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Western Branch Meeting.

On Sunday 23rd July, thirteen members of the Western branch of the Institute of Chiropodists and Podiatrists came together yet again at the Women's Hospital in Liverpool. With the sun shining outside, we started with a presentation given by the very lovely Karen Nott from BSN Medical. Karen talked about the prevention and management of infection using a product called Cutimed Sorbact, which is a Dialkylcarbamoylchloride or (DACC for short) coated dressing. She showed us the various forms it is available as and demonstrated how it can be used in podiatry to heal infected wounds so that the use of antibiotics can be significantly reduced in the near future. She gave us insight into case studies that appeared to drastically reduce the size of infected tissue in a much shorter time than other dressings available and in a number of cases reduced the need for amputation altogether. All the members found Karen's knowledge to be very insightful and interesting and I think we all agreed we would definitely be stocking the dressings ourselves.

Next, we moved on to be greeted by the dashing Dr Ivan and his assistant Christine McAllister who work in Liverpool for Synexis, which is a company that performs clinical research and medical trials to produce medication for the future. Dr Ivan informed us how the clinical trials are organised, regulated and scrutinised by governing bodies all over the world to protect patient safety. Some of our members were interested in signing themselves up, especially the trial being conducted at the moment on pain management caused by osteoarthritis in the hips and knees! None of us are getting any younger unfortunately. The other ongoing trial is a new medication for the control of diabetes.

After a short break, the branch meeting continued. Kevin O'Sullivan read out the treasurer's report and the branch business was discussed in detail.

As ever a big thank you to all the office members who keep our branch running smoothly and efficiently and to Dawn Hinton who never ceases to amaze us on the calibre of people she calls upon to improve our knowledge!

The next meeting is on Sunday 15th October. Please come and join us and gain some cpd.

Hazel Carruthers

Western Branch

As 2017 is my half century year, I thought I'd like to mark it by doing something significant and strike one off my bucket list by doing a parachute jump. I have an amazing children's hospice local to me on the Wirral, who rely solely on donations and charity work to keep doing the wonderful work they do by helping families cope through very difficult times. It's called Claire House, and Rachel the fund raiser was happy to help. I also called on the help of my generous customers and on a perfect day in June, at Skydive Tilstock Freefall Club in Shropshire, Tony (my instructor) and I did a tandem jump! It was the most amazing thing I've ever done and I managed to raise 1018 [pounds sterling] for Claire House. Go on, you can do it too!

Hazel Carruthers

Western Branch

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Title Annotation:branch roundup
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Date:Oct 1, 2017
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