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Cultural Kudzu: The Creep of an Invasive Culture Upon the Cherokee. Robertson, Heath R. Essay Mar 22, 2021 4774
The Chuanyue (Traversing) of Western Cultural Industry Theories in China. Li, Hui; Zhai, Naihai Essay Dec 15, 2020 5614
The Chuanyue (Traversing) of Western Cultural Industry Theories in China. Li, Hui; Zhai, Naihai Report Dec 1, 2020 5494
China as Mirror. Mitcham, Carl Jun 22, 2020 2052
Social Justice versus Western Justice. Guerriere, Daniel Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2019 5576
The Castrated Gods and their Castration Cults: Revenge, Punishment, and Spiritual Supremacy. Wade, Jenny Jun 1, 2019 17985
The Initiation of Descent The Treacherous Journey of Ego Transcendence. Rippo, Maria Report Mar 22, 2019 8487
How to save Western civilization --again. Chittister, Joan Feb 8, 2019 843
The Anti-Western Faith. McCarthy, Daniel Editorial Sep 22, 2018 731
Whose Civilization? Which Clash? Twenty-five years ago, an essay entitled "The Clash of Civilizations?" was published. Was its thesis simplistic and arbitrary--or prophetic? McCarthy, Daniel Critical essay Sep 22, 2018 4986
Chinese Theories of 'Anti-Modern' or Alternative Modernity: Arif Dirlik, Liu Kang, and Wang. Wu, Yuyu Essay Sep 1, 2018 6085
Epistemology Revisited: A Feminist Critique. Yadav, Anupam Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 4323
Islamic and Western Approaches to Guidance Services: A Perspective from Pakistan. Jun 30, 2018 4788
Differences and Integration of Consumer Cultures between China and Western Countries and their Impact on the Recovery of Ethnic and Rural Areas. Yan, Shi Essay Jun 1, 2018 6274
Hidden in Plain View: Family, the Western, and the Syntax of Genre in A History of Violence. Mitchell, Lee Clark Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 5942
THE POWER & PURPOSE of Western Civilization. Behreandt, Dennis Column Dec 18, 2017 5424
It's a new world! Brief article Dec 8, 2017 119
Racial Demonization for Profit and Power: The words "white privilege" are slung as an epithet by liberals of all races in order to undermine Western culture, make way for Marxism, and cause racial division. Duke, Selwyn Dec 4, 2017 3639
Endangered Liberty: Schooling, Literacy, and the Idea of Progress in the Early Mexican Republic. Moreno, E. Mark Report Sep 22, 2017 3055
The roots of capitalism and statism in the West. Dahlen, Michael Essay Sep 22, 2016 14359
Exercises in unreality: the decline of teaching Western civilization. Esolen, Anthony Essay Jun 22, 2016 5610
The spirituality of aging. Booth-Jarmon, Barbara Jan 4, 2016 1696
Reflections on ancient and modern freedom. Rosenthal-Pubul, Alexander Essay Jan 1, 2016 5929
Resisting the male gaze: feminist responses to the "normatization" of the female body in Western culture. Ponterotto, Diane Report Jan 1, 2016 8564
An article from 1946 drew attention to the Chinese taste for Western objects, which remains a neglected subject to this day. O'Byrne, Robert Oct 1, 2015 752
Individualismo y colectivismo en la familia occidental y oriental. Lan, Wen-Chun Sep 1, 2015 5496
Why Indians work: a cultural values perspective. Sharma, Supriya Jan 1, 2015 5023
Western canons in China 1978-2014. Lin, He Essay Dec 20, 2014 5730
Threats to our civilizational disorder. Hunter, Ian Column Oct 1, 2014 693
What has happened to our youth? Djanie, Akua Essay Jul 1, 2014 1572
Singing Amy Winehouse in Tehran. Wright, Robin Viewpoint essay Jun 20, 2014 1421
Why we should study the history of Western civilization. Kagan, Donald Essay Mar 22, 2014 3134
