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Evaluation of indigenous plants' extracts for mosquitocidal activity against different stages of Culex quinquefasciatus say (Diptera: Culicidae)/ Avaliacao de extratos de plantas indigenas quanto a atividade mosquitocida contra diferentes estagios de culex quinquefasciatus say (Diptera: Culicidae). Hussain, A.; Ilahi, I.; Ahmed, H.; Niaz, S.; Masood, Z.; Khan, T.; Khan, A.; Zajac, Z.; Alkhaibari, May 8, 2022 5174
West Nile Virus and Other Domestic Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases- -United States, 2020. Soto, Raymond A.; Hughes, Matthew L.; Staples, J. Erin; Lindsey, Nicole P. May 6, 2022 3038
Domestic Dogs as Sentinels for West Nile Virus but not Aedes-borne Flaviviruses, Mexico. Davila, Edward; Fernandez-Santos, Nadia A.; Estrada-Franco, Jose Guillermo; Wei, Lihua; Aguilar-Dura Report May 1, 2022 1708
Usutu Virus Africa 3 Lineage, Luxembourg, 2020. Snoeck, Chantal J.; Sausy, Aurelie; Losch, Serge; Wildschutz, Felix; Bourg, Manon; Hubschen, Judith Report May 1, 2022 1516
Eco-Friendly Control of Culex quinquefasciatus Say (Diptera: Culicidae) through Botanical Insecticides and Predatory Insects. Mirza Gul, Muhammad Zahid, Ikram Ilahi, hazrat Ali, fida hussain and Muhammad Anwar Sajad Apr 27, 2022 3760
Mapping the Risk for West Nile Virus Transmission, Africa. Garda-Carrasco, Jose-Mana; Munoz, Antonio-Roman; Olivero, Jesus; Segura, Marina; Real, Raimundo Report Apr 1, 2022 5554
VN eyes downgradingA severity classification ofA COVID-19. Mar 18, 2022 762
After dengue & Covid-19, is Pakistan ready for West Nile virus? M. Waqar Bhatti Mar 11, 2022 810
Mapping the Risk for West Nile Virus Transmission, Africa. Mar 7, 2022 3556
Survival and Release of 5 American Crows (Corvus brachyrhynchos) Naturally Infected With West Nile Virus. Hopf, Cynthia; Bunting, Elizabeth; Clark, Anne; Childs-Sanford, Sara Report Mar 1, 2022 5011
EMERGING INFECTIOUS DISEASES[R]: Upcoming Issue * April 2022 * Zoonotic Infections. Mar 1, 2022 314
Horse Owner Practices and Equine and Human Arboviral Encephalitis in North Carolina. White, Avian V.; Berl, Erica; Williams, Carl; Doyle, Michael; Smith, Deryn M.; Byrd, Brian D.; Reisk Report Mar 1, 2022 4981
FEATURED ARTICLE QUIZ #5: Horse Owner Practices and Equine and Human Arboviral Encephalitis in North Carolina. Mar 1, 2022 593
West Nile Virus Transmission by Solid Organ Transplantation and Considerations for Organ Donor Screening Practices, United States. Soto, Raymond A.; McDonald, Emily; Annambhotla, Pallavi; Velez, Jason O.; Laven, Janeen; Panella, Am Clinical report Feb 1, 2022 2430
Public Acceptance of and Willingness to Pay for Mosquito Control, Texas, USA. Dickinson, Katherine L.; Banacos, Natalie; Carbajal, Ester; Dacko, Nina; Fredregill, Chris; Hinojosa Report Feb 1, 2022 1760
Dynamics of Mosquito Population Models with Spatial Diffusion. Traoré, Urbain Dec 29, 2021 3247
WEST NILE VIRUS IMPACTS ON BLACK-BILLED MAGPIE POPULATIONS. Taylor, Daniel M.; Trost, Charles H. Dec 22, 2021 5916
Aras-Kura Havzasi Ergin Sivrisinek Tür Kompozisyonu/Adult Mosquito Fauna of Kura-Aras Basin. Demirci, Berna Dec 1, 2021 5318
Avian Dis.: Experimental West Nile virus infection in northern bobwhite quail (Colinus virginianus). Kunkel, M.R.; Mead, D.J.; Berghaus, R.D. Report Dec 1, 2021 312
Avian Pathol.: Usutu virus infection in aviary birds during the cold season. Schmidt, V.; Cramer, K.; Bottcher, D. Report Dec 1, 2021 247
