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What's New In Valves & Valve Operators.


The advanced technology built into every DeZURIK InteIIi-Pulse[TM] Digital Valve Controller helps to reduce downtime and increase predictive maintenance functionality. An exclusive Valve Health Indicator constantly monitors the real-time performance of globe and rotary control valves--while the process is running--so engineers know at the touch of a button how a valve is performing. Because problems can be identified in-process, maintenance is performed only when it's needed. When embedded into the bottom cover of DeZURIK rotary control or V-port ball valves, the GMR sensor monitors the exact position of the valve ball/plug, resulting in unequaled positioning reliability. By comparison, conventional positioner mounted Hall-effect or potentiometer-based sensors can only report the position of the positioner shaft. Wear, or alignment problems between the positioner, actuator, adapter, valve shaft or ball-plug can degrade control accuracy.

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Cooper Cameron Valves

Cooper Cameron Valves provides one-stop shopping for valves and related systems used to control pressure and direct oil and gas from the wellhead to refineries, petrochemical plants and industrial centers for processing. One of the company's latest offerings is the 10,000 psi Cameron welded body ball valve for subsea service. Offered in 2- through 16-inch sizes it can be submerged in 10,000 feet of water. Subsea applications include manifolds, subsea pipelines, flowline jumper systems, piggable wyes, subsea ESD valves, piggable loops, HIPPS systems, Plem and Plet systems, conventional and diverless hot taps and retrievable launcher/receiver systems.

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Daniel Valve Company

With a product offering of slab and expanding pipeline gate valves, axial and rotary control valves, piston, swing and wafer check valves, Daniel can provide a wide variety of flow control solutions for liquid, geothermal and gas markets. One of the company's recent product offerings is the compact expanding gate valve for applications that require mechanical sealing, block and bleed capabilities, while allowing maximum flow in the open position, and meeting API-6D end-to-end requirements.

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Neles Automation

A six-panel brochure describing Neles Automation's new TuV-certified neles ValvGuard[TM] testing and monitoring system for emergency valve applications is now available. The system allows plant operators to test and monitor emergency shutdown (ESD) and emergency venting (ESV) valves on-line, as often as desired, and store the test results automatically for auditing purposes. The result is a higher level of diagnostic coverage and assurance that ESD and ESV vanes will operate if an incident, such as fire or an explosion, occurs that might threaten equipment and personnel, neles ValvGuard has been approved for use in ESD/ESV applications up to SIL 3.

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Apollo Ball Valves

Apollo Ball Valves, a division of Conbraco Industries, Inc., is now offering customers mill test reports (MTRs) over the Internet for industrial steel and alloy valves. Online MTRs are now available in minutes, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The online program integrates information from Apollo customers through a form on the Conbraco web site. Filling out the form provides the data necessary to customize the report. The database driven program then generates the MTR, certifying the chemical and mechanical properties of the valve or valves in question.

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Nordstrom Audco

Literature from Nordstrom Audco describes the company's polyethylene valves that are designed for natural gas service. The company's Poly-Gas valve features a Continental Industries' Con-Stab I.D. seal fitting and is offered in 1/2-inch through 2-inch sizes with CTS IPS ends. Con-Stab's unique internal and external seals mean you'll get a bubble-tight shutoff, even it the outside of the pipe is scratched. Other features include a one-piece stiffener, internal and external shell and Nordstrom's fused body shell, multiple elastomeric stem seals, unique seat assembly and a quarter turn operation.

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Perfection Corporation

The new 4-inch polyethylene valve from the Perfection Corporation incorporates several new design changes. For example, the design features a molded polyethylene (PE) valve body that has replaced an extruded PE tube. Support legs have been added to the bottom of the valve for increased stability and flat projections have been added to the sides for increased stability inside a curb box. In addition, pressure test ports are available. The valve body has improved production capabilities, allowing for Perfection to decrease production lead times and eliminate reliance on third-party vendors. As with all Perfection Corporation gas distribution products, the design has undergone rigorous qualification testing and meets or exceeds the requirements or US DOT CFR Part 192, ASTM D-2513 and ANSI B16.40.

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Smith Row Control Ltd.

Easi-drive, the new portable valve operating system from Smith Flow Control, is designed for use with manual valves in situations where valve size, pressure rating or work environment would otherwise demand a dedicated actuator or require a work crew. By reducing valve operation to a one-man activity, the device eliminates operator fatigue and greatly reduces the risk of injury. In addition, operator efficiency is greatly enhanced by significantly reducing operating time. Comprising three elements: drive gun, valve coupler and power pack, easi-drive is fully portable and adaptable to any size or type of valve. It can manage a bank of valves with a single drive tool, and is particularly useful for moving tight or partially-seized valves. Suitable for all climatic conditions, it is ideal for minimum facilities installations and is certified for use in hazardous areas. It is offered with three alternative power sources: pneumatic, hydraulic and electric. In any production or manufacturing facility it can be run on adjacent plant air or single-phase electrical supply. All torque ranges are catered for, with variable torque adjustment capability as standard.

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springer co-ax inc.