Whose Youth? Whose Death?: Disrupting the Unequal Encounter Between an Ascending West and a Decaying East in Joseph Conrad's "Youth". Kao, Pei-wen Clio Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 6234
Eurocentrism and the critique of "universal world history": the eastern origins of western civilization. Peters, Michael A. Essay Jan 1, 2014 5815
Editor sees mass cultural attack. Brief article Dec 13, 2013 228
The Structure of Knowledge in Westernized Universities: epistemic racism/sexism and the four genocides/epistemicides of the long 16th century. Grosfoguel, Ramon Sep 22, 2013 10307
Islamic Politics, Street Literature, and John Stuart Mill: Composing Gendered Ideals in 1990s Egypt. Booth, Marilyn Essay Sep 22, 2013 11916
Waiting for the barbarians: metahistory in the oeuvre of Peter Blum/Wachten op de barbaren: metageschiedenis in het werk van Peter Blum. Huigen, Siegfried Critical essay Aug 30, 2013 6953
Power transitions, global justice, and the virtues of pluralism. Hurrell, Andrew Essay Jun 22, 2013 7461
US-American Protestant Missionaries and Translation in China 1894-1911. Lu, Mingyu Jun 1, 2013 5995
'There is a continued imposition of Western culture on Africans'. O'Malley, J.P. Interview Jun 1, 2013 2562
Reflections on the nature of perfection. Smith, Antonia Jun 1, 2013 972
The dilemma of western education in Aidoo's Changes: A Love Story, Naylor's The Women of Brewster Place, and Morrison's Beloved. Azumurana, Solomon Omatsola Critical essay Mar 1, 2013 6600
Alaskan native heritage. Brooks, Iris Travel narrative Mar 1, 2013 1998
Dostoevsky's journey to Iran. Oleinik, Anton Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 2665
Editor's note. Simon, Daniel Editorial Jan 1, 2013 809
Why Buddhism and the West need each other: on the interdependence of personal and social transformation. Loy, David Essay Jan 1, 2013 5874
Whatever happened to Western civilization: the cultural crisis, 20 years later. Eckersley, Richard Essay Nov 1, 2012 5060
The Faustian Western spirit and the ecological crisis/L'esprit Faustien occidental et la crise ecologique. Muresan, Vlad Report Sep 1, 2012 6273
The struggle between two souls in the work of Walter Schubart/ De strijd der twee zielen in het werk van Walter Schubart. Ester, Hans Critical essay Aug 1, 2012 4607
Pentecostal missions and the changing character of global Christianity. Curtis, Heather D. Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 6074
A "new breed of missionaries": assessing attitudes toward western missions at the Nairobi evangelical graduate school of theology. Young, F. Lionel, III Essay Apr 1, 2012 4675
The "European Miracle": warrior aristocrats, spirit of liberty, and competition as a discovery process. Znamenski, Andrei Mar 22, 2012 5809
The notion of life in the work of Agamben. Salzani, Carlo Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 5823
Woolf's Copernican shift: nonhuman nature in Virginia Woolf's short fiction. Swanson, Diana L. Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 9959
"Strange fascination": Walt Whitman, imperialism, and the south. Kurant, Wendy Jan 1, 2012 6550
African, Gulf States Most Positive About Muslim-West Relations; Muslims' views on religion do not impede views about relations. Younis, Ahmed; Mogahed, Dalia Survey Dec 7, 2011 828
Sex and the feminist subject: negating/engaging 'difference' in 'raunch culture'. Bletsas, Angelique Critical essay Nov 1, 2011 7981
Reply to Mark Elvin. Duchesne, Ricardo Sep 22, 2011 3988
