on a grand scale.

When the Irish Sea was classified as the most radioactive, in the 1960s, the huge export/import nuclear waste processing plant at Windscale was renamed Sellafield. Its leftovers disposal arm got a separate name, but maybe its given up looking for dumping sites.

These private firms, along with the nuclear power station builders and operators have had indemnification waived in case of an expensive explosion - as happens now and again. Bonuses will always be paid.

Also we have renewable and sustainable power supplies. Actually, our grid requires guaranteed, constant supplies, so wind and tidal water are inappropriate, as everyone else knows.

Maybe we can dismantle the grid, as we did to the national rail travel system.

Terrorists now refer to results of bombings or murder as disappeared. Well, all the repositories we English old wrinklies had have disappeared - as have untold thousands of retired great unwashed because of lack of care. Bonuses are still paid.

GM crops, together with the highly toxic herbicides developed by Monsanto are now being given good press from our politicians.

This reduces the amount of farm labour required for a short term. But, as always, our nation is open for business. Then there's fracking to finish us off.

Tony Benn was the politician the Yanks hated when they arrived here to help us to extract our oil and gas.

He insisted our metering was installed on all gas and oil outlets. The only comparable man we now have is Nigel Farage, hated in Euroland.

If we ever get an English Parliament, maybe our representatives could be persuaded to think about sustainability when considering population size, food production, water supplies etc. For a change.

F EVANS, Sunderland.
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Title Annotation:Letters
Publication:The Journal (Newcastle, England)
Date:Apr 12, 2014
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