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What's for sale at Cannes.

The following are product listings, submitted by the companies for the market of the Cannes Film Festival, which runs May 7-19.


A1 Entertainment

498 S. San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (213) 658-7235 Fax: (213) 658-5979 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Kris Mahadoo, sales; Mihran Topouzoglou, production.

Product highlights: "Highway to Vegas," director, Dean Gelber, cast, Sean Kehoe, Gary Adler, Amanda and Meg Harvey. Two roommates try to make a fortune at the tables in Las Vegas ... with counterfeit chips.

"Bloodshed," director, Charlie Rojas; cast, Sharon Mitchell, Al Troupe, Chuck Gavoian. A woman trying to uncover serial killers discovers her own murderous impulses.

"Moondance," director, Martin L. Aguilar; cast, Patti Tippo, Yoris Stuyck, Steve Ruggles, Lisa Moncure. A magical root in the barbecue sauce leads to a mystical experience for two couples at a secluded mountain cabin.

"Lady Law," director, Carlos Roman; cast, Debbie Harvey, Michael Bradley, Carlos Roman. Successful attorney tries to clear a convicted detective with help from a gay paralegal.

AB Intl. Distribution

B.P. 95 144 Avenue du President Wilson 93213 La Plaine Saint Denis Cedex France (33-1) 4922-2001 Fax: (33-1) 4922-2216 In Cannes: Gray d'Albion

Attending: Frederik Range, VP, sales & marketing; Guillaume Galliot, Valerie Vleeschouwer, intl. sales manager.

Product highlights: "Kings for a Day," producers, Nicolas Velle, Ludi Boeken; director, Francois Velle; cast, Stephane Freiss, Maruschka Detmers, Mariusz Pujszo. Two brothers decide to leave the West and go back to Poland but get sidetracked on the way. Screening.

ABC Distribution Co.

c/o Buena Vista Home Video 350 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521-6451 (818) 238-1081 Fax: (818) 848-7322 In Cannes: Carlton; Suite 146

Attending: Michael Dragotto.

Product highlights: "Prefontaine," cast, Jared Leto. Biopic about track star Steve Prefontaine who attained greatness, challenged defeat and transformed adversity into personal triumph.

"Heidi," cast, Jason Robards, Jane Seymour. A lovable orphan enriches the lives of everyone she meets.

"Dadetown," a mock documentary film about an American small town in transition.

"The Line King," documentary about 93-year-old Broadway caricaturist Al Hirschfeld.

Achab Film

Via Sabazio 42 00199 Rome, Italy (39-6) 886-2027 Fax: (39-6) 886-1153 In Cannes: Residence Mace

Attending: Jef Nuyts, president.

Product highlights: "Nerolio," director, Aurelio Grimaldi; cast, Marco Cavicchioli, Vincenzo Crivello. Poetic and provocative fantasy about the sex life of a famous artist. Completed.

"The Reef," directors/cast, Eugenio Capuccio, Massimo Gaudioso, Fabio Nunziata. Three young wannabe filmmakers ponder the best way to finance a low-budget movie. Completed.

"Growing Artichokes in Mimongo," director, Fulvio Ottaviano, cast, Daniele Liotti, Valerio Mastandrea. Ten days in the life of good-natured loser Sergio, an agricultural scientist with a loopy theory about growing artichokes in Africa. Completed.

"Background Noise," director, Claudio Camarca; cast, Andrea Occhipinti, Francesco Dominedo. An urban punk Western set in the desolate outskirts of Rome. Completed.

Adriana Chiesa Enterprises

Via Bamaba Oriani 24a 00197 Rome, Italy (39-6) 807-0400 Fax: (39-6) 8068-7855 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Adriana Chiesa Di Palma, president, Rossella Gori, sales manager.

Product highlights: "Cuba Libre," director, David Riondino; cast, David Riondino, Vladimir Cruz, Sabina Guzzanti. On the road in the tropics. Screening.

"Ths Moon and Sixpence," producer, Serge Silberman; director, Christopher Hampton, cast, Irene Jacob, Alan Rickman, Jeremy Northam. Based on the novel by W. Somerset Maugham.

"Untitled Western," director, Enzo D'Ambrosio. Adventures of two kids and an outlaw in the West. Pre-production.

"Untitled New Film," director, Dario Argento. A mosaic of suspense, music, vivid colors and Gothic architecture. Pre-production.

Alliance Independent Films

121 Bloor St. East, Suite 1500 Toronto, Ontario Canada M4W 3M5 (416) 967-1174 Fax: (416) 967-5884 In Cannes: 23 Rue Mace, 4th floor

Attending: Charlotte Mickie, senior VP, independent films; Victor Loewy, vice chairman & president, Alliance Motion Pictures; Patrice Theroux, exec VP, Alliance Motion Pictures.

Product highlights: "The Sweet Hereafter," producers, Camelia Frieberg, Atom Egoyan; director, Atom Egoyan; cast, lan Holm, Maury Chaykin, Peter Donaldson, Bruce Greenwood. A tragedy that besets a small town has unexpected consequences for a young girl struggling to attain dignity. Completed.

"In the Company of Men " producers, Stephen Pevner, Mark Archer, Joyce Pierpoline; director, Neil La Bute; cast, Aaron Eckhart, Stacey Edwards, Matt Malloy. Black comedy about a psychological love triangle set within '90s corporate culture. Completed.

"All Over Me," producer, Dolly Hall; director, Alex Sichel; cast, Alison Folland, Tara Subkoff, Wilson Cruz. Adolescent desire explodes during a summer in Hell's Kitchen and forever changes a 15-year-old's relationship with her best friend. Completed.

"His and Hers," producers, Michael J. Cozell, Hal Salwen; director, Hal Salwen; cast, Liev Schreiber, Caroleen Feeney, Michael Rispoli, Cynthia Watros. Comedy about dismemberment and marital infidelity. Completed.

Alliance/Le Monde Entertainment

301 N. Canon Drive, Suite 321 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 275-5501 Fax: (310) 275-5502 In Cannes: 23 Rue Mace, 4th floor

Attending: John Fremes, president; Linda Grinbaum, sales exec.

Product highlights: "Ms. Bear," producer, Mary Sparacio; director, Paul Ziller; cast, Ed Begley Jr. A lonely girl befriends an orphaned bear. Completed.

"Black Mask," producer, Tsui Hark; director, Daniel Lee; cast, Jett Li. In order to protect his friends, an ex-assassin must return to destroy the squad that trained him. Completed.

"Ravager," producers, Stanley Isaacs, Scott McGinnis, Robert Patrick director, James D. Deck; cast, Bruce Payne, Yancy Butler, Salvatore Xuereb, Juliet Landau. An airplane crash-lands on an uncharted island, exposing the military's best-kept secret Completed.

"Hostile Intent," producer, Julian Grant; director, Jonathan Heap; cast, Rob Lowe, Sofia Shinas, Saul Rubinek, John Savage. Weekend wargames turn deadly for a group of computer programmers. Completed.

Alliance Pictures Intl.

301 N. Canon Drive, Suite 321 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 275-5501 Fax: (310) 275-5502 In Cannes: 23 Rue Mace, 4th floor

Attending: Mark Horowitz, president; Victor Loewy, vice chairman & president, Alliance Motion Pictures Distribution; Patrice Theroux, exec VP, Alliance Motion Pictures Distribution.

Product highlights: "eXistenZ," producers, Robert Lantos, Andras Hamori, David Cronenberg; director, David Cronenberg. A virtual reality game based on technology so provocative that it borders on biology.

"No Other Life," producer, Robert Lantos; director, Constantine Costa-Gavras. A Catholic missionary becomes the agent for change when he educates a young black boy who rises to become the first president in a land of dictators.

"Hairy Bird," producers, Ira Deutchman, Peter Newman; director, Sarah Kernochan. A confident group of young ladies at a private girls school in 1963 tries to stop the assimilation of their school by the nearby boys' academy.

Alpine Pictures Intl.

6919 Valjean Ave. Van Nuys, CA91406 (818) 909-5207 Fax: (818) 782-4565 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 117; phone 9299-7000

Attending: Roland Carroll, president, Alpine Pictures; Rene Anthony Torres, president, Alpine Pictures Intl.; Tom Hamilton, president, intl. sales, Alpine Pictures Intl.; Marina Schwabic, VP, worldwide distribution & co-prods.

Product highlights: "Bed Bugs," producer, Marina Schwabic; director, Alec Gillis. When provoked by modem day sinners, an antique bed regains its necromantic powers and changes into a grant, murderous bug.

"Killers," producers, Dave Larsen, Mike Mendez; director, Mike Mendez; cast, Dave Larsen, David Gunn, CT Miller, Damian Hoffer. Two escaped San Quentin convicts get more than they bargained for when they decide to hide out with an all-American family. Completed.

"Tears of Heaven," producer, director, Dave Larsen; cast, David Gunn. Based on the Biblical book of Revelation, unwanted souls become the earth's only inhabitants and end up fighting one another to survive.

"Hollywood Boulevard," producers, Thomas F. Denove, Stephen Vittoria; director, Stephen Vittoria; cast, Julianne Phillips, John C. McGinley, Eric Paladin. Three irreverent street angels are assigned to Hollywood Boulevard to save the soul of a two-time Oscar-winning actress who's about to hit rock bottom. Completed.

Amazing Movies

7471 Melrose Ave., Suite 7 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 852-1396 Fax: (213) 658-7265 In Cannes: Majestic, Salon Sospel

Attending: Douglas Witkins, president; Tymme Reitz, director of sales; Koing Kuoch, director of operations.

Product highlights: "Paranoia," producer, Eli Kabillio; director, Larry Brand; cast, Larry Drake, Sally Kirkland, Brigitte Bako. A convict uses the Internet to track down a woman, then goes after her in real life when he is released.

"Ultimate Master," producers, David Kim, Won Jae Kim, Dong Jin Kim; director, David Kim; cast, Dong Jin Kim, Ericka Danielson, Tom Hollman. After accidentally killing a notorious prostitute, a New York City cop becomes the target of gang rage.

"Sworn to Justice," producers, Paul Maslak Neva Friedenn; director, Paul Maslak cast, Cynthia Rothrock, Brad Dourif, Tony Lo Bianco, Kurt McKinney. After masked attackers kill her sister and nephew, a female psychologist takes the law into her own hands.

"The Ballad d Hopalong Cassidy," producer, Michael Danty; director, Christopher Coppola; cast, Robert Carradine, Martin Sheen, Clu Gulager. Francic Ford Coppola presents the vengeful tale of the classic Western hero.

Amco Entertainment Group

3025 W. Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 828-2456 Fax: (310) 828-7086 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 118, phone 9368-9168; fax 9338-3090

Attending: Ami Artzi, chairman-CEO; Jill Sattinger, VP, intl. distribution; Wil Master, director, distribution & finance.

Product highlights: "Heartless," director, Judy Vogelsang; cast, Madchen Amick, Louise Fletcher, Pamela Bellwood, Tom Schanley. A sheltered young librarian receives a heart transplant and takes on the glamorous life of her murdered heart donor. Completed.

"High Voltage," director, Isaac Florentine; cast, Antonio Sabato Jr., Shannon Lee. A gang mistakenly robs me Asian mafia and in an attempt to return me money gets double crossed. Post-production.

"Headshots," director, Richard Martin; cast, Frank Zagarino, Brian Genesse. A series of murders plunges a bodyguard into a nightmare of deem and deceit. In production.

"Blue Motel," director, Sam Firstenberg. A young female Dept. of Defense agent investigates a woman for a top secret government clearance and becomes fascinated with her subject's sexually subversive lifestyle. In production.

America Video Film

25 de Mayo 786, PB 10 Buenos Aires, Argentina (54-2) 313-6253 Fax: (54-2) 313-6242 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 217-218

Attending: Enrique Maya, president; Freddie Hancock, VP acquisitions; Maria Fernanda Fernandez, business affairs; Claudio Braslavsky, marketing director.

Product highlights: "Grand Avenue," producer, Robert Redford; director, Daniel Sackheim; cast, A Martinez Irene Bedard. A story about life, death and the road that lies between them. Completed.

"Safe," director, Todd Haynes; cast, Julianne Moore. A Los Angeles housewife's environment turns against her in the form of an unexplainable illness. Completed.

"Happily Ever After 2," producer, Robert Guillaume; voices, Will Smith, Whoopi Goldbeng. HBO re-creates classic animated tales. Completed.

"Two Deaths," producer, Allen Scott; director, Nicolas Roeg; cast, Michael Gambon, Sonia Braga. A lifelong affair between a master and his servant turns into a deadly confrontation. Completed.

Amsell Entertainment

12001 Ventura Place, Suite 404 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 766-8500 Fax: (818) 766-7873 In Cannes: Palais Stand C126/C127

Attending: Alan Solomon, president; Elliot Solomon, VP.

Product highlights: "Ultimate Weapon," director, John Strong; cast, Hulk Hogan. A veteran mercenary returns for a last mission to destroy a cache of stolen U.S. military weapons in a daring pre-dawn raid on a heavily armed smuggler's lair. Pre-production.

"Partners in Crime," director, Jennifer Warren; cast, Rutger Hauer. A stubborn local cop is forced to work with his ex-wife, an FBI agent, to solve a high-profile kidnapping in a small U.S. town. Pre-production.

"Hostile Intent," director, David Prior; cast, Matthias Hues, Brigitte Nielsen. A reluctant hero must overthrow an insane lady boss who controls the world's only supply of fresh water.

"Airboss II: Preemptive Strike," director, J. Christian Ingvordsen; cast, Frank Zagarino. Kayle Watson. A space shuttle is hijacked by terrorists while on a mission in space to find an antibody for a deadly virus.

Angel Films

967 Hwy.40 New Franklin, MO 65274-9778 (573) 698-3900 Fax: (573) 698-3900 In Cannes: Alize

Attending; William H. Hoehne Jr., chairman; Joyce L. Chow, CEO-chief financial officer; Linda G. Grotzinger, VP, marketing & advertising; Matthew P. Eastman, VP production.

Product highlights: "Adventures of the Lunds," producer-director, William H. Hoehne Jr.; cast, Nathalie Tavel, James Rann, Stephanie L. Jones. Children explore time and space while searching for their father, who disappeared while working for the government years earlier.

"Here in Time," producer-director, J.L. Chow, cast, B.D. Hoehne, Wilhelm Von Herrmann, Stephanie Gee. Scientist and infant daughter travel through time to search for his lost wife. In production.

"Serial Squad," producer, Matthew Eastman; director, RD. Eastman; cast, Bill Kelly, Stephanie Le, P. Donovan Eastman, Stephanie Jones. Elite police unit solves crimes in Las Vegas.

"Kala," producer, Mary L. Hoehne; director, William H. Hoehne Jr.; cast, William H. Hoehne, J. Chow, Li Gee. The story of the first Christmas tree as told by the Indian Ka-La. In production.

Arama Entertainment

16250 Ventura Blvd. Suite 345 Encino, CA 91436 (818) 788-6400 Fax: (818) 990-9344 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 233-234

Attending: Shimon Arama, chairman, Phillip Weck director, foreign sales; Cynthia Brown, exec assistant.

Arrow Films Intl.

135 W. 50th St., Suite 1925 New York NY 10020 (212) 258-2200 Fax: (212) 245-1252 In Cannes: Martinez, Suite 168; phone 9298-7485

Attending: Rafael Guadalupe, sales; Jason Hefter, VP, acquisitions & development.

Product highlights: "Reggie's Prayer," cast, Reggie White, Pat Morita, Cylk Cozart MC Hammer. Man retires at the height of his professional sports career to take a coaching position at an inner-city high school.

"Intimate Betrayal," cast, Richard Edson, Dwier Brown. Two old friends reunite before a wedding to put the sins of their past behind them.

"Farmer & Chase," cast, Ben Gazzara, Lara Flynn Boyle, Todd Field. Story of an aging career criminal on the verge of retirement and his young son.

"One Way Out," cast, Michael Ironside, Jeff Monahan, Annie Golden, Isabel Gillies. Road movie about two men both recently released from prison who yearn to begin a new life in Mexico.


12 Rue Raynouard 75016 Paris, France (33-1) 5392-2929 Fax: (33-1) 5392-2920 In Cannes: Residence L'Imperatrice; phone 9368-0091

Attending: Pierre-Richard Muller, Chantal Lam, directors.

Product highlights: "The Girlfriend," director, Richard Zelniker, cast, Burr Steers, James Patrick Stuart, Lisa Collins. Psychosexual story of a long-simmering secret between two brothers that's brought to the surface by a woman. Completed.

"Frank & Harold," director, Robert Tiffe; cast, Martin King, Robert Restaino, Carrie Stevens. Sacrilege of a sacred Indian land disturbing the balance of God and evil will revive the spirit of ancient Indian warriors until justice is avenged. Completed.

"Last Train Out," director, Frank Perry Lopez; cast, Bil Bernady, Cindy Banks, Ronald E. Reigler. A Harvard law school graduate and self-made man decides to leave his comfortable, conventional life to pursue a passion for photography. Completed.

Artist View Entertainment

12500 Riverside Drive, Suite 201-B North Hollywood, CA 91607 (818) 752-2480 Fax: (818) 752-9339 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Room C-102

Attending: Scott J. Jones, president; Jay E. Joyce, VP, intl. sales;; Marty Poole, intl. TV sales.

Product highlights: "Don't Ask Too Much of Love," producer, George Cooper; director, Fred Calvert; cast, William Forsythe, Audie England, Douglas Weston. Success and love turns to murder in this story of three friends tom apart by passion and greed. Completed.

"Lime Cobras: Operation Dalmatian," producers, Jimmy Lifton, Ted Fox; director, Paulette Victor Lifton; cast, Richard Moll, Jeffrey Wood, Jake Richardson, Kathren Laurents. Four kids take on and ultimately foil a gang of dalmatian dognappers and their evil plot. Completed.

"Shattered Dreams," director, Sean Donahue; cast, Erik Estrada, Kathy Shower, Sean Donahue. A security guard, framed for a crime he did not commit, hunts down the men responsible when he gets out of jail. Post-production.

"Pressure Point," producer. Peter Beckwith; director, David Giancola: cast, Steve Railsback Larry Linville, Don Mogavero, Linda yoke A CIA assassin is embroiled in a deadly game of political intrigue across two continents. Completed.

Atlas Intl.

Runford Str. 29-31 80469 Munich, Germany (49-89) 227-525 Fax: (49-89) 224-332 In Cannes: Carlton, Salon Mistral

Attending: Dieter Menz, president-CEO; Stefan Menz, president; Christl Blum, director of foreign sales; Philipp Menz, acquisitions.

Product highlights: "A Girl Called Rose marie," director, Bernd Eichinger; cast, Nina Hoss, Heiner Lauterbach, Mathieu Carriene, Til Schweiger. Remake of the 1958 German film about a famous high-paid call-girl. Completed.

"It Happened in Broad Daylight," director, Nico Hofman; cast, Joachim Krol, Axel Milberg, Barbara Rudnik A peddler discovers the body of a young girl in the woods and is convicted of her murder, but there is a detective who has second thoughts. Completed.

"Charley's Aunt," director, Sonke Wortmann; cast, Thomas Heinze, Anya Hoffmann, Horst Krause. A young investment banker goes on the nun from a client whose money he has lost at the stock exchange. Completed.

"Rebels," director, Urs Egger; cast, Til Schweiger, Sandra Speichert, Roman Knizka. The life and fate of youngsters in the 1950s, violently fighting for a better life. Completed.

August Entertainment

838 N. Fairfax Ave. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 658-8888 Fax: (213) 658-7654 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 219; phone 9306 4219; fax 9306-4395

Attending: Gregory Cascante, president-CEO; Betsy Davis, chief financial officer; Eleanor Powell, managing director, U.K.; Said Boudarga VP operations.

Product highlight "Hysteria," producer, Kay Salomon; director, Rene Daalder; cast, Patrick McGoohan, Amanda Plummer, Michael Maloney. A renegade psychiatrist connects all his patients' aberrant psyches and redistributes their madness in a radical new form of psychotherapy. Completed.

Australian Film Finance Corp.

Level 12, 130 Elizabeth St. Sydney, NSW 2000, Australia (612) 9268-2555 Fax: (612) 9264-8551 In Cannes: 52 la Croisette, 8th floor; phone 9259-0301; fax 9259-0302

Attending: Catriona Hughes, senior investment manager.

Automatic Media

1743 S. La Cienega Blvd, Suite V8 Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 815-3030 Fax: (310) 815-3033 In Cannes: Palais Stand 21.07; phone 9299-8646

Attending: Ray Haboush.

Product highlights: "The Killing Club," producer, Ray Haboush; director, Antoni Stutz; cast, Julie Bowen, Traci Lords, Dawn Maxey, Neal McDonough. An urban comedy revolving around three girls who seek revenge on the irredeemable men in their lives. Screening.

"Heartless," producer, Ray Haboush; director, Paul Harather. Comedy about a mobster who has to steal a heart for his ailing got/father, and what happens when he falls in love with the unwilling female donor Pre-production.

Axiom Entertainment

13848 Venture Blvd., Suite B Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 981-3412 Fax: (818) 981-3413 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 115

Attending: Julie Kroll, COO, director of intl. sales; Dan Neira, CEO, producer & director; Gary Diamond, CFO, producer & treasurer.


BBC Films

Centre House 56 Wood Lane London, W12 7SB, U.K. (44-181) 255-8621 Fax: (44-181) 740-9609 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Alan Howden, controller, program acquisition; David Thompson, Mark Shivas, Barbara Benedek, Sue Bruce Smith, Tracey Scoffield, Stephanie Guerrasio.

Product highlights: "The James Gang," producer, Andrew Eaton; director, Mike Barker; cast, John Hannah, Helen McCrory, Toni Collette. A Scottish woman and her family commit a series of robberies and are pursued across the country by a policewoman and an old flame. Screening.

"Face," producer, Elinor Day; director, Antonia Bird; cast, Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Phil Davis. When a share of his money from a daring heist goes missing, a gangland criminal is determined to nail the culprit. Screening.

"Regeneration," producer, Alan Scott; director, Gillies MacKinnon; cast, Jonathon Pryce, James Wilby, Jonny Lee Miller. Story of World War I poets Sigfried Sassoon and Wilfred Owen and their relationship with a doctor who struggles to cure traumatized veterans. Screening.

"I Went Down," producer, Robert Walpole; director, Paddy Breathnach; cast, Brendon Gleeson, Peter McDonald, Peter Caffrey. Two criminals commit several major crimes in their efforts to perpetrate one small one. Screening.

BMG Entertainment

1622 W. Oak St. Burbank, CA 91506 (818) 845-3480 Fax: (818) 845-3616 In Cannes: Gray D'Albion

Attending: Robert M. Jones, director of intl. sales; Michael Dourisbourg.

Product highlights: "Toshinden," Japan's famous super-hero battles some of the coolest villains on earth.

"Garzay's Wing," Japanese animation.

"Comanche Territory," cast, Imanol Arias, Carmelo Gomez. A Spanish reporter travels to Sarajevo to get an insiders view of the war in Bosnia.

"Cabbage Patch Kids."

BV Intl.

Kvalavagsveien 15b Avaldsnes 4262 Norway (47-52) 843-544 Fax: (47-52) 843-575 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette

Attending: Bjorg Veland, managing director; May Hestvik, managing assistant.

Product highlights: "Junk Mail," producer, Dag Nordahl; director, Pal Sletaune; cast, Robert Skjaerstad, Pal Sletaune. Story of a man with an uncanny ability to find himself in the wrong place at the wrong time. Screening.

Bavaria Film Intl.

Bavariafilmplatz 7 82031 Geiselgasteig, Germany (49-89) 6499-2681 Fax: (49-89) 6499-2240 Stand: C.7

Attending: Rosemarie Dermuhl, head of Bavaria Film Intl.; Michael Weber, assistant to head.

Product highlights: "Back in Trouble," producer, Ralph Schwingel; director, Andy Bausch; cast, Richy Muller, Heinz Hoenig, Nicole Max. Two Luxembourg delinquents take advantage of German tax evaders to make their dreams come true. In production.

"Maria," producers, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Arthur Hifer; director, Einar Heimisson; cast, Barbara Auer, Monica Bleibtreu, Rudolf Kowalski. Maria, trying to escape the trauma of post-war Germany, moves to Iceland where she is torn between two very different men who wish to marry her. Completed.

"Life Is All You Get," producer, Stefan Arndt; director, Wolfgang Becker; cast, Jurgen Vogel, Christiane Paul, Ricky Tomlinson. Love story set in Berlin. Completed.

"Beyond Silence," producers, Luggi Waldleitner, Jakob Claussen; director Caroline Link; cast, Sylvie Testud, Howie Seago, Emmanuelle Laborit. Since early childhood, Lara has acted as translator for her deaf parents, but as she grows older, the painful process of leaving home begins. Completed.

Betar Entertainment

1901 Avenue of the Stars, Suite 1800 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 286-0648 Fax: (310) 286-0649 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Aziz C. Alaoui, president.

Product highlights: "Kill Me Twice," producers, Charles Smiley, Florence Splingard; director, Roger Vadim.

"Spencer Stone," producers. Charles Smiley, Florence Splingard; director. John Glen.

"The Three Musketeers," exec producer Aziz C. Alaoui; director, Georges Chamchoum.

Beyond Films

53-55 Brisbane St. Surry Hills, NSW 2010, Australia (61-2) 9281-1266 Fax: (61-2) 9281-9220 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 129; phone 92987824; fax 9298-7826

Attending: Gary Hamilton, general manager; Mikael Borglund, managing director; Sue O'Neill, intl. sales & acquisitions exec; Roseann Fruth, sales & acquisitions exec, the Americas; Dee Emerson, sales & acquisitions exec, Europe; John Thornhill, marketing manager; Kim Dalton, manager, acquisitions & production.

Product highlights: "Kiss or Kill," producers, Bill Bennett Jennifer Bennett, Corrie Soeterboek; director, Bill Bennett, cast, Frances O'Connor, Matt Day, Chris Haywood, Barry Otto. Two young lovers and partners in small crime are on the run across the desert; in their wake lies a murder, and they begin to suspect each other. Screening.

"Heaven's Burning," producers, Al Clark, Helen Leake; director, Craig Lahiff; cast. Russell Crowe, Youki Kudoh, Kenji Isomura, Ray garret. An unhappy Japanese honeymooner is forced to team up with a reformed criminal as the unlikely pair are pursued across the Australian Outback. Screening.

"True Love and Chaos," producer, Ann Darrouzet; director, Stavros Andonis Efthymiou; cast, Naveen Andrews, Noah Taylor, Mirando Otto, Hugo Weaving. Set in the world of bars, motels and endless highways. Screening.

"The Last Bus Home," producer. Paul Donovan; director. Johnny Gogan; cast, Brian O'Byrne, Annie Ryan, Anthony Brophy. Screening.

Bjorck Film Corp.

20300 Ventura Blvd., Suite 340 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 704-7888 Fax: (818) 704-5173 In Cannes: Palais des lies, 68 la Croisete Suite 72; phone 9394-3134

Attending: Lennart Bjorck, chairman; Penny Karlin, president; Kelly Green, VP acquisitions.

Bonneville Worldwide Entertainment

16255 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1100 Encino, CA 91436 (818) 379-9400 Fax: (310) 379-8511 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 250-251; phone 9306-4251

Attending: Allan Henderson, president; Chris Harding, exec VP & general manager; Michael C. Green, exec VP, film/TV; Lawrence Garrett, head of sales; Wayne H. Wenske, administration.

Product highlights: "Summer of the Monkeys," a young boy tries to capture band of escaped circus monkeys. Pre-production.

"Let's Ruin Dad's Day," two youngsters try to ruin their father's chances of landing new job that would keep him away from the homestead for long stretches of time. Pre-production.

"City Boy," director, John Kent Harrison cast, James Brolin, Wendel Meldrum Christopher Bolton, Sarah Chalke. An orphan from the city finds a job as a lookout for. valuable section of virgin forest. Completed.

"Mrs. 'Arris Goes to Paris," director, Anthony Shaw; cast, Angela Lansbury, Omar Sharif, Diana Rigg. An English maid fulfills lifelong dream of flying to Paris and buying an original Dior gown. Completed.

British Film Institute

21 Stephen St. London, W1P 2LN, U.K. (44-171) 255-1444 Fax: (44-171) 436-7950 Stand: B.4

Attending: Martin Goldthorpe, head of sales; Dayle Hodgson, sales administrator; Shelley Simmons, press officer.

Product highlights: "Iris and Rose," producer, Kate Ogborn; director, Carine Adler; cast, Samantha Morton, Claire Rushbrook, Rita Tushingham. Following the death of her mother, a young woman embarks on a self-destructive sexual odyssey. Completed.

"The Sixth Happiness," producers, Tatiana Kennedy, Eliza Mellor; director, Waris Hussein; cast, Firdaus Kanga Ahsen Bhatti, Nina Wadia. Tale of a Parsee boy growing up in Bombay with brittle bone disease. Completed.

"Stella Does Tricks," producers, Adam Barker, Angus Lamont; director, Coky Giedroyc; cast, Kelly Macdonald, Hans Matheson James Bolam. A Scottish teenager attempts to escape a life of prostitution. Completed.

"Love Is the Devil," producer Chiara Menage, director, John Maybury; cast, Derek Jacobi, Tilda Swinton, Annabel Brooks. Portrait of controversial British artist Francis Bacon.

Brussels Ave

Rue des Visitandines 1/48 B-1000 Bruxelles, Belgium (32-2) 511-9156 Fax: (32-2) 511-8139 In Cannes: Grand

Attending: Jochen D. Girsch, CEO; Marie-Do de la Patelliere, sales director.

Product highlights: "Gaston's War," producer, Tharsi Vanhuysse; director, Robert De Hert; cast, Werner De Smedt, Mapi Galan, Sylvia Kristel. A young Belgian is appointed by London to reorganize Dutch resistance during World War II, but he is actually being manipulated by the Allies to mislead the Nazis. Completed.

"Shoemaker," producer, Elizabeth Yake; director, Colleen Murphy; cast, Alberta Watson, Randy Hughson, Hardee T. Lineham. Carey and Paul, owners of a shop, have their relationship tested when Anna arrives on the scene. Completed.

"Under Western Eyes," producers, Dubi Baruch, Joseph Pitchhadze; director, Joseph Pitchhadze; cast, Eyal Schehter, Liat Glick, Ezra Kafri. A young Berlin architect must stay in Israel and search for his father, a spy who has just escaped from jail.

"Wrapped Reichstag," directors, Wolfram Hissen, Jorg Daniel Hissen. The wrapping of the Reichstag by Christo and Jeanne-Claude. Completed.

Buena Vista Intl.

350 S. Buena Vista St. Burbank, CA 91521 (818) 295-4442 Fax: (818) 843-6925 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Mark Zoradi, president, Anthony Mancoly, VP distribution; Jere Hausfater, senior VP acquisitions, business & legal affairs; Anne Sterling, VP acquisitions; Daniel Battsek VP managing director.

Buxton Raven Prods.

159-173 St. John St. London, EC1V 4QJ, U.K. (44-171) 296-0012 Fax: (44-171) 296-0014 In Cannes: Alsace

Attending: Jette Bonnevie.

Product highlights: "Watch Me Fly," kids adventure pie. Completed.

"Winter's Tale," documentary featuring "Breaking the Waves" artist Per Kirkeby. Completed.

"Vinnie Get Blown Away," director, Phil Davis. Gritty and affectionate youth thriller. In development.

"In the Courts of Power," director, Philip Saville. Political drama set in Renaissance Europe. In development



Verl. Daumstr. 16 13599 Berlin, Germany (49-30) 3342001 Fax: (49-30) 3340418 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Artur Brauner, producer.