Marvels of 'Magisterium': an exhibition devoted to the medieval cult of relics highlights concepts key to the development of Western civilisation. Lopez, Jonathan Jul 1, 2011 1008
The death wish of the West. Polin, Claude Column May 1, 2011 2607
Persuasive evidence in India: an investigation of the impact of evidence types and evidence quality. Hornikx, Jos; de Best, Judith Report Mar 22, 2011 6574
Occidentalism: rewriting the West in Marjane Satrapi's Persepolis. Leservot, Typhaine Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 6018
The Spirit of the West in the Jihad Era. Fulford, Robert Essay Dec 22, 2010 2567
Latitudes not attitudes: many reasons have been given for the West's dominance over the last 500 years. But, Ian Morris argues, its rise to global hegemony was largely due to geographical good fortune. Morris, Ian Nov 1, 2010 3478
Newbigin's trinitarian missiology: the doctrine of the trinity as good news for Western culture. Dodds, Adam Essay Apr 1, 2010 7791
Big Eff vs Small Eff. Callender, Ophelia Poem Mar 22, 2010 378
Iranian identity in the West: a discursive approach. Haghighat, Seyed Sadegh Essay Mar 22, 2010 8296
Fearing Western war's lethal twist. Hanson, Victor Davis Mar 1, 2010 2269
Dancing the Red Lantern: Zhang Yimou's fusion of Western ballet and Peking opera. Hsiao, Li-ling Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 3085
Chinese nationalism in an unequal cyber war. Li, Mingsheng Report Oct 1, 2009 12426
The fate of the depraved. Alexander, Jerry Poem Sep 22, 2009 321
Obama in Egypt. Taylor, Clyde Russell Essay Sep 22, 2009 3343
How Christianity shaped the West. D'Souza, Dinesh Jul 1, 2009 2278
The alliance of civilizations: the poverty of the clash/alliance dichotomy? Balci, Ali Report Jul 1, 2009 5300
My problem with giving children their rights; Africa, let's learn from the West. Let's not fall into the child right's trap. Our children have the right to be treated as human beings. They have the right not to be beaten, mentally, physically, or sexually abused. But in giving them the so-called rights as in the West, let's remember that it is up to us to guide them as to how to live in this world. Djanie, Akua Viewpoint essay May 1, 2009 1705
How can we teach "Western Civilization" if it doesn't exist? Rethinking the European history survey model. Miller, Jennifer Essay Apr 1, 2009 3695
From civilization to manipulation: the discrediting and replacement of the Western elite. Ryn, Claes G. Essay Mar 22, 2009 6696
Freedom and the Family: the Family crisis and the future of Western civilization. Baskerville, Stephen Essay Mar 22, 2009 6145
Music and postmodernity. Lyotard, Jean-Francois Essay Mar 22, 2009 4662
Postnationalism, postmodernism and the German discourse(s) of Weltmusik. Hurley, Andrew W. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 9370
From content to process: a world civilizations teaching experiment. Hooper, Marie E. Mar 22, 2009 4920
Identifying cultural difference in R&D project for performance improvement: a field study. Zeng, S.X.; Xie, X.M.; Tam, C.M.; Sun, P.M. Report Mar 1, 2009 5932
No "Korean Wave" here: western classical music and the changing value system in South Korea. Hwang, Okon Essay Jan 1, 2009 6144
Etre musulman en occident apres le 11 septembre : presentation. LeBlanc, Marie-Nathalie; Le Gall, Josiane; Fortin, Sylvie Dec 1, 2008 2365
Cross and crescent. Holliday, Sam Aug 5, 2008 4112
50 years ago ... Lee, Dorothy Brief article Jul 1, 2008 103
The "Wild West": the life and death of a myth. Christensen, Paul Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 6242