Inflammatory Storm, Metabolism of Prostaglandins, and COVID-19. Olszewer, Efrain; Blaurock-Busch, E. Nov 1, 2021 2269
Will County resident first in Illinois to die from West Nile this year. Daily Herald report Oct 9, 2021 220
Will County resident 1st in state to die from West Nile this year. Daily Herald report Oct 9, 2021 217
West Nile cases in DuPage:. Oct 1, 2021 406
Nearly a dozen human cases of West Nile reported in DuPage. Daily Herald report Oct 1, 2021 227
At least nine die from West Nile virus which can cause paralysis and has no cure; Officials in New York, US, are flagging concerns about a bumper mosquito season as West Nile virus is recorded in 29 states so far this year, prompting concerns for vulnerable people. By, Talia Shadwell Sep 21, 2021 550
West Nile found in rural Ramsey. Sep 15, 2021 394
Aurora man has first human case this year of West Nile in DuPage County. Katlyn Smith Sep 3, 2021 394
Aurora man has first human case this year of West Nile in DuPage. Katlyn Smith Sep 3, 2021 327
West Nile virus case in Aurora. Katlyn Smith Sep 3, 2021 364
Third positive test for West Nile virus found in Southern 7 counties. Submitted by the Southern Seven Health Department Sep 3, 2021 278
Kane County reports West Nile:. Sep 2, 2021 359
Kane County reports West Nile case. Daily Herald report Sep 2, 2021 154
Ecologic Determinants of West Nile Virus Seroprevalence among Equids, Brazil. de Oliveira-Filho, Edmilson F.; Fischer, Carlo; Berneck, Beatrice Sarah; Carneiro, Ianei O.; Kuhne, Report Sep 1, 2021 3095
Deerfield man diagnosed with West Nile. Daily Herald report Aug 18, 2021 235
West Nile Virus and Other Domestic Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases--United States, 2019. Vahey, Grace M.; Mathis, Sarabeth; Martin, Stacey W.; Gould, Carolyn V.; Staples, J. Erin; Lindsey, Aug 13, 2021 2973
Songbird illness lands in suburbs, and nobody knows what it is yet Birds: Experts not anticipating a crisis like West Nile virus. Katlyn Smith Jul 31, 2021 797
Water Restrictions Drop Mosquito-Borne Disease. Jun 1, 2021 317
Valent BioSciences introduces mosquito formula. May 8, 2021 514
West Nile virus infection in ruffed grouse (Bonasa umbellus) in Pennsylvania, USA: a multi-year comparison of statewide serosurveys and vector indices. Report Mar 1, 2021 238
Shuni Virus in Cases of Neurologic Disease in Humans, South Africa. Motlou, Thopisang P.; Venter, Marietjie Report Feb 1, 2021 2979
An Outbreak of West Nile Virus--Arizona, 2019. Ruberto, Irene; Kretschmer, Melissa; Zabel, Karen; Sunenshine, Rebecca; Smith, Kirk; Townsend, John; Jan 29, 2021 1118
Molecular Characterisation of Cytochrome Oxidase I and Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 Fragments of Culiseta longiareolata/Culiseta longiareolata'daki Sitokrom Oksidaz I ve Internal Transcribed Spacer 2'nin Molekuler Karakterizasyonu. Soltanbeiglu, Shadiyeh; Vahedi, Mozaffar; Bavani, Mulood Mohammadi; Chavshin, Ali Reza Dec 1, 2020 3122
A Pilot Serosurvey for Selected Pathogens in Feral Donkeys (Equus asinus). Goodrich, Erin L.; McLean, Amy; Guarino, Cassandra Oct 1, 2020 4891
MURPHYSBORO - Routine mosquito testing has identified the first batch of mosquit. SUBMITTED BY KERRI GALE Director Of Environmental Health/JCHD Sep 18, 2020 320
First case of West Nile in Illinois for 2020 reported. Sep 15, 2020 486
First human case of West Nile Virus in Illinois for 2020 reported. Sep 11, 2020 487
DuPage woman first human case this year of West Nile in Illinois. Katlyn Smith Sep 10, 2020 463
