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Wet in Wet: Watercolor Workshop.

Through exciting visuals, this series of videotapes shows experienced artists how to expand their watercolor techniques, and helps the beginner understand and master those skills upon which all watercolor painting is based. In each section, viewers will be instructed on the application of many new techniques through detailed exercises, candid advice and step-by-step demonstrations.

Parts I and II ($69.95 each), Exploring the Medium, discuss the workplace and methods of handling the painting pigment, water and paper. They illustrate how to achieve wet-in-wet washes, flat washing and charging, before moving on to demonstrating ways of drawing with water by letting color flow and controlling the flow of color. Wet washes on dry paper, including the use of flat wash, graduated wash and back wash, are next illustrated. The use of outwash closes these two tapes by demonstrating the watercolor painting of an imaginary landscape.

Tape III ($69.95), Secrets of Painting 3-D Objects, illustrates how to recognize and create light and shadow effects with the watercolor medium. This tape emphasizes how light reveals form, illustrates how light and shadow are perceived, and demonstrates painting a solid white form. It goes on to help viewers sec the relationship of forms and how to present them in the painting of a three-dimensional composition.

This series is of value to anyone interested in watercolor. It provides useful information and illustrates ways to achieve special effects within a reasonable amount of time. This series is best suited for use at the secondary level of instruction.
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Publication:School Arts
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Date:Sep 1, 1993
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