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What's hot on Nurse Uncut.

Nurse Uncut has proved to be an important tool in the NSWNA's campaign for ratios. The forums and blogs have been red hot with members saying One2Four is the way to go. Other topics discussed include tips for dealing with needle-phobic patients, drug cupboard key requirements, nurses' thoughts for the victims of the Queensland floods, and tributes flowed for murdered nurse Bob Fenwick. Read all the latest happenings at


Tips for dealing with needle-phobic patients


As nurses, a part of our every day job is to inject or give needles to patients--so what do you do when your patient is terrified of needles?

Needle phobia can be defined as a fear of sharp objects such as pins or needles. Believe it or not, it is now recognised by doctors as a very real condition. Needle phobia mostly affects children but it's not uncommon to see a grown man (or should we say tough Aussie bloke!) faint at the sight of the dreaded needle.

Read the tips at Nurse Uncut.

Who carries the drug key at your work location? Recently, in The Lamp, in the 'Ask Judith' column, there was a very controversial topic. An EN asked, if she was allowed to carry the drug keys for the Ward. Of course, Judith provided the correct legal position in her response. So, at your workplace, what types of situations have you been placed in?


See readers' experiences at Nurse Uncut.

Queensland floods: Our thoughts are with them The recent Queensland floods will go down in our history as one of the most devastating natural disasters in living memory. Members offer their thoughts to the families of those who have lost loved ones, who are waiting to hear if relatives and friends are still alive, and to those who have lost everything they own.


Read the full story at Nurse Uncut.

Tributes flow for Bloomfield nurse

Our hearts go out to the family and friends of 63-year-old nurse Bob Fenwick who died after the horrifying attack at Bloomfield Hospital last month. Mr Fenwick has been hailed as a hero after he rushed to the aid of 20-year-old nurse Emily Pritchard who was allegedly being attacked by a patient at Bloomfield Hospital in Orange on Wednesday, 5 January. Mr Fenwick was a respected senior staff member at the Bloomfield Hospital, and was the acting Nurse Unit Manager at the time of the attack.

Read the messages of sympathy at Nurse Uncut.

What nurses are talking about

One2Four--The Safe Way to Patient Care

Nurses have jumped on Nurse Uncut to discuss the One2Four campaign in a specially dedicated forum at:,com_ccboard/ Itemid,24/forum,13/topic,576/view,postlist

You don't need to register to leave a comment. It's open to everyone. The comments below reflect the passion expressed by many nurses:

'We need nurse-to-patient ratios ... There's also no point in having more training places at universities for nurses if there are limited new graduate positions for them to go into.'

'I worked on a hugely busy cardiac lung ward with heart lung transplant patients among others. I would have 10 patients on a night duty. This was terrifying. If ONE patient started deteriorating the others would be neglected.'

'If staffing ratios proposed by the NSWNA are not looked at seriously and eventually implemented NSW can kiss the health service goodbye.'

Issues in nursing--nurses attacked at Bloomfield,com_ccboard/Itemid,24/ forum,13/topic,602/view,postlist/#ccbp3481

'There is a great need for supporting of our colleagues when such a tragedy occurs, for the staff that are dealing with the tragic loss of their workmate and the physical and psychological injuries that will remain with the unit staff involved and I'm sure it will continue for a long while. We also need to ask our health department for safer working environments, and proper review of safety standards. It's very frightening to know that there are poor and few safeguards for nurses working in health-care facilities nationwide.'

Visit our forums and and show your support!
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