Product highlights: "From Hell to Hell," producer, Artur Brauner; director, Dmitri Astrachen; cast, Anja Kling, Gennadi Svir, Valeria Valeeva. Having survived a Nazi concentration camp, a woman returns to her town in Poland to seek the child she gave to a neighbor to look after

CD Entertainment

Sunset Gower Studios 1420 N. Beachwood Drive Building 50, Box 2 Hollywood, CA 90028 (213) 860-7890 Fax: (213) 860-7892 In Cannes: Majestic, Bureau Beausoleil; phone 9298-7928; fax 9298-7935

Attending: Carole De Los Santos, president; Ellen Yee, exec VP

Product highlights: "The Magic Book," producer, Karel Dirka; director, Vaclav Vorlicek; cast, Tina Ruland, Mahulena Bocanova, Kurt Weinzierl. The beautiful princess wishes to marry only for love. Completed.

"The Firebird," producer, Karel Kirka; director, Vaclav Vorlicek; cast, Horst Buchholz, Tina Ruland, Karel Roden. The beautiful daughter of an ailing king has three suitors -- two princes and the evil sorcerer Skelton. Completed.

"Deadly Hunt," producer, director. Jorgo Ognenovski; cast, Jorgo Ognenovski, Meto Jovanovski, Nick Hill. A man wrongly accused of murder is the target of a deadly hunt. Completed.

CPC Entertainment

840 N. Larrabee St., Suite 2322 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 652-8194 Fax: (310) 652-4998 In Cannes: Martinez, phone 9298-7300

Attending: Peggy Howard Chane, producer-director.

Product highlights: "Capital Offense," an ex-government agent singlehandedly thwarts a scheme to take over the country by a fanatical businessman who's secretly murdered by the president. Pre-production.

"Under the Mummy's Spell," a New York teenager brings a mummy back to life and sets loose an ancient feud that terrorizes his parents and the entire city. Pre-production.

"Bum Steer," a woman is suspected of murdering a millionaire stranger who wills her his cattle ranch with unusual strings attached. Pre-production.

"Zero Hour," spy drama. Pre-production.

Callisto Entertainment

11684 Ventura Blvd., Suite 512 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 508-7619 Fax: (818) 508-1679 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 232; phone 9306-4232

Attending: Pamela A. Abraham, president.

Product highlights: "Willa: An American Snow White," director, Tom Davenport; cast, Becky Stark, Caitlin O'Connell, Mark Jester. The old fable comes to life in rural Virginia, circa 1915. Completed.

"Blindsided," director, Louis Morneau. In this political thriller, a man is pursued by both assassins and police as he races around the country hoping to unravel the secret to his amnesia. Pre-production

Capella Intl.

9242 Beverly Blvd., Suite 280 Beverly Hills, CA 90210-3710 (310) 2474700 Fax: (310) 247-4701 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 234; phone 9298-7828; fax 9298-7870

Attending: Andreas Lindstrom, chairman; William J. Moraskie, president-chief operating officer; Daniel Diamond, VP, sales & marketing; Marlene Neubauer, sales & marketing; Alessandra Freyermuth, VP, business & legal affairs; Karyn Isaacs, director, legal affairs.

Product highlights: "Austin Powers: international Man of Mystery," producers, Suzanne Todd, Demi Moore, Jennifer Todd, Mike Myers; director, Jay Roach; cast, Mike Myers, Elizabeth Hurley. A British secret agent and world-class swinger is defrosted after 30 years to match wits with his arch-nemesis. Completed.

"Fall," producers, Terence Michael, Eric Shaeffer; director, Eric Schaeffer; cast, Eric Schaeffer, Amanda de Cadenet. A fateful romance between a cab driver and a super-model. Completed.

"Music From Another Room," producers, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, Bradley Thomas, John Bertolli; director Charlie Peters: cast, Jude Law, Gretchen Moi, Jennifer Tilly Kyle MacLachlan. A young man finds the girl he has been searching for since he was 5 years old when he helped deliver her. Post-production.

"Provocateur," producers, Claudio Castravelli, Eris Salvatori; director, Jim Donovan; cast, Jane March, Lillo Brancato, Nick Mancuso. A deadly female special agent attempts to infiltrate NATO counter-intelligence activity by posing as a nanny for the family of a high-ranking officer on an overseas U.S. military base. Post-production.

Capitol Films

23 Queensdale Place London, W11 4SQ, U.K. (44-171) 471-6000 Fax: (44-171) 471-6012 In Cannes: 4 La Croisette

Attending: Sharon Harel, Jane Barclay, managing directors; Hannah Leader, head of business affairs; Toby Melling, director of sales; Noemi Rav, head of marketing; Valencia Haynes, development & acquisitions exec; Andrew Gardner, contract administrator.

Product highlights: "A Soldier's Daughter Never Cites," producer, Ismail Merchant; director, James Ivory; cast, Nick Nolte. The coming-of-age of an American girl living in Paris during the '60s and '70s. Pre-production.

"The Winter Guest," producers, Edward R. Pressman, Ken Lipper, Steve Clark-Hall; director, Alan Rickman; cast, Emma Thompson, Phyllida Law. In a close-knit community, a handful of locals help a mother and daughter to overcome their conflict, to rediscover passion and purpose in their lives. Post-production.

"The Truce," producers. Leo Pescarolo, Guido de Laurentiis; director, Francesco Rosi; cast, John Turturro, Rade Serbedzija. Based on Primo Levi's acclaimed memoir recounting his long journey home to Italy at the end of World War II. Screening.

"Kiss Me, Guido," producers, Ira Deutchman, Christine Vachon; director, Toni Vitale; cast, Nick Scotti, Anthony Desando, Anthony Barrile. The unlikely friendship between a macho Italian-American with dreams of becoming another De Niro, and a gay out-of-work actor struggling to pay the rent. Screening.

Carlton Film Distributors

127-133 Wardour St. London, W1V 4AD, U.K. (44-171) 437-9020 Fax: (44-171) 437-0246 In Cannes: Martinez, suites 188.119, 120; phone 9394-6800; fax 9394-6807

Attending: George Helyer, managing director; Nicole Mackey, director, intl. sales; Charles Bloye, senior manager, intl. sales; Ron Fogelman, senior exec, intl. sales; Liz Holford, marketing manager Geoff Speed, acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Eight Heads in a Duffel Bag," producers, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, John Bertolli; director, Tom Schulman; cast, Joe Pesci, David Spade, Kristy Swanson. A mobster misplaces a bag containing evidence of eight successful his, only for it to be picked up by a student going on a trip with his girlfriend's family Screening.

"Best Men," producers, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, Brad Jenkel, Deborah Ridpath; director, Tamra Davis; cast, Dean Cain, Sean Patrick Flanery, Drew Barrymore. When a wedding turns into a bank heist and then into a siege, five young men seal not only their friendship but also their fates. Screening.

"Lawn Dogs," producer, Duncan Kenworthy; director, John Duigan; cast, Mischa Barton, Sam Rockwell, Kathleen Quinlan. Two outsiders, in a close-knit Kentucky community, form a powerful and dangerous relationship. Screening.

"Up on the Roof," producers, Jane Prowse, Pippa Cross, Brian Eastman, Sarah Williams; director, Simon Moore; cast, Adrian Lester, Amy Robbins, Billy Carter. Time tests the bonds of love, friendship and loyalty between the five members of a college band. Screening.

Carlton Films

35-38 Portman Square London, W1H ONU, U.K. (44-171) 486-6688 Fax: (44-171) 487-5043 In Cannes: L'Horset Savoy

Attending: William Turner, production exec; Tracey Jack, development exec; Jonathan Powell, director of drama & co-production.

Castle Rock Entertainment

335 N. Maple Drive, Suite 135 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 285-2300 Fax: (310) 285-2345 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 210; phone 9298-7801; fax 9298-7802

Attending: Alan Horn, CEO-chairman of the board; Greg Paul, chief operating officer; Martin Shafer, president, Castle Rock Pictures; Liz Glotzer, president, production, Castle Rock Pictures; Elizabeth Clark, senior VP, publicity & promotions; Laura Danford, VP publicity.

Castle Rock Intl.

8 Queen St. London W1X X 7PH U. K. (44-171) 409-3532 Fax: (44-171) 499-9885 In Cannes: Majestic; Suite 236-238; phone 9298-7851; fax 9298-7853

Attending: Massimo Graziosi, president; Monique Esclavissat, VP sales & distribution: Wendy Kidd, director, intl. publicity; Jo O'Callaghan, exec assistant.

Product highlights: "Palmetto," producer, Matthias Wendlandt; director Volker Schlondorff; cast, Woody Harrelson, Elisabeth Shue, Angela Featherstone, Chloe Sevigny. Based on James Hadley Chase's novel "Just Another Sucker" about a good guy who tries to go bad but can't. In production.

"Zero Effect," producers, Lisa Henson, Janet Yang; director, Jake Kasdan; cast, Bill Pullman, Ben Stiller. A brilliant but reclusive detective needs a front man to do all his dirty work In production.

"Absolute Power," producer-director, Clint Eastwood; cast, Clint Eastwood, Gene Hackman, Ed Hams, Laura Linney. After witnessing a murder and elaborate coverup, a career thief narrowly escapes capture and becomes the subject of an intense manhunt by powerful forces who value his silence more than his life. Completed.

"Ghosts From the Past," producer, director, Rob Reiner; cast, Alec Baldwin, Whoopi Goldberg, James Woods, Craig T. Nelson. A Mississippi district attorney's tireless determination finally brings to justice a racist murderer, 30 years after slaying a civil rights worker Completed.

Catalan Films & TV

Portal de Santa Madrone 6-8 08001 Barcelona, Spain (34-3) 412-5640 Fax: (34-3) 412-1958 Stand: C.15

Attending: Antoni Kirchner, delegate; Monika Ganzenmuller, coordinator; Gemma Barberan, assistant.

Cecchi Gori Group

Via Valadier 42 00193 Rome, Italy. (39-6) 324721 Fax: (39-6) 3247-2300 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Faruk Alatan, director of intl. acquisitions; Marco Bianchi, director of intl. sales; Claudio Tinari, director of TV acquisitions; Roberta Randi, director of intl. department.

Product highlights: "II Ciclone," producers, Vittorio & Rita Cecchi Gori; director. Leonardo Pieraccioni; cast, Leonardo Pieraccioni, Lorena Forteza. Comedy in which a group of sensual flamenco dancers descends on a quiet. simple family in a small town. Completed.

"Marianna Ucria," producers, Vittorio & Rita Cecchi Gori; director Roberto Faenza; cast, Emmanuelle Labort, Philippe Noiret. The emancipation and liberation of a deaf-mute girl in male-dominated 18th-century Sicily. Completed.

"Uomo D'Acqua Dolce," producers, Vittorio & Rita Cecchi Gori; director, Antonio Albanese; cast, Antonio Albanese, Valerie Millillo. Comedy about a teacher who has amnesia, gets lost and disappears for five years. Completed.

"Camere Da Vetto," producers, Vittorio & Rita Cecchi Gori; director. Simona Izzo: cast, Diego Abatantuono, Maria Grazia Cucinotta. Comedy centered on the lives and loves of four couples. Completed.

Ciby Sales

10 Stephen Mews London, W1P 1 PP, U.K. (44-171) 333-8877 Fax: (44-171) 333-8378 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette; phone 9259-0379

Attending: Wendy Palmer, CEO; Fiona Mitchell, exec VP; Francois Thos, chief operating officer; Claire Taylor, Ann Seekins, sales execs; Huw Morgan, marketing exec; Moira Houlihan, Brian Revell, marketing; Tom Strudwick, acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Career Girls," director, Mike Leigh; cast, Katrin Cartlidge, Lynda Steadman, Andy Serkis. Two young women meet up again in London, 15 years after leaving university, Completed.

"The End of Violence," director, Wim Wenders; cast, Bill Pullman, Andie MacDowell, Gabriel Byrne. A Hollywood producer becomes the victim of brutality when he comes across top-secret government information relating to a national surveillance system being developed to crack down on crime. Screening.

"Kicked in the Head," director, Mathew Hrrison; cast, Kevin Corrigan, Linda Fiorentino. Michael Rapaport. Comedy centered on a New York street kid who gets evicted from his apartment. becomes involved in a drug heist and falls in love with a seemingly unobtainable stewardess. Screening.

"Live Flesh," director, Pedro Almodovar; cast, Javier Bardem, Jorge Sanz, Francesca Neri. A man is sent to prison for accidentally wounding a policeman and on his release discovers that the policeman has married the girl he once loved. Post-production.

Cine Intl.

Leopoldstrasse 18 D-80802 Munich, Germany (49-89) 391-025 Fax: (49-89) 331-089 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Lilli Tyc-Holm, president; Susanne Groh, intl. sales manager; Peter Fast, export manager.

Product highlights: "Forever and Ever," director, Hark Bohm; cast, Johanna ter Steege. Jeannette Arndt, Heinz Hoenig. Story of two mothers fighting for a child. Completed.

"Dying to Go Home," producers-directors. George Sluizer, Carlos da Silva; cast, Diogo Infante, Maria D'Aires, Jack Wouterse. A charming ghost story. Completed.

"Still Movin'," director. Niki Stein; cast, Kai Wiesinger, Sandra Speichert, Willy Freeze. Road movie. Completed.

Cinema Arts Entertainment

9350 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 203 Beverly Hills. CA 90212 (310) 550-1085 Fax: (310) 550-1182 In Cannes: Residence L'imperatrice; phone 9363-0091

Attending: Pierre Richard Muller, chairman; Chantal Lam, exec VP.

Product highlights: "Story of O," producer Pierre-Richard Muller; director, Camilo Villa. Based on the novel by Pauline Reage. Pre-production.

"Damned Innocents," a writer of pulp fiction falls in love with the wife of a rich man and they plot to murder the husband. Pre-production.

"Brittle Glory," producers, Morris Ruskin, Mary Skinner; director, Stewart Schill; cast, Tony Curtis, Arye Gross, Ally Walker. Story about an intense psychological relationship between an aging TV star and his young, ambitious acting protege. Completed.

"Parry Crashers," producers, Pierre-Richard Muller, Phil Leirness; director, Phil Leirness; cast, Max Parrish, John Saxon, Peter Murnik, Shawnee Smith. A caper comedy about a party held hostage. Completed.

Cinepix Film Properties

3600 Boulevard Thimens Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4R 1V6 Canada (514) 336-9596 Fax: (514) 336-0607 In Cannes: Grand Hotel; phone 9339-4941

Attending: Andre Link, president; Jeff Sackman, Christian Larouche, exec VPs: Marie-Claude Poulin, VP, intl. distribution; Adam Rogers, VP, U.S. distribution; Paola Zingaro, intl. sales & marketing manager.

Product highlights: "Buffalo 66," producer, Chris Hanley; director, Vincent Gallo; cast, Anjelica Huston, Vincent Gallo, Christina Ricci, Rosanna Arquette. After spending five years in prison for losing a bet on a football game, a man kidnaps a young woman and introduces her to his parents as his wife. In production.

"Johnny Skidmarks," producers, Mike Pasoernek, John Dunning; director, John Raffo; cast, Frances McDormand, Peter Gallagher, John Lithgow. A crime-scene photographer's on-the-side blackmailing operation turns sour. In production.

"Bolt," producer, Charles Smiley; director George Mendeluk; cast, Richard Grieco, Michael Ironside, Sean Young. Haunted by a violent past, Bolt is led to the mysterious Black Hills where he finds romance and a duel to the death, biker style, with his nemesis. Post-production.

"The Kid," producer, Richard Goudreau; director, John Hamilton; cast, Rod Steiger, Jeff Saumier, Mark Camacho, Jane Wheeler. Family film set in the world of junior boxing. Completed.


Sonnenstrasse 21 D-80331 Munich, Germany (49-89) 558-760 Fax: (49-89) 5587-6188 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Wolfram Skowronnek-Schaer, deputy managing director; Dr. Thomas Weymar, senior VP; Julia Muntefering, program acquisition.

Product highlights: "Big Girls Don't Lie," romantic comedy of errors, mistaken identities and true love.

"Lea," love story.

"The Deathmaker," story of businessman Fritz Haarman, who admits to having killed 24 young men and cut up their bodies.

Cinequanon Pictures Intl.

8057 Beverly Blvd., 2nd floor Los Angeles, CA 90048 (213) 658-6043 Fax: (213) 658-6087 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 108

Attending: Dan Sales, president; Jennifer Peckham, exec VP; Erik Jensen, director, acquisitions & sales; Laura Berwick, manager, domestic & intl. sales; Marc Barson, VP, business & legal affairs.

Product highlights: "Hard Drive," producers, Gary Preisler, Michael Canale; director, Adam Dubov. A Chicago detective must track down a serial killer who is murdering rapists who went unpunished by the judicial system. Pre-production.

"Dilemma," producers, Eric Larsen; Colin Bates; director, Eric Larsen; cast, C. Thomas Howell, Sophia Shinas, Danny Trejo. A death row inmate's bone marrow is the perfect match for a girl dying of cancer. He agrees Robert Mickelson, Patrice Jones: director, Jonathan Gems: cast, Julie Delpy, Pam Gidley, Georgina Cates, Daniel Baldwin. Two bizarre and pivotal nights in a small-town brothel where the lives of three exotic and beautiful prostitutes are as strange as the men who come to buy love. Post-production.

"Death Valley," producers, Jacobus Rose, Thomas D. Adelman; director, Carl Colpaert; cast, Eric Roberts. Angus MacFadyen. The widow of a murdered businessman learns that an obsessed ex-lover and a mad French land developer are trying to have her killed in order to acquire property to build a casino in Las Vegas. In production.

Cinetel Films/Sunset Films

8255 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 654-4000 Fax: (213) 650-6400 In Cannes: Carlton, Suites 226-227; phone 9306-4226

Attending: Paul Hertzberg, president; Lisa Hansen, exec VP: Marcy Rubin, senior VP, intl. distribution; Michael Bremer, VP, acquisitions & sales; Milt Goldstein. consultant.

Product highlights: "Below Utopia," producers, Paul Hertzberg, Lisa M. Hansen: director, Kurt Voss; cast, Alyssa Milano, Justin Theroux, Ice T. A young man and his fiancee spend the weekend at his parents' house where everyone is being murdered. Completed.

"Carnival," producers, Paul Hertzberg, Lisa M. Hansen; director, Sidney Furie. A CIA agent in Rio is told that someone on his team will attempt an assassination of the Peruvian president during the closing ceremonies of Carnival. Completed.

"Demolition University," producer, Jim Wynorski; director, Kevin Tenney; cast, Corey Haim, Ami Dolenz, Robert Forester, Laraine Newman. College students on a class field trip to a power plant find themselves held hostage by terrorists. Completed.

"Storm Trooper," producer, Hans Ritter; director, Jim Wynorski; cast, Carol Alt, John Laughlin, Zach Galligan, Corey Feldman. A woman living far from the city helps an injured man. Completed.

Coastline Films

6860 Canby Ave. Reseda, CA 91335 (818) 996-3114 Fax: (818) 996-2435 In Cannes: Palais Stand 24.03

Attending: David B. Kravis, president; Donna Welles, sales manager.

Product highlights: "Different Strokes, producer, Robert Giordano; director, Michael Paul Girard; cast, Dana Plato, gentles Mitchum, Landan Hall. Erotic romance. Completed.

"Seduction: Tight Moves," series of 12 hourlong erotic programs. Completed.

Columbia TriStar Film Distributors Intl.

10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 280-2041 Fax: (310) 280-1421 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Duncan Clark president; Nigel Clark, VP intl. marketing; Lester McKellar, senior VP Europe, Middle East & Africa; Susan van der Werff, VP intl. publicity & promotion; Jon Anderson, VP European marketing.

Columbia TriStar Home Video

10202 W. Washington Blvd. Culver City, CA 90232 (310) 280-8000 Fax: (310) 280-2377 In Cannes: Majestic. suite 721

Attending: Ben Feingold, president; Bill Chardavoyne, exec VP; Alan Pritchard, exec VP operations & European supervisor: Peter Schlessel, senior VP business affairs & acquisitions; Clint Culpepper, VP acquisitions & production; Janet Robertson, VP, regional director, Eastern hemisphere licensing, Nick Meyer, director, theatrical sales & distribution, acquired product.

Product highlights: "Gattaca," director, Andrew Niccol; cast, Uma Thurman, Ethan Hawke, Jude Law. In a future society where ideal offspring are genetically engineered. one man buys more suitable body chemistry in order to pursue his dream of becoming an astronaut.

"Excess Baggage," director, Marco Brambilla; cast, Alicia Silverstone, Christopher Walken, Benicio del Toro. A young woman tries to get back at her indifferent father by staging her own kidnapping.

"My Best Friend's Wedding," director, P.J. Hogan: cast, Julia Roberts Dermot Mulroney, Cameron Diaz. Two best friends make a pact to marry each other if neither is married by the age of 30. When he finds the woman of his dreams. his friend realizes she's in love with him and sets out to prevent the wedding.

"Buddy," director, Caroline Thompson; cast, Rene Russo, Paul Reubens. An eccentric socialite raises a gorilla as her son.

Concorde-New Horizons

11600 San Vicente Blvd. Los Angeles. CA 90049 (310) 820-6733 Fax: (310) 207-6816 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 232; phone 9306-4232

Attending: Brian O'Shea, VP worldwide distribution; Cheryl Parnell, exec VP.

Product highlights: "Marquis de Sade," cast, Nick Mancuso, Janet Gunn, John Rhys-Davies. A woman searches for her missing sister, who she fears died at the hands of the Marquis de Sade.

"Haunted Sea," cast, James Brolin, Joanna Pacula, Krista Allen, Don Stroud. An adrift ship is found at sea with no crew but a fortune in ancient Aztec treasures.

"Expose," cast, Tracy Tutor, Kevin West, Daneen Boone, Libbey George. With the help of her sexy friends. a senators daughter starts a blackmail ring, but when a sadistic lobbyist learns of their business, he wants in on the action.

Condor Films

Restelberger 107 CH-8044 Zurich, Switzerland (41-1) 361-9612 Fax: (41-1) 361-9575 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Rudiger Findeisen, Andi Huber, managing directors of world sales.

Product highlights: "The Dybbuk of the Iloly Apple Field," producers, Yossi Somer, Rudiger Findeisen; director, Yossi Somer; cast, Y. Lazarov, A. Zorrer, I. Noar. Love story set in the religious quarter of Jerusalem.

"Propellerblume," producer, Rudolf Santschi; director, Gitta Gsell; cast, Vasiliki Roussi, Uwe Rathsam, R. Ander-Huber. young woman searches for a way of life between two worlds and two men.

"The Lambs," producer, J.M. Ilenchoz director, Marcel Schuphach; cast, R. Berry B. Rouan, J. Maraval. Drama centered on brother and sister and their fight with their father.

"Night of the Tricksters," producer, Michael Steiner; cast, Pascal Ulli, Ingrid Sattes, H.P. Ulli. Semi-surreal Kafkaesque thriller.

Conquislador Entertainment

275 S. Beverly Drive, Suite 202 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 285-0288 Fax: (310) 285-0289 In Cannes: 52 la Croisette, Suite 138

Attending: Pascal Borno, president; Chris Perry-Melish, Wendy Reeds, directors, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "Talk of the Town," director, Ted Demme; cast, Denis Leary, Kelly Lynch, Billy Zane. Realistic tale of violent Irish hoodlums in Boston's Charlestown. In production.

"Acts of Betrayal," producer, Avi Nesher, director, Jack Ersgard, cast, Maria Conchita Alonso, Matt McColm FBI agent must escort witness to Washington. D.C., but is attacked by mob in a government conspiracy Screening.

"Legion," producer, Avi Nesher; director, John Hess; cast, Parker Stevenson, Rick Springfield, Terry Farrell In the 21st century a band of criminals is sent on a dangerous mission, only to be slowly killed off one by one. In production.

"Mercenary II," producer, Avi Nesher; cast, Olivier Graves. Sequel to "Mercenary," in which Hawk must rescue a wealthy industrialist's wife. Pre-production.

Consolidated Film Industries

959 N. Seward St. Hollywood, CA 90038 (213) 960-7444 Fax: (213) 962-8746 In Cannes: MIF Pavilion, A17

Attending: Jerry Virnig, president; George Hutchison, exex VP; Michel Papadaki, senior VP, marketing & sales.

Warren Cowan/Phil Symes Associates

35 Soho Square London, W1V 3DG, U.K. (44-171) 439-3535 Fax: (44-171) 430-3737 In Cannes: L'Horset Savoy

Attending: Phil Symes, Undine Marshfield, Dee Poku.

The Crime Channel

2899 Agoura Road, Suite 751 Westlake Village, CA 91361 (805) 379-1742 Fax: (805) 379-5183 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Arnie Frank president; Joan Frank, VP marketing.

Curb Entertainment Intl.

3907 W. Alameda Ave. Burbank, CA 91505 (818) 843-8580 Fax: (818) 566-1719 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 133/134

Attending: Carole Curb, president; Christina Melin, exec consultant, sales & acquisitions; Carrie Lyons, director, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "Just Write," producer, Health McLaughlin: director, Andrew Gallerani; cast, Sherilyn Fenn, Jeremy Piven, JoBeth Williams, Alex Rocco. A tour bus driver gets caught posing as a Hollywood insider to win his idol, a young starlet.

"Soulmates," producers, Cindy Clark, Duane Clark; director, Duane Clark; cast, Bill Cobbs, Zachary Throne, Christina Cavanaugh, Debra Wilson. A young composer and an old soul musician have everything in common.

"Plan B," producers, Nancy Joslin. Lulu Baskins-Leva, Gary Leva; director, Gary Leva: cast, Jon Cryer, Lisa Darr, Lance Guest, Mark Mathiesen. A celebration among five friends starts a race to fulfill their dreams of career and marriage.

"Layin' Low," producers, Nina Shiffman, Larry Meistrich; director, Danny Leiner; cast, Jeremy Piven, Louise Lasser Edie Falco, Frank John Hughes. Two amateur hoods caught in a mob shootout end up being chased across New York by the mob and the cops.

Cutting Edge Entertainment

16255 Ventura Blvd., Suite 1250 Encino, CA 91436 (818) 986-3636 Fax: (818) 986-3680 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 135-136

Attending: David C. Glasser, president; Shannon Kearney, sales administration; Joey Horvitz, production.

Product highlights: "Fait Accompli," producers, Sean Entin, David C. Glasser, Scott Tiano; director, Barry Samson; cast, Michael Madsen, Balthazar Getty, Julie Delpy. Story of two brothers who retrieve the belongings of a deceased aunt and come to realize that what they have found has opened the door to a world of evil. Pre-production.

"For Which He Stands," producer, David Glasser; director, Nelson McCormick; cast, William Forsythe, Robert Davi, Maria Conchita Alonso, Ernie Hudson. The owner of a highly regarded Las Vegas nightclub goes to the rescue of a woman being brutally attacked in his club. Post-production.

"Bartender," producers, Randy O'Connell, Jim Gray; director, Gabe Torres; cast, Nicole Eggert, Lisa Spoonaeur. Lured away from his roots by the hope of becoming an actor, a man is swallowed into the belly of a pumping Los Angeles nightclub where he hacks out a living as a bartender. Completed.

"Dog's Best Friend," producers. Paul Colichman, Mark R. Hams, Jame Shavick; director, Allan Goldstein; cast, Richard Mulligan, Shirley Jones, Adam Zolotin, Bobcat Goldthwait. A 12-year-old boy has the ability to talk to the animals on his grandparents' farm. Completed.


DMG Entertainment

2600 Aberdeen Ave. Hollywood, CA 90027 (213) 953-6117 Fax: (213) 953-6164 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 111

Attending: Lorenzo Doumani, CEO; Vincent Petrillo, president, intl. sales

Product highlights: "Destiny," producer-director Lorenzo Doumani. A young prince must retake his throne by force after his father, the King, is overthrown by the army under the direction of an evil lord. Pre-production.

"Follow Your Heart," producer-director, Lorenzo Doumani; cast, Ted McGinley, Brenda Doumani, Jack Scalia. A young woman must decide whether to follow her heart and marry for love of follow her head and marry for security. Screening.

"The Cotton Club -- The Untold Story," producer, Lorenzo Doumani; director, Francis Ford Coppola; cast, Richard Gere, Gregory Hines, Diane Lane, Lonette McKee. Retelling of the original motion picture featuring lost footage. Post-production.

"Storybook," producer-director, Lorenzo Doumani; cast, William McNamara, Swoosie Kurtz, Richard Moll, Milton Berle. A young boy who loses his father reams that anything is possible if you believe. Completed.

DMS Film & TV

70 Colindale Ave. London, NW9 5ER, U.K. (44-181) 200-7171 Fax: (44-181) 200-9866 In Cannes: British Pavilion

Attending: Daniel San. managing director.

Danish Film Institute

Vognmagergade 10, 2 DK-1120 Copenhagen K. Denmark (45-33) 743-430 Fax: (45-33) 743-435 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette

Attending: Mona Jensen, acting managing director; Lissy Bellaiche, manager, intl. relations.

Product highlights: "The Island on Bird Street," producers, Tivi Magnusson, Rudy Cohen; director, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen; cast, Patrick Bergin, Jordan Kiziuk, Jack Warden. Drama about a Jewish boys experiences in the World War II Polish ghetto.

"Pusher," producer, Henrik Danstrup; director, Nicolas Winding Refn; cast, Kim Bodnia, Zlatko Buric, Laura Drasbaek. When a heroine deal goes wrong, a pusher is given two days to collect the money that will save his life.

"Lets Get Lost," director, Jonas Elmer; cast, Sidse Babett Knudsen, Bjarne Henriksen, Troels Lyby. A film about broken hearts and football.

"The Greatest Heroes," producer, Birgitte Hald; director, Thomas Vinterberg; cast, Thomas Bo Larsen, Ulrich Thomsen, Mia Maria Back Two unlikely heroes, convicted bank robber Karsten and pill-popping Peter. head for Sweden with Karsten's 12-year-old daughter in tow.

Devin Intl.

1888 Century Park East, Suite 912 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 557-3660 Fax: (310) 557-8435 In Cannes: Palais Stand A.22

Attending: Greg Sims, president; Stacie Rauch, manager of foreign sales; Cindy Sison, sales consultant.

Product highlights: "Touch Me," exec producer, Greg H. Sims; director, H. Gordon Boos; cast, Amanda Peet, Michael Vartan, Greg Louganis, Eric Gimpel. Love story for the '90s. Completed.

"Rathchet," producer, George Belshaw; director, John Johnson; cast, Tom Gilroy, Mitchell Lichtenstein, Margaret Welsh, Matthew Dixon. A neo-film noir tale of greed, revenge and the desperate measures a screenwriter would take to overcome writer's block Completed.

"The Bet," producer, Greg H. Sims; director, Mark Lisson. Two best friends fall for the same woman only to have their friendship tested at deadly odds over a bet. Pre-production.

"The Raffle," producer, Diane Patrick O'Connor, director, Gavin Wilding; cast, Nicholas Lea, Bobby Dawson, Jennifer Clement, Mark Hamill. Longtime buddies scheme an incredible raffle that pays off in a year of luxury and a date with the world's most beautiful woman. Completed.

Dimension Films

99 Hudson St. New York NY 10013 (212) 219-4100 Fax: (212) 941-3836 In Cannes: Majestic, Salle Royan; phone 9298-7862; fax 9298-7866

Attending: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, co-chairmen, Miramax Films; Rick Sands, president, Miramax Intl.; Steve Klain, VP, marketing, Miramax Intl.; Cedric Jeanson, VP, sales. Miramax Intl.; Beth Perlman, VP, contract administration, Miramax Intl.; Trea Hoving, exec VP, acquisitions & co-prods, Miramax Films; Agnes Mentre, senior VP, acquisitions & co-prods, Miramax Films; Jeff Kurz, senior VP, acquisitions & co-prods, West Coast, Miramax Films; Amy Israel, Jason Blum VPs, acquisitions & co-prods, Miramax Films; Teresa Moneo, VP, Miramax Films.

