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What's New From AHR Expo.

LAS VEGAS -- Here's a sampling of new products shown at the 2017 AHR Expo, organized by category.

Air Conditioning

Mitsubishi Electric introduces the CITY MULTI[R] ceiling cassette indoor unit, featuring the new 3D i-see Sensor[TM] (PLFY-EP-NEMU-E). The 3D i-see Sensor is a small, yet powerful component mounted to the exterior panel of the ceiling cassette. The sensor continuously analyzes the thermal profile of a room, identifying cool and warm spots. To achieve an accurate thermal profile, it performs hundreds of circular scans, with multiple points per scan, continuously monitoring a given space.

Trane ProSpace[TM] Ductless Solutions offer a comprehen sive range of systems and sizes to serve the heating and cooling needs of a variety of single zone and commercial buildings. The Trane[R] ProSpace[TM] Circular Cassette blends superior heating and cooling performance with attractive design. These indoor units deliver reliable, even cooling and heating for single spaces. Trane[R] ProSpace[TM] 4TVM Convertible Air Handlers deliver the precise capacity to match load requirements for spaces that include micro apartments, condos, vertical high-rises, and hotel rooms.

Perfect for light commercial uses, the FlexFit Pro series from Haier offers a number of options to make installation and inventory easy. They are powered by a single outdoor unit, yet are able to set different temperatures in different spaces via separate indoor units. Available from 24,000 Btu to 48,000 Btu (25.3 million J to 50.6 million J). The 24,000 Btu (25.3 million J) unit is interchangeable with single or multizone units.

Heat Transfer Products Group (HTPG[TM]), part of the Rheem[R] family of brands, unveils the new Quantum Air Remote Air Cooled Condenser, which decreases installation labor and energy costs. The units feature heavy-duty lifting eyes and hinged legs for quick installation. Motors are conveniently stud-mounted on rigid rails for increased stability and ease of service.

Air Movement/Fans

PennBarry launches Zephyr Revolution, a line of precision ceiling, inline and wall-mount exhaust fans that are some of the quietest, most powerful commercial and residential airflow management systems on the market. Zephyr Revolution will be available in the spring of 2017.

Multi-Wing introduces the EMAX4[TM] Fans, which provide up to 77% total efficiency. EMAX4 has a computer-optimized blade design for maximum performance. EMAX4 decreases noise by 2 to 3 dB and reduces energy consumption in air-cooled condensers, commercial refrigeration, chillers, cooling towers, evaporators and more.

Titus HVAC elevates comfort control and energy efficiency with Helios, the industry's first digital diffuser that is powered by both ambient light and direct sunlight. The variable air volume (VAV) diffuser can be used with thermostats and is completely wireless, enabling maximum comfort, greater efficiency and simplified installation.

Daikin North America's new DVS

Dedicated Outside Air System (DOAS) Air Handling Unit (AHU) is designed for seamless integration with VRF air-cooled heat recovery outdoor units and control systems to provide conditioning of 100% outdoor ventilation air. Models, with nominal 1,000, 2,000 and 3,000 cfm (472, 944, and 1,416 L/s) airflow rates, can be configured with pretreatment, cooling, reheat, and heating components to be applied to a wide variety of commercial applications desiring the advanced features that VRF offers.

The Vibro-Curb from Thybar has integral, vibration-dampening spring isolators, which may be easily accessed. These curbs provide mounting for rooftop HVAC units. Roofing may be completed at later date without disturbing the unit, which eliminates extra crane or helicopter expenses. A 2 x 4 wood nailer is provided for attaching roofing felts.

The new EME720 7 in. (178 mm) horizontal louver from Ruskin features a industry-leading 56% free area and combines a continuous-blade architectural appearance with the performance of a wind-driven rain-resistant louver. The louver's architectural mullion is recessed, notched in the blade, and uses drain pockets allowing water to drain away while contributing to an appearance of one continuous louver.