First 2020 Human Case of West Nile Virus in DuPage County. Don Bolger Sep 10, 2020 455
Guillain-Barre Syndrome Secondary to West Nile Virus in New York City. Beshai, Rafail; Bibawy, Daniel; Bibawy, Joseph Aug 31, 2020 2396
Study of Abiotic and Biotic Parameters Affecting the Abundance of Mosquito Larvae (Diptera: Culicidae) in the Region of Fez (Morocco). Mouatassem, Touria Filali; Lalami, Abdelhakim El Ouali; Faraj, Chafika; Rais, Noureddine; Guemmouh, Report Aug 31, 2020 4021
Codimension-2 Bifurcation Analysis and Control of a Discrete Mosquito Model with a Proportional Release Rate of Sterile Mosquitoes. Chen, Qiaoling; Teng, Zhidong; Liu, Junli; Wang, Feng Aug 31, 2020 6941
First West Nile mosquito found in Glenview; risk low. Herald report Aug 6, 2020 158
West Nile found near Aurora:. Aug 1, 2020 421
West Nile found near Aurora:. Aug 1, 2020 443
Clinical Features of Four West Nile Virus Cases and Its Molecular Characterization from a South Indian Tertiary Care Hospital. Mammen, Shoba; Nair, Aiswarya; Kumar, Santhosh; Zonderveni, Zayina; Prabhakar, A.T.; Prakash, Turaka Jul 31, 2020 4371
Take basic precautions to prevent West Nile virus while enjoying the summer weather. Submitted by Cook County Department of Public Health Jul 29, 2020 381
Watch out for this virus, too As mosquito season arrives, it's time to guard against West Nile. Jul 7, 2020 451
13 tiny but deadly creatures. CM Guest Columnist Jul 6, 2020 353
13 tiny but deadly creatures. Jul 6, 2020 322
5 myths about mosquitoes. Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 669
5 myths about mosquitoes Mosquitoes: Standing water in a bottle cap could hold 500 eggs. Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 669
Five mosquito myths (no, they can't transmit COVID-19). Marie Wilson Jul 6, 2020 677
Open Orphan investee company showcases mosquito vaccine results in Lancet. Jun 16, 2020 353
Retrospective Descriptive Analysis of West Nile Neuroinvasive Disease (WNND) in Northwest Louisiana. Mada, Pradeep Kumar; Sneed, Philip; Castano, Gabriel; Moore, Maureen; Chandranesan, Andrew Stevenson May 31, 2020 4704
Enhancing Preparedness for Arbovirus Infections with a One Health Approach: The Development and Implementation of Multisectoral Risk Assessment Exercises. Dente, Maria Grazia; Riccardo, Flavia; Van Bortel, Wim; Marrama, Laurence; Mollet, Thomas; Derrough, May 31, 2020 6054
Orgenesis launches new cell-based vaccine platform targeting coronavirus virus. May 14, 2020 377
The Diffusive Model for West Nile Virus on a Periodically Evolving Domain. Tarboush, Abdelrazig K.; Zhang, Zhengdi Apr 30, 2020 7864
Six Nature Facts Related To Coronaviruses. Apr 21, 2020 475
West Nile Virus in Farmed Crocodiles, Zambia, 2019. Simulundu, Edgar; Ndashe, Kunda; Chambaro, Herman M.; Squarre, David; Reilly, Paul Michael; Chitanga Apr 1, 2020 1711
West Nile Virus Vaccine Design by T Cell Epitope Selection: In Silico Analysis of Conservation, Functional Cross-Reactivity with the Human Genome, and Population Coverage. Waller, Frances M.; Reche, Pedro A.; Flower, Darren R. Mar 31, 2020 4899
A Simple Method for the Design and Development of Flavivirus NS1 Recombinant Proteins Using an In Silico Approach. Park, Chulmin; Kim, Won-Bok; Cho, Sung-Yeon; Oh, Eun-Jee; Lee, Hyeyoung; Kang, Kyungjoon; Lee, Yoons Mar 1, 2020 7830
A Periodic West Nile Virus Transmission Model with Stage-Structured Host Population. Liu, Junli; Zhang, Tailei; Chen, Qiaoling Mar 1, 2020 9524
Public, private sectors step up vigilance as Covid-19 labelled 'a dangerous contagious disease'. Feb 29, 2020 622
