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What's an IETM? ... and how do I get one?

Interactive electronic technical manuals (IETMs) are the technical manuals for their associated items of equipment. They do come on CDs, and some are available online at the Logistics Support Activity's ETM website:

But the similarity to ETMs ends there.

IETMs are designed to reduce the tedious thumbing back and forth--from text to line drawings, tables and other illustrative material common to paper TMs--by providing hyperlinks between linked information. Also, IETMs are not limited to the page layouts of past printed manuals. So information can be presented in ways that enhance user interaction.

A good example is the troubleshooting section. The user clicks on the current problem and the IETM walks the user through the troubleshooting process to find the problem.

Some IETMs are also designed to interface with the equipment itself when used with maintenance support devices. This allows electronic diagnostics and helps automate the parts requests process when repairs or replacements are needed.

Some IETMs help by exporting a list of parts needed for repairs.

Getting ETMs and IETMs

The LOGSA ETM website listed above gets you access to both ETMs and IETMs.

To find out which IETMs are available online, enter "IETM" (without the quotes) in the PUB TITLE TEXT search box, and click SEARCH.

On the ETM search results screens, the left-hand column tells you whether the document shown is a PDF file, a WebETM (a collection of related TMs), or an IETM.

IETMs are updated by the equipment proponents as required and then posted to the LOGSA site.

IETM CDs can be ordered by unit publication clerks through the Army Publishing Directorate just like any other TM by using their EM number.
 Item Number Number

Black Hawk UH-60A, UH-60L, TM 9-2300-310-14&P 0013
EH-60A, UH-60Q, AND HH-60L

Avenger TM 9-1440-Avenger 0017

Sentinel, AN/MPQ-64 TM 9-1430-Sentinel 0096

Black Hawk, UH-60A TM 1-1520-Black Hawk-MDW 0102

Test set, AN/PSM-80 TM 9-6625-2300-13&P 0103

Longbow/Apache, AH-64D TM 1-1520-Longbow/Apache 0126

MH-60K helicopter TM 1-1520-MH-60K 0146

Patriot TM 9-1430-Patriot-2L 0147

Fox, M93A1, TM 3-6665-339-12&P 0177

Javelin TM 9-1425-Javelin 0183

MLRS TM 9-1425-646-13&P 0185

Engines, gas, turbine model TM 1-2840-265-23&P 0186

VTS 1000 series tester TM 11-6625-VTS-1000 0193

FMTV, M1078A1/M1093A1 TM 9-2320-391-14&P 0195

Patriot TM 9-1430-Patriot-3H 0197

Extended Range Fuel System II TM 1-1560-312-23&P 0199
(ERFS II) for CH-47

GBS Fixed Ground Receiver Suite, TM 11-5895-1641-12&P 0200
StandardAN/FSR-7, GBS Fixed
Ground Receive Suite, Enhanced
AN/FSR-8, GBS Transportable
Ground Receive Suite, Standard
AN/TSR-4, GBS Transportable
Ground Receive Suite, Enhanced

Ammo carrier, M992A2 TM 9-2350-FAASV 0207

MLRS M270Al launcher and TM 9-1055-647-13&P 0208
M993/M993A1 carrier

Dispenser, Mine: M139 for Ground TM 9-1095-208-13&P 0209
Volcano 5-ton; Mounting Kit,
M548A1; Mounting Kit, Air Volcano

HEMTT M977A2-series TM 9-2320-315-14&P 0232

Test Equipment Modernization TM 43-6625-001-14&P 0236

Calibration set, transfer TM 9-6695-239-14 0237

Kiowa, OH-58D TM 1-1520-248-23&P 0246

Chinook, CH-47D TM 1-1520-240-23P 0249

Air Warrior TM 1-1680-377-13&P 0250

Chinook, CH-471), Preparation TM 1-1520-241-S 0253
for Shipment

HMMWV FOV TM 9-2320-280-14&P 0254

HIMARS Launcher Chassis; HIMARS TM 9-2300-310-14&P 0258
XM1140; HIMARS Resupply Vehicle;
HIMARS Truck, Cargo, 5-ton,
w/MHE; HIMARS Resupply Trailer;
HIMARS Trailer, 5-ton: M1095

HIMARS (Multiple Launch TM 9-1055-1646-13&P 0259
Rocket System)

Ammo carrier, M992A2 TM 9-2350-372-14&P 0262

Hercules, M88A2 TM 9-2350-292-14&P 0266
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