Building Automation/Controls

Telkonet, creator of the EcoSmart platform of intelligent room automation solutions supporting the emerging IofT, introduces a new wireless thermostat, the EcoTouch+ Battery. Part of the EcoSmart platform, the EcoTouch+ Battery features a user-friendly glass touch screen that offers customers the opportunity to optimize energy efficiency while also enjoying easy, wire-free installation.

Delta Electronics' subsidiary Delta Controls announces the debut of the eZNTW, an advanced BACnet thermostat, to expand its enteliZONE thermostat product line. Named a finalist in the AHR Expo Innovation Awards in the Building Automation category, the eZNTW boasts unique communications capabilities, such as onboard Wi-Fi to make it IoT-ready and enOcean[R] wireless capabilities for HVAC controls and in-room integration with a variety of peripheral products, such as lighting, blinds and door contact.

Vertiv[TM], formerly Emerson Network Power, announces that two of its most popular Liebert[R] cooling systems for small IT spaces are now available with the iCOM[TM] CMS Monitoring and Control System that enables remote monitoring, management and alarm troubleshooting for IT managers and service technicians. The Liebert[R] cooling products have earned the AHRI Certified[R] mark through the Air-Conditioning, Heating, and Refrigeration Institute's (AHRI) Datacom certification program.

LUX Kono's Wi-Fi enabled thermostat features the company's Home and Away Aware[TM] feature. The product has a fully-featured app, intelligent design, and is Apple HomeKit and Amazon Alexa compatible.

Boilers/Water Heating

RinnaiAmerica offers a new Modular Hybrid Water Heating System and Corner Tankless Rack System[TM]. Designed as a replacement for boiler and storage tank applications, the modular hybrid water heating system is a Tankless Rack System, powered by Rinnai's C199 condensing tankless water heaters, paired with a 119 gallon (451 L) storage tank and recovery pump skid system.

The Diversified Heat Transfer SuperPlate advanced plate-type boiler water fired water heater incorporates the company's field-proven PID controller with high-efficiency plate and frame or brazed plate heat exchangers to satisfy potable water heating needs in commercial and institutional environments.

Bradford White Corporation subsidiaries, Bradford White Water Heaters, Niles Steel Tank, and Laars Heating Systems now offer 150- to 2,500-gallon (568- to 9464 L) electric water heaters, from 12 to 162 kW that feature 150 psi (1 MPa) ASME code glass lining, ASME temperature and PRV, internal fusing (above 120 amps) and magnesium anode rods. The water heaters also offer immersion thermostats, manual reset high limit, hinged and locking door and channel iron skid base.

Miura America Company offers the LX300 boiler, which features reduced environmental footprint of low N[O.sub.x] and C[O.sub.2] emissions, as well as a "once-through" vertical water-tube design that produces steam in less than five minutes from a cold start, using less fuel and water than traditional boiler units.

The HeatMaster 45 TC condensing boiler from ACV is designed to provide heating and hot water production from one combination unit. It is a total condensing unit that condenses in both heating and hot water mode. It features the company's ACVMax Control system, as well as a stainless steel self-cleaning heat exchanger.

Chillers/Cooling Towers/Chilled Water Systems

Carrier introduces the new AquaForce[R] 30XV air-cooled screw chiller with Greenspeed[R] intelligence. The AquaForce 30XV is powered by variable-speed technology that delivers best-in-class energy efficiency and a quieter operation, with a tiered approach for a broader operating range and design flexibility. The 30XV chiller line also offers a flexible, tiered approach to provide an optimally sized chiller to fit customer's needs including the smallest footprint chiller to exceed ASHRAE Standard 90.1-2013 specification.

SPX Cooling Technologies features its cooling tower offerings, including the Marley NC Everest Cooling Tower. It has 50% greater cooling capacity than any other factory-assembled cooling tower. Its design minimizes piping and electrical connections to reduce installation cost. MarKey[TM] drift eliminators achieve the lowest measurable drift rate, down to 0.0005% of circulating water flow. The NC Everest Cooling Tower uses up to 35% less fan power for higher energy efficiency.