440 smart mosquito traps to be deployed across UAE. Ashwani Kumar Jan 24, 2020 525
Co-Diagnostics begins selling newest product that detects the eastern equine encephalitis virus. Dec 11, 2019 150
Co-Diagnostics, Launches Vector Control Mosquito Test for EEE Virus. Dec 11, 2019 362
West Nile Virus Infections - World Pipeline Review, H2 2019. Dec 9, 2019 638
West Nile Virus in Wildlife and Nonequine Domestic Animals, South Africa, 2010-2018. Steyn, Jumari; Botha, Elizabeth; Stivaktas, Voula I.; Buss, Peter; Beechler, Brianna R.; Myburgh, Ja Dec 1, 2019 3185
Bagaza Virus in Himalayan Monal Pheasants, South Africa, 2016-2017. Steyn, Jumari; Botha, Elizabeth M.; Lourens, Carina; Coetzer, Jacobus A.W.; Venter, Marietjie Dec 1, 2019 2399
Phylogenetic Analysis of Bird-Virulent West Nile Virus Strain, Greece. Valiakos, George; Plavos, Konstantinos; Vontas, Alexandras; Sofia, Marina; Giannakopoulos, Alexios; Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2019 1470
Investigation of Zoonotic Pathogens in Patients With Tick Attachment in Tekirdag, Turkey/ Tekirdag Yoresinde Kene Tutunmus Hastalarda Zoonotik Patojenlerin Arastirilmasi. Dogan, Mustafa Dec 1, 2019 2990
Lack of Efficacy of High-Titered Immunoglobulin in Patients with West Nile Virus Central Nervous System Disease. Gnann, John W., Jr.; Agrawal, Amy; Hart, John; Buitrago, Martha; Carson, Paul; Hanfelt-Goade, Diane; Clinical report Nov 1, 2019 7618
Ecological Niche Modeling of West Nile Virus Vector in Northwest of Iran. Adham, Davoud; Moradi-Asl, Eslam; Vatandoost, Hassan; Saghafipour, Abedin Nov 1, 2019 3732
Beroni Group to Launch its Advanced US FDA-Approved Virus Diagnostic Kit to Help Combat Global Outbreaks of Zika, Dengue, Chikungunya and West Nile Viruses. Oct 24, 2019 1050
Mosquito Repellent Products for Children Share, Trends, Opportunities, Projection, Revenue, Analysis Forecast To 2025. Oct 23, 2019 842
Woman dies in north from West Nile virus. Gina Agapiou Oct 7, 2019 236
Mosquito Repellent Products for Children Market Projection By Dynamics, Trends, Revenue, Regional Segmented, Outlook & Forecast Till 2025. Oct 4, 2019 824
Mosquito Repellent Market 2019 Global Industry - Leading Players, Market Volume, Trends, Opportunities, Market Study and Forecast to 2024. Oct 1, 2019 752
Economic Burden of West Nile Virus Disease, Quebec, Canada, 2012-2013. Ouhoummane, Najwa; Tchouaket, Eric; Lowe, Anne-Marie; Fortin, Ann; Kairy, Dahlia; Vibien, Anne; Kovi Clinical report Oct 1, 2019 6091
Flaviviridae Viruses and Oxidative Stress: Implications for Viral Pathogenesis. Zhang, Zhenzhen; Rong, Liang; Li, Yi-Ping Sep 30, 2019 15605
Canada's first human case of West Nile virus reported. Sep 26, 2019 128
First 2019 human case of West Nile virus in DuPage County. Sep 12, 2019 329
Lombard woman contracts West Nile. Sep 11, 2019 232
Lombard woman has DuPage's first case of West Nile in 2019. Sep 11, 2019 232
Reminder: Fight the Bite, Mosquitoes Are Still A Threat. Sep 7, 2019 326
Cases of West Nile virus rise to 15. Sep 4, 2019 213
Mosquitoes in area test positive for West Nile. Sep 4, 2019 453
Neuroinvasive West Nile Virus Disease in an Elderly Patient with Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Treated with R-CHOP Therapy: A Case Report. Arslan, Baris; Gunduz, Hasan Murat; Unlu, Nurdan; Cavus, Gokhan; Menemenlioglu, Dilek Report Sep 1, 2019 2102
Facts about West Nile And Dengue Virus. Aug 28, 2019 437
