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Westerfeld, Scott. Blue Noon.

WESTERFELD, Scott. Blue noon. (Midnighters, 3.) Harper Collins. 378p. c2006. 0-06-051957-6. $15.99. JS

The third book in this series brings the nightmares of the midnight hour out in the middle of the day as the boundaries between the secret hour and real time begin to rip, forcing the midnighters into action to save Bixby and the innocent people who are about to be swallowed into the blue time. Rex, now a halfling, struggles to control the darkling side of him, a predator waiting to break free. Dess's mathematical calculations indicate November 1st as the day the rip will begin to spread, allowing the hungry ancient ones to feast on every human in the rip's wake. Together with Melissa, the light bringer, and Jonathan, who has perfected his flying techniques, the new generation of midnighters must hatch a plan to save Bixby and most likely the rest of the world. However, there is another force working against them that straddles both sides of the midnight hour. Kidnapping, high-speed chases, and the secrets of the past whirl around each other.

Westerfeld has once again crafted a plot that keeps readers on the edges of their seats, not knowing what might be around the next corner. Michele Winship, Asst. Prof., Capital Univ., Columbus, OH
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Author:Winship, Michele
Article Type:Book review
Date:Mar 1, 2006
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