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What's ahead for Sunset and the West?

What's ahead for Sunset and the West?

Some historians might dispute this, but experts we've talked to make a strong case that the West has changed more dramatically over the last 90 years than has any other region of the country. The West has gone from wilderness frontier to urban trend-setter, from covered wagons to computer technology.

Sunset, which has been reporting on the West for 90 years, has also changed. Started by the Southern Pacific Railroad to encourage travel to--and settlement of--the frontier, Sunset gradually became a literary magazine. Contributors included Zane Grey, Dashiell Hammett, Jack London, John Muir, Kathleen Norris, and many others. In 1929, Laurence W. Lane bought it and made it The Magazine of Western Living.

Over the years since then, Sunset has carefully monitored the way Westerners live. The covers shown here reflect out changing times and changing concerns.

And we continue to change; you may have already noticed the steadily increasing amount of color in our magazine, for instance. In this issue, you'll see a number of other small but important differences as well.

You'll see the most noticeable change when you turn the page. We've expanded our table of contents to make it easier to use and to refer back to the articles--another way of helping you use the magazine more efficiently.

The most important change: starting this month, every recipe we print will contain nutritional information, including calories, cholesterol, and sodium content. (For details, see page 210.)

This, our 90th-anniversary issue, celebrates our Western heritage in articles about Alaska's grand new wilderness parks (page 120), sourdough bread (page 138), and California's mission gardens (page 144).

It also examines our future. On page 110, we take a look at the effects of urban growth and at how different communities are struggling to find solutions to many of the problems they face. And, as an increasing number of Westerners recognize the value of their older homes, we report on remodeling mass-built houses (page 132).

As we look toward our centennial and the beginning of the 21st century, we see more challenges ahead: housing costs will continue to rise; garden and outdoor living space will continue to get smaller; family vacations are getting shorter; concern is growing over supplies and quality of our water; and as oil supplies dwindle--by the early 1990s, according to many prognosticators --the issue of energy will return to the forefront.

Sunset editors are already researching solutions to these and other challenges. And as the West continues to change, so will we. Ninety years of reporting the West doesn't make our job any easier, but the experience has given us a unique perspective on the future--and that will help us to help Westerners anticipate and enjoy whatever lies ahead.

Photo: 10 years from now, what will Sunset and the West be like?

Photo: 1929: Lane family buys Sunset and begins a magazine for Western climate, way of life

Photo: 1940s: flower garlands, grown in these youngsters' 1943 victory garden, spell USA

Photo: 1950s: suburbs grow with postwar prosperity; two cars move into new homes as freeways reach out

Photo: 1960s: entertaining outdoors, cooks serve homegrown melons with homemade fruit ice

Photo: 1970s: hiking, camping, traveling more, families rediscover fragile resources like Tahoe

Photo: 1980s: Sunset and the American Institute of Architects joint for third decade of home awards
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Title Annotation:Sunset 90th-anniversary issue
Author:Lane, Melvin B.
Date:May 1, 1988
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