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Router Table

HTC Products Inc. has created a folding router table to fit into tight work spaces. The 24"x 32" table features an MDF top with high pressure laminate applied to both sides for stability. The 34" work height provides a solid routing platform while maintaining portability. The HTR-200 and HTR-300 tables both come complete with a 9" x 11" Tuff-Tek router mounting plate. For more information call 800-624-2027.

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Enhanced Mouse Pad

Solve-It! Marketing has developed a mouse pad that also doubles as a message board. The Ego Write mouse pad is the same size as a regular mouse pad, but half of the surface is available for jotting down notes. A Dry-Erase marker comes with the mouse pad. For more information visit

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Ergonomic Workstation

DataDesk is a computer workstation that is designed to reduce neck and eye strain. Its monitor sits below the surface of the desk under a tempered glass insert, allowing for a proper viewing plane -- the same angle used to read a book -- and also gives students a clear view of their teacher. For more information call 602-966-1222.

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1000 Watt Lamp

nuArc Company Inc. introduces the FT26MH 1000 Watt Metal Halide Imaging System, a lamp specifically designed to handle all of the latest films and emulsions. Metal halide is the most efficient light source available for optimum exposures and superior dot-to-dot reproduction. The lamp comes with a digital L.E.D integrator for precise exposure control and a fast, heavy-duty vacuum system. For more information visit

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Electric Projection Screen

Da-Lite Screen Company has expanded its line of electric screen products to include the Ascender Electrol screen. It features a patented in-the-roller motor mounting system and is ideal for environments in which a traditional ceiling screen or fixed wall screen is not practical. For more information visit

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Vocabulary Development

Lyceum Communications has developed Get a Clue, a software series designed to boost the process of vocabulary development. Using the patented WATS System, students learn through inductive reasoning and critical thinking, not by strict memorization exercises. The software also can be used for SAT and ACT test preparation. For more information visit

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Updated OPAC

OPAC Testing Software has released OPAC 6.0. The latest version contains a new Microsoft Windows 95/98/NT test and features improved alphabetic and numeric filing tests, easier-to-use screens and redesigned score reports. For more information visit

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Welding CD-ROM

Miller Electric Manufacturing Company introduces two new interactive training CD-ROMS: MIG Fundamentals and TIG Fundamentals. Both teach in-depth process theory, applications and electrical theory for use in welding classes. For more information visit

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Career Education Software

Career Development Systems announces the national distribution of Occupational TV (Occ TV) and an updated Career Visions[TM] 2000 software program. Occ TV provides information on 100 careers through QuickTime videos. It also offers a guided tour to Internet sites specifically related to the career area. Career Visions[TM] 2000 helps students build a career plan based on areas such as student interest, occupations selected and the two- or four-year colllege that the student wants to attend. For more information visit

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Drive System Series

Coastal Skills Training introduces Industrial Drive Systems, a two-part comprehensive series on the fundamentals of chain and belt drives. The series is available on both CD-ROM and video; Coastal Skills Training is offering a free 10-day preview. For more information visit

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Quiz Bowl Timer

SkillsUSA-VICA and ZeeCraft have created a 10-player quiz timer that can be used in any question-and-answer competition. The timer can be set for five, 10 and 60 seconds to lock out respondents when time expires or the first buzzer is pushed. For more information visit

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Looking Back

Tech Directions Books and Prakken Publications Inc. have published Technology's Past, Vol. 2: More Heroes of Invention and Innovation. The book features short biographies of 81 inventors and innovators, looks at 19th century technology and examines the popular field of industrial archaeology. For more information visit

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Agriscience Catalog

NASCO's 2000 Agricultural Sciences Catalog is now available. The 363-page catalog features the latest products and information in all areas of agriculture, with special sections on horticulture and forestry equipment, work-based learning, audiovisual supplies and more. For more information visit

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Higher Education Directory

Higher Education Publications Inc. has published its 18th edition of the Higher Education Directory. The directory details more than 4,000 schools and is the industry standard reference for information on two- and four-year private and public colleges, administrative personnel and accreditation agencies. For more information visit

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