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Weyerhaeuser enters training pants market.

The $350 million training pants market, long the exclusive domain of Kimberly-Clark, Dallas, TX, and its "Huggies Pull-Ups," is about to grow with the introduction of new private label products. Weyerhaeuser, Tacoma, WA, the largest private label diaper manufacturer, has begun shipping a training pants product under three control labels. The products, "Undeez," "Kinderpants" and "Wonderpants," will be sold as store brands at lower price levels than the more expensive premium Huggies Pull-Ups.

The training pant products will be distributed to Weyerhaeuser's regular base of customers. A strong set of control labels and home use testing has sped the product to market.

Another regional private label manufacturer, Drypers, is expected to introduce a line of gender-specific training pants in the Northwest, Southwest and Southeast soon. In addition, a product from Procter & Gamble may soon be ready for launch, following the receipt of a U.S. patent and test marketing in the Far East.
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Publication:Nonwovens Industry
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Date:Dec 1, 1992
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