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WHEN Eileen and Phelan become an item - partly because she believes his web of lies about Anna fancying him and an alleged one night stand - Michael is also fuming over the turn of events.

Meanwhile, Gemma's laziness and bad time keeping leads to David sacking her (with a little persuasion from Kylie). However, when she comes to Chesney's aid at the kebab shop, it's not long before Dev decides to take a chance and give her a job there.

Kylie also has plenty on her plate when she becomes worrie for Freddie's welfare.

Elsewhere, Billy and Eva gE o to the O'Driscolls while they're out and implore Marta to come with them to safety.

Alas, their rescue plan hits a major snag when the couple return early. And when Rana and Zeedan go for a meal at the bistro, Javed warns him he's a mug if he's considering a relationship with her.

Eileen falls for Phelan's lies


Finding a terrified Marta, Billy and Eva implore her to come with them to safety. But with the O'Driscolls about to return, are they too late?

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Publication:Huddersfield Daily Examiner (Huddersfield, England)
Date:Mar 12, 2016
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