New case of West Nile virus identified. Aug 23, 2019 225
Man dies from West Nile Virus. Aug 22, 2019 154
The Facts You Need To Know About West Nile Virus. Aug 22, 2019 363
Cases of West Nile virus rise to nine. Aug 21, 2019 401
West Nile Spreads In Los Angeles. Aug 21, 2019 287
West Nile Virus and Other Domestic Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases--United States, 2018. McDonald, Emily; Martin, Stacey W.; Landry, Kimberly; Gould, Carolyn V.; Lehman, Jennifer; Fischer, Aug 9, 2019 3403
In 2018, 2,813 Cases of Domestic Arbovirus Reported in U.S. 94 percent of cases caused by West Nile Virus; 63 percent of these classified as neuroinvasive disease. Aug 8, 2019 210
Authorities step up measures, as several taken ill with mosquito-borne virus. Aug 8, 2019 258
West Nile virus identified in region Positive batches collected in Gallatin and White counties. Aug 7, 2019 370
West Nile virus found in region Positive mosquito batches collected in Gallatin, White counties. Aug 7, 2019 371
West Nile virus found in region Positive mosquito batches collected in Gallatin, White Co. Aug 7, 2019 227
Meeting to discuss West Nile virus. Aug 6, 2019 192
Two cases of West Nile in Nicosia area. Aug 5, 2019 146
Health department monitoring for West Nile virus. Aug 5, 2019 402
Analysis of Synonymous Codon Usage Bias in Flaviviridae Virus. Yao, Huipeng; Chen, Mengyu; Tang, Zizhong Jul 31, 2019 11235
Health Highlights: July 20, 2019; Experts Warn of Mosquito-Borne Brain Infection in Florida NC Man Dies of Brain-Eating Amoeba After Visiting Water Park Lifesaving Drug for Babies Costs $2.1 Million a Dose. Jul 29, 2019 496
Experts Warn of Mosquito-Borne Brain Infection in Florida; Eastern equine encephalitis has been detected in several sentinel chickens. Jul 29, 2019 138
Fresh case of Blue Nile virus in north. Jul 29, 2019 159
Deadly Virus Found In Florida, Causes Brain Swelling From Mosquito Bites. Jul 29, 2019 493
Health services issue advisory on West Nile virus, possible bicommunal meeting in the works. Jul 26, 2019 575
Three cases of West Nile in the north. Jul 25, 2019 151
Officials In Fresno County Alert People About Possible Spread of West Nile Virus. Jul 17, 2019 315
Chinese Scientists Cut Local Numbers of Dangerous Mosquito by 94%. Jul 17, 2019 722
Don't bug out: Cook County Health tips for staying itch-free this summer. Jul 3, 2019 535
West Nile virus in Lake County:. Jul 2, 2019 394
Gurnee to begin mosquito spray Sunday night. Jun 29, 2019 107
Travelers should take precautions against insect-borne diseases. Jun 27, 2019 152
Travelers should take precautions against insect-borne diseases. Jun 27, 2019 152
Travelers should take precautions against insect-borne diseases. Jun 27, 2019 152
Fight the bite! West Nile virus season is here. Jun 22, 2019 575
Greek-bound tourists alert. Jun 21, 2019 111
West Nile Virus: Mosquitoes Test Positive In Coachella Valley. Jun 14, 2019 433
West Nile and Usutu Virus Infections and Challenges to Blood Safety in the European Union. Domanovic, Dragoslav; Gossner, Celine M.; Lieshout-Krikke, Ryanne; Mayr, Wolfgang; Baroti-Toth, Klar Jun 1, 2019 5866
West Nile mosquitoes are found in Wayne; first report of virus in state. May 25, 2019 225
Early report of West Nile activity in DuPage County prompts health department advisory. May 25, 2019 481
Bug Barrier: Suit up right and enjoy bug-free fishing. Roberts, Brenton May 1, 2019 528
West Nile Fever: Health Ministry reviews preparedness in Kerala. Mar 20, 2019 330