Unlike traditional chillers, ClimaCool's modular chiller is designed with separate electric feeds, providing true redundancy so the chiller is never offline, even during routine maintenance. With the separate feeds, individual modules within the chiller bank can be taken offline for servicing, expansion or replacement, without impacting system performance. Its outdoor design also requires a small footprint in applications where geothermal may have been a consideration.

Scale Free Systems (SFS) delivers chemical-free solutions for a better building management environment. The Scale Free System controls scale formation, microbiological growth, and equipment corrosion without the use of any chemicals. SFS works on all forms of heat exchange equipment, including cooling towers, chillers, condensers, boilers, and heat exchangers.

KRIWAN has further developed the INT69 Diagnose compressor protection relay. What is new is the compressor protection can now "grow" in line with requirements. Compressor protection has gone modular. Data can be read out from the compressor by means of a smartphone app. Another new feature is with the help of a cable, the INT69 Diagnose can now be easily connected to the new INT280 oil level regulator and a module for mechanical power control.

Coils, Piping

The HDY/VDY Blower Coil Series from International Environmental Corporation (IEC) features larger blower wheels and a broader range of performance than conventional ceiling fan coil units. Utilized most often in health-care, hospitality, education, retail and other commercial mixed-use facilities, the HDY/VDY has significant acoustical benefits, eliminating the mechanical drive noises, which are evident in typical belt-drive products.

Combined Heating/Cooling/ Chilled Beams

Panasonic launches the latest entry in their Exterios line of ductless mini-splits and the Slim-Ducted Heat Pump, an all-new mini-split product. The Slim-Ducted Heat Pump is a versatile new system that can provide heating and cooling solutions for the entire home, rather than just one or two rooms at a time using traditional single-zone systems. The Exterios XE series is Panasonic's most advanced Heat Pump system, delivering more efficient and versatile performance options for all HVAC customers, even in cold-climate conditions.

Friedrich Air Conditioning

Co. launched its VRP[R] (Variable Refrigerant Packaged) Heat Pump system. The variable capacity matches the system's output to actual demand for increased comfort, lower energy consumption and improved humidity control. VRP also features exceptional low-ambient heat pump operations.

LG Outdoor Air Units (OAUs) provide conditioned outdoor air to meet code ventilation requirements for occupied spaces and can be combined with LG VRF indoor units that provide comfort cooling/heating to occupied spaces. The units can also be installed on existing refrigerant circuits, reducing costs.

Samsung's VRF systems are also known as DVM (Digital Variable Multi) S systems. The DVM S product lineup consists of: heat pump, heat recovery, water, and chiller systems. DVM S systems range from 6 to 20 tons (21 to 70 kW). Each DVM S system is equipped with an inverter scroll compressor and flash or vapor injection technology.

Fujitsu General America has expanded its Airstage[TM] V-II VRF equipment line of Variable Refrigerant Flow (VRF) heat pumps, with enhanced capabilities and operational efficiencies.

The latest series now includes 6, 8, and 10 ton (21, 28, and 35 kW) condensers, helping reduce the number of condensers in certain configurations. V-II 230V/3-phase, zoned VRF systems offer large capacity, operational efficiencies up to 24.30 IEER (to AHRI 1230 standard) and are an ideal heating/ cooling solution for small and large buildings.

Bosch Thermotechnology Corp. announces a newline of high-efficiency Climate 5000 Ductless Minisplit Heat Pump Systems, ideal for residential heating and cooling up to 48,000 Btu/h (14 kW), available for single-zone or multi-zone applications. These ultra-quiet, inverter-driven heat pump systems function properly across an extended operating range of temperatures, with indoor sound levels as low as 20 dBA in "silent mode," which is quieter than a whisper at a library.

Serescos NG-Series of premium fluid coolers combine a compact, lightweight footprint with a quiet, energy-efficient solution for heat exchange in VRF, geothermal loop, or economizer modes for HVAC chiller systems. Features include two-speed ac motorized axial fans, owl wing fan blades, two-speed fans, and V-shaped fin coils.