Beware the propaganda: the Western media serves as the propaganda arm of their governments. If you think this is not true, compare the number of services the BBC used to run when the Cold War was at its height, to the number of services it currently runs now that the Cold War has been "won" by the West, argues Cameron Duodu, one of Africa's veteran journalists. Duodu, Cameron Jun 1, 2008 3099
And now ... positive Africa: as explored in the preceding pages, the endemic Western media stereotyping of Africa has reinforced and crystallised an image of the continent so pervasive and profound that Westerners just believe Africa has intractable problems. In concluding this special extended cover story, our deputy editor, Regina Jere-Malanda, points to where the Western media fails to look-positive Africa. Jere-Malanda, Regina Jun 1, 2008 2687
How educated PNG youth perceive Western power (1). Watson, Amanda Report May 1, 2008 6906
Global 'Kingdom': Sino-Yank production straddles cultures. Frater, Patrick Apr 14, 2008 522
Contraception: a barbarian invasion. Lower, Norman W. Apr 1, 2008 3101
Marcus Garvey: a controversial figure in the history of Pan-Africanism. Dagnini, Jeremie Kroubo Report Mar 15, 2008 4946
All the 'Africans' are men, all the "Sistas" are "American," but some of us resist: realizing African feminism(s) as an Africological research methodology. Blay, Yaba Amgborale Mar 1, 2008 6094
Contemporary women's roles through Hmong, Vietnamese, and American Eyes. Long, Lisa A. Critical essay Jan 1, 2008 15076
On Dark Ages: is Western civilization in the midst of a historic decline, or are we merely hypochondriacs? Elhefnawy, Nader Essay Nov 1, 2007 4734
Zimbabwe: burying the truth; Hajia Aminata Sow, a retired Guinean jurist and historian, spent six months in Zimbabwe earlier this year, and, encouraged by the "Zimbabwe debate" in our last issue, writes about what she saw during her visit. Sow, Hajia Aminata Nov 1, 2007 2826
Divine authority. Balint, Benjamin Oct 1, 2007 3315
Oikos and Logos: Chesterton's vision of distributism. Gill, Richard Jun 22, 2007 8722
The poet who sings through us: Homer's influence in contemporary Western culture. Belsky, Scott A. Mar 22, 2007 5572
Hamilton capitulates. Jan 1, 2007 1608
Islam, Western civilization & the nation state. Johnson, Daniel Jan 1, 2007 5283
Appropriating realism: the transformation of popular visual iconography in late-nineteenth-century Calcutta. Mukherjee, Kamalika Jul 1, 2006 6502
Will Western civilization survive? Hunter, Ian May 1, 2006 667
The Western patriarchal impulse (1)/Batinin ataerkil guc birligi. Godiwala, Dimple Critical essay Mar 22, 2006 6048
Some Jewish reflections on Locke's Letter Concerning Toleration. Cohen, Jonathan Mar 22, 2006 9421
The West is decadent and decayed: we have managed to convert so much that is golden into base metal. Coren, Michael Column Feb 1, 2006 692
Blood and time: Cormac McCarthy and the twilight of the West. Hodge, Roger D. Feb 1, 2006 6674
"Saving Amina": global justice for women and intercultural dialogue. Jaggar, Alison M. Dec 1, 2005 11899
What is the "West"? Hart, Jeffrey Sep 22, 2005 2816
So, where exactly is the West? The West is a catchall phrase more than it is a geographical reality, referred to by politicians, terrorists and journalists as a convenience rather than an accurate description. Seymour, Richard Aug 1, 2005 1330
Heroes, metanarratives, and the paradox of masculinity in contemporary Western culture. Boon, Kevin Alexander Critical Essay Mar 22, 2005 5568
Neither Greek nor Jew. Shiffman, Mark Mar 22, 2005 1879
