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What's causing my breast pain? DR MIRIAM STOPPARD; Helping to keep you fit and healthy.



Each month you get soreness and tingling in your breasts for about a week before your period, and when it starts, the dull, heavy, aching pain goes away. It affects both breasts and may spread to the armpits.

You've been on the combined pill for nine months and your breasts feel heavy and achy, and the pain only goes away during the pill-free week when you have your period.

You missed a period six weeks ago, you're going to the loo more often, and your breasts feel tingly and heavy, your nipples are sore.

It could be: 6 Period breast pain caused by hormonal changes in the second half of the month when the beasts are stimulated by progesterone.

Pain from the hormones in the pill. The progestogen component is thought to be responsible for breast discomfort.

Pregnancy, one of the earliest signs of pregnancy are these breast symptoms because they respond immediately to the soaring levels of Stop it: 6 Take painkillers or rub a painkilling gel on your breasts, wear a well-fitting bra during the day and a soft bra for sleeping. There's no evidence that vitamin E or primrose oil does anything to help breast pain.

Speak to your doctor about changing your pill to a lower dose or to one with a different type of progestogen.

Buy a bra that really supports your breasts with wider straps (because your breasts will get heavier) and underwiring to help support the breasts without sagging. Wear a soft bra at night.

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Publication:The Mirror (London, England)
Date:Jul 23, 2019
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