Energy Recovery

Energy recovery ventilation (ERV) units used in commercial HVAC applications improve system efficiency while making it affordable to provide the fresh air ventilation that improves indoor air quality. Airxchange offers its ERV technology and Aftermarket service.


ADEY[R] Professional Heating Solutions introduces the MagnaClean Commercial[TM] Magnetic Filter range to the North American market. MagnaClean Commercial's unique, patented magnetic filtration system starts to work immediately upon installation, removing virtually all of the suspended iron oxide that collects in hydronic heating systems.

The International Copper Association, Inc. (ICA) and Optimized Thermal Systems, Inc. (OTS) announces a new technology outreach program on the design and use of heat exchangers made with MicroGroove[TM] smaller diameter copper tubes. The program is aimed at engineering students, academic researchers and industry professionals who would like to learn more about MicroGroove technology.

Superior Radiant Products introduces its latest contribution to energy efficient operation of infrared heating solutions. The innovative SRP AccuRATE[R] Control with BACnet connectivity is fully customizable and can be used to operate any of SRP's infrared heating products.

Uponor North America announces the next generation in wireless controls for residential hydronic radiant floor heating systems. The new Climate Control Zoning System II features an innovative technology called Autobalancing that boasts 25% faster reaction times and up to 20% greater energy savings for radiant floor heating systems.

The new GeoSync geothermal unit from Modine is a vertical water-to-air heat pump featuring the industry exclusive CF Microchannel Air Coil for increased 2-stage efficiency. The GeoSync also features an innovative, patent pending overall unit design with a vertical control panel.


CAREL presents humiFog direct, the new high pressure atomizer for direct room applications. Extending the humiFog range of adiabatic humidifiers, this new solution is designed for industrial environments that require direct humidification into the room to control relative humidity. By absorbing some of the heat generated during industrial processes, humiFog direct ensures the right humidity level.

Indoor Air Quality

The HVAC Load Reduction (HLR[R]) technology company, enVerid Systems Inc., joins Johnson Controls to unveil the company's new YORK EcoAdvance[TM] HLR module powered by enVerid's technology. The technology is the only HVAC solution on the market that captures and removes contaminants like carbon dioxide (CO2), formaldehyde and volatile organic compounds (VOCs) from indoor air while intelligently managing the flow of outside air into a building.

UVResources has upgraded its RLM Xtreme fixtureless ultraviolet (UV-C) lamp system to include its new 24-volt Contact Controller. The prewired controller streamlines UV-C system installation, cutting time by up to 50% and improving safety. The new UL 1995-compliant safety controller puts facilities almost three years ahead of the November 2019 deadline that requires all HVAC access points to automatically de-energize the UV-C system when opened.

An airSMART[TM] system from Fresh-Aire UV can monitor and protect your home. The sensor will detect various pollutants including VOCs, particulates and CO2. If it senses a rise in pollutants, it tells the thermostat to turn on the HVAC unit to circulation mode. Then, contaminants are neutralized for cleaner, healthier air.

Motors, Drives, Compressors

Emerson announces the latest generation of its Copeland Scroll[TM] two-stage compressor. The new compressor will include an expansion in the capacity range up to 10 hp (7.5 kW) and will offer comfort and efficiency at an affordable price. The Copeland Scroll two-stage compressor has been redesigned for improved performance and reliability in residential and commercial air conditioning systems with an offering to support 1.5-to 10-ton (5-to 35 kW) systems.

Danfoss extends its range of compressors to now include Danfoss Scrolls with Intermediate Discharge Valve (IDV) technology to offer functional benefits and savings throughout the life cycle of a system, from development and operating costs to servicing and maintenance. The new scroll compressors with IDVs will have capacities from 7.5 to 40 tons (26 to 141 kW). The compressors, which are designed to deliver the most cost-effective solution for the next generation of rooftop units and chillers with R-410A, will also be qualified with lower GWP refrigerants by the end of 2017 to fulfill the expectations of the transition to alternative refrigerants.