Product highlights: "Scream Again," producers, Marianne Maddalena, Cathy Konad; director, Wes Craven: cast, Neve Campbell, Liev Schreiber, Sequel to "Scream." In development.

"Heaven," producer, Sue Rogers; director, Scot Reynolds; cast, Martin Donovan, Danny Edwards. A psychic transsexual develops a friendship with a gambling addict and is slowly drawn into the dark and dangerous forces surrounding his life. Post-production.

"Mimic," producers. B.J. Rack, Scott Shiffman; director, Guillermo del Toro; cast, Mira Sorvino, Jeremy Northam, Charles Dutton, Josh Brolin. A brilliant scientist and her husband learn that the genetic engineering solution they have devised to save New York City from an infectious disease has come back to haunt them. Post-production.

"The Faculty," producer, Cathy Konrad; director, Kevin Williamson. The first day back at school proves to be more unpleasant than usual as the students realize that an alien race may have taken over the faculty. Pre-production.

Distant Horizon

38-42 Whitfield St. London, W1R 5RF, U.K. (44-171) 813-3133 Fax: (44-171) 813-3136 In Cannes: 2 La Croisette

Attending: Anant Singh, producer; Paul Janssen, sales exec; Brian Cox, director,

Product highlights: "Face," producers, Anant Singh, David M. Thompson: director, Antonia Bird; cast, Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Damon Albam. Small-time thugs look for one last heist as their tickets out of the slums and the criminal life. Screening.

"Paljas," producer, Anant Singh; director, Katinka Heyns; cast, Marius Weyers, Aletta Bezuidenhout. The magical relationship between a clown and a young boy has a positive effect on a whole family. Screening.

"Cry, the Beloved Country," producer, Anant Singh; director, Darrell James Roodt; cast, James Earl Jones, Richard Harris, Charles S. Dutton. A Zulu Christian pastor travels to Johannesburg in search of his son, sister and brother Completed.

"Scorpion Spring," producers, Anant Singh, George Moffly; director, Brian Cox; cast, Patrick McGaw, Alfred Molina, Esai Morales. Drama concerning the burgeoning drug trade in California's Imperial Valley. Screening.

Dream Entertainment

8489 W. Third St., Suite 1038 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (213) 655-5501 Fax: (213) 655-5603 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 143

Attending: Ehud Bleiberg, CEO; Yitznak Ginsberg, president; Yael Yomtov, VP, intl. sales; Richard Fleming, VP, finance & marketing; Gil Dayan, VP, multimedia & interactive.

Product highlights: "Lover Girl," directors, Lisa Addario, Joe Syracuse; cast, Tara Subcoff, Sandra Bernhard, Kristy Swanson, Loretta Devine. Coming-of-age story about a teenage girl who is befriended by the women of a massage parlor after her mother abandons her In production.

"The Pass," director, Kurt Voss. A middle-aged man must learn how to survive the malevolent pursuit of a psychotic hitchhiker Pre-production.

"The Last Resort," cast, Dean Stockwell. True story of nine troubled teens placed in a harsh wilderness program for the crimes of their past. Completed.

"Amnesia," director, Kurt Voss; cast, Ally Sheedy, John Savage, Sally Kirkland. A forbidden love between a minister and a schoolteacher exposes a past murder Completed.

Dschoint Ventschr

Zentralstrasse 156 8003 Zurich, Switzerland (41-1) 456-3020 Fax: (41-1) 456-3025 Stand: 20.02

Attending: Werner Schweizer, Esther Van Messel, producers.

Product highlights: "Stowaways," directors, Denis Chouinard, Nicolas Wadimoff; cast, Ovidiu Balan, Moussa Maaskri, Simona Maicanescu. Story of stowaways hidden in a freight container bound for Canada. Completed.

"Honey and Ashes, " producers, Samir & Karin Koch; director, Nadia Fares; cast, Nozha Khouadra, Samia Mzali, Amel Ledhili. Three North African women attempt to take control of their lives and their relationships with men.


Eclipse Intl.

2934 1/2 Beverly Glen, Suite 73 Bel Air. CA 90077 (818) 981-1213 Fax: (818) 981-8360 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 114; phone 9299-7000; fax, 9299-7011

Attending: Mark Milton, president-CEO: Sylvia Hotel, director of sales: Valerie Enloe, business affairs.

Product highlights: "SK Sunday," director, R. Scot; cast, Andy Garcia, Gina Gershon. A marathon runner has to win the race in order to save his country.

"No Vacancy," director, Jay W. Gordon; cast, Patricia Arquete, Bridget Fonda, Sylvester Stallone. Three girls run away from their jobs and decide to start their own business in the middle of nowhere.

"Brown Sheep," cast, Patrick Firpot, Micky John. Two detectives are in the wrong place at the wrong time in San Francisco's Chinatown.

"Ninja Girls," director, Peter Santiag; cast, Christopher Herbert, Carol Silver, Paola Reyes. A bunch of teen girls secretly meet the Ninja master during summer camp and become great Ninja warriors.


Maestro Lassalle 15 28016 Madrid, Spain (34-1) 345-8708 Fax: (34-1) 359-6683 Stand: B.14

Attending: Juan Gordon, Michelle Real

Product highlights: "Shampoo Horns," director, Manuel Toledano, cast, Jason Reeves, Michael Alig, Cheyenne Besch. A night in the life of a group of characters who share an alternative lifestyle. Screening.


33 Avenue des Champs Elysees 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4225-6492 Fax: (33-1) 4225-7338 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Daniel Lesoeur, chairman, Ilona Kunesova, head of development. Thomas Lesoeur, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Whisper," director, David Ondricek; cast, Jean Muchow, Martin Mysicka, Tatiana Vilhelmova. Story about young people living in Prague. Completed.

"Pardaillan," director, Edouard Niermans; cast, Guillaume Canet, Jean-Luc Bideau, Marieke Carriere. Story of young love set in 18th-century Paris.

"Golden Temple Amazons," director, John Gamier; cast, Joan Virly, William Berger, Olivier Mathot. A mysterious fortress built on top of a goldmine is being jealousy guarded by a squadron of Amazons of another age.

"The Sect," following successive collective suicides, the hunt is on for the leader of the sect involved. In production.

Everest Greenlight Entertainment

1020 Mainland St., Suite 130 Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6B 2T4 (604) 331-0500 Fax: (604) 331-0501 In Cannes: L'Imperatrice, 44 la Croisette, 2nd floor; phone 9368-6203

Attending: Rob Straight, president-CEO, Everest; John Curtis, production president, Everest;. Shelagh Frayzer, director, intl. sales, Everest; Jonathan Page, director, intl. marketing, Everest; Paul Gardner, president. Canadian releasing, Everest; Charlie Weber, president-CEO, Greenlight.

Product highlights: "Managua," producers, Robert Straight, Lorenzo O'Brien; director, Michele Taverna; cast, Louis Gossett Jr., Assumpta Serna, John Savage. An undercover agent searches for a friend who has disappeared in Nicaragua while trying to infiltrate the cocaine cartel. Screening.

"Laserhawk," producer, John Curtis, Pieter Kroonenburg; director, Jean Pellerin; cast, Jason James Richter, Melissa Galianos, Gordon Currie. A teenager must save mankind from an alien invasion. Post-production.

"Ocean Boy," producer, Rob Straight; cast, Kennan MacIntosh. A boy faces challenges and hardship on his magical journey searching for a new family. Pre-production.

"On the Edge," producers, Glen Tedham, Michael Wright; director, Lyne Charlebois; cast, Shane Meler, Rachel Wilson, Coolio. A high school football hero must learn to "shred" when he's stuck in a snowboarding town. Pre-production.

Everest Pictures

20949 Gault St. Canoga Park CA 91303 (818) 999-9786 Fax: (818) 999-9790 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 122

Attending: Jag Mundhra, director; Bart Kumra, producer; David Portal, director, sales & marketing.

Product highlights: "Monsoon," producers, Victor Bhalla, Jag Mundhra; director, Jag Mundhra; cast, Richard Tyson, Matt McCoy, Jennifer McShane, Helen Brodie. A vacation turns deadly when a man's affair with the beautiful wife of a local mobster leads to his girlfriend's murder: Post-production.

"A Time to Revenge," producer, Victor Bhalla; director, John Harwood; cast, Ken Olandt, Julie Michaels, Paul Gleason, Leslie Ryan. A tale of loss and revenge as a man seeks to avenge his father's murder. Completed.

"Single Action," producers, Carlos Gallardo, Richardo Padilla, Mark Roberts, Lorena David, Luis Chapital; director, Carlos Gallardo; cast, Carlos Gallardo, Miguel Gurza, Alejandra Prado. A special agent infiltrates a dangerous crime family while investigating a political assassination, Completed.

"Shades of Gray," producer, Victor Bhalla, Jag Mundhra; director, Jag Mundhra; cast, Kelly Burns, Tom Reilly, A beautiful sketch artist's drawing of a murder suspect matches the description of her own husband. Completed.

Export-Union des Deutschen Films

Tuerkenstr. 93 D-80799 Munich, Germany (49-89) 390-095 Fax: (49-89) 395-223 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Christian Dorsch, managing director; Susanne Reinker, PR manager; Tanja Englhart, PR assistant; Heinz Badewitz, coordinator of Germans films.



Capitan Maya, 50-6o Dcha 28020 Madrid Spain (34-1) 571-1682 Fax: (34-1) 571-1841 Stand: B.14

Attending: Gerardo Herrero, president; Enrique De Las Casas, exec VP; Elena Cano, exec director; Maria Jose Vadillo, intl. relations assistant.

FM Entertainment

1100 S. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90035 (310) 777-7501 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 225; phone 9306-4006; fax 9306-4025.

Attending: Alan Mehrez, head of production; Diane Mehrez, VP acquisitions; Patricia J. Pawlak, VP sales, Judy Scott, acquisitions consultant.

Product highlights: "The Good Life," producers, Alan Mehrez, Frank Stallone; director, Mehrez; cast, Frank Stallone, Dennis Hopper, Andrew Clay, Peter Dobson. A golf game where losing means dying. Post-production.

"Sinbad," producer-director, Alan Mehrez; cast, Richard Grieco, Dean Stockwell, Mickey Rooney, Zelda Rubinstein. Action-adventure following the travels of Sinbad. Post-production.

"Bloodsport II: The Next Kumite," producer-director, Alan Mehrez; cast, Daniel Bernhardt, Pat Morita, James Hong. A petty thief learns the value of self-respect and honor while in prison. Completed.

"Bloodsport III:" producer-director, Alan Mehrez; cast, Daniel Bernhardt, Pat Morita, James Hong, John Rhys-Davis. Man must learn the difference between seeking revenge for death of his master and friends, and avenging the death of someone he cared for. Completed.

Fama Film

Balthasarstr. 11 CH-3027 Berg, Switzerland (41-31) 992-9280 Fax: (41-31) 992-6404 Stand: 20.02

Attending: Rolf Schmid, Vreni Traber, producer-distributors

Product highlights: "Guevote -- I Am What I Feel to Be," director, Rolando Sanchez; cast, Chi-Chi, Bonny. Documentary on two girls from a Caribbean village who changed into men during puberty. Completed.

"The Blue Arrow," director, Enzo d'Alo. Animated feature about the good witch that rides through the heavens on Twelfth Night to bring toys to children. Screening.

"Megacities," director, Michael Glawogger. Documentary about everyday life in the world's major conurbations. In production.

"Elles," director, Luis Galvao Teles; cast, Martha Keller, Carmen Maura, Miou Miou. Romantic comedy centered on five women who have enjoyed a lasting friendship despite many ups and downs. Completed.

Film Bridge Intl.

1411 5th St., Suite 306 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-8680 Fax: (310) 656-8683 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 256; phone 9299-7000; fax 9299-7011.

Attending: Ellen S. Wander, president; Tiffany Minami, director, sales; Michael P. Kolata, director, operations.

Product highlights: "Standing Knockdown," director, Mario Van Peebles; cast, Mario Van Peebles. A former boxing champion tries to resurrect his life in New York City.

The Film Co.

25 Elizabeth Mews London, NW3 4UH, U.K. (44-171) 586-3686 Fax: (44-171) 586-3117 In Cannes: British Pavilion.

Attending: Ronald de Neef, CEO; Carey Fitzgerald, director.

Product highlights: "Stephen King's The Night Flyer," producers, Richard P. Rubenstein, Mitchell Galin; director, Mark Pavia; cast, Miguel Ferrer, Julie Entwhistle, Michael Moss. A tabloid reporter discovers a modern-day vampire who holds a private pilot's license. Screening.

"Virtual Terror," producer, Ronald de Neef; directors, Ian Powell, Omid Nooshin, Nigel Barton, Jon Glendening; cast, Kerry Norton, Daniel Jordan. When a journalist prepares to interview a controversial scientist, she in fact meets his son, the first Internet mutant child. Completed.

"Out on a Limb," producers, Ronald de Neef, Maureen McClue. An assistant district attorney is devastated by the unexpected return of her terrorist sister. In development.

Filmax Intl.

La Granada Del Penedes 19-2 Entlo 3o 08008 Barcelona, Spain In Cannes: Palais Stand B.13

Attending: Julio Fernandez, president; Marcel Jasse, sales manager; Adolfo Blanco, Raquel Clemente, acquisitions execs.

Product highlights: "Fotos," producers, Julio Fernandez, Jose N. Marin; director, Elio Quiroga; cast, Gustavo Salmeron, Mercedes Ortega, Miky Molina. Story of a woman who lives in her own sheltered world away from physical contact. Completed.

"A Body in the Forest," producers, Julio Fernandez, J.L. Perez-Arrojo; director, Joaquin Jorda; cast, Rossy de Palma, Ricard Borras. What promised to be a funny week ended up in a man hung. Completed.

"Domain of the Senses," producers, Julio Fernandez, Josep Soler Llado; directors, Teresa de Pelegri, Judith Colell, Nuria Olive, Maria Ripoll, Isabel Gardela; cast, Nuria Prims, Silvia Munt, Gustavo Salmeron. A sensual and peculiar view of the five senses as seen through the eyes of five females directors.

Filmexport Group

Via Polonia 9 00198 Rome, Italy (39-6) 8554266 Fax: (39-6) 8550248 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Michael Freudenstein, president; Roberto Di Girolamo, senior VP; Maddalena Tallo, Antonio Pacillo, assistants.

Product highlights: "Nestore the Last Race," director, Alberto Sordi; cast, Alberto Sordi, Matteo Ripaldi, Cinzia Cannarrozzo. Drama centered on a horse, a coachman and a young boy.

"Cruel Jaws," director, William Snyder; cast, Richard Dew, Scott Silveria, Kristen Urso. Story set in a beach town about a man-eating tiger shark that's thought responsible for the deaths of three bathers. Completed.

"The Conquest," director, Gabor Koltay, cast, Franco Nero, Istvan Sinkovits, Viktor Fulop. Story of the Hungarian conquest of the Carpathian basin over 1,000 years ago. Completed.

"Young & Daring," director, Claudio Fragasso; cast, Giancarlo Giannini, Raoul Bova, Stefania Sandrelli. A Mafia accountant's life is in danger as he travels from Palermo to Milan to testify at a trial. Completed.

FilmFernsehFonds Bayern

Schwanthalerstrasse 69 Munich, Germany 80336 (49-89) 544-6020 Fax: (49-89) 5446-0221 In Cannes: Blue Bar, 42 la Croisette; phone 92-1495

Attending: Herbert Huber, president; Klaus Schaefer, managing director; Michaela Haberlander, assistant managing director; Claudia Nilenski, film commissioner.

Film Four Intl.

124 Horseferry Road London, SW1P 2TX, U.K. (44-171) 306-8361 Fax: (44-171) 306-8361

Attending: Colin Leventhal, managing director; Bill Stephens, director of sales; Heather Playford-Denham, film sales manager; Kate Hughes, Bridget Pedgrift, publicity & marketing exec; Shelly Warnaby, publicity & marketing coordinator; Amanda Street, sales & administration coordinator.

Product highlights: "Bent," producers, Michael Sollinger; director, Sean Mathias; cast, Lothaire Bluteau, Clive Owen, Brian Webber. Powerful and moving love story set amidst the decadence and horror of pre-war Fascist Germany. Screening.

"Welcome to Saravejo," producers, Graham Broadbent, Damian Jones; director, Michael Winterbottom; cast, Stephen Dillane, Woody Harrelson, Marisa Tomei. A dramatic look at life under siege and how the foreign media go about reporting the war in Bosnia. Screening.

"Slab Boys," producers, Simon Relph, Lauren Lowenthal; director, John Byrne; cast, Robin Laing, Russel Barr, Bill Gardiner. 1950s tragicomedy about the boys in the paint-mixing room at the Slobo & Co. carpet factory. Screening.

"Burning Up," producers, Amanda Temple, Jeremy Bolt; director, Julien Temple; cast, James Frain, Romane Bohringer, Jim Carter. Tragic love story based on the intense relationship between a man and his wife. Post-production.

The Film Library

9060 Santa Monica Blvd, Suite 108 West Hollywood, CA 90069 (310) 385-0659 Fax: (310) 385-9347 In Cannes: Grand Hotel, 1st floor; phone 9399-8074; fax 9399-5295

Attending: Alexandra Sun, CEO.

Product highlights: "Franchesca Page," producers, Pietro Cuevas, Mark E. Downie, Kelley Sane; director, Kelley Sane; cast, Rossy De Palmer, Varla Jean Merman, Tara Leon. Musical comedy. Completed.

"Bloodmoon," producer, Ng See-Yuen, Keith Strandberg; director, Tony Leung; cast, Gary Daniels, Chuck Jeffreys, Darren Shahlavi. The brilliant mind of a serial killer is set on the strongest victims he can find. Completed.

"The Bride With White Hair," director, Ronny Yu; cast, Leslie Cheung, Bridgitte Lin. Operatic tale of Kung-Fu fantasy and romance set in the ancient world of swordsmen and scorcery. Completed.

"Dragon Gate Inn," producers, Tsui Hark, Ng See-Yuen; director, Raymond Lee; cast, Maggie Cheung, Tony Leung, Bridgitte Lin. Martial arts fantasy shot in the Mongolian deserts. Completed.

Les Films du Scorpion/Labrador Films

53 Avenue Gambetta 92400 Courbevoie, France (33-1) 4467-7727 Fax: (33-1) 4768-7017 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Alain Katz.

Product highlights: extensive catalog of features.

Films (Guernsey)

c/o 2 Saville Row London. W1X 1AF, U.K. (44-171) 434-0340 Fax: (44-171) 434-0442 In Cannes: Juana

Attending: Adrian Scrope, director; Jorge Gallegos, associate.

Filmstiftung Nordrhein-Westfalen

Kaistr. 14 D-40221 Dusseldorf, Germany (49) 211-930500 Fax: (49) 211-930505 In Cannes: Blue Bar, 42 la Croisette, phone 9298-1495; fax 9298-1497

Attending: Dieter Kosslick, exec director; Manuela Stehr, head of production; Silke Zimmermann, press & public relations.

Filmwave Pictures

303 N. Glenoaks Blvd., #610 Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 295-5060 Fax: (818) 295-5065 In Cannes: Hotel Majestic Beau Soleil; phone 609-657-559

Attending: Christopher J. Fries, partner, Adam Fast, VP, intl. sales; Karine Halpern, sales assistant; Eduardo Montes.

Product highlights "Champions Forever The Latin Legends," producer, Ron Hamady; cast, Alexis Arguello, Juan Caesar Chavez, Roberto Duran. English-language docu on the Latin legends of boxing. Completed.

"Harbinger," produces Richard F. Brophy; director, James Cummins; cast, Brad Tomason, Henry La Plante, Clair Hanson. Guilt-ridden by the abduction of his little sister, a man takes on the dangerous job of rescuing kidnapped kids. Completed.

"Waldo's Hawaiian Holiday," producers, Peter McCarthy, Jonathan Wacks; director, Alex Cox; cast, Emilio Estevez, Willem Dafoe. Waldo Parks must decide whether his allegiance lies with mentor Duke Mantee or sex kitten Velma. Pre-production.

"The Shark Hunter," producer, Anthony Esposito; director, George Fodor; cast, Eric Roberts. A shark hunter and helicopter pilot who's wanted dead by corrupt federal judges escapes to Tahiti and returns to expose the truth. Pre-production.

First Floor Features

Nieuwezijds Voorburgwal 120-126 (3rd floor) 1012 SH Amsterdam The Netherlands (31-20) 421-2054 Fax: (31-20) 421-6075 In Cannes: Carlton c/o President Films

Attending: Laurens Geels, president; Volkert Struycken, exec VP; Errol Nayci, project development manager; Ada Nieuwendijk.

Product highlights: "Character," producer, Laurens Geels; director, Mike van Diem; cast, Jan Decleir, Fedja van Huet, Betty Schuurman. The relationship between a Machiavellian industrialist father and his bastard son. Completed.

"Hombres Complicados," producer-director, Dominique Deruddere; cast, Josse de Pauw, Dirk Roofthooft, Hilde van Mieghem. Black comedy about two brothers who are complete opposites. Completed.

"Meccano," producer, Volkert Struycken. In the slums of the fictional principality of Meccano, a young girl dreams of success at all costs. Pre-production.

"My Darling Daughter," producers, Laurens Geels, Volkert Struycken; director, Jeremy Paul Kagan: cast, Alfre Woodard, Marianne Jean-Baptiste. The stormy relationship between a mother and her daughter during World War II. Pre-production.

Flach Pyramide Intl.

5 Rue Richepanse 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4296-0220 Fax: (33-1) 4020-0551 In Cannes: 6 La Croisette

Attending: Eric Lagesse, head of world sales; Jerome Lasserre, world sales assistant.

Product highlights: "Le Destin," producer, Humbert Balsan, Gabriel Khouri; director, Youssef Chahine; cast, Nour El Charif, Leila Elwi. Story of Averroes, a philosopher of Islam and his fight against Muslim fundamentalism. Screening.

"Tonka," producer, J.F. Lepetit; director, Jean-Hugues Anglade; cast, Jean-Hugues Anglade, Pamela Suo. Drama concerning the relationship between two athletes. Screening.

"Clubbed to Death," producer, Alain Massiot; director, Yolande Zauberman; cast, Elodie Bouchez, Roshoy Zern, Beatrice Dalle. Story of a 20-year-old girl and her relationship with an ex-boxer. Screening.

"Marthe," producer, Jean-Francois Lepetit, director, Jean-Loup Hubert; director, Jean-Loup Hubert; cast, Guillaume Depardieu, Clotilde Courau, Gerand Jugnot. Drama centered on a young wounded soldier, hospitalized in Brittany and a young teacher he meets there. Post-production.

Focus Germany

Kaistr. 14 D-40221 Dusseldorf, Germany (49) 211-930500 Fax: (49) 211-930505 In Cannes: Blue Bar, 42 La Croisette; phone 9298-1495; fax 9298-1497

Attending: Christoph Friedel, head of distribution.

Fortissimo Film Sales

Herenmarkt 10-2 1013 ED Amsterdam The Netherlands (31-20) 627-3215 Fax: (31-20) 626-1155 In Cannes: 24 La Croisette

Attending: Wouter Barendrecht, Helen Loveridge, co-chairmen; Marjan van der Haar, TV sales; Esther Bannenberg, assistant, sales.

Product highlights: "East Palace West Palace," producers, Zhang Yuan, Christophe Jung, Christophe Menager, director, Zhang Yuan; cast, Si Han, Hu Jun. A police officer is startled to learn that a gay man has fallen in love with him but he gradually reciprocates his affection. Screening.

Fox Lorber Associates

419 Park Ave. South New York NY 10016 (212) 686-6777 Fax: (212) 685-2625 In Cannes: Grand Hotel, 45 La Croisette

Attending: Richard Lorber, president-CEO; Krysanne Katsoolis, VP acquisitions; Richard De Croce, director, programming sales & acquisitions; Doug Lindeman, intl. film sales.

Product highlights: "Schizopolis," director, Steven Soderbergh. A satire on late-20th-century anxiety in the shape of Scientology-like organizations. Completed.

"Gray's Anatomy," director, Steven Soderbergh; cast, Spalding Gray. Humorous look at middle-age angst. Completed.

"Desolation Angels," director, Tim McCann. Downward-spiraling tale of devastation and self-destruction wrought by the male ego. Completed.

"The Emperor's Shadow," director, Zhou Xiaowen. True story of the first emperor of China, Ying Zheng, his daughter and the court composer. Completed.

Fries Schultz Film Group

22817 Ventura Blvd., Suite 909 Woodland Hills, CA 91364 (818) 888-3052 Fax: (818) 888-3042 In Cannes: Palais, phone 9299-8808

Attending: Charles M. Fries, Murray F. Schultz, partners; Serge Kolpa, managing director, European operations; Dyanne Fries, creative affairs, new media.

Product highlights: "Nico the UniCorn," producers, Pieter Kroonenburg, Julie Allan; director, Graeme Campbell; cast, Anne Archer, Michael Ontkean. A single mom and her handicapped son rescue a pony from an evil carnival owner. When the pony gives birth to a unicom, they must protect it from those who went to exploit it.

"Sir Arthur Conan Doyle's The Lost World," producers, Murray Shostak Danny Rossner, director, Peter Svatek. Four daring explorers battle dinosaurs and other prehistoric creatures when they discover a world that time forgot deep in me primordial jungle.

"Robert Louis Stevenson's Treasure bland," producers, Pieter Kroonenburg, Julie Allan, Harry Allan Towers; cast, Jack Palance. Tale of pirates, buried treasure, mystery and adventure on the high seas.

"Progeny," producers, Stuart Gordon, Charles M. Fries, Murray Schultz; director, Brian Yuzna. Aliens arrive on earth to impregnate humans in a experiment to create children of the future.

Futura Film

Rambergstr. 5 80799 Munich, Germany (49-89) 381700-30 Fax: (48-89) 381700-20 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Antonio Exacoustos, head of world sales.

Product highlights: "My Heart Is Mine Alone," producer-director, Helma Sanders-Brahms; cast, Lena Stolze, Cornelius Obonya Oliver Grice. Love story between a Jewish woman and a Nazi, rivals in lyric poetry but addicted to each other. Screening.



30 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92200 Neuilly Sur Seine, France (33-1) 4643-2000 Fax: (33-1) 4643-2033 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette

Attending: Michel Schmidt, Philippe de Chaisemartin, Remi Jacquelin, Anne Bernstein.

Product highlights: "Oui," director, Alexandre Jardin; cast, Miguel Bose, Chiara Caselli, Pierre Palmade. Nine friends on vacation by the sea come to terms with what they expect of love.

"For Ever Mozart," director, Jean-Luc Godard.

"Love and Confusion," director, Patrick Braoude; cast, Kristin Scot Thomas, Patrick Braoude. A couple's relationship is put in jeopardy when a vase is shattered into a million bits.

"The Fifth Element," director, Luc Besson; cast, Bruce Willis, Gary Oldman.

Gemini Films

73 Rue Saint Denis 75001 Pans, France (33-1) 4039-0375 Fax (33-1) 4233-1213 Stand: B.8

Attending: Paulo Branco, producer; Leonard Glowinski, financial director Mane Boudier, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Genealogies of a Crime," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Raoul Ruiz; cast, Catherine Deneuve, Michel Piccoli, Melvil Poupaud. Psychological thriller based on a true story.

"Journey to the Beginning of the World," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Manoel de Oliveira; cast, Marcello Mastroianni, Jean-Yves Gautier, Leonor Silveira. A French actor, on a shoot in Portugal, decides to visit his father's village in the hope of meeting a surviving aunt. Completed.

"I Loathe Love," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Laurence Ferreira Barbosa; cast, Jeanne Balibar, Jean-Quentin Chatelain, Leonor Silveira. Story of a female doctor who sees reality at dose quarters. Completed.

"The House," producer, Paulo Branco; director, Sharunas Bartas; cast, Francisco Nascimento, Valeria Bruni Tedeschi, Alex Descas. Completed.

Goldcrest Films Intl.

65-66 Dean St. London, W1V 6PL, U.K. (44-171) 437-8696 Fax: (44-171) 437-4448 In Cannes: 57 La Croisette

Attending: John Quested, chairman; Guy Collins, CEO; Stephen Johnston, president (LA); Claudette Collins, VP sales.

Product highlights: "Woman in the Dark," producer, Tom Berry; director, Yves Simoneau. A female U.S. Army lawyer is dispatched to the Philippines to defend a high-ranking officer accused of murder. In development.

"Battle of Ono," producers, Sarah Pillsbury, Midge Sandford. Story set in the U.S. in the 1870s about Chinese immigrant workers and their bid to strike gold and claim land.

"The Commissioner," producers, Christina Kallas, Luciano Gloor; director, George Sluizer; cast, John Hurt, Armin Mueller-Stahl. One of Britain's European commissioners uncovers a plot that threatens to destroy his reputation, marriage and ultimately his life. In production.

"Bring Me the Head of Mavis Davis," producers, Stephen Colegrave, Joanne Reay; director, John Henderson; cast, Rik Mayall, Jane Horrocks, Danny Aiello. The boss of a failing record company plots to kill his only artist to generate a surge in record sales. Screening.

Golden Harvest Entertainment

8 King Tung St., Hammer Hill Road Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 2352-8222 Fax: (852) 2351-1683 In Cannes: Martinez

Attending: Gordon Cheung, VP distribution.

Product highlights: "Young & Dangerous 4," producer, Manfred Wong; director, Andrew Lau; cast, Chang Yee Kin, Jordan Chan, Karen Mok Michelle Reis.

"The Soong Sisters," producer, Ng See Yuen; director, Cheung Yuen Ting; cast, Maggie Cheung, Michelle Khan, Vivian Wu. For nearly half a century, three remarkable women held the destiny of China in their hands.

"Kitchen," producers, Yim Ho, Akira Morishige; director, Yim Ho, cast, Yasuko Tomita, Jordan Chan, Law Kar Ying. New-age romance where love is heightened by an extraordinary sense of smell.

"Comrades, Almost a Love Story," producer, Claudie Chung; director, Peter Chan; Cast, Leon Lai, Maggie Cheung, Eric Tsang. Love story of two strangers from China who meet in Hong Kong, and finally are united 10 years later in New York.

Golden Network Ltd.

Nan Fung Commercial Centre Room 1039 19 Lam Lok St. Kowloon Bay, Kowloon, Hong Kong (85-2) 2751-1886 Fax: (85-2) 2750-4862 In Cannes: 31 la Croisette

Attending: Carrie Wong, CEO; Clarence Tang, head of sales & acquisitions; Macy Lo, marketing exec.

Product highlights: "Lifeline," producer, Mona Fong; director, Johnny To; cast, Lau Ching Wan, Carmen Lee, Fong Chung Shun. Nothing can stop the firemen from saving people's lives.

"Walk In," producer, David Pang; director, Nan Yin; cast, Wu Chien Lien, Danny Lee, Dayo Wong. Once you walk in, you can't walk out.

"King of Mask," producer, Mona Fong; director, Wu Tan Ming; cast, Chu Yuk Chao Yim Yin. Tale of an elderly street performer and his adopted pupil in Republic China.

"Iron Sister," producer, Yang Su-mei; director, Yeh Hung-weir cast, Shu Qi, Jackson Lou. Life and death combines with battle, madness and sex.

Good Machine

417 Canal St., 4th floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 343-9230 Fax: (212) 343-9645 In Cannes: Grand Hotel, 2D; phone 9338-1165

Attending: James Schamus, Ted Hope, co-presidents; David Linde, president, worldwide sales; Amy Kaufman, director, acquisitions.

