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Articles from Western Standard (January 15, 2007)

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A corrupt wheat board, you say? Cosh, Colby 117
A decade of exploration in the Philippines positions Edmonton-based company with attractive mineral prospects. Frederick, Josh 580
A lawyer who hated billing: western lawyer Pat Sommervill overcame alcoholism and pioneered legal aid in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Olivier, Victor 674
A renegade on renegades: Mel Gibson's new Apocalypto is a solid action-revenge picture, and very good at just that. McLennan, Neal 503
Better relatives than relativists: our morally 'neutral' free press only ever leans left and only ever criticizes the West. Steyn, Mark 1369
Beyond the raging nations: when politics has been too much with us, we need to remember the necessity of love. DeSouza, Raymond 690
Brewskies for the Brave. Doll, Cyril 428
But parents would have to stay home: raising the legal drinking age does little positive good, when compared to teaching youth how to drink at home. Luik, John 691
Buzzwords. 224
Can you be compelled by law to walk a picket line? Steel, Kevin 258
Chameleon nation: Canada becomes a postmodern country, 'different things to different people'. 698
Citizen Dion: it matters that he joined France. Steel, Kevin Cover story 1786
Feedback. Brinson, Lloyd; Barlow, Inge; O'Brien, Liam; Brewster, Deborah; Fisher, Stan; Towler, T.L. Letter to the editor 883
Getting connected: despite all the activist hype, Canadians are beating economic poverty. So now it's time to tackle our social and spiritual deficits. O'Neill, Terry 1809
Ice on the water. Cosh, Colby 124
Ignoring the pusher: eradicating Afghanistan's opium poppy crop would be easy, so why isn't it happening? Verboven, Will 682
Let quality research drive your real estate investment: an exclusive three part series by a legend in Canadian real estate investing. Campbell, Don R. 920
Letting go: we look forward to our children growing up, until they get serious about their adult responsibilities. Woodard, Kathy 692
Made (cheaply) in China. Cosh, Colby 525
Misappropriated waste: imagine, government social engineering may be vulnerable to the misdirection of revenue. Stuart, Matthew 678
None dare call it usury. Cosh, Colby 125
Nova Uranium may have it all: promising uranium properties in one of the best mining jurisdictions in the world, in the middle of a uranium bull market. Can it get better? Frederick, Josh 183
Pacifica Resources drills high-grade zinc and lead on Selwyn project, Yukon. Frederick, Josh 310
Postmodern dehumanism: politicians cannot be expected to repair a culture that has been sliding for over 40 years. Warren, David 693
Production at the Prairie Creek mine could increase Canada's total zinc reserves by 29 per cent. Frederick, Josh 275
Publisher's picks. Levant, Ezra 99
Resource investing in Quebec: good mineral potential and smart public policy make Quebec one of the best places in the world for mineral exploration. Francis, S. Mark 676
Schizo-loyalism: if citizenship is reduced to feelings, it ceases to be true loyalty and obligation. Levant, Ezra 676
Siding with the bully: the UN's human rights mandarin defends the offence and offends the defence. O'Neill, Terry 712
The church's new old face: if England is any sign, the secular West's moribund Christianity may be revived by believers from the global south. Byfield, Ted 688
The fine arts of gift giving: in a multi-tasking age, why not combine gift giving with patronage of the arts and industrial design? O'Meara, Dina 711
The happier hookers: when little brothers grow up, they become rec-league goalies. Cosh, Colby 695
The latest unknown news. Cosh, Colby 112
The lemming diary: Western Standard's eye on Ottawa attends the federal Liberal leadership convention and then wonders why. Robson, John 776
The lure of arrogance: the Canada of Canadians and the Canada of its ruling classes drift farther apart. Woodard, Joe 677
The Philippines--quick facts. 87
The troubling times: reporting of Iraqi weapons of mass destruction was framed to discredit the U.S. effort, but did the opposite. Mansur, Salim 699
The Ukrainian 'Mafia' takes over: Alberta's new premier, Ed Stelmach, has the reputation of a nice guy. But don't underrate his organization. Dolphin, Ric 1269
Up the middle: the Alberta Tory leadership race has produced an unknown new premier. Doll, Cyril 1433
Virtual cash, real problem. Cosh, Colby 131
Who's active in the Philippines? 158
Zinc supply & demand dynamics: with supply tight and demand high, zinc prices could be set to rise. But just how high can they go? Hommel, Jason 386

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