Tecumseh announces the availability of the TC Series compressor. Optimized for use with eco-friendly hydrocarbon refrigerants R-290 (propane) and R-600a (isobutane), the TC compressor delivers an efficiency up to 6.1 EER (1.78 COP). The TC's high efficiency, combined with its compact size, makes it a perfect choice for beverage cooler and small commercial freezer applications where the need for energy improvement will continue.

The new dual-voltage Fullmotion compressor from Embraco brings considerable flexibility to the refrigeration chain. Fullmotion is an intelligent, fast-cooling and energy efficient solution for light commercial and medical applications. Its variable speed technology enables it to reach a target temperature very quickly and maintain the target temperature with less thermal fluctuation, helping to ensure better preservation of the content stored in the equipment.

Fuji Electric Corp. of America has announced that they have expanded their portfolio of Variable Frequency Drives with the addition of FRENIC-Ace, a full-featured, versatile drive with advanced integration capabilities including applied power ratings, sensorless dynamic torque vector control, PM synchronous motor control, 2-channel onboard RS485 communication port and customer customizable logic.

The PerfectSpeed[R] EC Motor (electronically commutated) system from Nidec provides a wide range of control options, voltages, and mechanical configurations. It offers the high efficiency and precise airflow control needed in a broad array of air-moving applications.


The new LPD Y-Strainer from Metraflex features a new internal geometry and a screen that is 30% larger with more holes. More holes means it takes much longer for debris to collect and impede flow. In addition, the body casting does not block the screen's opening, so flow is far less turbulent through all the additional holes.

Victaulic has introduced grooved Installation-Ready[TM] fittings. Designed for grooved copper tubing, the fittings integrate Installation-Ready[TM] couplings into the cast fitting housings at each connection point, resulting in faster and simpler piping system installation and maintenance, while improving safety and efficiency on jobsites.

REHAU's EVERLOC+ compression-sleeve fitting system for potable water applications features both polymer and lead-free brass fittings in diameters up to 2 in. (51 mm). EVERLOC+ connections are made using a two-step expansion and compression process. First, the pipe is expanded, then the sleeve is actively compressed over the pipe and fitting for a secure connection that is immediately ready for pressure testing.

Lucus-Milhaupt offers its complete line of brazing and soldering filler metals to meet the needs of the latest generation of HVAC&R systems and components.


Armstrong Fluid Technology unveils the new Tango line of pumps featuring the next level of innovation in Design Envelope technology. The new line of Tango pumps is a completely integrated offering designed to further reduce the first installed costs as well as ongoing lifetime costs by more than 30% over traditional approaches.

Wilo USA launches its new booster offerings, including the Wilo CO-Helix, the Wilo Si-Boost EXCEL, and the Wilo Helix EXCEL Complete, which are available in single to four-pump configurations. The multi-pump systems feature real-time diagnostics and remote monitoring, with variable speed control and balanced run time for each pump. The EXCEL Complete single-pump system offers the highest efficiency motor-drive combination on the market, as well as up to 50% energy savings over standard pump-motor assemblies.

IntelliBoost Constant Pressure Variable Speed Booster Systems from Pentair are tailored to fresh water applications in high-rises, office buildings, hospitals, hotels, and other commercial, industrial and municipal locations. Features include a Pentair Water Variable Frequency Drive for each pump, PLC control panel with a PID loop to stage up to four pumps, and PVM multistage pumps used for variable frequency drives.

Refrigeration/Process Cooling

Sanhua International introduces the Green Tech Line of refrigeration and air-conditioning components, designed for use with natural refrigerants R-290 (propane), R-600a (isobutane) and R-744 (CO2). The Sanhua Green Tech Line for hydrocarbon refrigerant (R-290/R-600a) use includes electronic expansion valves, thermostatic expansion valves, reversing valves, check valves, ball valves and solenoid valves.

