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What's hot: lesbians and pandas love bamboo.

To-Go Ware: This company is dedicated to providing solutions for the "to-go" culture we live in. Its heat-resistant bamboo utensil set is a lightweight alternative to plastic utensils and includes a knife, fork, spoon and chopsticks, all wrapped in a decorative cloth. (

EcoDesignz: EcoDesignz produces stylish and modern furniture made from bamboo, while EcoThreadz boasts a plethora of bamboo clothing and even bamboo yarn. Both can be found on the EcoDesignz website, while the bamboo clothing these companies manufacture for other labels can be viewed and purchased at Spun Bamboo. (,

Bambu: This creative company provides sustainable solutions for the kitchen. Cutting boards, mixing bowls, nesting baskets and utensils are made from bamboo and have a contemporary look. Their "lacquerware," popular for its bold colors, is a favorite. (

Silkroad Flooring: The warm color and sleek look of bamboo flooring add to the ambience of your home while lessening your impact on the environment. Silkroad uses bamboo almost exclusively in its production process. (

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Date:Jun 1, 2008
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