Product highlights: Untitled Todd Solondz 1997, producers, Ted Hope, Christine Vachon; director, Todd Solondz. Comedy. In development.

"The Ice Storm," producers, Ted Hope, James Schamus, Ang Lee; director, Ang Lee; cast, Kevin Kline, Sigourney Weaver, Joan Allen, Henry Czerny. It's 1973 and a couple is feeling the destabilizing winds of change from the 1960s blow through the wealthy suburb of New Canaan. Completed.

"Dog Park," producer, Susan Cavan; director, Bruce McCulloch. Comedy about searching for love among a group of friends whose lives are romantically leashed together by the needs of their furry companions. In development.

"Love God," producer, Anthony Bregman; director, Frank Grow; cast, Will Keenan, Shannon Burkett, Kymberli Ghee, Kerri Kenney. A schizophrenic virgin with compulsive reading syndrome is released from an overcrowded mental hospital and sets out to prove he is not crazy. Completed.

Gotham Entertainment Group

99 Hudson St., Suite 200 New York, NY 10013 (212) 376-6063 Fax: (212) 376-6067 In Cannes: 31 la Croisette, 4th floor; phone 9399-8704; fax 9399-8089

Attending: Patrick J. McDarrah, Joel Roodman, principals; Chris Daniel, VP, production; Jake Cashill, director, production; Mary Ferguson, Nina Guckenberger, creative execs; John van Sothon, director, acquisitions & co-prods.

Product highlights: "The Blood Oranges," producers, Tom Carouso, Philip Haas, Belinda Haas, Hector Lopez; director, Philip Haas; cast, Charles Dance, Sheryl Lee, Colin Lane, Laila Robbins. Explore the sexual dynamics between two married couples who are drawn together in a hot coastal village in a Latin country. Post-production.

"The Aspen Papers," producer, Patrick J. McDarrah. Publisher looks for long-lost papers of a famous poet and ends up moving in with the poet's lover. Pre-production.

"A Good Baby," producers, Lianne Halfon; director, Katherine Dieckmann. When a young loner stumbles upon an abandoned . newborn in the backwoods of North Carolina one morning, he's drawn into a world of mysterious murder and improbable romance. In development.

"Dead Run," producer, Chris Daniel. A woman discovers that the family she thought she had, never existed and must uncover a shocking secret. In development.

Grupo Novo de Cinema e TV

Rua Mal Niemeyer 24 Rio de Janeiro, RJ Brazil 22251-060 (5521) 539-1538 Fax: (5521) 266-3637 In Cannes: Palais Stand 24.01

Attending: Tarcisio Vidigal, president; Antonio Urano, intl. VP.

Product highlights: "The Starry Sky" (Um Ceu de Estrelas), director, Tat Amaral; cast, Alleyona Cavalli, Paulo Vespucia Garcia. In an industrialized zone in Sao Paulo, an unemployed steel workers tries to convince his ex-fiance to go back to him.

"How Angels are Born" (Como Nascem os Anjos), exec producer, Romulo Marinho; director, Murilo Salles; cast, Larry Pine, Priscila Assum, Silvio Guindane, Ryan Massey After the accidental murder of the boss of drug traffickers in Rio de Janeiro, two teens take an American family hostage.

"The Naked Man" (O Homem Nu), exec producers, Caca Dinez, Tininho Fonseca; director, Hugo Carvana; cast, Claudio Marzo, Isabel Filardis, Lucia Berissimo, Daniel Dantas. A naked man locks himself out of his building after an ardent night of passion.

"O Cangaceiro," producer-director, Anibal Massaini; cast, Paulo Gorgulho, Luiza Tome. A remake of the Brazilian film by Lima Barreto.


HSF Filmproduktion

Agnesstrasse 66 80797 Munich, Germany (49-89) 1239-2202 Fax: (49-89) 1239-2262 In Cannes: 42 LaCroisette

Attending: Heiner Stadler.

Product highlights: "Warshots," screening.

Handmade Films

15 Golden Square London, W1R 3AG, U.K. (44-171) 434-3132 Fax: (44-171) 434-3143 In Cannes: Villa Les Fleurs

Attending: Jon Slan, chairman; Gareth Jones, VP; Hilary Davis, director of sales; Jan Roldanus, head of development.

Product highlights: "The James Gang," producer, Andrew Eaton; director, Mike Barker: cast, John Hannah, Helen McCrory. Jason Flemyng. A desperate woman resorts to robbery and is forced to go on the run with her four children. Screening.

"Dinner at Fred's," producer, Jon Slan; director, Shawn Alex Thompson; cast, Gil Bellows, Parker Posey, Kevin McDonald. A man's car breaks down en route to his fiancee's parents' house and they end up spending Christmas with a very different kind of family. Screening.

"The Wrong Guy," producer, Jon Slan; director, David Steinberg; cast, Dave Foley, David Higgins, Jennifer Tilly. Screening.

"The Assistant," producers, Paul Brown, Jon Slan, Daniel Petrie; director, Daniel M Petrie; cast, Gil Bellows, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Joan Plowright. Story of love and redemption set against a backdrop of violence and loss that marked the waning days of the Great De pression. Screening.

Helkon Media

Bad Brunnthal 3 D-81675 Munich, Germany (49-89) 9980-5100 Fax: (49-89) 9980-5111 In Cannes: Hotel Splendid

Attending: Martin Heldmann, Werner Koenig.

Holland Film

Jan Luykenstraat 2 1011 TZ Amsterdam The Netherlands (31-20) 570-7575 Fax: (31-20) 570-7570 Stand: A.6

Attending: Claudia Landsberger, exec, intl. relations.

Product highlights: "Dying to Go Home," directors, George Sluizer, Carlos da Silva, cast, Diogo Infante, Jack Wouterse, Maria d'Aires. A Dutch-Portuguese fairytale about a ghost who wants to go home.

"Wasted!," director, Ian Kerkhof; cast, Fern van den Wizen, Thom Hoffman, Afke Reijenga. She's going to learn the hard way that there's no such thing as easy money.

"Character," director, Mike van Diem: cast, Jan Decleir, Fedja van Huet. Betty Schuurman. Character is a gift but sometimes it's fetal.

Hollywood Classics

8 Cleveland Gardens London, W2 6HA, U.K. (44-171) 262-4646 Fax: (44-171) 262-3242 In Cannes: La Brise

Attending: Joe Dreier, John Flynn, directors; Melanie Tebb, marketing coordinator.

Product highlights: "Walkabout," producers, Max L. Raab, Si Litvinoff; director, Nicolas Roeg; cast, Jenny Agutter, Lucien John, David Gumpilil. Two children abandoned in the Australian Outback are saved by an Aborigine boy.

"The Phantom," producers, Robert Evans, Alan Ladd Jr; director, Simon Wincer; cast, Billy Zane, Treat Williams, Catherine Zeta Jones. The purple-garbed, masked comic strip character comes to life in this escapist adventure.

"Mother," producers, Scott Rudin, Herb Nanas; director, Albert Brooks; cast, Albert Brooks, Debbie Reynolds, Lisa Kudrow. A blocked writer with woman trouble returns to the source of his problems--his mother.

"Harriet the Spy," producer, Marykay Powell; director, Bronwen Hughes; cast, Michelle Trachtenberg, Rosie O'Donnell. Harriet spies on everyone but when her friends find her diary, her life changes.

Marie Hoy Film & TV

18 Bruton Place Berkeley Square, Mayfair London, W1X 7AA, U.K. (44-171) 493-3346 Fax: (44-171) 493-3997 In Cannes: Majestic

Attending: Marie Hoy, CEO; Elisena Tatalo, sales exec; Tom McCabe, producer.

Product highlights: "Tichborne Claimant," producer, Tom McCabe; director, David Yates; cast, John Kani. A butler teaches a long-lost English lord to become a gentle man again and reclaim his rightful inheritance.

"Listen in the Dark," producers, John Weisskopf. Mike Fenton; John Foster; director, John Weisskopf; cast. Amanda Plummer, Matthew Modine. Dermot Mulroney. Thriller concerning the strange events that take place in an apartment and a neighbor who unravels the mystery. Post-production.

"Under the Influence," producer, Sean Dash; director, Eric Gardner; cast, Camilla Roos, Peter Greene. Jim Metzler. A detective falls in love with the female con artist that he's tracking. Post-production.


Bathori u.10 H-1054 Budapest Hungary (36-1) 111-4614 Fax: (36-1) 153-1317 Stand: B.9

Attending: Istvan Varadi, managing director; Suzanne Szigeti, sales manager Istvan Erdelyi, financial director.

Product highlights: "Bolshe Vita," producer, Istvan Darday; director, Ibolya Fekete; cast, Yuri Fomichev, Igor Chernievich, Alexei Serebriakov Story of the refugees of politics, poverty and war who passed through Hungary when it opened up its western border in 1989.

"School of the Senses," producer, Istvan Kardos; director, Andras Solyom; cast. Attila Kaszas, Dorka Gryllus, Dorottya Udvaros. Story of unrequited love, based on the fictitious diary of a 20-year-old gypsy girl.

"Icaros," director, Geza M. Toth. Animated short about Icar, who wants to fly but his wings are too heavy.

Hungry Eye Films

36 Soho Square London, W1V 5DG. U.K.(44-171) 439-4343 Fax: (44-171) 434-4447 In Cannes: Modern

Attending: Paul Trijbits, producer, Robert Swaab, CEO, Hungry Eye Entertainment; Rene Seegers, producer, Hungry Eye Lowland; Krijn Meerburg, managing director, Hungry Eye Pictures; Barbara de Wijn, acquisitions, Hungry Eye Pictures.

Product highlights: "For My Baby," director, Rudolf Van De Berg; cast. Allan Cummings, Juliet Aubrey. Psychological drama about two young people struggling to escape the past. Post-production.

"Crucible of Fools," producers, Judy Counihan, Hillary McLoughlin; director, Paul Unwin. Epic love story set on the west coast of Ireland in the '40s. Pre-production.

"The Gambler," director, Karoly Makk; cast. Michael Gambon, Jodhi May, Polly Wacker. Drama based on the novel by Dostoevsky about a high-risk gambler Completed.

"Woman of the North," director, Frans Weisz; cast, Claudio Amendola. The widow of a respected professor meets and falls in love with a young officer returned from battle. Pre-production.


IFM Film Associates

1541 N. Gardner St. Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 874-4249 Fax: (213) 874-2654 In Cannes: Noga Hilton 105

Attending: Antony I. Ginnane, president; Ann Lyons, exec VP

Product highlights: "Reluctant Angel," producer, Michael Doherty; director, John Helliker cast, Jaimz Woolvett, Megan Follows. A mysterious stranger changes forever the lives of three disaffected young people. In production.

"The Hunter," producers, William R. Mariani, Holly A. Simpson; director, Christian Viel; cast, Alison Armitage, Jayne Heitmeyer Kimberley Patton. A masked vigilante takes on corrupt police and a chug cartel to clean up the cry. In production.

"Captive," producer, William R. Mariani; director, Rodney Gibbons; cast. Erika Eleniak. Michael Ironside, Graham Greene. A young model is held captive in an upscale psychiatric clinic. In production.

"Color Me Dead," producer, Jessica Rains; director, James Salisbury; cast. Ben Caswell, Justine Priestley, Frank Gorshin. A casual seduction turns into murder Completed

IQ Entertainment

3905 Via Dolce Marina del Rey, CA 90292 (310) 821-6780 Fax: (310) 821-5162 In Cannes: 54 la Croisette, 2nd floor

Attending: John Rodsett, president Nina Taylor, marketing director,

Product highlights: "Men," Producer Paul Williams; director, Zoe Clarke-Williams cast, Sean Young, John Heard. Dylan Walsh. On a sexual journey in search of love a woman treats men like men treat women. Completed.

"The Best Revenge," producer-director, Jim Becket; cast, Carlos Riccelli. A man in a South American dictatorship witnesses his wife's torture and shooting and then tracks down the leader of the death squad. Completed.

"Joint Adventure," producer, Michael MacDermott; director, John Foran; cast, James Brinkley, David Haley Comedy. Completed.

Icelandic Film Fund

Laugavegur 24 101 Reykjavik, Iceland (354) 562-3580 Fax: (354) 562-7171 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette

Attending: Thorfinner Omarsson, managing director; Anna Maria Karlsdottir, head of intl. relations.

Product highlights: "Devil's Island," producers, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson, Peter Rommel, Egil Odegaard, Peter Aalbaek Jensen; director, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson; cast, Baltasar Kormakur, Gisli Halldorsson. Sigurveig Jonsdottir. The everyday life of a wacky family, their neighbors and friends. living in Iceland in the '50s. Completed.

Icon Entertainment Intl.

37 Soho Square London, W1V 5DG, U.K. (44-171) 543-4300 Fax: (44-171) 543-4301 In Cannes: 2 La Croisette

Attending: Bruce Davey, chairman; Ralph Kamp, CEO; Jamie Carmichael, head of sales; Michaela Piper, marketing manager; Joshua Andrews, Simon Crowe, sales execs.

Product highlights: "The Brave." producers, Charles Evans, Carroll Kemp: director Johnny Depp: cast, Johnny Depp, attempt Brando, Frederic Forrest, Story of a poor man's desperate attempt to provide for his family.

"187, producers, Bruce Davey, Stephen McEveety: director Kevin Reynolds: cast, Samuel L, Jackson, John Heard, Kelly Rowan, Set against the contemporary battleground of American schools, one man fights back in a world where fear and intimidation reign.

"Fairytale--A True Story," producers, Wendy Finerman Bruce Davey: director, Charles Sturridge: cast, Harvey Keitel, Peter O'Toole, Paul McGann, A fairytale and a true story that will uplift and move the nears in young and old.

"Anna Karenina, producer Bruce Davey: director Bernard Rose cast, Sophie Marceau, Sean Bean, Alfred Molina, A spirited young woman falls obsessively in love with a young calvary officer

Image Organization

9000 Sunset Blvd., Suite 915 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 278-8751 Fax: (310) 278-3967 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 216

Attending: Pierre David, chairman-CEO; Lawrence Goebel, president: Erick Saltzgaber VP intl, sales: Adele Yoshioka VP sales ad ministration: Natalie Vinet, senior manager' sales & acquisitions: Natalie Osborne, sales exec.

Product highlights: "Captured," producer Pierre David; director, Peter Liapis, As two men battle in a twisted game of terror, one woman's actions will determine who lives and who dies, Pre-production.

"The Listener," producer Pierre David: director, Rob Malenfant, Beth would kill to meet Lindsey Roland a successful radio psychologist ... and she does. Pre-production.

"Cosmos," producer Roger Frappier: directors, Manon Briand, Andre Turpin, Marie Julie Dallaire, Denis Villeneuve, Jennifer Alleyn Arto Paragamian: cast, David La Haye, Igor Ovadis, Sarah-Jeanne Salvy, France Castel, A Greek taxi driver and philosopher travels through the modem mosaic of the urban jungle, Completed.

"Heads or Tails" (J'en Suis), producer, Marie-Jose Raymond: director, Claude Fournier: cast. Roy Dupuis, Patrick Huard. Charlotte Laurier. Albert Millaire. A romantic comedy with more than one French twist. Completed

Imperial Entertainment

Main Drive. GEC Estate. East Lane Wembley. Middlesex HA9 7FF, U.K. (44-181) 904-0921 Fax (44-181) 908-6785 In Cannes: 2 la Croisette, 4th floor: phone 9338-7474; fax 9339-2500

Attending: Sunil R. Shah, Sundip R. Shah. Ash R. Shah. Chris David.

Product highlights: "Stained Glass," producers, Steve Perry, Kevin Messick: cast. Bridget Fonda, Eric Stoltz. A 6-year-old Joy grows up alienated and disturbed when his father kills his mother after she marries the father's best friend.

"Barlow Street," producers. Steve Perry. Kevin Messick; director. Steve Perry. When things get too hot in the city. a big-time crack dealer decides to move his operations to the suburban atmosphere of Barlow Street.

"One Eyed King," producer. Steve Perry director, Robert Moresco. Five friend who live their life in the constant shadow of the Irish m mafia take a close look at their lives when one is killed.

"Clandestine," producer. Steve Perry. Kevin Messick. A hot-shot police detectives fight to solve a series of brutal serial murders intensifies when he finds himself implicated in the killings.

In Pictures

53 Leonard St., 2nd floor New York, NY 10013 (212) 925-0404 Fax: (212) 925-5656 In Cannes: 4 la Croisette; phone 9339-3990

Attending: Jamie Ader-Brown, president: Kari Noren, director, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Love's Debris," producer, Wieland Schulz-Keil; director, Werner Schroeter; cast, Carole Bouquet. Isabel Huppert, Anita Cerquetti, Martha Modl. Interviews with prominent opera singers of the past and present. Completed

"Gentle into the Night," producers. Massimo Cristaldi, Wieland Schultz-Keil, director Antonio Baiocco; cast, Julie Harris, Tcneky Karyo. A chance encounter between an older American woman and a dashing 40-year-old private detective reads to en unexpected friendship. Completed.

"Things I Never Told You," producers Dora Medrano, Javier Carbo; director Isabel Coixet; cast, Lili Taylor, Andrew McCarthy. Debt Mazar, Alexis Arquette Romantic comedy that reveals the painful, often funny truths about love, lust, sex and relationships. Completed.

"Fetishes: Mistresses and Domination at Pandora's Box," producers. Michelle D'Acosta, Nick Broomfield Jamie Ader-Brown; director, Nick Broomfield; cast, head mistress Raven, mistress Katherine, mistress Natasha, mistress Delilah. Voyeuristic exploration of the inner workings of dominatrices. their johns and the S&M culture set in a private club in New York City. Completed.

Incline Prods.

13831 S. 34th St. Phoenix, AZ 85044 (602) 730-6638 Fax: (602) 598-0282 In Cannes: Slatotel Marina; phone 9322-7171; fax 9322-7193

Attending: Connie R. Martin, chairman CEO."

Product highlights: "Candidate Kid," producer, Connie R. Martin; director. Rhea Crossland; cast, Megan Woodmansee. A 13-year-old girl decides to nun for mayor in a troubled small town. Completed.

"Hack," producers, Connie R. Martin. Luella White. Janet garnet; director. Connie Maverick; cast, Nigel Mendosa. Charles Evans, Al Ritano. A writer gets caught up as a suspect in a string of serial murders. Post-production.

"Blackthorn Rose," producer, Connie R. Martin; director, Ross A. Corsair; cast. Travis Engler, Susan Brigham. Emily Graves A woman struggles with her history of child abuse. Completed.

The Independents Showcase

Soho Intl. Arts Building 599 Broadway, 8th floor New York NY 10012 (212) 941-1464 Fax (212)431-0329 In Cannes: Palais Stand 20-05; phone 9299-3049

Attending: Sandy Mandelberger, president, Intl. Media Resources; Ronald Lavery, president, Lavery Film Associates; David Toper, Village Art Pictures; Todd Morns, Conspiracy Films.

Product highlights: "Broadway Damage," producer, David Topel; director, Victor Mignatti; cast, Michael Shawn Lucas, Aaron Williams, Mara Hobel. Three New York U. graduates cross the line into adulthood. Completed.

"Proposition," producer, director, Brad Sanders: cast, Joe Crest, Noelle Evans, Catherine Dent. A wife's suspicions about her husband lead to an explosion of betrayal, secrets and lies. Completed.

"A Gun for Jennifer," producer, Deborah Twiss: director, Todd Moms, cast. Deborah Twiss, Benja Kay, Frieda Hoops. Cut classic about feminist vigilantes in New York City. Completed.

"Talk to Me," producer-director, George Esguerra. cast, Cheryl Clifford, Peter Welch, Elizabeth Landis. Comedy about love. sex and call-waiting between two people who meet on a telephone sex-line. Completed.

Initial Entertainment Group

6380 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1600 Los Angeles, CA 90048 (213) 658-5603 Fax: (213) 658-5605 In Cannes: Carlton Suite 235-236

Attending: Graham King, president, worldwide distribution; Cindy Cowan, president production & acquisitions; Julie Savay-Ross, VP, intl. sales; Schuyler Ha director, administration & marketing.

Product highlights: "Jane," producers, Alan Mnuvka, Marilyn Vance: director Lyndall Hobbs; cast, Melanie Griffith. Divorced from her husband, a thirtysomething songwriter copes with a career comeback and falling in love with a younger man. Pre-production.

"Montana," producers, Mark Yellen, Zane W. Levitt, Sean Cooley; director, Jennifer Leitzes; cast, Kyra Sedgwick Stanley Tucci, Robbie Coltrane, John Ritter. A hitwoman is set up to take the fall for the attempted murder of her mobster boss. In production.

"Gun-shy," producers Larry Gross, Neil Stevens; director, Jeff Celentano; cast, Diane Lane, Michael Wincott, Willaim Petersen. Things take a turn for the worse when a down-and-out crime journalist becomes connected to the seedy underworld of Atlantic City. In production.

"Oliver Stone's Savior," producers, Oliver Stone, Janet Yang; director, Peter Antonijevic; cast, Dennis Quaid, Nastassja Kinski, Stellan Skarsgard. A mercenary hired by the Serbs finds redemption when he is forced to protect a newborn Croatian baby during war time in Bosnia. Post-production.

Intelligentsia Communications

Pavilions at Greentree, Suite 408 Marlton, NJ 08053 (609) 525-0060 Fax: (609) 525-0060 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: K.L. Weakland, president & exec producer.

Product highlight "For You, Anything," producer, K.L. Weakland, director, Sarah Thompson; cast, Kevinski. Comedy about a devoted husband who is tempted to cheat on his wife. Pre-production.

Intermedia Film Equities Ltd.

81 Piccadilly London, W1V 9HF, U.K. (44-171) 495-3322 Fax: (44-171) 495-3993 In Cannes: 2 La Croisette

Attending: Guy East, Nigel Sinclair. co-chairman; Tim Haslam, president of distribution; Will Evans, senior VP, business affairs: Christine Ghazarian, Intermedia Arc Pictures.

Interlight Pictures

6525 Sunset Blvd., 4th floor Hollywood, CA 90028 (213) 962-2288 Fax: (213) 962-2280 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Salon Lerina

Attending: Nile Niami, Patrick Choi, presidents; Vivian E. Awad, director intl. sales & service.

Product highlights: "The Patriot," director, Paul Mones; cast, Steven Segal. A fanatical militia group unleashes a stolen biochemical weapon in the Northern United States. Preproduction.

"An American Dream," director. Michael Cimino; cast, Jason Scott Lee. The true story of the first Asian gangster and his association with Al Capone, Pre-production.

"Recoil," cast, Mickey Rourke, Kevin Gage, Jerry Lee Lewis, Michael Wright. When a gang of criminals take over a suburban shopping mall, two brothers--one an escaped death row convict, the other an ex-Texas Ranger fumed mercenary--find themselves pitted against each other over a hostage standoff. In production.

"T.N.T.," cast, Oliver Gruner Eric Roberts, Randy Travis. A member of an elite mercenary force tries to leave and is tracked down by his team. Post-production.

Intl. Film Distribution Consultants

1888 Century Park East, Suite 1900 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 284-6858 Fax: (310) 552-1814 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 316; phone 9306-4396; fax 9306-4397

Attending: Jerome Bliah, president: Jennifer Hughes, manager.

Product highlights: "Voyage," producers, John David, Tarak Ben Ammar. Peby Guisez, Merril Karpf; director. John MacKenzie: cast, Rutger Hauer, Eric Roberts, Karen Allen. Connie Nielsen. A couple embarks on a high-seas adventure across the Mediterranean to save their troubled marriage. Completed.

"Yes, Virginia, There Is a Santa Claus," producer, Duke Fenady; director. Charles Jarrot; cast, Charles Bronson. Story of a little girl who lives in New York City at the turn of the century whose faith in Christmas rekindles the faith and hope of those around her. Completed.

Intl. Production Associates

1622 W. Oak St. Burbank, CA 91506 (818) 845-3480 Fax: (818) 845-3616 In Cannes: Gray D'Albion

Attending: Robert M. Jones, director of intl. sales: Michael Dourisbourg.

Product highlights: "Creatures," a rare Asian virus causes panic in the city of Cambridge.

"Shanghai Club," cast, Winnie Lau, Michael Lam, Richard Young, Cindy Fung. A group of American college students travel to Shanghai to revenge their fathers' killer.

Intra Films

Via E. Manfredi 15 00197 Rome, Italy (39-6) 807-7252 Fax: (39-6) 807-6156 In Cannes: Grand--Cormoran II

Attending: Paola Corvino, president; Micaela Fusco, VP; Fabienne Pelini, assistant.

Product highlights "Grey Zone," producer, Domenico Procacci; director, Franco Bernini; cast, Francesca Neri, Claudio Amendola. Drama centered on a successful psychotherapist who becomes involved with one of her patients.

"The Quiet Room," producer, Domenico Procacci; director, Rolf de Heer; cast, Celine O'Leary, Paul Blackwell, Chloe Ferguson. Underneath the surface of a family's tranquil life lie currents of discontent.

"Bits & Pieces," producers, Domenico Procacci, Maurizio Totti: director, Antonello Grimaldi; cast, Francesca Neri. Silvio Orlando, Sergio Rubini. Comedy centered on people living in a big city and the events that take place there over one day.

"Life," producer, Elisa Argenzio; director, Lawrence Johnston; cast, John Brumpton, David Tredinnick, Robert Morgan. Drama featuring two men of different ages and backgrounds who share a prison cell.


JL Media Services

6311 N. O'Connor Road. Suite 254 Irving, TX 75039 (214) 402-9972 Fax: (214) 401-0136 In Cannes: Majestic; phone 9298-7927: fax 9298-7921

Attending: John Foster, president; Lourdes Foster, VP; Marie Hoy, sales.

Product highlights: "The Inner Light," producer-director, Brian McKeaney; cast. Michael Ryan Segal, Pamela Levin, Benjamin Anton. A group of young religious fanatics invites a Quaker student to their cult of violence, where he must find the inner light to fight his way out. Completed.

"Under the Influence," producer, Sean Dash; director, Eric Gardner; cast, Camilla Roos, Peter Greene, Jim Metzler. A female con artist accidentally turns a routine collision into a fatality and exposes her lawyer partner to murder charges. In production.

"Hollywood the Movie," producer-director, Joseph Allen; cast, Morton Downey Jr., Imogene Coca, Jessica Hahn. Comedy about an over-anxious director attempting his first film and two old homeless women who are transformed into beautiful women making it Dark," in Hollywood. Completed.

"Listen in the Dark," producers, Mike Fenton, John Foster, John Weiskopf; director, John Weiskopf; cast, Amanda Plummer A young couple becomes unwitting pawns in a game of murder, seduction and corruption in corporate America. In development.

J&M Entertainment

2 Dorset Square London, NW1 6PU, U.K. (44-171) 723-6544 Fax: (44-171) 724-7541 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Julia Palau, Michael Ryan, co-chairmen & CEOs; Anthony Miller, chief operating officer; Gary Phillips, senior VP/head of intl. distribution; Natalie Brenner, VP, sales & marketing; Joanna Wells, sales exec; Mark Vennis, VP, the Alternative Cinema Co; Mathew Payne, VP, production & development.

Product highlights: "20,000 Leagues Under the Sea," producers, Samuel Hadida. Steve Perry: director. Christophe Gans Jules Verne's classic story of Captain Nemo and the world's first submarine. the Nautilus. Pre-production.

"Letters From a Killer," producers. Bertil Ohlsson. Peter Snell: director David Carlson: cast. Patrick Swayze. Gia Carrides. A recently freed ex-death row inmate finds himself on the run from the FBI and one of the jilted women he wrote to while behind bars. In production.

"The Serpent's Kiss," producers. Robert Jones. John Battsek. Tim Rose Price: director Philippe Rousselot: cast. Ewan McGregor. Greta Scacchi. Pete Postlethwaite. When a talented young craftsman accepts a lucrative commission. he takes on more than he bargained for. Completed.

"Revengers' Comedies." producer. Simon Bosanquet: director. Malcolm Mowbray: cast. Helena Bonham Carter. Sam Neill Kristin Scott Thomas. An eccentric heiress and a recently sacked middle manager decide to swap revenges and eliminate the people who are the cause of their problems. Completed.

Jonte Prods.

4 rue Capitaine Maignan Rennes, France 35000 (33-02) 9931-2453 In Cannes: Concord Hotel

Attending: Jonte Y. Tychman, Albert Tychman, Arthur N. Gilbert. Ana R. Gilbert.

Product highlight: "The Heroes of Faranbourough," an American heavyweight champion. In production.

Jupiter Communications

30 Bis Rue de Tilsitt 75017 Paris, France (33-1) 4572-5959 Fax: (33-1) 4572-5966 In Cannes: Le Lerina

Attending: Jan Roeloffs, president

Product highlights: "Sweat and Blood," director Paul Vecchiali cast. Fabienne Babe. Sam Djob. Jacques Martial The son of a former boxing champ directs his energies to music instead of following in his father's foot steps.

"The Bidochon," director Serge Korber; cast, Annie Girardot. Anemone. Jean Francois Stevenin. Comedy concerning an average French man and woman.

"Nefertiti," director. Guy Gilles: cast, Michela Torrepadula, Ben Gazzara, Francois Negret. To renew the blood of the degenerated pharaohs. the priests are ordered to search for the most beautiful woman in faraway lands.

"Joy in Love, " series of erotic adventures of a top international model: 4 x 90 min.


Keystone Entertainment

23410 Civic Center Way. Suite E9 Malibu, CA 90265 (310) 317-4883 Fax: (310) 317-4903 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 217

Attending: Robert Vince, co-chairman & president; Ann Vince. development of family division. James Jusko. VP of co-prods: Marty Lewis. director of sales: James Whalen, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "One Cut From Paradise," producers, Robert Vince, William Vince; director. Bill Bannerman. Sequel to "Final Cut," rejoining the Seattle Bomb Squad, Pre-production.

"Dam," producers, Robert Vince, William Vince. Environmental researcher teams up with a former Navy SEAL to rescue hostages and prevent mass destruction from detonation of a bomb planted in one of the world's largest hydroelectric dams. Pre-production.

"Hoods," producer William Vince: director Mark Malone A hood with a conscience cannot bring himself to kill an innocent child so he hires a violent lunatic to do the hit. In development.

"Walking Across Egypt," producers Robert Vince. Madeline Bell: cast E Elizabeth Taylor A kind elderly woman. famous for her cooking, takes in a young juvenile delinquent in the hopes of turning his life around In development.

Kingman Films Intl.

801 N. Brand Blvd. Suite 630 Glendale. CA 91203 (818) 548-3456 Fax: (818) 548-3899 In Cannes: Novotel Montfleaury: phone 9368-9150

Attending: Arthur Chang. founder & CEO: Eric Miller. VP

Kushner-Locke Intl.

11601 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2030 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 445-1111 Fax: (310) 445-1181 In Cannes: Carlton, Suites 219, 208, 209; phone 9306-6919 fax 9306-4395

Attending: Donald Kushner, Peter Locke, co-chairmen; Eleanor Powell, VP theatrical, U.K.; Marvinia Anderson. president. intl. TV: D'Arcy Conrique, manager, contracts administration.

Product highlights: "Basil," producer-director, Radha Bharadwah; cast. Christian Slater, Derek Jacobi, Jared Leto, Claire Forlani. Wealthy and privileged Basil becomes the target of an elaborate revenge scheme aimed at destroying his abusive father.

"Beowulf," producer. Lawrence Kasanoff; cast, Christopher Lambert. A tormented warrior is destined to battle evil wherever it is found.