Kerala boy, 6, dies after being diagnosed with rare disease. Mar 18, 2019 317
Dangerous beasties invading Cyprus. Mar 17, 2019 1097
Health Ministry takes stock of measures for controlling West Nile Virus. Mar 14, 2019 149
Acute and Delayed Deaths after West Nile Virus Infection, Texas, USA, 2002-2012. Philpott, David C.E.; Nolan, Melissa S.; Evert, Nicole; Mayes, Bonny; Hesalroad, Dawn; Fonken, Eric; Feb 1, 2019 7180
Cumulative Incidence of West Nile Virus Infection, Continental United States, 1999-2016. Ronca, Shannon E.; Murray, Kristy O.; Nolan, Melissa S. Feb 1, 2019 1947
West Nile Virus Infection in Travelers Returning to United Kingdom from South Africa. Parkash, Vivak; Woods, Kate; Kafetzopoulou, Liana; Osborne, Jane; Aarons, Emma; Cartwright, Katharin Feb 1, 2019 1828
Strong Core Beliefs in a Rapidly Changing Industry More Important than Ever. Dec 17, 2018 638
Epidemiological situation remains stable in Tunisia (Ministry of Health). Dec 5, 2018 157
Use of Next-Generation Sequencing for Diagnosis of West Nile Virus Infection in Patient Returning to Belgium from Hungary. Wollants, Elke; Smolders, David; Naesens, Reinout; Bruynseels, Peggy; Lagrou, Katrien; Matthijnssens Report Dec 1, 2018 1394
CRISPR screen identifies gene that helps cells resist West Nile virus. Nov 1, 2018 560
February 2017: Fungal Infection. Nov 1, 2018 160
West Nile Virus and Other Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases --United States, 2017. Curren, Emily J.; Lehman, Jennifer; Kolsin, Jonathan; Walker, William L.; Martin, Stacey W.; Staples Oct 19, 2018 3121
UN initiative to help tackle mosquito-borne diseases. Oct 2, 2018 319
DuPage County resident dies from West Nile virus. Sep 30, 2018 211
DuPage County resident dies from West Nile virus. Sep 30, 2018 240
DuPage County resident dies from West Nile virus. Sep 30, 2018 193
Carol Stream resident contracts West Nile virus. Sep 27, 2018 165
Mosquito samples and birds test positive for West Nile virus Virus: Symptoms include body aches, fever. Sep 26, 2018 471
Columbia issues West Nile alert. Brief article Sep 18, 2018 235
West Nile case diagnosed in Lake County. Sep 1, 2018 120
Health officials identify year's first human case of West Nile in Lake County. Sep 1, 2018 277
Columbia to begin spraying for mosquitoes. Brief article Aug 30, 2018 182
More West Nile cases:. Aug 30, 2018 393
West Nile virus cases in Greece jump in 2018. Aug 25, 2018 249
Louisiana, Mississippi top nation in illness from West Nile. Aug 22, 2018 144
Mosquitoes said to carry deadly West Nile disease found in Britain; The disease has been linked to 22 European deaths. Aug 22, 2018 553
DuPage County reports second case of West Nile. Aug 16, 2018 235
Zika, West Nile Cases Reported in Alabama; State health officials note that Zika hasn't been transmitted locally. Aug 14, 2018 208
New West Nile warning Fearing a repeat of 2012 outbreak. Aug 11, 2018 375
New West Nile warning Fearing a repeat of 2012 outbreak Virus: Most people infected show no West Nile symptoms. Aug 11, 2018 375
West Nile risk in suburbs highest since 2012 outbreak. Aug 11, 2018 384
Mosquitoes in Carmi test positive for West Nile virus. Aug 8, 2018 440
Residents urged to take precautions against 'Zika' if travelling to virus-endemic countries. Aug 7, 2018 810
Mosquitoes in Carmi test positive for West Nile virus Authorities stress importance of taking precautions. Aug 7, 2018 440
Mosquitoes with West Nile found in Carmi. Aug 7, 2018 440
