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Western Union employees get pay increase.

In separate but essentially identical settlements with Western Union Corp., members of the Communications Workers of America and the United Telegraph Workers, an affiliate, gained 3-percent annual wage increases. The Communications Workers accord covers about 150 employees in the New York City area and the United Telegraph Workers accord covers 3,250 employees at facilities throughout the rest of the Nation.

In addition to the specified wage increases, the employees gained an immediate 25-cent-an-hour cost-of-living pay adjustment under provisions of the previous agreement, which had been scheduled to run until August 1989. The new agreement, retroactive to August 7, 1988, and running to August 6, 1990, provides for termination of the cost-of-living provision after the first year, during which employees can receive adjustments totaling 25 cents.

The settlement froze pension rates, but did establish a 401(k) savings plan into which the company will pay an amount equal to 4 percent of an employee's base pay. Western Union will also pay the plan 20 cents for each $1 employees invest, up to 6 percent of their base pay. The employees are also permitted to invest up to an additional 4 percent of their base pay, without a company contribution.
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Title Annotation:Developments in Industrial Relations
Author:Ruben, George
Publication:Monthly Labor Review
Date:Dec 1, 1988
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