"Denial," producer, Brad Wyman; director, Adam Rifkin; cast, Christine Taylor A contemporary comic roller-coaster ride through love, sex, trust, affairs and monogamy.

"Double Tap," producers Joe Silver. Richard Donner, Gil Adler: director Greg Yaitanes: cast, Stephen Real Heather Locklear Peter Greene. Mykelti Williamson A female FBI agent attempts to track down and set up one of the world's most elusive hitmen with whom she later falls in love.


Lakeshore Intl.

5555 Melrose Ave. Gloria Swanson Building, 4th floor Hollywood, CA 90038 (213) 956-4222 Fax: (213) 862-1456 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 302; phone 9299-6970: fax 9299-6971

Attending: Tom Rosenberg. chairman CEO; Ted Tannebaum. co-chairman Joni Sighvatsson, president; Rena Ronson. exec VP; Stephanie Denton, director. intl. sales: Robert Burke, director, marketing & creative services; Maura Hoy, director, intl. contract administration: Cynthia Newberry. coordinator. intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Dream With the Fishes," producer, Johnny Wow, Mitchell Stein; director Finn Taylor; cast, David Arquette, Brad Hunt, Cathy Moriarty. Kathryn Erbe. A suicidal young man gets a crash course in living on the edge when he is conned into helping a stranger fulfill several peculiar fantasies during his final weeks. Completed.

"The Real Blonde," producers. Tom Rosenberg, Marcus Viscidi; director. Tom DiCillo; cast. Matthew Modine, Daryl Hannah. Catherine Keener. Denis Leary. Story of a group of young people living and working in New York in the fashion and television industries.

"Homegrown," producer, Jason Clark; director, Stephen Gyllenhaal; cast, Billy Bob Thornton, Jon Bon Jovi, Jamie Lee Curtis, Kelly Lynch. Workers on a marijuana plantation in Northern California try to nun the business when the owner is murdered. Completed.

"Polish Wedding," producer, Tom Rosenberg, Julia Chasman, Geoff Stier; cast, Lena Olin, Gabriel Byrne, Claire Danes, Adam Trese. Amidst the urban decay of Detroit, a working class Polish family suffers and celebrates the mystery of life's cycles.

Largo Entertainment

2029 Century Park East, Suite 2500 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 203-0055 Fax (310) 203-0254 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 405; phone 9399-8001; fax 9399-8002

Attending: Barr B. Patter, chairman-CEO; Peter Elson, exec VP; Bruce Vann, senior VP, legal & business affairs; Robert Corzo, VP finance; Frank K. Isaac, VP, production & distribution services: Christopher W. Taylor, VP, acquisitions & business affairs; Julie Ruthenbeck, VP, creative affairs.

Product highlights: "The Road to Graceland," producer, Cary Brokaw; director, David Winkler; cast, Harvey Keitel, Bridget Fonda, Johnathon Schaech. When an eccentric drifter claiming to be Elvis Presley hitches a ride with a young man who has recently lost his wife in a car accident, the two find themselves on a road trip to Memphis. In production.

"Reasonable Doubt," producer, Adam Kline; director, Randal Kleiser; cast, Melanie Griffith, Tom Berenger, Huey Lewis, Craig Sheffer. When a lawyer takes the case of a man accused of of brutally murdering a prominent citizen's promiscuous daughter, she uncovers a conspiracy involving front-running presidential candidate. Post-production.

"Affliction," producer, Linda Reisman, director, Paul Schrader; cast, Nick Nolte, James Coburn Sissy Spacek, Willem Dafoe. A small-town sheriff suspects a hunting accident is actually a murder and solving the crime is his last opportunity to redeem himself in the eyes of the town. Post-production.

"The Education of Little Tree," producer, Jake Eberts; director, Richard Friedenberg; cast, James Cromwell, Graham Greene, Tantoo Cardinal, Joseph Ashton. Orphaned at the age of 7, Little Tree, a half-Cherokee Indian boy, is raised by his grandparents in the mountains of Tennessee during the Great Depression. Post-production.

Lau Film Intl.

Weinbergstrasse 3 91207 Lauf, Germany (49-9123) 99339 Fax: (49-9123) 99319 Stand: 20.04

Attending: Ankie Lau, producer-director; Dr. Michael Popp, co-producer; Ankie Beilke, PR; Cynthia Falk producer assistant.

Product highlights: "Last Chance Love," producer-director, Ankie Lau; cast, Ankie Lau, Tyrone Power Jr. A recent divorcee returns to Hong Kong with her daughter and falls in love with an American.

Leonor Films

93 Avenue Niel 75017 Paris, France (33-1) 4763-0033 Fax: (33-1) 4763-0032 In Cannes: Martinez

Attending: Claude Nouchi.

Product highlights: "Foote, "director, Ramadan Suleman; cast, Patrick Shai, Dambisa Kente. Story centered on a professor, working in a township near Johannesburg, who rapes one of his students. Screening.

"Sous les Pieds des Femmes," director, Rachida Krim; cast, Claudia Cardinale, Nadia Fares. A couple's reunion with an old friend brings back a rush of memories. Screening.

"One Fine Evening After the War," director, Rithy Panh; cast, Chealyda Chan, Narith Roeun. Story set in Phnom Penh, a miserable, overcrowded capital still scarred by an endless war. Post-production.

"Autre Chose a Foutre Qu'aimer," director, Carole Giacobbi; cast, Helene de Saint Pere, Michele Moretti. Story of a man and a woman who nun restaurants across the street from each other.

Live Intl.

15400 Sherman Way, Suite 500 Van Nuys, CA91406 (818) 778-3204 Fax (818) 778-3188 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 759; phone 9298-7907; fax 9298-7909

Attending: Roger Burlage, chairman-CEO, Live Entertainment; Ann Dubinet, president intl. distribution; Mark Reinhart, senior VP, intl. distribution; Nancy Lund Screen, senior VP, sales; Randy Parker, VP, intl. marketing; Paul Almond, exec VP, production & acquisitions, Live Entertainment; David Bowers, exec VP, marketing services & publicity, Live Entertainment; Ron Cushey, exec VP & chief financial officer; Rick Mischel, Yalda Tehranian, senior VPs, acquisitions & productions, Live Entertainment.

Product highlights: "Permanent Midnight," producers, Jane Hamsher, Don Murphy; director, David Veloz; cast, Ben Stiller. Based on the autobiography of screenwriter Jerry Stahl, story charts the odyssey of a successful TV writer whose addiction takes him from the boardrooms to the mean streets of LA and back again. Pre-production.

"Suicide Kings," producers, Morrie Eisenman, Wayne Rice; director, Peter O'Fallon; cast, Christopher Walken, Denis Leary, Henry Thomas, Sean Patrick Flanery. Four rich college students kidnap a mobster to enlist his help in getting one of their sisters freed from her kidnappers. Post-production.

"Wishmaster," producer, Pierre David director, Robert Kurtzman; cast, Tammy Lauren, Andrew Divoff. Horror stony of an ancient evil power unleashed after a thousand years of imprisonment Post-production.

"The Substitute 2," producer, Morrie Eisenman; director, Steve Pearl; cast, Treat Williams, B.D. Wong, Angel David. Two mercenaries uncover a violent car-jacking ring that threatens to tear a high school apart Post-production.

Lolafilms Intl.

Velazquez 12, 7th Floor 28001 Madrid, Spain (34-1) 431-4246 Fax: (341) 435-3472 In Cannes: 41 La Croisette

Attending: Andres Vicente Gomez president; Angela Bosch, head of sales; Douglas Wilson, head of intl. affairs; Giles Bones, head of marketing.

Product highlights: "In Praise of Older Women," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Manuel Lombardero; cast, Faye Dunaway, Joanna Pacula, Rosana Pastor. Growing up is a reaming process and who better than four beautiful and seductive older women to do the teaching? Screening.

"The Good Life," producers, Ana Huete Cristina Huete; director, David Trueba; cast, Fernando Ramallo, Lucia Jimenez Coming-of-age story about a boy who discovers what the good life really is. Screening.

"Perdita Durango," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Alex de la Iglesia; cast Rosie Perez Javier Bardem, Aimee Graham. Road movie centered on two unscrupulous lovers. Post-production.

"Sus Ojos Se Cerraron y el Mundo Sigue Andando," producer, Andres Vicente Gomez; director, Jaime Chavarri; cast, Aitana Sanchez-Gijon, Dario Grandinetti, Juan Echanove. Romantic drama about celebrated tango singer Carlos Gardel. Post-production.

Lumiere Intl.

26 Rue Marbeuf Paris, 75008 France (33-01) 5393-7171 Fax: (33-01) 5393-7170 In Cannes: The Conquest, Jetee Albert Edouard, docked behind the Palais.

Attending: Lila Cazes, head of production; Jean Cazes, chairman; Randolph Pitts, CEO; Claudia Buchanan, head of business affairs.


M6 Droits Audiovisuels

89 Avenue Charles de Gaulle 92575 Neuilly sur Seine Cedex, France (33-1) 4192-6866 Fax (33-1) 4192-6869 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 119

Attending: Bernard Majani; Marie-Laure Montironi; Isabelle Drouart.

Product highlights: "Alice on Stage, " director, Jerome Cornuau; cast, Ophelie Winter, Ambre Boukebza; Bernard Le Coq, Patrick Forster-Delmas. A modem-day Alice in the Wonderland of show business becomes a legend for the music fans of her generation. Post-production.

MDP Worldwide

1925 Century Park East, Suite 1700 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 226-8300 Fax: (310) 226-8350 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 144; phone 9298-7830; fax 9298-7834

Attending: Mark Damon, chairman-CEO; Richard Kiratsoulis, president-chief operating officer; Rob Aft, senior VP, worldwide distribution; David Gaynes, senior VP, marketing & distribution services; Eric Christenson, directors worldwide distribution; Brandon Cohen, VP, intl. business affairs; Greg Little, VP, acquisitions & development; Pia Ligeti, director, acquisitions & development; Elena Cahalan, contract administrator; Kellie Burger, marketing coordinator.

Product highlights: "One Tough Cop," producers, Martin Bregman, Michael Bregman; director, Bruno Barreto; cast, Stephen Baldwin, Chris Penn, Amy Irving, Gina Gershon. A young cop is caught between his family mob ties, his love for his girlfriend and his loyalty to his partner In production.

"Lewis & Clark & George," producers, Dan Gunther, J. Todd Harris; director, Rod McCall; cast, Rose McGowan, Salvator Xuereb; Dan Gunther. The tale of two escaped convicts who join forces with a sexy femme fatale, on the trail of a long-forgotten goldmine. Completed.

"Knock Off," producers, Moshe Diamant. Mark Damon; director, Tsui Hark; cast, Jean-Claude Van Damme. As Hong Kong transitions to China, a CIA agent has to thwart a conspiracy that, if successful, will incite a wave of world terrorism, while maintaining his cover as a designer jeans rep. Pre-production.

"Love and Sex, " producer, Brad Wyman; director, Valerie Breiman; cast, Teri Hatcher Falling in and out of friendship but never out of love, a couple does everything in the world to resist the possibility that they just might be perfect for one another. In production.

MD Wax/Courier Films

1560 Broadway, Suite 907 New York, NY 10036 (212) 302-5360 Fax: (212) 302-5364 In Cannes: Royal Hotel & Casino, La Napoule; phone 9297-7000

Attending: Morton Wax, president; Sandra Wax, VP, business.

MK2 Diffusion

55 Rue Traversiere 75012 Pans, France (33-1) 4467-3000 Fax: (33-1) 4341-3230 In Cannes: 28 Bis Rue des Serbes

Attending: Sophie Bourdon, head of sales; Mireille Roulet, sales dept.; Christine Ravet, head of acquisitions; Thomas Bidegain, head of distribution.

Product highlights: "Rien Ne Va Plus," producer, Marin Karmitz; director, Claude Chabrol; cast, Isabelle Huppert, Michel Serrault. Comedy. Post-production.

"Louis & Frank," director, Alexandre Rockwell; cast, Francesco Messina, Steven Randazzo, Tony Curtis. Comedy. Post-production.

"The Pacific Mediators," producers, Marin Karmitz, Veronique Cayla; director, Charles Belmont. Completed.

"Untitled," producer, Ann Ruark director, Lodge Kerrigan; cast, Vincent D'Onofrio, Katrin Cartlidge, Colm Meaney. In production.

MLR Films Intl.

59 Westminster Ave. Bergenfield, NJ 07621 (201) 385-8139 Fax: (201) 385-8196 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Alan Miller, president.

Product highlights: "Lady Chatterly," director, Ken Russell; cast, Sean Bean, Joej Richardson. A passionate love story that portrays a scandalous affair between an aristocratic young woman and her husband's game keeper.

"Quiet Days in Clichy," cast, Andrew McCarthy, Nigel Havers. Erotic film set in Paris' red-light district of the 1930s, from the Henry Miller novel.

"A Time to Remember," cast, Donald O'Connor. A family story of a man who defies all odds and achieves his childhood dream to sing like his idol, Mario Lanza.

MP Consulting Intl.

947 Second Ave., Suite 2 New York, NY 10022 (212) 223-4112 Fax: (212) 421-9187 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 116

Attending: Alex Massis, president: Christopher White, VP sales & acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Super Kid," story of a super-child and his five super-friends in the year 2023. Completed.

"Women," director Moshe Mizrahi: cast, Michal Bat-Adam. Tale of a love triangle in Old Jerusalem. Completed.

"Gimlet," director, Jose Luis Acosta; cast, Angela Molina, Viggo Mortensen. Story of one man's dangerous passion for a woman. Completed.

"Premeditated Murder," producers. Ljubisa and Dragan Samardzic; director, Gorciu Stojanovic; cast, Branka Katic, Nebojsa Glogovac. Romance seems doomed to fail when surrounded by the inhumanity of wartime politics in the former Yugoslavia. Completed.

Max Films

5200 Rue Henri-Julien Montreal, Quebec Canada H2T 2E5 (514) 276-4499 Fax: (514) 276-6544 In Cannes: Palais Stand A37; phone 9299-8801

Attending: Roger Frappier producer

Mayfair Entertainment Intl.

110 St. Martin's Lane London, WC2N 4AD. U.K. (44-171) 304-7911 Fax: (44-171) 867-1184 In Cannes: 4 La Croisette

Attending: lan Scorer. head of sales: Mia Bays, sales & marketing exec: Daniel Weinzweig, CEO; Bobby Allen. director of acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Hurricane," producers, Galt Niederhoffer, Gill Holland, Morgan J. Freeman; director, Morgan J. Freeman; cast, Brendan Sexton III, Lynn Cohen, Isidra Vega. A New York youngster living on the edge struggles to escape from a life of crime so he can realize his dreams. Screening.

"The Big Swap," producer-director, Niall Johnson; cast, Alison Egan, Kevin Howarth, Clark Hayes. A tale of five couples who get drawn into the world of partner swapping. Screening.

"Autumn Sun," producer-director, Eduardo Mignogna; cast, Federico Luppi, Norma Aleandro. Poignant, heart-warming story of love found late in life. Screening.

"Salami Man," producer-director, J.K. Amalou; cast, Vincent Reagan. Eating salami will never be the same again. Pre-production.

Media Asia Group

Room 412-416 World Commerce Center 11 Canton Road, Tsim Sha Tsui Kowloon, Hong Kong (852) 2314-4288 Fax: (852) 2314-4247 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 248

Attending: Fung Kwok Ma, managing director; Ann Hung, assistant general manager, intl. sales; Alfred Ng, senior manager distribution; Virginia Leung, distribution exec; C.L. Chan, John Chong, deputy general managers; Hilda Lam, distribution exec.

Product highlights: "Thief Under the Sun," producers, Ma Fung-Kwok John Chong; director Cha Cheun-Yee; cast, Michael Fitzgerald Wong, Cheung Chi-Lam, Gigi Lai. Loyally and the law collide on the streets of Hong Kong as an undercover cop confronts a mercenary-turned-gangster. In production.

"Midnight Zone," producer, John Chong; director, Wilson Yip; cast, Anthony Wong, Jerry Lamb, Liz Kong. Anthology of three horror stories that occur after midnight. Completed.

"Final Justice," producers, Ma Fung-Kwok John Chong; director, Derek Chiu; cast, Eric Tsang, Lau Ching-Wan, Carmen Lee. Devoted young priest is accused of raping his lover, but he chooses to protect the girl even by going against his religious belief. Completed.

Media Films Intl.

3600 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 1908 Los Angeles, CA 90010 (213) 736-6060 Fax: (213) 736-6066 In Cannes: Carlton Suite 202-203

Attending: Yong Ho Lee, president-CEO; Incoronata Pagliuca, VP, intl. marketing & sales; Anthony De Matteis, director of customer relations.

Product highlights: "All Baba and the 40 Thieves," Live-action version of the children's classic; Pre-production.

"The Protector," director, Boon Collins; cast, Frank Zagarino, Matthias Hues. Stephen Nijjar. A man with no memory must uncover his own past in order to stop an evil crime lord from wreaking economic havoc on the world. In production.

"Street Rivals," director, Randy Butcher; cast, Matthias Hues, Steven Nijjar, Loren Avedon. Adventure set in 2002 about a rookie FBI agent who must infiltrate a lawless colony and capture the ruthless crime lord before he makes his anticipated escape. Post-production.

"Target," cast, Frank Zagarino. Two FBI bomb experts are recruited to prevent a U.S. militia group from selling a detonator, which has the power to set off several bombs throughout the U.S., to terrorists. Pre-production.

Media Luna Intl. Film Sales

Friesenwall 83 D-50672 Cologne, Germany (49-221) 1392222 Fax: (49-221) 1392224 In Cannes: B.15

Attending: Ida Martins, managing director; Alexandra Kalka, Adriana Ribeiro. assistants.

Product highlights: "The Unfish," director, Robert Dornheim; cast, Maria Schrader Story of a whale with magical powers and the girl who discovers its secret.

"Landscapes of Memory," director, Jose Aranjo; cast, Antero Marques Aranjo, Maria Emike Pinto, Eduardo Braga. The struggle of the peasants of the Sertao against the Dragon in the backlands of Brazil.

"Sweet Power," director Lucia Murat: cast, Marisa Orth, Antonio Fagundes, Tuca Andrada. The world of politics and media in Brazil.

"R.I.P.--Rest in Pieces'" director. R.A. Pejo. In-depth portrait of New York artist Joe Coleman.

Media Market Consultants

La Grange 216 Che. de Bergier Chateauneuf de Grasse 06740, France (33-4) 9342-4882 Fax: (33-4) 9342-4461 In Cannes: Majestic

Attending: Frances Willington, Barbara Billieras, Kate Willington, Adrian Barling.


Via Aurelia Antica 422-24 00165 Rome, Italy (394) 663901 Fax: (39-6) 66390460 In Cannes: Majestic

Attending: Carlo Bernasconi, president-CEO; Mario Spedaletti, managing director: Paolo Pozzi, sales manager; Marco Chimenz, exec VP; Ibrahim Moussa, VP Riccardo Tozi, director of TV production, Mediaset; Daniele Lorenzano, director of program acquisitions, Mediaset; Guido Pugnetti intl. acquisitions manager; Margherita Pedranzini, head of press & PR.

MeesPierson Communications

Keizersgracht 683 1017 DW Amsterdam, Netherlands (31-20) 527-2689 Fax: (31-20) 527-4394 In Cannes: Royal Casino; phone 9297-7000

Attending: Robbert Aarts, Maarten Melchior, Cecile Huberts, managing directors.

Metromedia Entertainment Group

1888 Century Park East, 7th floor Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 282-0550 Fax: (310) 282-2796 In Cannes: Majestic, Suites 731-733 & 752-754

Attending: Kathryn Cass, exec VP; Jessica Levin, manager, intl. marketing; Jeri Sacks, VP, intl. TV sales; Dean Shapiro, VP. intl. sales; Mark Sheppard, director, intl. sales; Rene Soraggi, VP, sales & contract administration; Sara Rose, VP acquisitions, Orion; Leslie Goott, acquisitions exec, Orion.

Product highlights: "Gang Related," producers, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler John Bertolli; director, Jim Kouf; cast James Belushi, Dennis Quaid, James Earl Jones. Lela Rochon. Two undercover cops involved in a murderous scam try to cover their tracks after killing a man they didn't know was an undercover DEA agent by pinning the murder on an innocent transient. Post-production.

"Behind Enemy Lines," producers, Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler, David Bixler; director, Mark Griffiths; cast, Thomas Ian Griffith. Chris Mulkey A retired CIA agent mistakenly believes he is responsible for the death of one of his close friends who is being held captive by a renegade paramilitary gang Completed.

"Retroactive," producers. Brad Krevoy, Steve Stabler. Michael Nadeau, David Bixler; director, Louis Morneau; cast James Belushi. Kylie Travis. A woman discovers the ability to time-travel and tries to stop a murder Post-production.

"Ulee's Gold," producers, Victor Nunez, Sam Gowan. Peter Saraf. Edward Saxon. John Sloss. Valerie Thomas: director. Victor Nunez: cast. Peter Fonda. Patricia Richardson. Christine Dunford. Jessica Biel. A middle-aged. solitary beekeeper experiences heartache and danger as he struggles to protect and solidify his troubled family. Post-production.

Mexican Film Institute

Tepic 40 Mexico, D.F. 06760 (525) 574-4902 Fax: (525) 564-4187 In Cannes: MECLA umbrella booth

Attending: Diego Lopez. general director: Marina Stavenhage. promotions director: Pablo Bakshi. production director; Maru Garzon. deputy director. intl. promotion.

The Meyers Co.

8642 Melrose Ave., Suite 200 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 278-9440 Fax: (310) 273-3892 In Cannes: Majestic Salle la Boule

Attending: Lawrence Steven Meyers president.

Product highlights: "Begin the Beguine," producers. Graham Ludlow. Sam Okun; director, Raymond DeFelitta: cast, Elijah Wood. Love story of two teenagers whose love can have no future since they are from two different times.

"Diary of an American Family," producers Steven J. Wolfe, Lesley Ann Warren: director. James Moll; cast. Lesley Ann Warren. James Earl Jones, Sean Patrick Flanery. William McNamara. Struggle of a mother to keep her poor family together in spite of many obstacles.

"The Mythfits," producers. Jim Steele, Guy Hiuni; director Cyrus Nowrasteh. Young man is washed ashore an island where he discovers a couple living alone for the last 30 years who believe they are JFK and Marilyn Monroe.

Miramax Intl.

99 Hudson St. New York. NY 10013 (212) 219-4100 Fax: (212) 941-3836 In Cannes: Majestic, Salle Royan; phone 9298-7862: fax 9298-7866

Attending: Harvey Weinstein, Bob Weinstein, co-chairmen, Miramax Films Rick Sands, president; Steve Klain, VP, marketing; Cedric Jeanson. VP sales; Beth Perlman, VP, contract administration; Trea Hoving, exec VP, acquisitions & co-prods, Miramax Films; Agnes Mentre. senior VP, acquisitions & co-prods, Miramax Films; Jeff Kurz, senior VP acquisitions & co-prods. West Coast, Miramax Films: Amy Israel. Jason Blum. VPs. acquisitions & co-prods. Miramax Films: Teresa Moneo. VP Miramax Films.

Product highlights: "Copland," producers. Cary Woods. Cathy Konrad. Ezra Swerdor: director James Mangold: cast. Sylvester Stallone Robert De Niro. Ray Liotta, Cathy Moriarty A hearing-impaired sheriff is torn between protecting the police officers he idolizes and upholding the law when a criminal investigation suggests the involvement of police living in his town Post-production.

"Jackie Brown," producers. Lawrence Bender. Quentin Tarantino: director Quentin Tarantino: cast. Samuel L. Jackson. Bridget Fonda. Pam Grier, Fast-paced crime caper centers on a bail bondsman who falls in love with a stewardess who is smuggling for an arms dealer Pre-production.

"The Mighty," producer, Jane Startz; director. Peter Chelsom: cast, Sharon Stone, Gena Rowlands. Harry Dean Stanton, Gillian Anderson Story of two unusual boys and their unique friendship, which allows them to overcome a sometimes cruel world. Post-production.

"Good Will Hunting," producer, Lawrence Bender: director. Gus Van Sant; cast, Robin Williams. Ben Affleck,! Matt Damon. A young man from the wrong side of the tracks is torn between spending his life with his friends in South Boston or putting his talents to valuable use. Pre-production.

Monarch Films

368 Danforth Ave. Jersey City, NJ 07305 (201) 451-3770 Fax: (201) 451-3877 In Cannes: Hotel Olympia; phone 4933-8462; fax 4929-86598

Attending: Arthur Skopinsky, president.

Product highlights: "Twisted," cast, William Hickey A 10-year-old African-American runaway is taken in by a brothel owner

"Timothy Leary's Dead, " docu about the life of the psychedelic high priest of the counter-culture movement.

"Childhood's End," exploration of the complex emotional connections of four young people just out of high school in suburban Minneapolis.

"Decaf," comedy about a successful single woman who has everything she wants in her life except a baby.

Moonstone Entertainment

335 N. Maple Drive, Suite 222 Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 247-6060 Fax: (310) 247-6061 In Cannes: Carlton, Suites 120-121; phone 9306-4006; fax 9306-4025

Attending: Ernst Stroh, president; Yael Stroh. exec VP: Dana Williams, exec director

Product highlights: "Afterglow, " producers. Robert Altman, James McLindon; director, Alan Rudolph: cast. Nick Nolte, Julie Christie. Lara Fynn Boyle, Jonny Lee Miller Two married couples are having affairs with each other's spouses. Completed.

"Digging to China," producers, John David. J. Todd Harris. Marilyn Vance, Alan Mruvka: director. Timothy Hutton; cast, Kevin Bacon. Mary Stuart Masterson, Cathy Moriarty' Evan Rachel Wood. A smart 10-year-old lives with her alcoholic mother and 26-year-old sister in a hotel that they own. Completed.

"The Only Thrill, " producers. Yael Stroh. James Hot. Gabriel Grunfeld: director Peter Masterson: cast. Diane Keaton, Sam Shepard, Dane Lane, Robert Patrick. Bonded by a life-time of friendship and love, a couple must vicariously experience their true feelings as their respective children fall in love and marry. Completed.

"The Island on Bird Street," producers, Rudy Cohn, Tivi Magnusson; director, Soren Kragh-Jacobsen: cast. Patrick Bergen, Jack Warden. Left alone in a ruined house in the Polish ghetto. an adventurous young boy uses his wits and ingenuity to survive on his own while he awaits his fathers return from war. Completed.

Morgan Creek Intl.

4000 Warner Blvd. Building 76 Burbank, CA 91522 (818) 954-4800 Fax: (818) 954-4990 In Cannes: Martinez, Suite 619

Attending: James G. Robinson, chairman-CEO; Gary Barber, president; Ken Schapiro, exec VP; Deborah Wettstein, distribution manager.

Product highlights: "Wild America," producers, James G. Robinson, Irby Smith, Mark Stouffer: director. Bill Dear: cast. Jonathan Taylor Thomas. Devon Sawa, Scott Bairstow. True story of an adventure that changes the lives of three brothers when they leave home during the summer of 1967 and hit the road with a 16mm camera to film endangered wildlife Completed.

"Incognito," producer, James G. Robinson; director, John Badham; cast. Jason Patric, Irene Jacob. The world's best art forger attempts one last big score by creating a lost Rembrandt. Completed.

"The King & I," producers, James G. Robinson, Arthur Rankin, Peter Bakalian; director, Richard Rich. Animated musical based on the Rodgers & Hammerstein play.

"Eye of the Tiger," producers, Albert S. Ruddy, Jon Brown, Andre Morgan, James G. Robinson; director, Dean Semler The tranquil new life of a charter boat captain and ex-mercenary is threatened when he is involuntarily drafted into a dangerous mission to locate a legendary treasure lost at sea. Pre-production.

Kathy Morgan Intl.

12262 Sky Lane Los Angeles, CA 90049 (310) 440-1019 Fax: (310) 472-8530 In Cannes: Hotel Martinez, Suite 319: phone 9298-7516; fax 9298-7518

Attending: Kathy Morgan. president: Matthew Mather director. sees & acquisitions: Joyce Faria. director. marketing & publicity.

Product highlights: "Hellcab," cast Gillian Anderson. John Cusack. Jullianne Moore. Laurie Metcalf A taxi can be the loneliest place on earth. but for this drive it's more like hell.

"Mr. Jealousy," director, Noah Baumbach. cast. Eric Stoltz, Annabelle Sciorra. Chris Eigerman, Marianne Jean-Baptiste. Urban comedy about friends, lovers and ex-lovers.

"Sub Down," cast, Stephen Baldwin, Gabrielle Anwar, Tom Conti. Thriller about three scientists' journey aboard a nuclear submarine to research the depths of the ocean under the polar ice cap. Completed.

"Warriors of Virtue," director, Ronnie Yu. A teenage boy from Los Angeles is transported to a parallel universe where he joins forces with the warriors of virtue in a heroic battle. Completed.

Movie Reps Intl.

1735 Hollywood Blvd., Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 876-4052 Fax: (213) 876-4063 In Cannes: Noga Hilton suite 103

Attending: Krishna Shah. CEO-president Diane Edwards. VP sales; Grant Raynham. VP acquisitions: Ron Lavery. director. acquisitions.

Mustang Films

8489 W. Third St., Suite 1081 Los Angeles. CA 90048 (213) 653-4690 Fax: (213) 653-4691 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: MJ Rousseau, president. worldwide distribution. David Christensen, president, acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Last Resort," producer-director, Lyman Dayton: cast, Dean Stockwell. Justin Walker, Dave Buzotta, Stephanie Dicker Portrait of nine young men and women who are locked in mortal combat with life. Completed.

"Habit," producer, Dayton Taylor; director, Larry Fessenden; cast, Heather Woodbury, Meredith Snaider, Larry Fessenden. A mysterious woman ignites a feeling of vitality in a man whose father has just died and whose girlfriend has just rejected him. Completed.

"Not Again," producers, Michael Huens, Fred Kennamer, Fred Hess; director, Fred Kennamer; cast, Susie Cusack, Bo Kason, Bill Brochtrup, Marisa Ribisi. A young woman finds her life turned upside-down by the return of her ex-boyfriend and her roommate ends up getting tangled in their reunion. Completed.

"Suntrap," producers, Henry Cobbold, Jeremy Parkin; director, Henry Cobbold. cast, Lorna Elwyn Jones, Jay Simon. Alison Walker Woman seduces an estranged married couple to meet in exotic St. Tropez. Completed.


NDF Intl.

4 Lowndes Court London, W1V 1PP U.K. (44-171) 437-2245 Fax: (44-171) 437-2048 In Cannes: 21 Rue des Etats-Unis phone/fax, 9339-0854

Attending: Michiyo Yoshizaki, managing director; Andy Ordonez, business affairs.

Product highlights: "A Further Gesture," director, Robert Dornhelm; cast. Stephen Rea, Brendan Gleeson, Alfred Molina. Rosana Pastor An imprisoned professional Irish terrorist, after years committed to the cause of a united Ireland, has lost his faith and escapes to New York to retire in anonymity. Completed.

"Wilde," director. Brian Gilbert; cast, Stephen Fry, Jude Law. Vanessa Redgrave, Jennifer Ehle. Biography of Oscar Wilde, famous Irish novelist. playwright, poet and satirist. Completed.

"Chinese Box," director, Wayne Wang: cast, Gong Li, Jeremy Irons. Maggie Cheung. Love story starting at the New Year celebrations of 1997 and running up to the handover of power in Hong Kong in July. Post-production.