Occidentalism: Alastair Bonnett discusses Eastern ideas of the West, and argues they form part of a non-Western debate on modernity and society. Bonnett, Alastair Oct 1, 2004 1324
The gift of the West. Mates, Thomas Jul 1, 2004 3156
Decolonizing conflict resolution: addressing the ontological violence of Westernization. Walker, Polly O. Jun 22, 2004 7878
Crossing borders: the extent to which the voices of exiled and refugee women have adapted to their new Western diasporic space. Langer, Jennifer May 1, 2004 4574
Medicalization in Nepal: a study of the influence of Westernization on defining deviant and illness behavior in a developing country. Furr, L. Allen Feb 1, 2004 4688
Beyond the crusades: why Huntington, and Bin Ladin, are wrong. Wedeen, Lisa Jun 22, 2003 3736
Revisiting Solzhenitsyn. Teichmann, Max Jun 22, 2003 1863
How to kill independence. (Not in Black or White). Orakwue, Stella May 1, 2003 1545
Oh dear! "Impressionable" Gambian parents are taking money and handing over their children to Western paedophiles who visit the country to prey on children. Abdoulie Sey reports from Banjul. (Around Africa: The Gambia). Sey, Abdoulie Brief Article Apr 1, 2003 647
What is an African body worth today? (Not in Black or White). Orakwue, Stella Feb 1, 2003 1586
Cowboy art corrals collectors: with an upsurge in the popularity of Western art, dealers of cowboy paintings, sculptures and collectibles are roping in revenues. Meyers, Laura Feb 1, 2003 3084
Tilting on the axis (of evil): Iran's puzzling relationship with the United States--and itself. Thrupkaew, Noy Feb 1, 2003 2538
China imports self-help. (Market Horizons). Crainer, Stuart Jan 1, 2003 672
American Muslims and a meaningful human rights discourse in the aftermath of September 11, 2001. Shakir, Imam Zaid Jan 1, 2003 6273
All for one ... Egyptians are boycotting American and Israeli products in support of the Palestinians of the Occupied Territories. (Boycott). McGrath, Cam Dec 1, 2002 1038
Weapons of mass hypocrisy. (Lest We Forget). De Figueiredo, Antonio Nov 1, 2002 1483
Retreats into fantasy. Pryce-Jones, David Nov 1, 2002 2867
A nation worth defending. (American Thought). Bennett, William J. Cover Story Nov 1, 2002 3164
Earth summit: the Africans steal the show. (Special Report). Commey, Pusch; Mbakwe, Tom Oct 1, 2002 3242
Ghana does the African have a religion? (History Month). Williams, Chancellor Oct 1, 2002 1375
Bridging the digital divide: new route to development or new form of dependency? Wade, Robert Hunter Oct 1, 2002 10055
Pathologizing populations and colonizing minds: international psychosocial programs in Kosovo. Pupavac, Vanessa Oct 1, 2002 8963
Politics, passion and the "puritan temper": Godwin's critique of enlightened modernity. Weston, Rowland Sep 22, 2002 11400
Collective images of the West in postcommunist countries and the process of enlargement of community space. Fuga, Artan Jun 22, 2002 4328
The fortunes of permanence. (The survival of culture: X). Kimball, Roger Jun 1, 2002 7752
Rethinking modernity and religion (1). Pecora, Vincent P. Jun 1, 2002 7380
Putting Eastern Europe back into western civilization: or, why is the Russian stuff always at the end? Cox, John K. Mar 22, 2002 3664
Between words and things, tomatoes and textiles. Jitrik, Noe Mar 22, 2002 4053
In praise of vulgarity: How commercial culture liberates Islam--and the West. Freund, Charles Paul Mar 1, 2002 8536
The securitization of migration in Western societies: Ambivalent discourses and policies. Ceyhan, Ayse; Tsoukala, Anastassia Feb 1, 2002 8022
The Pro- & Anti-Western Split Within Regimes. Brief Article Jan 21, 2002 502