Recently introduced by springer co-ax inc. is a series of new explosion-proof valves that are designed for use in hazardous areas and wherever fast, reliable, positive shutoff is required. Available as direct acting solenoid, or externally controlled (air or hydraulically piloted), these valves are approved for use in hazardous locations by North American and European agencies. Depending on size, these valves operate from vacuum to 500 bar, and are designed to outlast (10 times the cycle life) and outperform conventional valves. Direct acting explosion-proof valves are available in 2/2 way shutoff and 3/2 way diverter versions, with nominal orifice sizes 2 to 50 mm. Externally controlled valves are available in 2/2 and 3/2 way versions, with nominal orifice sizes 10 to 250 mm.

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Noble Alloy Valve

Noble Alloy Valve, a division of the Fike Corporation, recently received their ISO 9001:1 994E certification from The American Petroleum Institute Quality Registrar (APIQR) for the design, manufacture, repair, and testing of valves, actuators, and accessories, as well as the surface hardening of metals under IAF Code 17. Receipt of this certification further demonstrates Noble's commitment to providing customers with high quality alloy valves and other flow control products. Interested readers can obtain pertinent information.

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The new Flanged Butterfly Valve from NIBCO offers a cost-effective alternative to traditional ball and gate valves. The Flanged Butterfly Valve provides the commercial retrofit market with a flanged butterfly valve that is dimensionally the same--flanged end to flanged end--as comparable ball, plug, and gate valves. Developers say it is lighter in weight and easier to install. It also can be actuated for throttling, providing more versatility. Applications include commercial and general utility service including compressed air and hydrocarbons, vacuum service, HVAC, hot and cold water, end-of-line service, and modulating control services. It is available in ductile or cast iron, and has a corrosion-resistant coating.

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Cook Manley

Anyone can make field repairs--in minutes with MOPPET[TM] compressor vanes. Developer Cook Manley, that developed the field-repairable valve for reciprocating gas compressors, claims it can dramatically reduce the expense, inconvenience and downtime of valve repairs. Each MOPPET valve is actually a series of individual radiused-disc valves encapsulated in modular cartridges. A damaged or worn seat cartridge is easily replaced in the field. Simply press out the old cartridge and press in a new one. No lapping, grinding or machining is needed. Your compressor is up and running in a fraction of the time, with no need to send out for parts.

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Fisher Controls International Inc.

A key component of the Fisher FIELD-VUE Digital Value Controller won the grand prize in the Powder Metallurgy Design Competition sponsored by the Metal Powder Industries Federation. The award-winning part, a housing for current-to-pneumatic conversion components, is produced by Advanced Materials Technologies, Pte. Ltd. of Singapore. Fisher partnered with Advanced Materials Technologies (AMT) to take advantage of the firm's metal-injection molding expertise. The controller is a key, networked component of the innovative, PlantWeb[R] field-based architecture. As an intelligent field device, it collects, distributes, and uses information for process control, while its companion AMS ValveLink[TM] software processes this field information to add asset management functionality, including diagnostics. Fisher Controls is a member of the Fisher-Rosemount group of companies. Fisher-Rosemount, part of Emerson Electric Co., is a leading supplier of control vanes, regulators, transmitters, analyzers, process management systems, software, and related services.

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Neles Automation

Neles Automation has extended its ND800 digital positioner technology so that it can be used in conjunction with other manufacturers' rotary or linear valves. Introduced nearly five years ago, the unique positioner not only provides extensive monitoring for diagnostics, but also is capable of improving a control valve's speed of response and positioning accuracy for substantive improvements in process stability. It works by automatically collecting diagnostic data from the valve (i.e., actuator load factor trend) on-line as the valve is working in real process conditions. Captured trend data is used to identify valves requiring maintenance. It can also reduce preventive maintenance costs by identifying valves that are performing well and do not require maintenance. Versions of the ND800 are available for use in HART and Field bus networks. Adapting an ND800 to a different protocol in the field is accomplished simply by replacing a circuit board.

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New from Dresser-Rand is a valve for all models of reciprocating compressors. Known as the Magnum[TM] valve, it can be configured for a wide range of operating conditions and virtually any gas process. An added benefit is the proprietary Dynamic Valve Analysis (DVA) software used to custom-design every Magnum valve. This enables Dresser-Rand engineers to design the vane to meet specific application requirements.

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UMAC Excess Flow Valves (EFVs) are installed underground where the gas service line joins the main. They are similar to electrical circuit breakers that shut off electricity when the current exceeds design limits. EFVs automatically shut off the gas when the flow to a residence or commercial facility exceeds design limits. This excess gas flow can be caused by a break in the service line from ground movement, natural disasters or third party damage.

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Mooney Controls

A two-page technical bulletin from Mooney Controls describes the 2-inch single port Type "A" flangeless Flowgrid[TM] valve. This economic and easy to maintain top entry pilot operated valve is designed for both gas and liquid applications. With face-to-face dimensions of only 3.03 inches for the 150/300 CL and 3.41 inches for the 600 CL, the company says it has the same dimensions as the American Axial Flow regulator, making the Flowgrid an ideal replacement.

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Farris Engineering

A new brochure from Farris Engineering covering the company's Series 2700 Pressure Relief valves makes it easier than ever to make the right selection. A unique numbering system is used to give each digit of the part number a distinct significance. The digits describe the basic valve series, orifice, seat design, inlet temperature range, body, bonnet and spring material, inlet type and pressure rating.

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