National Film Commission France

30 Avenue de Messine Paris. France 75008 (331) 5383-9898 Fax: (331) 5383-9899 In Cannes: Palais Stand C16; phone 9299-8816

Attending: Benoit Caron, director, Marc Rosenblum, location coordinator; Florence Vega, information coordinator

New Amsterdam Entertainment

825 Seventh Ave., 3rd Floor New York, NY 10019 (212) 456-1722 Fax: (212) 456-1723 In Cannes: Le Grand Hotel

Attending: Richard Rubinstein, CEO; Mitchell Galin, president.

Product highlights: "Stephen King's The Night Flyer," producers, Richard Rubinstein, Mitchell Galin; director, Mark Pavia; cast, Miguel Ferrer, Julie Entwhistle, Dan Monahan, Michael H. Moss. A cynical tabloid reporter stumbles onto the most important story of his career. Completed.

New Line Cinema

116 N. Robertson Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90048 (310) 854-5811 Fax: (310) 854-1824 In Cannes: Miramar, 9th floor; phone 9394-6803; fax 9394-6808

Attending: Robert Shaye. chairman-CEO; Michael Lynne, president-chief operating officer Rolf Mittweg, president. New Line Intl.; Mitchell Goodman, president, marketing & distribution; Michael Deluca, president, New Line Prods.; Ruth Vitale, president, Fine Line Features; Steve Einhorn, president-chief operating officer, New Line Home Video; Steve Abramson, chief financial officer; Sara Risher, chairman, New Line Prods.; Camela Galano, exec VP European supervisor, New Line Intl.; Ben Zinkin, exec VP, business & legal affairs; Richard Saperstein, exec VP New Line Prods.; Jonathan Weisgal, exec VP production, Fine Line Features; Mark Ordesky, exec VP, acquisitions & co-prods, Fine Line Features; Liz Manne, exec VP, marketing, Fine Line Features.

Product highlights: "Lost in Space," producers, Mace Neufeld, Mark Koch. Stephen Hopkins, Akiva Goldsman; director, Stephen Hopkins; cast, Gary Oldman, William Hurt, Mimi Rogers, Heather Graham. Science-fiction adventure about one family's extraordinary journey across the galaxy. In production.

"Wag the Dog," producer, Jane Rosenthal; director, Barry Levinson; cast, Robert De Niro, Dustin Hoffman, Woody Harrelson, Anne Heche. A famous Hollywood producer and a high-powered media consultant are called into action to save the president of the United States from scandal. Post-production.

"Blade," producers, Peter Frankfurt, Bob Engleman; director, Steve Norrington; cast, Wesley Snipes, Stephen Dorff Kris Kristofferson, Udo Kier. Exploding from the pages of Marvel Comics comes Blade, half-man, half-vampire and consumed by a desire to avenge the curse of his birth and save the human race from a bloody Armageddon. In production.

"The Wedding Singer," producers, Robert Simonds, Sandy Wernick, Jack Giarraputo; director, Frank Coraci; cast. Adam Sandler, Drew Barrymore, Jon Lovitz. Comedy about true love lost and found dedicated to the proposition that the venerable institution of marriage can still work. In production.

New Castle Pictures

150 W. Olive Ave., Suite 110 Burbank, CA 91502 (818) 563-1353 Fax: (818) 563-1354 In Cannes: Palais Stand 17.01

Attending: Scot Patera, CEO; Jefferson E. Donald, president.

Product highlights: "False Target," producer, David Augustine: director, Randy Wyatt cast, Randall "Tex" Cobb. A young actor is mistaken for a drug dealer and is forced to flee from the men who want the dealer dead.

"The Gate of Destiny," producer, Hyun Taik Kim; director, Kyong Young Lee; cast. Kim Min Jong, Kyong Young Lee. Two warriors escape the past and travel into the future to protect a young woman from her potential assassination.

"American Bounty Hunter," producers, Rod Mitchell, Andy Mears. A reality-based television series that profiles bounty hunters as they pursue and capture fugitives.

New World Intl.

P.O. Box 900 Beverly Hills, CA 90213-0900 (310) 369-4000 Fax: (310) 369-7046 In Cannes: Palais Stand A9; phone 9299-8809

Attending: Jeffrey B. Yapp, president, intl.; Barbara Mudge, VP sales; Roman Kopelevich, sales coordinator.

Product highlights: "Quicksilver Highway," producers, Mick Garris, Ron Mitchell: director, Mick Garris; cast, Christopher Lloyd, Mat Frewer, Missy Crider, Veronica Cartwright. A strange character journeys the deserted highways of desolate Nevada with tales of terror and mayhem.

"Alien Nation: The Udara Legacy," producer, Ron Mitchell; director, Kenneth Johnson; cast, Gary Graham, Eric Pierpont, Michele Scarabelli, Terri Treas, Sean Six. "Blood for freedom" was the rally cry from which the secret alien cult called the Udara arose. Completed.

"Cold Heart," producers, Dan Halstead, Craig Baumgarten, Adam J. Merims; director, John Ridley; cast, David Caruso, Kelly Lynch. Stacey Dash, Chris Noth. Jewel thieves become separated after a diamond heist leads to a triple murder.

"Crime of the Century," producer, Mike Moder; director, Mark Rydell; cast, Stephen Rea, Isabella Rossellini, J.T. Walsh, Allen Garfield. In 1934, the Lindbergh kidnapping case had gone unsolved for two years when Bruno Hauptmann came under suspicion.

New York State Governor's Office for Motion Picture & Television Development

633 Third Ave., 33rd floor New York, NY 10017 (212) 803-2330 Fax: (212) 803-2339 In Cannes: AFCI booth; phone 9299-8803

Attending: Pat Swinney Kaufman, deputy commissioner/director.

New Zealand Film Commission

PO. Box 11546 Wellington, New Zealand (64-4) 385-7680 Fax: (64-4) 384-9719 In Cannes: 52 la Croisette, 2nd floor

Attending: Alan Sorrell, chairman; Ruth Harley, chief exec; Lindsay Shelton, marketing director; Mladen Ivoncic, finance director.

Product highlights: "Topless Women Talk About Their Lives," producer, Fiona Copland; director, Harry Sinclair; cast, Danielle Cormack. A pregnant woman can't decide who will be the father. Completed.

"The Ugly," producer, Jonathan Dowling; director, Scot Reynolds; cast, Paolo Rotondo, Rebecca Hobbs. An interview with a serial killer. Completed.

"Saving Grace," producer, Larry Parr; director, Costa Botes; cast, Jim Moriarity, Kirsty Hamilton. When a teenage street kid is taken home by a 30-year-old, she cannot imagine the secret he will reveal to her. Post-production.

Noble House Entertainment

5900 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 2600 Los Angeles, CA 90036 (213) 954-7884 Fax: (213) 954-7885 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 257

Attending: George Marinos, chief operating officer; Lynn Mooney, president.

Product highlights: "Paper Trail," director. Damian Lee; cast, Chris Penn, Michael Madsen. The 10-year search for a serial killer continues with the only lead being a paper trail. Post-production.

"Renata of Wilbur Falls," director, Juliane Hiam; cast, Danny Aiello, Sally Kirkland. A young girl's attempt to seek revenge for a junior high prank goes awry and results in death. Post-production.

"Angel of Oxnard," director. Cheech Marin; cast, Cheech Marin, Daniel Stern. Story of faith, tortillas and the Home Shopping Network. Pre-production.

"Bachelorman," producer. Charles Wessler. An eternal bachelor's swinging lifestyle is threatened when he meets his female counterpart and falls in love. Pre-production.

Nordisk Film Intl. Sales

Halmtorvet 29 DK-1700 Copenhagen V, Denmark (45-31) 232488 Fax: (45-31) 232184 In Cannes: 55 La Croisette

Attending: C.G. Anderson, VP; Eva Nerman, head of sales; Michael Werner, sales exec; Annakarin Strom, sales assistant.

Product highlights: "Amazon Jack--The Movie Star," producers, Per Holst, Anders Mastrup; director, Flemming Quist Moller Animated adventure featuring Jungledyret Hugo and his friend Rita the fox.

"The Last Viking," producer, lb Tardini; director, Jesper W. Nielsen. cast, Holger Thaarup, Marika lagerkrantz, Per Oscarsson. A tyrannical king sends out his messenger to collect a ship as tax payment from a small Viking village by the sea.

"Young Jonsson Gang," producer, Mikael Hylin; director, Christjan Wegner: cast, Kalle Eriksson. Jonathan Flumee. Fredrik Glimskar. Story of three small-time crooks who are constantly striving to commit the perfect crime in order to live happily with the money.

"Wild Flowers," producer, Per Holst: director, Niel Grabol; cast. Ditte Grabol. Niel Olsen. Comedy about the Danes who grew up in the 60s and consider themselves to be the pioneers of freedom of body and mind.

The Norkat Co.

280 S. Beverly Drive, Penthouse Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (310) 276-6741 Fax: (310) 276-3427 In Cannes: Martinez. Room 115

Attending: Norman B. Katz. president CEO; Linda S. Graham. director intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Harp," producer-director. Gianni Bozzacchi: cast. John Armstead, Kelley Vandervelden. Tony Lo Bianco. An anti-terrorist story told against the background of todays headlines. Pre-production.

"Fair Play," director Gianni Bozzacchi. Set against the glamorous background of Monte Carlo, two people find love while involved in a dangerous game of intrigue, deception and the recovery of a stolen gem. Pre-production.

"Between Exits," a band of eccentric locals conspires to "bring back the town," each for his own personal reasons. Pre-production.

"The Renaissance," the power, the passion, the intrigue and the drama of the era through the eyes of one fictional family. Pre-production.

Norsk Film

Filmparken Wedel Jarlsbergsvei 36 Jar. Norway N-1342 (47) 6752-5300 Fax: (47) 6712-5108 In Cannes: Villa Racine, 55 la Croisette

Attending: Tom Remlov. managing director; Truls Kontny, vice director & chief financial officer: Erna Figved, director. intl. relations; Gary Springer, intl. press representative.

Product highlights:


"Maya Stoneface"


Norstar Entertainment

86 Bloor St. West, Suite 400 Toronto, Ontario Canada MS5 1M5 (416) 961-6278 Fax: (416) 961-5608 In Cannes: Residence l'lmperatrice, 3rd floor; phone 9259-0313

Product highlights: "Regeneration," producers, Peter R. Simpson, Allan Scott; director, Gillies MacKinnon; cast, Jonathan Pryce, Jonny Lee Miller, James Wilby When a war psychiatrist starts to suffer from the shell-shocked symptoms of his patients, he is forced to deal with the barbaric role he plays in helping them return to active duty. Completed.

"Pale Saints," producer, Ilana Frank director, Joel Wyner; cast, Sean Patrick Flanery, Saul Rubinek; Michael Riley, Maury Chaykin. Tale of double deals, mistaken identities, loan sharks and one-armed crime lords leading inevitably to murder. Completed.

"Men With Guns," producer, Ilana Frank; director, Kari Skogland; cast, Donal Logue, Gregory Sporleder, Callum Keith Rennie, Paul Sorvino. Story of two small-time hustlers living hand-to-mouth on the fringes of the criminal underworld, who ultimately underestimate mate the consequences of playing with guns. Completed.

"A Brooklyn State of Mind," producer, Peter R. Simpson; director, Frank Rainone; cast, Vincent Spano, Maria Grazia Cucinotta, Danny Aiello, Abe Vigoda. Drama exposing the violence simmering beneath the surface of a troubled Brooklyn neighborhood, where crime, poverty and racial unrest inhabit the space between old-world values and misplaced loyalties. Completed.

North American Releasing

808 Nelson St., Suite 2105 Vancouver, B.C. Canada V6Z 2H2 604) 681-2165 Fax: (604) 681-5538 In Cannes: Noga Hilton. Suite 131: phone 9299-70001

Attending: Lloyd A. Simandl, president-CEO: Michelle Gahagan, chief operating officer/legal affairs; Suzanne Daley, president, distribution; Sharla Bullard, Andrea Dedic, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Sleeping Dogs," producer, Lloyd A Simandl; director, Michael Bafaro; cast, C. Thomas Howell, Ciara Hunter A stowaway on a starship finds himself caught in a hostage situation where only he can make a difference. Completed.

"Dead Fire," producer, Lloyd A. Simandl; director, Robert Lee; cast, C. Thomas Howell, Mat Frewer, Monika Schnarre. Scientists battle to save en uninhabitable planet Earth from a spaceship on which most of the human race in cryogenically sustained and which is under attack by a mutinous gang. Completed.

"Hell Mountain," producer. Lloyd A. Simandl; director, Michael Rohl; cast, Sarah Douglas, Bentley Mitchum. On post-apocalyptic Earth a beautiful girl is kidnapped and taken inside the Mountain, a place of slavery, combat and sexual sacrifice. Post-production.

"Act of War," producer, Lloyd A. Simandl. The U.S. is threatened by former Soviet Union nuclear weapons. Pre-production.

Nu Image

9145 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 246-0240 Fax: (310) 246-1655 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 201

Attending: Danny Dimbort, president; Avi Lerner, chairman; Trevor Short. CEO; Lisa Wilson-Deitell, consultant; Kate Hise, director of operations.

Product highlights: "Macarena," director, Boaz Davidson; cast, Louis Lombardi, Chris Raffaele, Marissa Ribisi. Guys try to find love. In production.

"Mayday--Operation Delta Force 2," director, Mark Roper; cast, Michael McGrady, Robert Paterri. Spencer Rochfort, Todd Jensen. Elite delta force unit vanquishes Russian nuclear ballistic submarine. In production.

"The Peacekeeper," director, Frederic Forestier; cast, Dolph Lundgren, Michael Sarrazin, Montel Williams, Roy Scheider As the president of the U.S. celebrates Veterans Day, a group of terrorists steal his briefcase containing nuclear codes and threaten to launch missiles on Washington unless he commits suicide. Post-production.

"Top of the World, " director, Sidney Furie; cast, Peter Weller, Dennis Hopper, Tia Carrere. An ex-con trapped inside a casino during a daring heist must stop the robbers in order to clear his name. Post-production.


Odyssey Pictures

1875 Century Park East, Suite 2130 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 229-2430 Fax: (310) 229-2434 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 306

Attending: Andrea Miller, senior VP, intl.; Brenda Reiss, senior VP, acquisitions & production. Stephen Greenwald, CEO; Ira Smith, president.

Omni Intl.

12 Macpherson Ave., Unit 1 Toronto, Ontario Canada, M5R 1W8 (416) 944-3684 Fax: (416) 966-0968 In Cannes: Palais Stand: 17.02

Attending: Hugh F. Curry, president; Kathleen Curry, David Koyle, VPs.

Product highlights: "Hellmaster," director, Douglas Schulze; cast, John Savage.

"Shadow Creature," director. James Gribbons; cast, Shane Minor, Tracy Godard.

"Nothing to Lose," director. Izidore Musallam; cast, Alexandra Paul.

"Polymorph," director, J.R. Bookwalter; cast, James Edwards, Ariauna Albright.

Open City Films

198 Sixth Ave. New York, NY 10013 (212) 343-1850 Fax: (212) 343-1849 In Cannes: Palais Stand 20-50: phone 9299-8049

Attending : Jason Kliot, Joana Vicente, co-presidents.

Product highlights: 'ABC Manhattan," producers, Jason Kliot. Joana Vicente: director Amir Naderi: cast, Lucy Knight. Erin Norris, Sara Paul. A portrait of three very different Manhattan women who follow their dreams on New York's Lower East Side. Completed.

"Strawberry Fields," producers. Jason Kliot, Rea Tajiri: cast. Suzy Nakamura. James Sie. Heather Yoshimura. A poetic ghost story about a young Japanese woman's journey of self discovery into her family's past of loss and desire. Completed.

"Too Much Sleep," producers. Jason Kliot, Joana Vicente; director, David Maquling. cast, Marc Palmieri, Pasquale Gaeta. Philip Galinsky. A security guard searches for his stolen gun in a sleepy American suburb. Completed.

Overseas Filmgroup

8800 Sunset Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 855-1199 Fax: (310) 855-0719 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 305, phone 9299-6935

Attending: Robert Little, co-chairman, co-CEO; Ellen Little, co-chair, co-CEO; president; Richard Guardian. senior VP worldwide distribution; Liz Mackiewicz, VP intl. sales; Gina Nahum, VP intl. sales, Rome; MJ Peckos, senior VP, domestic theatrical distribution & marketing; Maud Nadler, VP, creative affairs; Ling Chan, director, intl. marketing; Liz Kinloch, director, sales administration; Francesca Barra, acquisitions, Europe; Bertrand Devort. sales rep, France.

Product highlights: "Virginia Woolf's Mrs. Dalloway," producers, Stephen Bayly. Lisa Katselas Pare; director, Marleen Gorris; cast, Vanessa Redgrave, Natascha McElhone, Rupert Graves. In one summers day in 1923 London, a woman remembers the summer in the country in 1890 when she was young, beautiful and courted. Completed.

"Keep the Aspidistra Flying," producer, Peter Shaw; director, Robert Bierman; cast, Helena Bonham Carter, Richard E. Grant. Story of a romance between an eccentric poet and his beautiful devoted girlfriend. In production.

"Lifebreath," producers, William H. Watkins, Alexa L. Fogel, P.J. Posner; director Posner; cast, Luke Perry, Francie Swift, Gia Carides. A woman needs a transplant to stay alive, but no legitimate donor can be found. Completed.

"The First to Go," producers, Rick Solomon, John Jacobs; director John Jacobs: cast, Mark Harmon, Zach Galligan, Laurel Holloman, Corin Nemec. A group of high school friends decides to sabotage the marriage of their first friend to become engaged. Completed.


PFG Entertainment

1401 Ocean Ave., Suite 302 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 393-5788 Fax: (310) 393-0882 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 201; phone 9306-4201; fax 9306-6901

Attending: Ted Rosenblatt, Daniel Gerst.

Product highlights: "The Riddle," producer, Yuri Torokhov; director, Evan Brenner: cast. Pasha Ivanov, Sasha Melnikova, Gerogi Balashov Story of a precocious 10-year-old boy's search for the truth behind the loss of his mother. Completed.

"Sweethearts," producers, Aleks Horvat, Janeane Garofalo; director, Aleks Horvat: cast, Janeane Garofalo, Mitch Rouse, Margaret Cho, Bobcat Goldthwait. A blind date from hell blossoms into an unpredictable romance between two strangers on their first and only night together. Completed.

"Shooting Lily," producers, Richard Raddon, David Baxter; director, Arthur Borman; cast, Matt Winston, Amy Smallman. A couple breaks up when the neurotic husband insists on recording everything on a video camera. Completed.

"Hype!," producer, Steven Helvey; director, Doug Pray; cast, Nirvana, Pearl Jam, Soundgarden. An insiders view of the Seattle music scene. Completed.

PM Entertainment

9450 Chivers Ave. Sun Valley, CA 91352 (81 8) 504-4332 Fax: (818) 504-4380 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 101; phone 9299-7000; fax 9299-7011

Attending: George Shamieh! president; Chevonne O'Shaugnessy, VP, foreign sales.

Product highlights: "Road Ends," producers, Rick King, Anthony Esposito; director, Rick King; cast, Dennis Hopper, Peter Coyote, Chris Sarandon, Mariel Hemingway The FBI are on the trail of a bums-out, discredited ex-police informer. Completed.

"Underground," producers, Joseph Merhi, Richard Pepin; director, Cole McKay; cast, Jeff Fahey, Ken Tigar, Brion James. A tough L.A. detective is on a mission to avenge the killing of his long-time partner, risking his job, his relationship and his life. Completed.

"Buck and the Magic Bracelet," producer, Gianluca Curti; director, Anthony Richmond; cast, Matt McCoy Abby Dalton, Felton Perry, Beatrice Macola. A father and son in Canada are on a mission to dig for gold, but their group is attacked at the border by a group of bandits. Completed.

"Heaven Before I Die," director, Izidore K. Musallam; cast, Giancarlo Giannini, Joanna Pacula, Omar Sharif, Geoffrey Lower, Burt Young. Story of a disabled man who travels to Canada to find work where he encounters intrigue, love and success. Completed.


7 rue Keppler 75116 Paris France (33-1) 4070-9090 Fax: (33-1) 4070-9091 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 138, phone 92987835; fax 9298-7837

Attending: Christian Bourguignon, chairman; Ernst Goldschmidt, president; Sudy Coy. exec VP; Edwand Noeltner, head of TV department; Diana Costes Brook, director of acquisitions; Ilann Girard, director of legal affairs; Juliette Towhidi, head of development; Valerie Dhiver, head of servicing; Anne Feret, sales administration.

Product highlights: "Metroland," director, Philip Saville; cast, Emily Watson, Christian Bale, Elsa Zylberstein. Two young men, feeling trapped in suburban London of the 1960s, dream of bohemian Paris. Completed.

"Downtime," director, Bharat Nalluri; cast, Paul McGann, Susan Lynch. Unlikely love story between an ax-policeman and a struggling single mother who fight to escape from an out-of-control elevator in a burning building. Completed.

"Barracuda," director, Philippe Haim, cast, Jean Rocheford, Guillaume Canet. After too many lonely evenings, a man decides to get to know his young neighbor better and sequesters him in his apartment. Completed.

"Four Days in September," director, Bruno Barreto; cast, Alan Arkin, Pedro Cardoso, Fernanda Torres. A group of young Brazilians kidnap the American ambassador and, for four intense days in September 1969, stage a showdown with the authorities, which leads to the freeing of political prisoners. Completed.

Tom Parker Motion Pictures

3941 S. Bristol Santa Ana, CA 92704 (714) 545-2887 Fax: (714) 545-9775 In Cannes: Palais Stand 16.02. phone 9299-8059

Attending: Tom Parker, president; Pei Ti Feng, VP intl.; Juliette Parker Reiland, VP administration; Vivian Li, intl. VP, Asia.

Peacock Films

3439 W. Cahuenga Blvd Hollywood, CA 90068 (213) 874-6000 Fax: (213) 874-4252 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Moshe Bibiyan, CEO; Simon Bibyan, president; Cathy Berry, sales; Michael Dees, dirctor of acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Double-Cross," cast, Thomas Edwards, John M. Craig, Emily Newman, Robert Ray. Best friends find spray art as their only way out of the poverty in which they live. Completed.

"Kindergarten Ninja," cast, Dwight Clark, Juan Chapa, George Chung. A football star who is arrested for chunk driving does his community service at a neighborhood center Completed.

"In Till You Die," cast, Peter Fernandez, Natalie Jovanovic. A low level hired gun reams about the criminal life the hard way. Completed.

"Pure," cast, Zoe Nathanson, Ferris George, Mike Dytri. A twentysomething artist from Hollywood travels the world. Completed.

Picture This Entertainment

7471 Melrose Ave., Suite 8 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 852-1398 Fax: (213) 658-7265 In Cannes: Majestic, Salon Sospel

Attending: Douglas Wilkins; president; Tymme Reitz, director of sales; Koing Kuoch, director of operations.

Product highlights: "Isle of Lesbos," producers, Jeff B. Harmon, Daniel L. Stoecker; director, Jeff B. Harmon; cast, Kirsten Holly Smith, Sonya Hensley, Jeff B. Harmon. Spoof of 1940s Technicolor musical comedies.

"Switchblade Sisters," producer, John Prizer; director, Jack Hill; cast, Robbie Lee, Joanne Nail. An all-girl gang battles to control their turf and their men.

"The Toilers and the Wayfarers," producers, Keith Froelich, Karen Manion, Ralf Schirg: director, Keith Froelich: cast. Matt Klemp, Andrew Woodhouse. Two gay teenagers nun away from their conservative families to become street hustlers in Minneapolis.

"Bar Girls," producers, Lauran Hoffman, Marita Giovanni, Doug Lindeman: director, Marita Giovanni; cast, Nancy Allison Wolfe. Liza D'Agostino; Camila Griggs. The romantic misadventures of a group of beautiful California lesbians.

Pinnacle Pictures

167 Wardour St. London, W1V 3TA, U.K. (44-171) 468-3443 Fax: (44-171) 468-3469 In Cannes: Residence L'lmperatrice

Attending: Tim Buxton, managing director; Jane Baker, sales manager: Matt Creasey, sales exec.

Product highlights: "Spanish Fly," producer, Juan Alexander; director, Daphna Kastner; cast, Daphna Kastner, Martin Donovan, Toni Canto. Comedy featuring a romantically jaded American journalist who is commissioned to write a book on the myth of machismo and decides to head for Madrid. Post-production.

"Midnight Flight," producer, Peter Paulich; director, Chris Bould; cast, Robert Burke, Lesley Malton, Stephen McHattie. A woman stranded at an empty airport thinks she sees someone put a bomb on the plane her son is going to take the next morning. Post-production.

"The Hunt for CM24," producer, Klaus Volkenborn;; director, Peter Ristau; cast, Bill Sage, Amanda Ooms. When a young research scientist discovers a chug that may one day cure cancer, he gets caught up in a deadly game of cat-and-mouse with a sinister multinational corporation. Completed.

Playboy Entertainment Group

9242 Beverly Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 246-4000 Fax: (310) 246-4050 In Cannes: Martinez. Suite 117; phone 9398-7300; fax 9339-6782

Attending: Tony Lynn, president; Dick Rosetti. president of production; Julie McLaughlin, director of intl. sales & marketing.

Product highlights: "Beneficiary," producers. Rich Goldberg, David Scott Rubin; director, Marc Bienstock; cast, Ron Silver, Linden Ashby, Suzy Amis, Stacy Haiduk. Erotic tale of greed, mystery and murder as a multimillionaire playboy is killed in an assault and his wife becomes the prime suspect. Completed.

"Corporate Ladder," producer, Brad Krevoy; director, Nick Vallelonga; cast, Anthony Denison, Kathleen Kinmont, Talisa Soto, Ben Cross. In a moment of infidelity, an advertising exec gets caught in a tangled web of murder, deceit and blackmail while trying to hold on to his successful marriage and career. Completed.

"Ringer," producer, Steven Brandman; director, Carlo Gustaff; cast, Shannon Whirry, Timothy Bottoms, Maud Adams, Gustav Vintas. A former Las Vegas callgirl fighting to maintain custody of her child is stalked by a strange man after her best friend is murdered and she tries to kind out why. Completed.

"Shame," producers, Aladdin Rojhan, Linda Clark; director, Zalman King; cast, Costas Mandylor, Valerie Perrine, Olivia Hussey. A woman consumed by her study of the human sexual psyche becomes a voyeur of sensual escapades as she searches for the key to unlock her own psyche.

Polygram Film Intl.

4th Floor, Oxford House 76 Oxford St. London, W1N OHQ, U.K. (44-171) 307-1300 Fax: (44-171) 307-1304 In Cannes: 42 La Croisette

Attending: Aline Perry, president: Rainer Grupe, Carl Clifton, VPs, intl. sales; Samantha Horley, sales exec; Jan Verheyen, VP, intl. distribution; Kate Luczyc-Wyhowska, head of intl. publicity; Kieran Breen, marketing manager; Debbie Balderstone, intl. distribution director; Stewart Till, president of intl., Polygram Filmed Entertainment Graeme Mason, senior VP, acquisitions, PFE.

Product highights: "What Dreams May Come," producers, Stephen Simon, Barnet Bain; director, Vincent Ward; cast, Robin Williams. Chris is separated from his beloved wife and goes through heaven and hell to get her back. Pre-production.

"The Gingerbread Man," producer, Jeremy Tannenbaum; director, Robert Altman; cast, Kenneth Branagh, Embeth Davidtz, Robert Downey Jr. A Southern lawyer finds himself in the middle of a personal drama of suspense and intrigue that revolves around a beautiful woman. Post-production.

"The Big Lebowski," producer, Ethan Coen, director, Joel Coen; cast, Jeff Bridges, F. John Goodman, Steve Buscemi. When Dudet Lebowski is threatened by two gangsters, he assumes it's a case of mistaken identity until he gets mixed up in a complex kidnapping plot. Post-production.

"Body Count," producers, Mark Burg, George Jackson, Doug McHenry; director, Robert Patton-Spruill; cast, Ving Rhames, John Leguizamo, David Caruso. Tension builds among five criminals as they drive across country after a daring heist. Post-production.

President Films

2 Rue Lord Byron 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4562-8222 Fax: (33-1) 4563-4056 In Cannes: Carlton

Attending: Jacques-Eric Strauss, president; Solange Cazier Charpentier, director of intl. sales: David Leclery.

Product highlights: "Soleil," director, Roger Hanin; cast, Sophia Loren, Roger Hanin, Philippe Noiret. A world-famous surgeon collapses from a heart attack at his daughter's engagement party and sees his past life flash before his eyes. Screening.

"Artemisia," director, Agnes Merlet; cast, Michel Serrault, Valentina Cervi, Miki Manojlovic. Period drama set in 17th-century Italy about a young female painter and her love for her teacher Screening.

"Proper Dress Required," director Philippe Lioret; cast, Jacques Gamblin, Elsa Zylberstein, Zabou. As the rich and famous gather for the World Business Forum. in front of the hotel. sitting in a bus shelter is a guy with a dog. Screening.

"C'est la Tangente Que Je Prefere," director, Charlotte Silvera; cast, Julie Delarme, Georges Corraface, Christophe Malavoy. Romantic comedy about a girl in 11th grade who earns money by doing everyone's else's homework. Screening.


105 E. 15th St., Suite 103 New York, NY 10003 (212) 228-3369 Fax: (212) 358-1067 In Cannes: Hotel Moliere, 5 rue Moliere; phone 9338-1616; fax 9368-2957

Attending: Joy Pereths, John Tiley, co-managing directors.

Product highlights: "Carla's Song," producer, Sally Hibbin; director, Ken Loach; cast, Robert Carlyle, Scott Glenn. A young Glasgow bus driver follows his love into the heart of Nicaragua's civil war.

"Flexing With Monty," producer, William Conroy; director, John Albo; cast, Trevor Goddard, Sally Kirkland. A narcissistic bodybuilder and his brother explore their bizarre relationship.

"Shooting Porn," producer, Caryn Horwitz; director, Ronnie Larsen; cast, Gino Colbert, Chi Chi LaRue, Blue Blake. A look at the gay porn industry in Hollywood.

Promark Entertainment Group

3599 Cahuenga Blvd., 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90068 (213) 878-0404 Fax: (213) 878-0486 In Cannes: Carton. Suite 244-245; phone 9306-4244

Attending: Conny Lernhag, chairman; Jonathan Kramer, president David Carson, VP, intl. distribution; Eric Bernstein, director, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "The Shadow Men," director, Tim Bond; cast, Eric Roberts, Sherilyn Fenn, Dean Stockwell. Chased by mysterious men in black. a family takes refuge with a renowned UFOlogist and prepares for the inevitable showdown. Completed.

"The Invader," director, Mark Rosman; cast, Sean Young, Ben Cross, Nick Mancuso, Daniel Baldwin. Trying to save his race from extinction, Renn is forced to come to earth to find a fertile being to propagate his alien people. Completed.

"Johnny 2.0," director, Neill Fearnley; cast, Jeff Fahey, Michael Ironside, Tahnee Welch. In 2013, a clone of a brilliant scientist is sent on a mission to capture his creator. In production.

"Last Lives," director, Worth Keeter; cast, C. Thomas Howell, Jennifer Rubin, Billy Wirth, Judge Reinhold. An escapee from a parallel universe kidnaps a young woman on her wedding day and her fiance must call upon all his reserves to save her Completed.


Regina Building, Suite 462 Escolta St. Manila, Philippines (63-2) 241-6340 Fax: (63-2) 241-5480 In Cannes: Martinez

Attending: Conrad C. Puzon, chairman-CEO


Quadra Entertainment

440 N. Rodeo Drive, 3rd floor Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 205-6262 Fax (310) 205-6264 In Cannes: Palais d'Orsay

Attending: Christian Halsey Solomon, president-CEO; Lee Solomon, VP; Marco Colombo, chief financial officer; Chris Bialek, president, distribution; Glenn Kendrick-Ackerman, director of sales.

