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IF you're bored at work or with your life - then you may well need a whack around the head.

Psychotherapist Sharon Eden believes we sometimes need a metaphorical whack to move us towards finding purpose, passion and power in our lives to achieve our goals.

She says many of us are living our lives moving from one trance to another - whether it's working or even spending weekends in a daze. We're getting up, surviving and then going to bed.

Life coach Sharon received her own whack around the head in her early 30s. Unhappily married and as a mum-oftwo, trying to study and facing having her home repossessed as her husband's business had failed, she collapsed with stress and depression.

But she took control of her life and now she's written a book to help others, called Whack Around The Head.

Around 1.2 million people suffer from illness they believe was caused or made worse by work.

Sharon says: "Feeling stressed and bored at work is debilitating and totally unproductive for the organisation and the bottom-line. Emotional stress due to divorce, toxic relationships or mid-life traumas is equally in need of emergency emotional and key life skills adjustments.

"Yet, encouragingly, the emotional gap from being dispirited or bored to being enthusiastic about your work and/or life is actually minute, and easily achievable through re-engaging and discovering your purpose and key emotional drivers."

In Whack Around the Head, Sharon gives step-by-step exercises helping readers to find a new way of living life. Glazed over eyes mean you're somewhere else - rather than experiencing the moment. Focus on the present so you can recognise and respond to current events. Being alert and alive and ready to respond, means you're living rather than just existing.

As a child you learn to be who, what and how your nearest and dearest teach you to be. You end up believing other people's beliefs, valuing other people's values and living out attitudes, behaviours and other people's lives instead of your own.

A life event can trigger a whack around the head that leaves you thinking there must be more to life. You need to discover what you need in life to break free from the box you've grown up in to find the real you.

Connect with the real you and realise you have choices in how to think, feel and behave. If you're not happy about a situation, either decide to take action or learn to manage your feelings. You can choose how to experience what's going on around you and how you respond to it.

You can't change anyone else and might not be able to change circumstances, but you can always change yourself.

Your purpose is your personal theme - your own particular signature tune - rather than something you should do.

Discovering your purpose encourages you to make choices relevant to the moment rather than reacting to old patterns of behaviour.

Create a list of excuses you give yourself for not being what you want to be or doing what you want to do. en detail the price you're paying in life for these excuses, such as the missed opportunities and the frustrations. en examine what your fears are. Write a fourth list of your new stories - turning the old excuses into positive statements.

Believe in yourself and think of the people who have a negative impact as the "insigni cant others". Avoid them and spend more time with those who are enthusiastic with a positive attitude to life. e people you mix with are influential to what you think, feel and do.

Passion is your life energy and the difference between whether you feel alive or dead in the world.

When you have enthusiasm for something you're inspired to take action. Having passion and enthusiasm for your work turns tasks into an adventure and a possibility for learning and enjoyment. Feeling good about yourself and your purpose turns your job into a vehicle to make your mark - no matter how big or small.

If you live in your passion, you can't help but inspire and motivate others.

If you don't take the initiative because you say you're trapped by your circumstances - that's giving your power away.

Waiting for someone who'll be effective and influential to take responsibility for you and your life will leave you powerless and inert.

Observe what's going on without bias and then determine or choose to act in line with what's appropriate for the situation and right for you.

Once you understand you have a will and can make choices, your awareness changes.

Whack Around The Head by Sharon Eden (Ecademy Press pounds 12.99)


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