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Western World Massively Multiplayer Online Games (MMOG) Market: 2006 Review and Forecasts to 2011.

LYON, France -- announces that a new market research report related to the worldwide online games market is now available to its catalogue.

Western World MMOG Market: 2006 Review and Forecasts to 2011

The market value for massively multiplayer online games in the West hit $1bn for the first time in 2006. The North American subscription market was worth $576m, while Europe was worth $299m.

While subscription services continue to dominate in the West, accounting for 87% of the market, virtual item sales and in-game advertising have also made their mark during the year. The growing impact of these new business models is symptomatic of the increasing influence of traditional MMOGs on other online platforms and games sectors, such as social networking sites and casual online games. Both of these sectors are now broadly adopting many MMOG-like strategies and characteristics.

The author of the report says "During the past few years the Western landscape for massively multiplayer online games has become increasingly fragmented following the introduction of new genres of games including social networking, virtual pet rearing and virtual world building titles. These new games and platforms have brought with them many new gamers and also new business models that are generating revenue that is largely incremental to the incumbent subscription business."

The publisher forecasts that by 2011 over 10 million subscription accounts will generate $1.5bn in consumer spending on this growing sector of the online games market. Over the forecast period Europe will enjoy the strongest growth between the two Western regions.

This highlights a key trend identified through the research - namely that there is stronger potential for subscription growth in Europe than in the more established North American market due to less market saturation and stronger broadband growth.

Key findings:

* Market value for MMOGs in the West hit $1bn for the first time in 2006. Market growth has been helped by the introduction of more casual MMOG experiences and new business models.

* The North American subscription market was worth $576m, while Europe was worth $299m.

* By 2011 the MMOG subscription market will be worth over $1.5bn and Europe will enjoy the stronger growth between the two Western regions

* Over the five year period, Germany will remain the largest subscription market in Europe, followed by the UK.

* France will see the most significant value growth of over 16% CAGR over the term, whilst Spain and Italy will both experience subscription value CAGR of more than 15%.

* World of Warcraft is by far the most popular subscription game, accounting for 54% of the subscription market in 2006, generating revenue of $471m. Its next nearest competitor was Runescape from UK developer/publisher Jagex.

In the report:

* Western World MMOG market size and forecasts to 2011

* Subscription market size and forecasts to 2011 for North America and Europe and key country territories

* 2006 market size for MMOG virtual item purchase and in-game advertising markets

* Individual subscription title performance

* Publisher ranking by subscription revenue and market share

* MMOG addressable markets

* MMOG gamer demographics

* MMOG market value chain analysis

* MMOG content trends analysis

* MMOG service business model analysis

Table of content


* Overview of the report contents

* Feedback

Market definitions

* Sector cross-over leads to MMOG market fragmentation

* MMOG types

* MMOG genres

* MMOG settings

* MMOG origination and timeline

* 1980s

* 1990s

* 1997

* 1999

* 2000s

* 2003

* 2004

* 2005

* 2006


Addressable market for PC and console MMOGs

MMOG gamer demographics

* MMORPGamers

* More mass market

* Gender profile

* Social dimension

* Younger profile

* Young males the core market

* MMOGamer demographic expansion

* Younger users

MMOGs: A recent history and market overview

* Before and after: World of Warcraft

* MMOG strategies are a blueprint for the future of the online games industry

MMOG market value chain

* How the value chain is changing

* Virtual worlds and media market convergence

* Developers

* Middleware vendors

* In- and around-game advertising networks

* Distributors

* Publishers

* Platform owners

Sony announces Home for the PlayStation 3

* Operators

The financial challenges of MMOG operation

* ISPs

* Consumers

Content trends in 2006 and moving forward

* Content intellectual property trends

Licensed IP trends

Game IP trends

Subscription market value by IP profile

* Platform support trends

Platform support: existing content versus content pipeline

* Language support trends

Subscriber market share by language support

* Content origin trends

Content origin: existing content versus content pipeline

Subscriber market value by content origin

* Content genre trends

Content genre: existing content versus content pipeline

Subscriber market value by content genre

* Game type trends

* Content setting trends

Content setting: existing content versus pipeline

Subscriber market value by content setting

Service business model analysis

* Subscription



* Virtual item purchase

* In- or around- game advertising

* CPM rates

* Corporate Use of Virtual Worlds

* Adverworlds

* Future business models

User generated content

Real money trade

Profitability and development cost

* Profitability

* Development perspective

* Middleware and software development tools

* Current performance of subscription


Western World MMOG market size and forecast

* Other business models

* MMOG subscription forecast

* The broadband influence

* ARPU trends

* Individual title performance

* Publisher subscription market share

* Notes on player populations

* Challenges to business development in

* Europe

Billing and payments solutions:

Product localisation:

Sales tax on computer services:

Country market share and forecasts

* Subscriber share

* Subscription revenue share

Appendix A

Tables and Charts

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