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What's new on CD shelves?

Take a look and see.


* Etta James

Lookin' to get Mom a CD for Mother's Day? Etta is a living blues legend, and this is one mama of a CD. Etta belts out 12 phat tracks of classic hits--Bob Dylan's "Gotta Serve Somebody," Al Green's "Tenderness," and Ray Charles' "Come Back Baby," to name a few. "I've always wanted to sing like a dude," she jokes. Etta's Roots Band includes sons Donto on drums and Sametto on bass. Etta turned production reins over to the two for this CD. "I was amused at how much they liked telling their mom what to do," she says. Ha! Who wouldn't love that?


* Weston

These guys don't believe in wasting any time. They have a cool rule: No more than two takes per song. That way, they get the rawness of a live recording in the studio. For a band that's lacking in perfectionistic recording tactics, the songs are clean and mean. Energetic pop!


* Various Artists

This could be mistaken for a live recording of Farm Aid with the likes of Emmylou Harris, Mary Chapin Carpenter and Steve Earle. The best part? It's all acoustic, recorded during a concert series to raise awareness of the global landmine tragedy (one of Princess Di's big causes). Of the 26,000 men, women and children injured or killed annually (a third of the world's countries are mined), 90 percent are civilians. All the CD'S proceeds go toward the cause.



It's the universal language of music. Joe is from New Zealand, Sarah from Australia, Tracey is English, and Livio's Italian. They're all the rage in Europe, and you U.S. chicas oughta love 'em too! This is pop with a trippy, spaced-out spin to it. You're probably already hooked on "Around the World (La La La La La)," making its rounds on radio. Oh, and what's ATC? A Touch of Class.


* Jennifer Marks

Gotta love her. The gifted guitarist/songwriter put her songs out on her own Red Kurl label. That's spunk! Her songs are subtle, sophisticated and smart. "Thick" won first prize for rock in the USA Songwriting Contest. Other standouts include "Window" and "Fragile."


* Music from the Motion Picture

If you go for loud and thrashy, bank on this mixed bag of tricks. The music is edgy, like the film. The soundtrack starts out big with Cindy Alexander's punchy girl version of Tom Petty's classic "American Girl," followed by Noogie's punky "I'd Rather Float," rap-rock "Party People" by Phunk Junkeez, The Flys' "She's So Huge" and more. Perfect for pouncing around at a sleepover.


* Mary Beth Maziarz

You probably don't even realize you've already heard Mary Beth's sweet songs on Dawson's Creek. She's the one who sang "Daydream Believer" in last season's premiere episode. Her lovely vocals are as soft as rose petals floating on air, and her piano playing is just as smooth. Her beautiful "Better Than Anyone" and "Hold On" were featured on Dawson's and are now among the collection of Mary Beth's original songs on this solo CD.
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Date:Apr 1, 2001
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