Quantum Entertainment Group

3599 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Suite 316 Los Angeles, CA 90068 (213) 878-2578 Fax: (213) 878-0235 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 160

Attending: Michael Sellers, president; Pamela Vlastas, VP; Cristy Soqueno, director, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Goodbye America," producers, Michael Sellers, Charo Santos Cocio, Malou Santos; director, Thierry Notz; cast, Michael York, James Brolin, Rae Dawn Chong. Turmoil surrounds the forced pullout of the U.S. Navy from Subic Bay Naval Base. Completed.

"The Edge," producers, Michael Sellers, Patrick Witteronchel. Lives are changed forever when Americans abroad are caught in a complex web of intrigue and betrayal. In development.

"Blind Faith," producers, Patrick Kahn, Alain Bali; director, Jeno Hodi. The murder of an ambassador's son leads an FBI investigator into a volatile relationship with the woman he suspects to be the murderer. In development.

"Legacy," producers, Michael Sellers, Pamela Vlastas. A young woman enlists a renegade journalist to embark on a dangerous odyssey with her to uncover a treasure worth millions. In development.


RKO Pictures

1875 Century Park East, Suite 2140 Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 277-0707 Fax: (310) 284-8574 In Cannes: Martinez, Suites 121-122; phone 9298-7490

Attending: Ted Hartley, chairman; Dina Merrill, vice chairman; June Shelley, head of sales & marketing; Henry Eshelman, public relations.

Product highlight: "Milk & Money," producer, Ted Hartley; director, Michael Bergmann; cast, Dina Merrill, Peter Boyle, Olympia Dukakis, Robert Vaughn. A surreal chain of events turns an ex-medical student into a would-be filmmaker and cattle hustler. Completed.

Radio Television Espanola

Prado del Rey 28223 Madrid, Spain (34-1) 581-7926 Fax: (34-1) 581-7753 In Cannes: Pulman

Attending: Miriam Moreno, director of business affairs; Maria Paz Jimenez, Mayte Lopez-Jamar, sales execs.

Raven Pictures Intl.

859 Hollywood Way, Suite 273 Burbank CA 91505 (818) 508-4785 Fax (818) 508-4786 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Room 129; phone 9299-7000; fax 9299-7011

Attending: Joanne Watkins, president; Scott Wiseman, exec VP; Ted Chalmers, VP, worldwide distribution.

Product highlights: "The Raven," producers, India Rose, James Velasquez; director, Lawrence Lanoff; cast, Carmen Electra, Shauna Sand, Tim Bagley. Thriller centers on a Native American woman who must face her destiny as the Raven's warrior against evil. Completed.

"Amazon Warrior," producer, Raymond Storti; director, Dennis Devine; cast, J.J. Rodgers, Jimmy Jerman, Chris Lydon, Al Spencer. After the destruction of the world, the last Amazon warrior seeks revenge on the man who destroyed her people. Completed.

"Trouble," producer-director, Paul DiStefano; cast, Tom Smith, Trevor Leigh, Iam Coulter. A mysterious woman manipulates two losers into pulling a heist on a notorious crime family. Completed.

"Jazz on a Summer's Day," producer director, Bert Stern; cast, Louis Armstrong, Mahalia Jackson, Chuck Berry, Dinah Washington. Filmed at the legendary 1958 Newport Jazz Festival on Rhode Island. Completed.

Recorded Picture Co.

24 Hanway St. London, W1P 9DD, U.K. (44-171) 636-2251 Fax: (44-171) 636-2261 In Cannes: Carlton,

Attending: Jeremy Thomas, chairman; Chris Auty, CEO; Hercules Bellville, head of development; Peter Watson, head of business affairs; Stephan Mallmann, head of finance; Alexandra Stone, head of RPC L.A.

Redwood Communications

468 N. Camden Drive Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 285-5355 Fax: (310) 285-5336 In Cannes: Carlon, Suites 137-138; phone 9306-6838; fax 9306-6837

Attending: William A. Yaun, managing director; Milena Rimassa, exec VP; Bruno Cavelier, VP, intl. sales; Lucas E. Devenn, consultant; Eileen Armstrong, sales coordinator.

Product highlights: "Allie & Me," producers, Denise Kristie, Sarah Grossman; director, Michael Rymer; cast, Joanne Baron, Dyan Cannon, Harry Hamlin. A bitter ex-Malibu housewife and a quirky beautician become unlikely partners in crime when they set out to avenge the people who've spurned them. Completed.

"Jaded," producers, Caryn Krooth, Wendy Olinger; director, Caryn Krooth; cast, Carla Gugino, Rya Kihlstedt, Christopher McDonald. When a loner in a small town is brutally raped by two women, she finds herself victimized by an unsympathetic legal system as well. Completed.

"Smokers," producer, Kenny Golde; director, Christina Peters; cast, Dominique Swain, Alicia Witt, Lessur Irek. A trio of high school girls join forces to teach sex-starved, insensitive boys a lesson. Pre-production.

"Talk to Me," producer-director, Geroge Esguerra; cast, Cheryl Clifford, Peter Welch, Elizabeth Landis. A hopelessly single woman uses her more daring alter-ego to start a relationship over a phone sex line. Completed.

Roissy Films

10 Avenue George V 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 5367-3100 Fax: (33-1) 4723-7988 In Cannes: Royal Casino

Attending: Raphael Berdugo, president; Alain Vannier, head of sales.

Product highlights: "Port Djema," director, Eric Heumann; cast, Jean-Yves Dubois, Nathalie Boutefeu. Drama about a Paris surgeon who travels to a country that's in the throes of a civil war. Completed.

"The Best Job in the World," director, Gerard Lauzier; cast, Gerard Depardieu, Michele Laroque, Ticky Holgado. Comedy centered on a teacher who moves from a quiet provincial high school to teach in a sensitive Paris suburb.

Royal Oaks Entertainment

13801 Ventura Blvd. Sherman Oaks, CA 91423 (818) 905-8480 Fax: (818) 905-9640 In Cannes: Carlton, Room 247; phone, 93064006; fax, 9306-4025

Attending: Andrew Stevens, president-CEO; Jeffrey Beach, VP, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "Crash Dive II," producers, Ashok Amritraj, Andrew Stevens; cast, Michael Dudikoff. A NATO rep disguised as a Russian officer must stop terrorists from uncovering the top-secret doomsday device aboard the submarine.

"Memorial Day," producers, Ashok Amritraj, Andrew Stevens. Using satellite technology, an archaeologist discovers a time portal used by an ancient alien civilization.

"Evasive Action," producers, Ashok Amritraj, Andrew Stevens. Five prisoners hijack a passenger train as they are being transported to a new high-tech prisoner facility.

"Bold Affair," producers, Ashok Amriitraj, Andrew Stevens; cast, Jeff Trachta, Shea Harrison. A married man meets a woman through the Internet and embarks on an illicit affair.

Ryan Films

4676 Admiralty Way, Suite 300 Manna Del Ray, CA 90292 (310) 544-2084 Fax: (310) 544-2084 In Cannes: Carlton Suite 160

Attending: Cynthia Ahearn, president; Nicole Bergez sales assistant; Lauren Goldberg, VP, acquisitions & sales.

Product highlights: "The Company Man," producer, Cynthia Ahearn; director, Art Camacho; cast, David Bradley. An elite international spy is hunted by former arch-enemies after retiring from the business. Pre-production.

"The Master Demon," producer, Eric Lee, directors, Art Camacho, Sam Oldham; cast, Eric Lee, Gerald Okamura, Kay Baxter. The severed hand of a dark and ancient Chinese fury causes havoc in this century. Completed.

"The Garbage Man," producer, Gregory Dunn; director, Giorgio Serafini; cast, Frank Stallone, Richard Lynch, Joe Estevez Comedy. Completed.

"The Silent Force," producer, Cynthia Ahearn; director, David May; cast, Loren Avedon, Brian Tochi, George Cheung. The last living member of a top-secret chug enforcement agency takes revenge on the Asian drug kingpin. Completed.

Rysher Entertainment

2401 Colorado Ave., Suite 200 Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 309-5200 Fax: (310) 309-5211 In Cannes: Majestic, La Salle Royan; phone 9298 7840; fax 9298-7877

Attending: Keith Samples, CEO; Tim Helfet, president; Jim Burke, exec VP; Meggan Kimberley, senior VP, intl.; Joseph Drake, senior VP, intl. theatrical sales; Beve Regas, senior VP, intl. marketing; Ron Collins, senior VP, intl. distribution; Adam Wright, director, intl. theatrical sales; Brent Jack, director, intl. marketing; Michael Horn, manager, intl. theatrical sales; George Majewski, senior director, intl. legal affairs; Joanna Gardner, director, intl. video distribution.

Product highlights: "The Summer of Ben Tyler," producer, Dan Witt; director, Arthur Allan Seidelman cast, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern, Charles Mattocks. Tale of racial prejudice in the Deep South and the honesty, dignity and loyalty that inspire a family in a unfriendly community. Completed.

"Mandela & De Klerk," producer, Bernie Sofronski; director, Joe Sargent; cast, Sidney Poitier, Michael Caine. A re-creation of the meetings in which two successive leaders of white-ruled South Africa negotiated with a prisoner named Nelson Mandela. Completed.

"Weapons of Mass Distraction," producer, Sean Ryerson; director, Steve Surjik; cast, Gabriel Byrne, Ben Kingsley, Mimi Rogers, Jeffrey Tambor. Two media tycoons embark on a vicious campaign of blackmail, political intrigue and tabloid mud-slinging that culminates in the near destruction of both men. Post-production.

"Inside," producer, Hillard Elkins; director, Arthur Penn; cast, Nigel Hawthorne, Eric Stoltz, Louis Gossett Jr. Drama about the torture that went on in South Africa jails during the apartheid regime and the racist Afrikaner colonel who himself becomes the interrogated. Completed.



Parc Ty Glas Llanishan Cardiff CF4 5DU, Wales (44-1222) 747444 Fax: (44-1222) 741457 In Cannes: British Pavilion

Attending: Huw Jones CEO; Ceri Sherlock, producer-director; Emlyn Davies, exec producer David Meredith, press & PR.

Product highlights: "Chameleon," producer-director, Ceri Sherlock; cast, Aneirin Hughes; Sue Jones Davies, Daniel Evans. A World War II deserter remains undetected in the lofts of the homes of a small Welsh community. But for how long?

S Entertainment

434 Queen St. East Toronto, Ontario M5A 1T5, Canada (416) 363-6060 Fax: (416) 363-2305 In Cannes: Carlton; phone 9306-4056; fax 9339-4022

Attending: Nick Stiliadis, general manager; Barbara Bernhard, VP, intl. sales.

S Media 2000

Szemlohegy u. 28-30 1022 Budapest, Hungary (36-1) 3260698 Fax: (36-1) 3260698 Stand: B.9

Attending: Judit Sugar, managing director.

Product highlights: "Every Sunday," director, Sandor Simo; cast, Eva Kerekes, Denes Ujlaki. A man and a woman find the only, way to survive the cruel post-war times is through love.

"Escape," director, Livia Gyarmathy; cast, Artur Zmijewski, Krzysztoff Kolberger, Daniel Olbrychski. Story of the Hungarian people who were arrested and imprisoned in the brutal Gulag camp in 1950.

"Return," director, Gyorgy Palasthy; cast, Gabor Agardi, Gyorgy Bardy, Zoltan Gera. Five old men recount tales of their past as they travel around Hungary by train.

"Dollybirds," director, Peter Timar; cast, Janos Galvolgyi, Gabor Reviczky, Natalia Nagy. Story of the World Youth Meeting in Helsinki.


10960 Wilshire Blvd. Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 235-5100 Fax: (310) 235-5446 In Cannes: Carlton Suite 145, phone 9306-4006: fax 9306-4025

Attending: Stan Golden, president, Saban Intl.; Lance H. Robbins, president, motion pictures & TV; Eugenia Briseno, VP, intl. sales; Tomas Arteaga, VP, sales, German-speaking territories; Jacqueline Tordjman, general manager, Paris; Kim Buteaux van der Kamp, director, European markets management.

Product highlights: "Adam & Smoke," cast, Eric Roberts, Jacob Tierney, Eliza Roberts. The death of a sergeant's ex-wife propels him into a complex investigation.

"Termination Man," cast, Steve Rails back James Farentino, Athena Massey. A biologically enhanced secret agent becomes the ultimate weapon and democracy's only hope.

"Flashpoint," director, James Brolin; cast, James Brolin, Jennie Garth, Josh Brolin, Patrick Foy. An IRA terrorist and an American CIA agent team up to capture the terrorists brother, a dangerous and unstable killer.

"Sealed With a Kiss," cast, C. Thomas Howell, Lisa Howard, Nick Mancuso. A troubled homicide detective must identity and apprehend a mysterious serial hirer who seeks vengeance on abusive men.


Via Teulada 66 00195 Rome, Italy (39) 637-4981 Fax: (39) 637-3492 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 141

Attending: Giampaolo Sodano, president; Antonio Ferraro, CEO; Sesto Cifola, chief operating officer; Nicola Cona, head of promotion & corporate image; Gustavo Van Peteghem, head of theatrical sales; Vincenzo Mosca, head of worldwide TV & video sales.

Product highlights: "The Wax Mask," producers, Dario Argento, Guiseppe Colombo; director, Lamberto Bava; cast, Robert Hossein, Valerie Valmont, Carlo DeFilippis. In Turin, a sculptor is hired to create the greatest waxworks in Europe. Completed.

"Testimonio a Rischio," director, Pasquale Pozessere; cast, Fabrizio Bentivoglio, Claudio Amendola, Margherita Buy. Man witnesses the murder of a judge by the Mafia.

"The Prince of Homburg," director, Marco Bellocchio; cast, Andrea Di Stefano, Barbora Bobulova, Toni Bertorelli. While placing a laurel wreath by a great oak tree in the gardens of a castle, a commander of the German cavalry starts to dream.

"Haman -- The Turkish Bath," director, Ferzan Ozpetek; cast, Alessandro Gassman, Francesco D'Aloja. A married couple nuns an arts workshop in Rome with an old friend.

The Sales Co.

62 Shaftesbury Ave. London, W1V 7DE, U.K. (44-171) 434-9061 Fax: (44-171) 494-3293 In Cannes: Grand

Attending: Alison Thompson. CEO; Rebecca Kearey, head of marketing, Joy Wong, sales exec.

Product highlights; "Love and Death on Long Island," producers, Steve Clark-Hall, Christopher Zimmer; director, Richard Kwietniowski; cast, John Hurt, Jason Priestley. A venerated English novelist has his life irrevocably changed by an act of careless moviegoing. Completed.

"Kini & Adams," producers, Cedomir Kolar, Sophie Salbot, Frederique Dumas; director, Idrissa Ouedraogo; cast, Vusi Kunene, David Mohloki, John Kani. Completed.

"Private Confessions," producer, Ingrid Dahlberg; director, Liv Ullmann; cast, Pernilla August, Samuel Froler, Max Von Sydow. In 1920s Sweden, a clergyman's wife is tormented by the guilt of an illicit affair. Completed.

"I Went Down," producer, Robert Walpole; director, Paddy Breathnach, cast Peter MacDonald, Brendan Gleeson, Peter Caffrey. Unwitting criminals are forced into an underworld assignment. Post-production.

Samuelson Prods.

10401 Wyton Drive Los Angeles, CA 90024 (310) 207-1 000 Fax: (310) 208-2809 In Cannes: Res. Goldwater, Lesorangers, Sortie No. 1; phone 9348-2421

Attending: Peter Samuelson, Marc Samuelson, partners; Sebastian Melmoth, director, creative affairs.

Santa Monica Pictures

3025 W. Olympic Blvd. Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 828-2456 Fax: (310) 264-5572 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 255 phone 9299-6965

Attending: David Rose, CEO, Howard Kohn, senior VP, distribution; Scott Nelligan, manager, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "Conversations With the Beast," director, Armin Mueller-Stahl; cast, Armin Mueller-Stahl, Bob Balaban. A wheelchair-bound 103-year-old man tries to prove to an American historian that he is Adolf Hitler. Completed

"Twisted Hearts," director, Peter Manoogian. Blackmail, revenge and madness result in murder between friends when one man is seduced into an affair by his best friend's wife. Pre-production.

"The Omega Factor," director, Arthur Allan Seidelman. Guided by an obscure prophecy, a grieving ax-geneticist leads a dangerous quest to save the world from an evil-induced plague. Pre-production.

"2027: Stranger Within," director, Peter Manoogian. A crack cryptologist uncovers secret negotiations between earth and an arriving alien race. Pre-production.

Santelmo Entertainment

429 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 700 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 565-0777 Fax: (310) 565-4611 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 123

Attending: Mark Boot, president; Roxana Lissa, VP, intl. distribution; Scarlett Pettyjohn, director, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "City of Blood," producer, Alan Merhez; director, Daniel Bernhardt. Ex-cop cleans up dirty city. Pre-production.

"Reality Check," producers, Mark Yellen, Zane Levitt; director, Martin Schenk. Story of four teens on the verge of adulthood caught up in murder based on false reality. Pre-production.

"Lightspeed," producer-director, Roger Mende; cast, David Carradine, Karen Black. On the outer rim of the universe, a star freighter becomes disabled and is catapulted into an alternate universe where the crew finds shape-changing aliens with a taste for blood. Completed.

"Telepresence," producers, Martin Hash, Raymond V. DiCarlo, Margaret Moore; director, Raymond V. DiCarlo; cast David Angus MacDonald, Blair Hampton, Michael C. Lucas. A team of soldiers battle an alien force by using an experimental technology that links the soldiers' minds to remote attack robots. Completed.

Sceneries Intl.

8624 Wilshire Blvd. Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (310) 652-9900 Fax: (310) 652-9901 In Cannes: Rado Plage, on the Croisette

Attending: Philippe Lenglet, president Philippe Diaz, chairman; Carl Macek, chairman, Streamline Enterprises; Michele Prunier, Sceneries Europe.

Product highlights: "St. Patrick's Day," producer, Kindra A. Ruocco; director, Hope Perello; cast, Piper Laurie, Redmond Gleason, Dennis O'Hare, Jim Metzler. Comedy about an Irish-American family reunion during a weekend of chaos. Completed.

"Sinkha," producer, Carl Macek. Animated love story set in a luxurious galaxy. Pre-production.

"Heavy Metal F.A.K.K.2," producer, Carl Macek. Animated rock `n' roll extravaganza. In production.

"Zen Intergalactic Ninja," producer Philippe Diaz; director, Brian Yuzna. Special-effects movie that brings a blue-skinned alien to earth. Pre-production.

Seawell Films

45 Rue Pierre Charron 75008 Paris, France (33-1) 4720-1873 Fax (33-1) 4720-1543 In Cannes: Gray d'Albion

Attending: Jeannine Seawell, managing director; Bernadette Masson, assistant.

Product highlights: "Pizzicata," producer-director, Edoardo Winspeare; cast, Cosimo Cinieri, Chiara Torelli. A dramatic love story set in rural Solentino during World War II.

"Tic-Tac," director, Rosa Verges; cast, Sergio Ruiz, Marti Milla, Laia Solis. Children's musical.

"Everything Must Go," director, Jan Verheyen; cast, Stany Crets, Peter Van den Begin. Offbeat road movie.

Seventh Art Releasing

7551 Sunset Blvd., Suite 104 Los Angeles, CA 90046 (213) 845-1455 Fax: (213) 845-4717 In Cannes: American Pavilion

Attending: Udy Epstein, senior VP.

Product highlight: "The Long Way Home," producers, Richard Trank, Rabbi Marvin Hier; director, Mark Jonathan Harris; narrator, Morgan Freeman. Documentary about the liberation of the Nazi concentration camps and the history of the displaced persons on their way to find a homeland. Completed.

Seventh Dimension Intl.

1414 Seabright Place Beverly Hills, CA 90210 (310) 271-6302 Fax: (310) 271-8038 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 131; phone 9298-7965

Attending: Alfonso Arau, chairman Shebnem Askin, president, sales & acquisitions; Emilia Arau, VP of production; Dina; Za'arour-Caballero, director of intl. marketing.

Product highlights: "Zapata," producers, Lauren Shuler-Donner, Gary Ross, Alfonso Arau; director, Alfonso Arau; cast, Vincent Perez. Epic about a horseman who follows a mystical calling to lead a revolution. Pre-production.

"tHE sONS OF eL tOPO," producer, Alfonso Arau; director, Alexandro Jodorowsky. Sequel to cult classic "El Topo." Pre-production.

"Forget Me Not," producer, Alfonso Arau; director, Alfonso Corona; cast, Cecilia Tijerina. Love story from a romantic period that chronicles a tale of survival. Pre-production.

Shochiku Co.

13-5 Tsukiji 1-chome, Chuo-ku Tokyo 104, Japan (81-3) 5550 1623 Fax: (81-3) 5550-1654 In Cannes: Residence Grand Hotel, Albatros 1C

Attending: Haijime Yuki, exec VP; Katsu Mizuno, general manager, intl. business; Masaki Koga, manager, intl. business; Akira Ikeshima, sales rep, Rome; Shozo Ichiyama, assistant manager, intl. business.

Product highlights: "The Eel," producer, Kazuyoshi Okuyama; director, Shohei Imamura; cast, Koji Yakusho, Misa Shimizu. An ex-con tries to rebuild his life. Completed.

"Moonlight Serenade," producer, Kazuyoshi Okuyama; director, Masahiro Shinoda; cast, Shima Iwashita, Kyozo Nagatsuka. Seeing the Kobe earthquake on TV brings back childhood memories from wartime, as a man recalls his family's journey to Kyushu to put his brother's ashes to rest. Completed.

"Jungle Emperor Leo," producer, Kazuyoshi Okuyama. Kimba the white lion returns in a feature-length animated film. In production.

"My Father's Dragon," producers, Kazuyoshi Okuyama, Masatoshi Sakai; director, Masami Hata. Ruth S. Gannett's children's classic comes to life. In production.

Showcase Entertainment

Warner Center 21800 Oxnard St., Suite 150 Woodland Hills, CA 91367 (818) 715-7005 Fax: (818) 715-7009 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 241 phone 9306-4006; fax 9306-4025

Attending: David A. Jackson, president; Shapiro Shapiro Jackson, exec VP; Teresa Dokey, VP, intl. distribution; Cara Shapiro, director, acquisitions; Bruce Livingston, director, finance; Renae Black director of sales administration; Karina Gordon, business & legal affairs.

Product highlights: "A Gun, a Car, a Blonde," producers, Gary M. Bettman, Tom Epperson; director, Stefani Ames; cast, Billy Bob Thornton, John Ritter, Jim Metzler, Kay Lenz. A handsome recluse retreats into an imaginary world where he is hired by a mysterious blonde to discover who is trying to kill her. Completed.

"Dogtown," producers, Michael Beugg, Donald Zuckerman, Bradfond L. Schlei; director, George Hickenlooper, cast, Mary Stuart Masterson, Trevor St. John, Jon Favreau, Rory Cochrane, Natasha Gregson Wagner. A fallen cheerleader looks for redemption and love from a newly arrived handsome stranger from her past. Completed.

"George B.," producers, Wade W. Danielson, Gloria Pryor, director, Eric Lea; cast, David Morse, Nina Siemaszko, Grace Zabriskie. A lonely janitor who falls for a small-town femme fatale discovers that his simple dreams of happiness are not what she has in mind. Completed.

"The Machinist," director, Steven Bratter. One man and his well-trained white Doberman are about to unleash their own brand of justice and become true vigilantes. Pre-production.

Silverline Pictures

11846 Ventura Blvd., Suite 100 Studio City, CA 91604 (818) 752-3730 Fax (818) 752-3758 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Axel Munch, president; Leman Cetiner, CEO; Brad Wear, director of sales; Gunter Heinlein, head of Munich office.

Product highlights: "The Master Mechanic, " harshly sentenced for killing the murderer of his wife, a farmer and mechanical wizard must find a way to stay alive for the nine years of his prison teem. In development.

"The Second Face," a forensic pathologist traces the path that may give him the answers to his twin brother's death. In development.

"Shadow of the Pepper Tree, " drama explores the mysteries and temptations of a beautiful young Mexican woman's heart as she finds her place in the world. Completed.

"Over the Line," a hard-nosed city cop and a Hong Kong martial artist join forces on the trail of a ruthless Asian crime boss. In development.

Sogepaq Intl.

C/Gran Via 32, 1st Floor Madrid 28013, Spain (34-1) 524-7220 Fax (34-1) 521-0875 In Cannes: Majestic

Attending: Carlos de Muns, general manager; Ana Romani, marketing dept.; Mayte Lietor, safes assistant.

Product highlights: "What Makes Women Laugh," director, Joaquin Oristell; cast, Veronica Forque. Two comedians help their half-sister get over her divorce.

"Love Can Seriously Damage Your Health," director, M.G. Pereira; cast, Penelope Cruz, Ana Belen, Gabino Diego. A couple keep their romance of more than 30 years alive by meeting in unusual situations.

"Secrets of the Heart," a young boy overcomes his fear of secret rooms and abandoned houses to learn the mysteries within.

"Storm the Skies," documentary on the first half of the 20th century, from the Bolsheviks to Castro's Cuba.

Southern Star Film Sales

8 West St, Level 9 North Sydney, NSW 2060, Australia (61-2) 9202-8555 Fax: (61-2) 9956-6918 In Cannes: 5 La Croisette, 4th floor; phone 9259-0330; fax 9399-0192

Attending: Robyn Watts, chief exec, Southern Star Sales; Rhys Kelly, manager, film sales; Joanne Azzopardi, sales exec, film sales; Kym Druitt, publicity manager.

Product highlights: "The Well," producer, Sanda Levy; director, Samantha Lang; cast, Pamela Rabe, Miranda Otto. Two women forge a newfound friendship, but over time each discovers that appearances can be deceiving. Completed.

"Doing Time for Patsy Cline," producers, Chris Kennedy, John Winter; director, Christ Kennedy; cast, Richard Roxburgh, Miranda Otto, Matt Day. Virgin male songwriter meets an exotic singer and her drug-dealing lover and in a few short weeks reams the lessons of a lifetime. Completed.

"Dust Off the Wings," producer, director, Lee Rogers; cast, Lee Rogers, Ward Stevens, Kate Ceberano. A look at the singles scene on Australia's most famous beach. Sydney's Bondi. Completed.

"The Interview," director, Craig Monahan; cast, Hugo Weaving, Tony Martin, Aaron Jeffery. A scared and powerless victim plays cat and mouse with his two interrogators. In production.

Spelling Films Intl.

5700 Wilshire Blvd., 3rd floor Los Angeles, CA 90036 (213) 965-5995 Fax: (213) 965-5993 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 635,637; phone 9298-7820; fax 9298-7844

Attending: Peter Bachman, exec VP. Spelling Entertainment Group; William Clark, senior VP & chief financial officer, Spelling Entertainment Group; Mitch Horwits, president; Denis Pregnolato, senior VP, productions & acquisitions; Pamela Pickering, senior VP, intl. distribution; Mark Lindsay, VP, intl. sales; Corey Anne Burdick sales.

Product highlights "In and Out," producer, Scott Rudin; director, Frank Oz; cast, Kevin Kline, Joan Cusack, Matt Dillon, Debbie Reynolds. Story of a popular high school English teacher whose sexuality is calling into question on the eve of his wedding. Post-production.

"Breakdown," producers, Dino De Laurentiis, Martha De Laurentiis; director, Jonathan Mostow; cast, Kurt Russell, J.T. Walsh, Kathleen Quinlan. A man races against time to rescue his wife, who is kidnapped when their car breaks down on a remote desert highway. Completed.

"Rosanna's Grave," producers, Paul Trijbits, Dario Poloni, Alison Owen; director, Paul Weiland; cast, Jean Reno, Mercedes Ruehl, Polly Walter. A woman wishes to be buried in one of the three remaining plots in an ancient Italian village churchyard. Completed.

"The House d Yes," producers, Beau Flynn, Stefan Simchowitz; director, Mark Waters; cast, Parker Posey, Josh Hamilton, Tori Spelling, Freddie Prinze Jr. A darkly comic look at the many faces of love as revealed during Thanksgiving dinner. Completed.

Star Land Entertainment

8306 Wilshire Blvd., Suite 7032 Beverly Hills, CA 90211 (213) 651-1625 Fax: (213) 651-1627 In Cannes: Palais Stand 20.05; phone 9299-8049

Attending: Sartaj Khan, chairman; Gary Sohl, director of operations; Sharon Choi, VP; Tara Jennifer Wetmur, director of sales.

Product highlights: "All's Fair in Love & War," producers, Steven Halpern, Sartaj Khan; director, Sartaj Khan; cast, Robert Donavan, Sartaj Khan, Miki O'Brien. In a titanic clash of two underworld mob families, a beautiful woman comes between them and outsmarts them both. Completed.

"The Stand-Off," producers, Steven Halpern, Sartaj Khan, Tara Jennifer Wetmur; director, Sartaj Khan; cast, Christopher Aponte, Sartaj Khan, Angela Mia. A tense stand-off between the trigger-happy police and the smart but desperate robbers, with volatile, not so innocent hostages in the middle. Pre-production.

The Steel Co.

9220 Sunset Blvd., Suite 212 Los Angeles, CA 90069 (310) 274-7221 Fax: (310) 274-7507 In Cannes: Martinez, Suite 112

Attending: Gordon Steel, president.

Rudolf Steiner TV/Film

Blaulingsweg 3a 14055 Berlin, Germany (49-30) 3026429 Fax: (49-30) 3019664 In Cannes: 41 La Croisette

Attending: Rudolf Steiner.

Product highlights: "Conversation With the Beast," producer, Rudolf Steiner; director, Armin Mueller-Stahl; cast: Armin Mueller-Stahl, Bob Balaban, Katharine Boehm. An interview between a journalist and an old man who claims to be Adolf Hitler. Screening.

Viola Stephan Filmproduktion

Rankestrasse 32 10769 Berlin, Germany (49-30) 2147-4761 Fax: (49-30) 2147-4761 In Cannes: 41 La Croisette

Attending: Viola Stephan, director.

Robert B. Steuer & Associates

6860 Lexington Ave. Hollywood, CA 90038 (213) 460-4350 Fax: (213) 460-6026 In Cannes: Palais Stand A26/B7; phone 9299-8808

Attending: Robert B. Steuer, president.

Storm Entertainment

225 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 601 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-2500 Fax: (310) 656-2510 In Cannes: Carlton, Suites 249 & 258; phone 9306-4400; fax 9306-6949

Attending: H. Michael Heuser, president-CEO; Jaime E. Jimenez, director, worldwide marketing; Kristen L. Watson, coordinator, intl. distribution.

Product highlights: "Hurlyburly," producers, Jon Kilik Anthony Drazan; director, Anthony Drazan; cast, Sean Penn, Kevin Spacey, Holly Hunter, Robin Wright. Three desperate guys are caught in a struggle to define themselves in relationship to the women they love, their careers and each other. Pre-production.

"Portofino." producers. Edwin S. Friendly III, Frank Gruber, Frank Schaefler. In the seductive Italian summer of 1965, a fundamentalist missionary family from America ends up in Portofino on a collision course with "La Dolce Vita." Pre-production.

"There's No Fish Food in Heaven," producer, Terence Michael; director, Eleanor Gaver; cast, Tea Leoni, Tim Curry, John Heard, Bonnie Bedelia. A woman wishes for everything in her life to change, and when it does it only gets worse. Pre-production.

"Ruby City, Pop. 45," producers, H. Michael Heuser, Kathy Anderson, Robyn Knoll; director, Kathy Anderson; cast, Gabrielle Anwar, Greg Wise, lone Skye. A romance and adventure where the restraints of Victorian mores are set free in America's West. Pre-production.