The MR45 Refrigerant Recovery Machine from Fieldpiece is a lightweight digital refrigerant recovery machine with a smart, variable speed one-horsepower dc motor. The variable speed motor operates based on the load so it runs at lower rpms when pulling liquid and then switches to higher rpms when pulling vapor to maximize vapor recovery.

Honeywell Refrigerants announces the availability of a full digital toolset, designed to help air conditioning and refrigeration customers select and implement the right refrigerant for their application. Honeywell's full suite of apps, digital calculators and software includes an app for the standard paper pressure-temperature (PT) chart, a Refrigerant Selection Tool app, Genetron[R] Properties Refrigerants Modeling Software, and more.

RectorSeal introduced AC Leak Freeze Pro, a safe, quick and easy refrigerant leak sealant applicator for residential and commercial refrigeration and air-conditioning systems. The applicator safely withstands all typical refrigerant pressures.


Gas Sensing Solutions (GSS) launches a new C[O.sub.2] sensor aimed at building control, HVAC, IAQ and DCV applications. A smaller version of GSS' current CozIR, CozIR LP is the latest generation of this product and is fully compatible with the existing device.

Automated Logic Corporation expands its product portfolio to include a new line of self-powered, wireless space sensors. Designed to work with WebCTRL[R] controllers and the WebCTRL building automation system, these sensors monitor a building's conditions to optimize the use of HVAC and lighting systems within the building.

The Ex9B series miniature circuit breakers from NOARK Electric protect installations against overload and short-circuit, warranting reliability and safety for operations.

The B1NQ series has been specifically designed for HVAC OEM applications, where space and economy need to be optimized.

The new 550BNR BACnet router from Real Time Automation requires little configuration. Users can route messages between MS/TP Masters and Slaves to BACnet/IP Clients and Servers.

Daikin Applied announces the availability of Intelligent Equipment[R] as a factory-installed option on Pathfinder[R] AWV chillers, helping building managers gain unprecedented visibility to energy consumption and efficiency. Harnessing the power of the Internet of Things, Intelligent Equipment lets facility managers and owners more easily manage expenses and reduce energy costs. By connecting directly to Pathfinder at the equipment level, Intelligent Equipment reads over 150 data points in real time.

The nanodac[TM] recorder/controller from Schneider Electric offers the ultimate in graphical recording combined with PID control for a box of its size. The compact V DIN panel mount unit offers four high accuracy universal inputs for data recording and PID control.

Power management company Eaton announces that it has enhanced its line of 9PX[TM] uninterruptible power system (UPS) products with addition of new 700 to 1500 volt-ampere (VA) models. The new models feature the 9PX UPS's industry-leading energy efficiency and reliability to help information technology professionals and data center managers organize, protect, and manage their critical infrastructure.

The MVR-300 detector from Bacharach is specifically designed to provide continuous monitoring for refrigerants associated with high-efficiency, high volume refrigerant cooling and heating systems, such as VRF (Variable Refrigerant Flow) systems.

Honeywell announces a new Bluetooth-enabled fixed gas detector for commercial and light industrial applications, enabling users to easily set up and maintain the device using a simple smartphone app. The Sensepoint XCL is a wall-mounted device that monitors for hazardous levels of specific gases such as carbon monoxide, ammonia or methane.

Series 490A Hydronic Differential Pressure Manometers from Dwyer are versatile, handheld, battery operated manometers available in several basic ranges for positive or positive differential pressure measurement and can tolerate most liquid media compatible with 316LSS.

Sporlan Division of Parker Hannifin Corporation has added refrigeration-specific tools to the SMART family. SMART Pro/R Service Tools now accommodate refrigeration applications down to -40[degrees]F (-40[degrees]C). The tools also have a wireless range that is up to 10 times longer than existing Bluetooth[R] sensors.

Transducers Directs wireless CirrusSense[TM] family of products enables companies to monitor their refrigerant pressures and temperatures. When first released, pressures and temperatures from the TDWLB wireless sensors are read locally on the user's smart device. Free apps are available on both the Apple and Android platforms.