The cultural war on Western civilization. (The survival of culture: V). Windschuttle, Keith Jan 1, 2002 7265
Theology and the Clash of Civilizations. Miles, Jack Jan 1, 2002 2802
(Per)versions of masculinity in Maupassant's La Mere aux monstres. Hadlock, Philip G. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 8497
Forgive and forget? But we are Westerners! (Not in black or white). Orakwue, Stella Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 946
Were Islamic records precursors to accounting books based on the Italian method? A comment. (Comment). Nobes, Christopher W. Dec 1, 2001 2709
"Were Islamic records precursors to accounting books based on the Italian method?" a response. (Response). Zaid, Omar Abdullah Dec 1, 2001 1317
On Turing's carnal error: some guidelines for a contextual inquiry into the embodied mind. (Research Paper). Neuman, Yair Nov 1, 2001 4666
Limbs of No Body: The World's Indifference to the Afghan Tragedy. Makhmalbaf, Mohsen Reprint Nov 1, 2001 13106
Prime minister criticized for Western culture remarks. Donovan, Gill Brief Article Oct 12, 2001 252
ARAB-EUROPEAN RELATIONS - Sept. 26 - Berlusconi Vaunts West's 'Superiority'. Brief Article Sep 29, 2001 419
Civilization in a Rush. Kundera, Milan Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 266
The refugee speaks. (Baffour's Beefs). Ankomah, Baffour Editorial Jul 1, 2001 2248
ISLAM AND THE WEST: FROM DISCORD TO UNDERSTANDING. Shuja, Sharif Critical Essay May 1, 2001 3401
The perils of designer tribalism. Kimball, Roger Apr 1, 2001 4269
'Eastern' and 'Western' nationalisms. Anderson, Benedict Jan 1, 2001 4557
Geography and Empire in the Late Renaissance. Botero's Assignment, Western Universalism, and the Civilizing Process [*]. HEADLEY, JOHN M. Dec 22, 2000 15402
Books and the Nation: The Making of Thailand's National Library. JORY, PATRICK Sep 1, 2000 13157
`Marching through hell' in China: for eight nerve-wracking weeks in the summer of 1900, world attention was riveted on North China as a multi-national force rescued Westerners besieged in Peking and Tientsin by fanatical, anti-foreign "Boxers.". Kolb, Richard K. May 1, 2000 1565
Deconstructing Our Civilization. Harrigan, Anthony Mar 22, 2000 2553
AFRICA: BEYOND 2000. Versi, Anver; Nevin, Tom Jan 1, 2000 7861
The Second Fall of Rome. Lind, Michael Jan 1, 2000 5102
The Drama of Modern Western Identity. GRESS, DAVID R. Jan 1, 2000 1710
CHANGING BRITAIN. Wedd, George Dec 1, 1999 3241
The Adaptation of Buddhism to the West. Lenoir, Frederic Sep 22, 1999 5617
Rereadings and Transformations of Sufism in the West. Zarcone, Thierry Sep 22, 1999 7160
Origins of Western Attitudes Toward Property Rights in Economic Thought. MCKINNON, THOMAS R. Feb 1, 1999 220
Blaming the barbarians. Parenti, Michael May 1, 1998 1312
Silent texts and empty words: structure and intention in the writings of John Cage. O'Driscoll, Michael J. Dec 22, 1997 8794
Christology and the arts 'keep hope alive.' (Katrinka Vanderbauwhede and her class in the arts of the Western Civilization at NYC's Covenant of the Sacred Heart school)(Catholic Education) LeFevere, Patricia Mar 28, 1997 1350
What do we mean by Europe? Pocock, J.G.A. Jan 1, 1997 7139
Land of war, land of peace. Howard, Michael Jan 1, 1997 2793
The intellectual bankruptcy of multiculturalism. Famularo, Thomas J. May 1, 1996 2260
How Asia sees the West. Roy, Denny Sep 22, 1994 350
A civilizing mission? Tolson, Jay Jan 1, 1994 1615
Interpreting Foucault. Racevskis, Karlis Jan 1, 1993 4887
Beyond Eurocentrism. Boggs, Grace Lee Feb 1, 1990 2231

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