Strand Releasing

1460 Fourth St., Suite 302 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 395-5002 Fax: (310) 395-2502 In Cannes: Hotel Splendid; 4 rue Felix Faure

Attending: Marcus Hu, Jon Gerrans, Mike Thomas, co-presidents; Victor Syrmis, VP development.

Product highlights: "I Think I Do," producer, Lane Janger; director, Brian Sloan; cast, Alexis Arquette, Guillermo Diaz, Lauren Velez. A group of college friends who convene on a weekend must deal with unrequited loves, lifetime commitments and long-delayed lusts. Completed.

"Two Bit Tango," producers, Richard Guay, Victor Syrmis; director, Nancy Savoca. A detective searches the streets of San Francisco for a missing young woman amid a flurry of criminals, corruption and seamy strip clubs. Pre-production.

"Dream Boy," producers, Marcus Hu, Jon Gerrans; director, Craig Lucas. Two high school boys confront homophobia in a small town. Pre-production.

Stranger Than Fiction Ltd.

Golden House 29 Great Pulteney St., Suite 217 London, W1R 3DD, U.K. (44-171) 734-5489 Fax: (44-171) 734-5490 In U.S.: 206 S. Gramercy Place Los Angeles, CA 90004 (213) 380-2686 Fax: (213) 380-3988 In Cannes: Palais D'Orsay, 62 La Croisette, 2nd floor; phone, 9343-4264

Attending: Victoria Singleton, VP, intl. sales; Grace Carley, president.

Le Studio Canal Plus

17 Rue Dumont D'Urville 75116 Paris, France (33-1) 4443-9800 Fax: (33-1) 4720-2967 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Daniel Marquet, John Kochman, Sophie Latappy, Silvia Simonutti; Anne Wisniewski, Christine Yordamian.

Product highlights: "Assassin(s)," director, Mathieu Kassovitz; cast, Michel Serrault, Mathieu Kassovitz, Mehdi Benoufa. Drama concerning the relationship between an elderly man and an aimless teenager. Screening.

"Fred," director, Pierre Jolivet; cast, Vincent Lindon, Clotilde Courau. Drama featuring an out-of-work crane operator who risks his life to do a favor for a friend. Screening.

"Marion," director, Manuel Poirier; cast, Coralie Tetard, Pierre Berriau, Elisabeth Commelin. A family's unity is disrupted when they meet a couple from Paris who own a country home in their village. Screening.

"Les Palmes de M. Schutz," director, Claude Pinoteau; cast, Philippe Noiret, Isabelle Huppert, Charles Berling. Comedy about a scientist who is snubbed by the French National Academy of Science & Education and vows to attain the recognition he deserves. Screening.

Summit Entertainment

2308 Broadway Santa Monica, CA 90404 (310) 315-6000 Fax: (310) 828-4132 In Cannes: Majestic, Suite 437; phone 9298-7815; fax 9298-7817

Attending: Patrick Wachsberger, president-CEO; Robert Hayward, exec VP; David Garrett, senior VP; John Cotton, VP sales Heidi Lester, VP acquisitions; Andrew J. Matosich, VP, business & legal affairs; Christina Petropoulos, director, marketing & publicity.

Product highlights: "An Alan Smithee Film," producers, Ben Myron, Andrew G. Vajna; director, Arthur Hiller; cast, Sylvester Stallone, Whoopi Goldberg, Jackie Chan, Eric Idle. The one and only print of the biggest action movie ever made is stolen by its own megalomaniacal director. Post-production.

"Face," producer, Anant Singh; director, Antonia Bird; cast, Robert Carlyle, Ray Winstone, Damon Albarn. Five thugs conspire to commit one final heist and, when the job goes amiss, vie for possession of the meager takings. Post-production.

"Fear and Loathing in Las Vegas," producers, Stephen Nemeth, Laila Nabulsi; cast, Johnny Depp, Benicio Del Toro. Misadventures of two journalists' descent into the deepest corners of the Las Vegas Strip. Pre-production.

"Deep Rising," producers, Lawrence Mark, John Baldecchi; director, Stephen Sommers; cast, Treat Williams, Famke Janssen, Wes Studi. A smuggler hired to transport a group of mercenaries and their "no questions asked" cargo docks with a giant luxury cruise ship. Post-production.

Sun Pictures

921 10th St., Suite 108 Santa Monica, CA 90403-2929 (310) 394-3639 Fax: (310) 394-2777 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 130

Attending: Tom Conroy, Chuck Berk, co-presidents; Debbie Nick, VP administration.

Product highlights: "Night Orchid," producers, Mark Atkins, Ralph Clemente; cast Dale Paris, Alyssa Simon, Rachel Carter, Tom Atkins. A handsome young drifter uses supernatural talents to investigate a small-town murder and falls in love. Completed.

"Burnzy's Last Call," producer, director, Michael de Avila; cast, David Johansen, Jamie Walters, Frederique van der Wal, Tony Todd. A New York neighborhood bar plays host to a group of eclectic customers. Completed.

"Bad Business," producer-director, Murray Mintz; cast, Chris Mulkey, Brian Doyle Murray, Joe Pantoliano, Tony Planta. A hit man hires a filmmaker for an on-screen "tell all" confession and ends up endangering both of their lives. Completed.

"Snuff Cop," producer, Michael de Avila; director, Shannon Goldman; cast, Jamie Walters. A New York cop pursues a gang of "snuff filmmakers" and rescues his kidnapped wife. Pre-production.

Sunny Film Corp.

63B, Jalan Desa Bakti, Taman Desa 58100 Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia (603) 781-3881 Fax: (603) 781-4724 In Cannes: Cannes Beach Residence, La Bocca

Attending: Sunny Lim, exec chairman; Gilbert Lim, exec VP

Product highlight: "A Bowl of Rice," director, Hans D. Treffers. Docu capturing traditional craftsman at their daily work.

Swiss Films

Neugasse 6 Postfach CH-8031 Zurich, Switzerland (41-1) 272-5330 Fax: (41-1) 272-5350 Stand: 20.02

Attending: Kathrin Muller, managing director; Clarisse Wojciechowski, Charlotte Schutt, PR & promotion; Alain Bottarelli, head of Lausanne office.


T&C Film

Seestrasse 41a CH-8002 Zurich, Switzerland (41-1) 202-3622 Fax (41-1) 202-3005 Stand: 20.02

Attending: Marcel Hoehn, producer.

Product highlights: "The Knowledge of Healing," producer, Marcel Hoehn; director, Franz Reichie; cast, the Dalai Lama, Dr. Tenzin Choedrak Dr. Chimit-Dorzhi Dugarov. Feature on Tibetan medicine. Screening.

"The Truce," producers, Leo Pescarolo, Guido de Laurentiis; director, Francesco Rosi; cast, John Turturro, Massimo Ghini, Teco Celio. Story of a long odyssey through a Europe caught between war and peace. Completed.

"Full Moon," producer, Marcel Hoehn; director, Fredi M. Murer; cast, Hans-Peter Mueller, Lilo Baur. In-production.

TF1 Intl.

305 Avenue le Jour se Leve 92100 Boulogne, France (33-1) 4141-1983 Fax: (33-1) 4141-3176 In Cannes: Noga Hilton

Attending: Francis Morel, chairman; Perrine Teze, managing director, intl. sales; Xavier Quignon-Fleuret, chief financial officer; Max Saidel, head of feature film sales; Caroline Dhainaut, head of legal & business affairs; Erin Chase, intl. marketing manager consultant; Peta Bergel, film sales dept.

Product highlights: "Ma Vie en Rose," producers, Carole Scotta, John McGrath; director, Alain Berliner; cast, Georges du Fresne, Michele Laroque, Jean-Philippe Ecoffey. Drama about a little girl born in a boy's body. Completed.

"Pajarico," producer, Javier Castro: director, Carlos Saura; cast, Paco Rabal, Manuel Bandera, Juan Luis Galiardo. A boy discovers the joys and perils of adult life when he is sent to stay with his aunts and uncles in the south of Spain. Completed.

"K," producer-director, Alexandre Arcady; cast, Patrick Bruel, Isabella Ferrari, Marthe Keller. Political thriller involving murder, forgery and a web of mystery surrounding the death of Joseph Katz. Completed.

"Crack 6T," producer, Pascal Caucheteux; director, Jean-Francois Richet; cast Jean-Francois Richet, Arco C. Descat, Jean-Marie Robert. A tough neighborhood will go up in flames when two generations of gang members clash. Completed.

TSC Film Distribution

4222 Manor St. Burnaby, Vancouver, B.C. Canada V5G 1B2 (604) 439-2563 Fax: (604) 433-0269 In Cannes: Miramar; phone 9394-6707

Attending: Gordon Guiry, president; Melanie Kilgour, manager, foreign sales.

Product highlights: "American Beer," producers, Brent Kawchuk Grant Harvey, Jordan Kawchuk director, Grant Harvey; cast, Jordan Kawchuk, Scott Urquart, C. Adam Leigh, Jason Thompson. Four rowdy Canadian guys hit the road on a car trip through the American West. Completed.

"horsey," producers, Michele Sands, Kirsten Clarkson, Craig Grondahl; director, Kirsten Clarkson; cast, Holly Ferguson, Todd Kerns, Victoria Deschanel, Ryan Robbins. Everyone has their addictions. Completed.

"An American Affair," producers, Arshad Shah, Sebastian Shah; director, Sebastian Shah; cast, Corbin Bernsen, Maryam D'Abo, Jane Heitmeyer. A district attorney on the rise falls in love with two women who happen to be best friends. Pre-production.

"Brunch With Alex," producer-director, Francesco Lucente. Man whose wife has left him makes a fool out of himself trying to win her back. Pre-production.

Taurus Entertainment

Sunset Gower Studios, Building 50 1420 N. Beachwood Drive, Box 2 Hollywood, CA 90028 (213) 993-7355 Fax: (213) 993-7316 In Cannes: Majestic Hotel, Beausoleil suite, phone 9298-7928

Attending: James Dudelson, CEO; Robert Dudelson, chief operating officer; Carol DeLosSantos, foreign sales.

Product highlights: "Morella," producer-director, James Dudelson; cast, Angela Jones, Nicholas Guest, Khrystyne Haje. A futuristic mystery about a woman's obsession with her own immortality, inspired by the works of Edgar Allan Poe. Completed.

"Creepshow," producer, James Dudelson. Horror tales made for the small screen, based on the novel by Stephen King. Pre-production.

"Compromising Positions," producers, James Dudelson, Robert Dudelson. TV series based on the novel by Susan Isaacs, blending romance, mystery end suspense. Pre-production.

Telefilm Canada

National Bank Tower, 14th floor 600 de la Gauchetiere West Montrea, Quebec, Canada (514) 283-6363 Fax: (514) 283-8212 In Cannes: Palais Stand B20-C21

Attending; Francois Macerola, exec director; Deborah Drisdell, director, intl. affairs; Suzan Ayscough, director, communications, public affairs & fests; Jean Lefebvre, director, fests & bureaus; Sheila de la Varenda, Olivier Trusson, associate directors, European office; Bill House, director of operations, Ontario; Louis Laverdiere, director of operations, Quebec.

Third Coast Entertainment

2011 Crescent Shores LaPorte, TX 77571 (281) 470 0989 Fax: (281) 470-9992 In Cannes: Palais Stand B5; phone 9299-8823

Attending: Bud Grant, exec producer; Bob Burge, chief operating officer; Gregg Ratinoff, VP, sales & acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Save America," producer, Bob Burger director, Hal Needham. The U.S. president is captured by South American guerillas backed by a major chug lord. Pre-production.

"Dark Dancer II," producer, Bob Burger director Dan Lantz; cast, Shannon Tweed. A doctor discovers the dark side of the lesbian underworld. Pre-production.

"Dinosaurs of Skull Island," producer, director, Dave Hewitt. Five children discover a prototype interactive machine and are forced to play the game in order to save their friend's life. Pre-production.

"Adventures of the Zordine Warriors," producers, Bob Hunt, Jim Thompson; director, Jerry Wolfe; cast, Ziggy Van, Derek Thompson, Bob Hunt. The King of Zor is overthrown by an evil prince. Completed.

Thompson/Starr Organization

1888 Century Park East Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 556-3000 Fax: (818) 773-8962 In Cannes: Hotel Bleu Rivage; phone 9394-2425; fax 9343-7492

Attending: Joey Thompson, president; Jen Starr, sales; George Thompson, acquisitions Chaya Finton, marketing.

Product highlights: "Medea," director, Jose Quintere; cast, Judith Anderson, Colleen Dewhurst. Completed.

"The Wacky World of Doctor Morgus," producer, Sid Noel; director, Dan Barton; cast, Sid Noel, Dan Barton. Doctor and his sidekick plot to take over the world. Completed.

"The World d Shalom Aleichem," cast, Zero Mostel, Nancy Walker, Jack Gilford. Three stories by Shalom Aleichem, the master Yiddish storyteller. Completed.

Tomorrow Film Corp.

1453 3nd Street Promenade, Suite 350 Santa Monica, CA 90401 (310) 656-6300 Fax: (310) 656-6304 In Cannes: Miramar, Suite 601; phone 9343-1196

Attending: Yoram Pelman, president; Paula Jeffery, director of operations.

Product highlights: "The Scalper," producers, Andy Garcia, Gary Lucchesi; director, Richard Wenk; cast, Andy Garcia, Andie MacDowell. Love story about the life of a New York City ticket scalper. Pre-production.

"Weaponsville," director, Tom DeCerchio; cast, Vincent D'Onofrio. Satire on the antics of gun-crazy small-town America.

"The lesser Evil," producer, Dan Helberg; director, David Mackay; cast, David Paymer, Tony Goldwyn, Arliss Howard, Colm Feore. A 25-year-old murder unfolds, forcing four old friends to confront each other in a treacherous reunion. Post-Production.

"Diving With Turtles," producer, Y.P. Omtal; director, William Tannen. A criminal love story between an ex-con and a mentally unstable rich girl, thrown together while on the nun from the law and their own demons.

Tradewinds Entertainment

23622 Calabasas Road, Suite 350 Calabasas, CA 91302 (818) 222-0147 Fax: (818) 222-0148 In Cannes: Miramar, Suite 612; phone 9343-2621

Attending: John Alexander, president; Lars Bjorck exec VP; Otelo Bettin Coltro, chairman.

Product highlights: "Arigo," producers, John Cusack Steve Pink director, Alan Arkin; cast, John Cusack Alan Arkin. A skeptical journalist finds enlightenment while covering the story of a Brazilian healer accused of witchcraft. Pre-production.

"To Walk With lions," producers, Pieter Kroonenburg, Julie Allan; director, John Mackenzie. True story of a man and his journey from rebellion as a hard-drinking womanizer to responsibility as a respected leader in the worldwide conservation movement. In development.

"Johnny Nitrate," producer, Marc Eckelberry; director, John Weidner. An explosives expert is a likable loser who can never get anything right in his life, so when he finally gets the girl and the money, he's double crossed by his own explosive booby trap. Pre-production.

"Out of Control," producer, Pieter Kroonenburg; director, Richard Trevor. A woman steals $1 million from her boss and charms the owner of a local diner into killing her boss's henchman. Pre-production.

Trans Atlantic Entertainment

10351 Santa Monica Blvd., Suite 406 Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 772-7300 Fax: (310) 772-8609 In Cannes: Miramar, Suite 412

Attending: Paul Rich, president-CEO.

Product highlights: "Vulcan," producer-director, Cirio H. Santiago; cast, Robert Vaughn, Tom Taus Jr., Vernon Wells, Diana Barton. A 10-year-old discovers an egg that is spewn out from a volcano that erupts or Mount Pinatubo. Post-production.

"Virtue," producers, Moshi Assadabadi David Katz; director, David Katz; cast, Hill Harper, Taylor Negron, Shari Albert. A black man's inner-city past comes back to jeopardize his chances of succeeding at a reputable architecture design firm. In production.

"Men Lie," producers, Sylvia Caminer John Ciarcia; director, John Andrew Gallagher; cast, Doug DeLuca, Ellia Thompson. Frank Vincent. A man has trouble remaining faithful to his fiance. Completed.

"The Running Gun," producer, director Lindsay Shonteff; cast, Lawrence Day, Bill Strickland. Action. Completed.

Trans-Pacific Media Consultants Group

131 S. Rodeo Drive, Suite 250 Beverly Hills, CA 90212 (31 0) 247-7575 Fax: (310) 247-7576 In Cannes: 3, Rue Henri Ruhl, 5th floor; 9338-9561

Attending: Michael J. Werner, president Laurie Woodrow, senior VP; Darius Kapfer, director of acquisitions.

Trident Releasing

8401 Melrose Place, 2nd floor Los Angeles, CA 90069 (213) 655-8818 Fax: (213) 655-0515 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 223, phone 9299-7000; fax 9299-7011

Attending: Jean Ovrum, Victoria Plummer, co-presidents; Kristi Malling, VP sales.

Product highlights: "Red Meat," producers, Oliver Eberle, Marco Weber, director Allison Burnett; cast, Lara Flynn Boyle, Jennifer Grey. Stephen Mailer, John Slattery. Comic exploration of sexuality and love. Completed.

"Sleeping Together," producer, Douglas S. Cramer: director, Hugh Bush; cast, Cameron Bancroft, Caprice Benedetti, Elizabeth Ashley. Tale of relationships in the '90s. Completed.

"Dirty Laundry," producers, Robert DiMilia, Robert Sherwin; directors, Robert Sherwin, Michael Norman; cast, Jay Thomas, Tess Harper. Comedy about male menopause and its effect on the New Jersey dry cleaning community. Completed.

"Fool's Paradise," producer-director, Richard Zakka; cast, Corey Parker, Leslie Stefanson, Aida Turturro, Taylor Dayne. A commodities broker with a huge gambling debt goes to work for the government in the Caribbean where he hopes to scam a few million dollars, but instead falls in love. Completed.

Trimark Pictures

2644 30th St. Santa Monica, CA 90405 (310) 314-2000 Fax: (310) 399-1570 In Cannes: Noga Hilton, Suite 209

Attending: Mark Amin, chairman-CEO; Sergio Aguero, exec VP; Sergei Yershov, VP, intl. sales; Bobby Rock director of acquisitions; Sue Blackmore, director of intl. publicity; Elizabeth Gaxiola, intl. coordinator.

Product highlight: "Eve's Bayou," producers, Caldecott Chubb, Samuel L. Jackson, Margaret Matheson; director, Kasi Lemmons; cast, Samuel L. Jackson, Lynn Whitfield, Jurnee Smollet, Diahann Carroll. A 10-year-old learns the facts and fictions about her adored father and their eccentric family in Bayou country. Completed.

"Michael Almereyda's The Mummy," producers, Laurie Parker, Raju Patel; director, Michael Almereyda; cast, Christopher Walken, Allison Elliott, Jared Harris. A cosmopolitan New York couple revisits Ireland to renew old family ties and come to terms with a turbulent past. In production

"Prairie Fire," producers. Dan Stone, Lisa Zimble; director, Andrew Chapman; cast, Robert Sean Leonard. Natasha Henstridge, Dennis Haysbert, Keith Carradine. Two FBI agents are forced to take refuge I with two redneck police officers and a pair of female escapees from a cult compound. Post-production.

"The Warrior of Waverly Street," producer, Jennie Lew Tugend: director, Manny Coto; cast, Joseph Mazzello. A 12-year-old is plunged into the adventure of a lifetime when he discovers a 7-foot-tall Cyborsuit, a prototype alien fighting costume. Completed.

Troma Studios

733 Ninth Ave. New York, NY 10019 (212) 757-4555 Fax: (212) 399-9885 In Cannes: Carlton. Salon Esterel

Attending: Lloyd Kaufman, president; Harrison Kordestani, director of business affairs & sales; Ed James, director of marketing; Greg Radin, director of acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Tromeo & Juliet, " producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Lloyd Kaufman; cast, Jane Jensen, Will Keenan. No-holds-Bard adaptation of "Romeo & Juliet." Completed.

"Killer Condom," producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Martin Walz; cast, Udo Samel, Peter Lohmeyer, Iris Berben. A condom strikes fear into the heart of New York and the detective who must stop it. Completed.

"Viewer Discretion Advised," producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Tommy Blaze; cast, Tommy Blaze, M.T. Promises. Farcical comedy. Completed.

"Schlock & Schlockability," producers, Lloyd Kaufman, Michael Herz; director, Lloyd Kaufman. Jane Austen, fed up with the offensively bland film adaptations of her novels, returns to wreak havoc on the film producers who are destroying her works in the minds of the public in development.


UGC D.A./Canal Plus Distribution

6 Boulevard de la Republique 92514 Boulogne Billancourt Cedex, France (33-1) 4610-1200 Fax: (33-1) 4610-1220 In Cannes:Grand

Attending: Thierry Schluck, managing director, Lionel Amant, acquisitions; Louisa Dent, Pascal Diot, Chantal Girondin, Frederic Lefebvre, Vincent Maraval, intl. sales; Francois Yon, sales; Frederick Gautier, promotion manager.

Product highlights: "A Chef in Love, " director, Nadja Djordjadze; cast, Pierre Richard, Nino Kirtadze, Zurab Kibichidze.

"A Self-Made Hero," director, Jacques Audiard; cast, Mathieu Kassovitz, Anouk Grinberg, Sandrine Kibelain.

"L'Appartement," director; Gilles Mimouni; cast, Vincent Cassel; Romane Bohringer, Monica Bellucci.

"Asphalt Tango," director, Nae Caranfil; cast, Charlotte Rampling, Mircea Diaconu, Florin Calinescu.


4 Villa Bosquet 75007 Paris, France (33-1) 4753-9580 Fax: (33-1) 4705-9655 Stand: 16.04-16.06

Attending: Daniel Toscan du Plantier, president; Bruno Berthemy, managing director; Stephen Melchiori, deputy director, promotions; Veronique Bouffard, deputy director, communications.

United Film Distributors

1990 Westwood Blvd., Penthouse Los Angeles, CA 90025 (310) 441-0900 Fax: (310) 474-7465 In Cannes: Carlton, Suite 221

Attending: Harry Shuster, co-chairman; Brian Shuster, president; Ralph Alexander, senior VP; John McHugh, VP.

Product highlights: "Rear View Mirror," two days of murder and deception follow when a married woman has finally had enough of her cheating husband. Pre-production.

"Skeletons," director, David DeCoteau; cast, Ron Silver, James Coburn, Christopher Plummer. An award-winning journalist uncovers the deadly secrets of a small town during the investigation of a murder Completed.

"Santa With Muscles," director, John Murlowski; cast, Hulk Hogan, Ed Begley Jr. A small city community, surrounded by crime and violence is saved when Santa decides to lend a hand. Completed.

"The Elevator," directors, Rafal Zelinski, Nigel Dick, Arthur Borman; cast, Martin Landau, Martin Sheen, Richard Lewis. A top Hollywood producer accidentally trapped in an elevator is forced to listen to various tales through the eyes of a young screenwriter Completed.


Victor Film Co.

2B Chandos St. London, W1M 9DG, U.K. (44-171) 636-6620 Fax: (44-171) 636-6511 In Cannes: Grand

Attending: Alasdair Waddell, chairman; Victor Bateman, managing director; Alexandra Roper, marketing coordinator.

Product highlights: "Aberration," director, Tim Boxall; cast, Simon Bossell, Pamela Gidley, Valery Nikolaev. A man and a woman are locked together in a deadly bathe against ever-mutating predators. Screening.

"Romance & Rejection," director, Kevin Smith; cast John Hannah, Reece Dinsdale, Clara Bellar. Does true love exist and, if so, does anyone have her number? Completed.

"Preaching to the Perverted," director, Stuart Urban; cast, Guinevere Turner, Christian Anholt, Tom Bell. A comic excursion into the exploding sexual underground of London. Completed.

"The Wood," producer, Christopher Figg; director, Philip Saville. Black comedy centered around the unusual characters working in a delicatessen in St. John's Wood. Pre-production.

Village Roadshow Pictures Worldwide

2121 Ave. of the Stars, 15th floor Los Angeles, CA 90067 (310) 282-5300 Fax: (310) 282-5339 In Cannes: 57 la Croisette, 3rd floor, phone 9399-8008

Attending: Greg Coote, president-CEO; Robert Meyers, senior VP; Kirk D'Amico, exec VP; Gregory L. Stuart, director of intl. sales; Manna Glass, VP production; Kathryn Hamilton, director, acquisitions; Sherri Strain, director, marketing.

Product highlights: "Tarzan and Jane," producers, Mike Lake, Stan Canter, director, Carl Schenkel; cast, Casper Van Dien, Jane March, Stephen Waddington. Lord Greystoke must return to the jungle to prevent soldiers of fortune from causing death and destruction in their search for for a mystical city and its treasure. In production.

"Diana & Me," producer, Matt Carroll; director, David Parker; cast, Toni Collette, Dominic West. An Australian woman, who shares the same name and birthday at the Princess of Wales, wins a trip to London to meet her royal namesake. She encounters a pushy paparazzi photographer who shares her obsession, and together they embark on a romantic adventure. Post-production.

"The Castle," producer, Debra Choate; director, Rob Sitch; cast, Michael Caton, Anne Tenney, Sophie Lee. A tow truck driver becomes an unlikely hero in the fight to save his rundown house and his neighborhood from becoming part of an airport runway. Completed.

"Life During Wartime," producers, Dan Stone, Lisa Zimble; director, Evan Dunsky; cast, Stanley Tucci, David Arquette, Kate Capshaw, Mary McCormack. A young man begins a passionate affair with an older woman against the advice of his boss. In production.

Vine Intl. Pictures

3rd Floor, Astoria House 62 Shaftesbury Ave. London, W1V 7DE, U.K. (44-171) 437-1181 Fax: (44-171) 494-0634 In Cannes: 6 La Croisette

Attending: Marie Vine, CEO; Barry Gill, managing director; Helena Mackenzie, sales exec; Stephen Kelliher, sales assistant.

Product highlights: "The Harpist," producer, Christoph Meyer-Weil; director, Hansjorg Thurn; cast, Christien Anholt, Geraldine O'Rawe, Stephen McGann. An ordinary everyday guy falls for a beautiful harpist who comes to play in his town. Screening.

"Combat de Fauves," producer, Jacqueline Pierreux; director, Benoit Lamy; cast, Richard Bohringer, Ute Lemper, Papa Wemba. A real high-flyer's life falls apart when the elevator he's in breaks down. Screening.

"Snide and Prejudice," producer-director, Philippe Mora; cast, Angus MacFayden, Rene Auberjonois, Claudia Christian. Drama centered on a controversial psychiatrist who re-enacts historical events in an attempt to treat a man who thinks he's Hitler. Screening.

"Parting Shots," producer-director, Michael Winner. A photographer with an incurable disease decides, before he dies, to seek revenge on the people who treated him with contempt during his life. Pre-production.


Wicked Pictures

9040 Eton Ave. Canoga Park, CA 91304 (714) 493-9782 Fax: (714) 493-9485 In Cannes: Palais Stand 24-08; phone 9299-8099; fax; 9339-5761

Attending: Steven Vlottes, intl. sales.

Product highlights: "Wicked Weapon," director, Brad Armstrong; cast, Jenna Jameson, Laure Sainclair, Jill Kelly, Jeanna Fine. Woman possesses supernatural powers after being struck by lightning.

"Satyr," director, Michael Zen; cast, Jenna Jameson, Asia Carrera, Stacy Valentine, Brad Armstrong. Completed.

"Conquest," directors, Brad Armstrong, Greg Steel; cast, Jenna Jameson, Shayla La Veaux, Juli Ashton, Sahara Sands. A 1720s pirate adventure. Completed.

"Surrender," director, Ernest Greene; cast, Shayla La Veaux, Jill Kelly, Roxanne Hall. Completed.

WIDE Management Enterprise

43 Rue Richer 75009 Paris, France (33-1) 4479-0984 Fax: (33-1) 4479-0986 In Cannes: 59 La Croisette

Attending: Michael Stein, president; Loic Magneron, VP, worldwide sales & acquisitions.

Product highlights: "Inside & Out," director, Jacques Zanetti; cast, Diahnne Abbott, Drena De Niro, Marcus Naylor. A drifter and prodigal son returns, after 10 years, to his native family in New York.

"Stan," director, Pat Pooyard. A talkshow host and an old policeman team up to solve a series of crimes.

Winchester Films

29/30 Kingly St. London, W1R 5LB, U.K. (44-171) 434-4374 Fax: (44-171) 287-4334 In Cannes: Esplanade Miramar

Attending: Gary Smith, chairman-CEO; Andrew Brown, sales & marketing manager Li Millard, acquisitions; Billy Hurman, sales & marketing director.

Product highlights: "Shooting Fish," producers, Richard Holmes, Glynis Murray; director, Stefan Schwartz; cast, Kate Beckinsale, Dan Futterman, Stuart Townsend. Two orphans aim to use every scam possible to make a million pounds each. Screening.

"Loop," producers, Tedi De Toledo, Michael Riley; director, Allan Niblo; cast, Susannah York, Emer McCourt Andy Serkis. Comedy/drama exploring illusions, delusions and dilemmas inherent in modem relationships. Screening.

"Sea Change," producers, Billy Hurman, Peter Ensor; director, Michael Bray; cast, Maryam D'Abo, Sean Chapman. In two days, a man's life unravels and he must change dramatically to win the woman he loves. Pre-production.

"Fred," producer-director, John G. Thomas. The meaning of life as seen through the wry eyes of one very street-smart hound in Los Angeles. Pre-production.

Windy City Intl.

3255 Cahuenga Blvd. West, Suite 101 Los Angeles, CA 90068 (213) 845-1780 Fax: (213) 845-1785 In Cannes: Miramar, Suite 432; phone 9343-9701

Attending: Helene Raynaud, exec VP, intl. sales & acquisitions; Kurt MacCarley, director; Karoll Mun, consultant.

Product highlights: "The Real Thing," producer, Kurt MacCarley; director, James Merendino; cast, James Russo, Emily Lloyd, Gary Busey, Jeremy Piven, Rod Steiger. A reformed thief is thrust back into a life of crime to save his brother's life. Completed.

"My Last Mistake," director, Kurt MacCarley. A young couple leave their Latin village in search of their fortunes in the city.

"Sexual Intent," producer-director, Kurt MacCarley; cast, Gary Hudson, Michelle Brin, Sarah Hill. An opportunist romances more than 40 women in order to steal their assets. Completed.

"Lord of the City," producer-director, Evan Seplow; cast, Amy Lynn Baxter, Marcus A. Miranda, Robert Pemberton, Ted Oyama. Martial arts. Post-production.

World Sales Christa Saredi

Stafelstrasse 8 CH-8045 Zurich, Switzerland (41-1) 201-1151 Fax: (41-1) 201-1152 In Cannes: Grand

Attending: Christa Saredi, CEO; Andrea Klein, head of sales; Reinder Kooyman, consultant.

Product highlights: "Devil's Island," director, Fridrik Thor Fridriksson; cast, Baltasar Kormakur, Sigurveig Jonsdottir, Gisli Halidorsson. Tale of a wacky family living in Iceland in the '50s.

"Funny Games," director, Michael Haneke; cast, Susanne Lothar, Ulrich Muhe, Frank Giering. A family's summer holiday turns out to be like something from the movies.


Zephyr Films

24 Colville Road London, W11 2BS, U.K. (44-171) 221-8318 Fax: (44-171) 221-9289 In Cannes: Residence La Super Croisette

Attending: Chris Curling, producer & managing director; Phil Robertson, producer.

Product highlights: "My Son the Fanatic," producer, Chris Curling; director, Udayan Prasad; cast, Om Puri, Rachel Griffiths, Stellan Skarsgard. Contempo love story in which an Asian taxi driver falls for a prostitute. Screening.
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