The telliBot from Intellihot is an IoT and Wi-Fi enabled smart condensate neutralizer. It monitors neutralizer media use and sends a notification through an app when it needs to be replaced, preventing corrosion damage. It can also make boiler rooms smart through robotic controls that transform every water heater or boiler into a smart device.


Securely connect your field devices through Sierra Monitor's FieldServer IIoT Gateway to the FieldPoP device cloud with no firewall dependencies.

From the cloud, remotely access, configure, and update the IIoT gateway and field devices; set up users and notifications from devices to responsible users; and integrate the data generated by the devices to business and analytics applications.

The Trimble[R] RealWorks point cloud modeling software enables you to register, visualize, explore and manipulate as-built data collected from your 3-D laser scanner. Once your collected point cloud is registered within Trimble RealWorks, you can easily model existing pipe from point cloud data using the EasyPipe routine. Finally, export your modeled point cloud for import into popular CAD/BIM packages to jump-start your MEP estimating and detailing tasks.

Murano from Exosite is a cloud-based IoT software platform that enables an end-to-end ecosystem to help customers develop and deliver connected products. Developed with an open-platform philosophy, Murano offers open APIs, connects with other public cloud platforms, and offers advanced device connectivity that includes provisioning, security, and management functionality.

Uniweld showcased the SmarTech[TM] Wireless Digital Manifold, Part# USMAN5. This tool communicates with your phone or tablet through a free SmarTech[TM] app. It takes all the guesswork out of system maintenance by doing all the calculations.

Tools and Accessories

hilmors Vacuum Pump helps HVAC&R professionals work more efficiently with its hands-free design, including built-in durable hoist points on the handle. It is compatible with the hilmor HVAC&R Carrying Strap.

Valves, Actuators

Belimo Americas' new advanced butterfly valve with the PKR electronic fail-safe actuator for enhanced control saves energy with up to 80% less power consumption than currently available solutions. Its self-adjusting algorithm ensures zero leakage and improves system performance.


The Stable Vortex[R] Fume Hood Conversion Kit from Triatek adapts conventional fume hoods into high performance, low flow fume hoods that deliver a superior level of safety for the user, while also providing substantial energy and cost savings for the laboratory facility.

Ventacity Systems introduces its VS500 SQ ("Super Quiet") ductless heat recovery ventilation (HRV) system. The unit's minimal noise level provides an ideal solution for healthy IAQ management in decentralized applications such as school classrooms, office environments, and conference spaces.

Cambridge Engineering now offers both vertical and horizontal configurations for their entire line of S-Series Space Heaters as well as M-Series Make-Up Air Units. Having more installation options is helpful to specifying engineers, especially when space is restricted, or when replacing a rooftop unit on an old building that might not be able to handle the weight of a larger unit.

DuctSox offers DataSox, a round, overhead, directionally adjustable air displacement duct system for data centers. Adjustable nozzles provide targeted, consistent velocities along the entire length of the cold aisle to allow for maximum efficiency of equipment in the aisles.

DirectVent Pro venting system from DuraVent now allows for the field application of non-combustible insulation for wall thimbles and support boxes.

Caption: Lou Moffa (right) shows Marc Dandofsky ebm-papst's newly introduced 500 mm EC fan.

Caption: Thousands of HVAC&R professionals crowded in to see exhibits covering more than 500,000 [ft.sup.2] of space at the largest AHR Expo ever.

Caption: Glenn Huse (left) shows Bell & Gossett, a Xylem brand pressure independent control valves to Jamie Edmondson and Jack Koenig.

Caption: Ryan Brown (left) from AERCO shows Lyvania Partida, Brian McCutcheon, and Marc Anderson the Benchmark and SmartPlate that provides space heating and domestic hot water.

Caption: Armstrong (Booth C5920) offers the Design Envelope high-efficiency dry-rotor circulators with iECM technology, shown here to Kelley Cramm (left) by Gabriel Covete.
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