Global Incidence Rate for Zika Virus Down but CDC Medical Director Says Residents Traveling to Endemic Countries Must Still Take Precautions. Aug 6, 2018 857
Travellers urged to take precautions against Zika virus. Aug 6, 2018 505
DuPage County in 60 seconds. Aug 3, 2018 337
West Nile found in Jackson County. Jul 21, 2018 266
New technology introduced for safe blood transfusions. Jul 12, 2018 580
Limiting your risk for West Nile virus in Central PA. Jul 9, 2018 530
Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Lake County. Jul 7, 2018 477
Lake County in 60 seconds. Jul 4, 2018 559
Mosquitoes batch comes up positive for West Nile in Lake County -BYLN- Daily Herald report. Jul 4, 2018 123
Mosquitoes test positive for West Nile virus in Lake County. Jul 4, 2018 488
Illinois calls in the CDC on West Nile virus case. Jun 21, 2018 135
4 ways to protect against West Nile virus this summer. Jun 13, 2018 318
West Chicago Mosquito Abatement's 2018 Mosquito Season Update. Jun 1, 2018 860
First mosquitoes with West Nile found in suburbs. Jun 1, 2018 394
Building Capacity to Support the Use of Geospatial Modeling for Vectorborne Disease Control: West Nile Virus as a Case Study. Moy, Bryan; Harrigan, Ryan; Godwin, Hilary Jun 1, 2018 5533
What Is West Nile Virus? Jun 1, 2018 514
Vital Signs: Trends in Reported Vectorborne Disease Cases--United States and Territories, 2004-2016. Rosenberg, Ronald; Lindsey, Nicole P.; Fischer, Marc; Gregory, Christopher J.; Hinckley, Alison F.; May 4, 2018 4037
MPs discuss disease risk of planned crocodile park. May 2, 2018 362
Ban Those Bothersome Bugs! We've got ways to make your property less bug-friendly and ingredients to choose for effective repellents. May 1, 2018 1319
History of Mosquitoborne Diseases in the United States and Implications for New Pathogens. Moreno-Madrinan, Max J.; Turell, Michael May 1, 2018 4437
Intelligent, resilient, abundant. Mar 11, 2018 464
Intelligent, resilient, abundant: Meet the suburban crow. Mar 7, 2018 464
Low prevalence of West Nile virus antibodies in select northern California owl species (2007-2014). Brief article Mar 1, 2018 129
Assessment of Binary Mixtures of Entomopathogenic Fungi and Chemical Insecticides on Biological Parameters of Culex pipiens (Diptera: Culicidae) under Laboratory and Field Conditions. Shoukat, Rana Fartab; Freed, Shoaib; Ahmad, Kanwar Waqas; Rehman, Ateeq-ur Report Feb 28, 2018 8256
Residents showing signs of illness after return from abroad should seek medical help: HMC. Feb 26, 2018 422
HMC: Qatar Residents Advised to Seek Medical Care If Showing Signs of Illness After Travel Abroad. Feb 19, 2018 424
Call to seek medical care for illness after overseas travel. Feb 19, 2018 379
West Nile Virus and Other Nationally Notifiable Arboviral Diseases--United States, 2016. Burakoff, Alexis; Lehman, Jennifer; Fischer, Marc; Staples, J. Erin; Lindsey, Nicole P. Jan 12, 2018 3346
Yellow Fever Virus RNA in Urine and Semen of Convalescent Patient, Brazil. Barbosa, Carla M.; Paola, Nicholas Di; Cunha, Marielton P.; Rodrigues-Jesus, Monica J.; Araujo, Dani Jan 1, 2018 1795
Mathematical Modeling in Virology by Differential Equations. Hattaf, Khalid; Elaiw, Ahmed M.; Lashari, Abid A.; Yousfi, Noura Editorial Jan 1, 2018 603
Chronic wasting disease detection and mortality sources in semi-protected deer population. Schuler, Krysten L.; Jenks, Jonathan A.; Klaver, Robert W.; Jennelle, Christopher S.; Bowyer, R. Ter Report Jan 1, 2018 5553
The First Case Report of West Nile Virus-Induced Acute Flaccid Quadriplegia in Canada. Al-Fifi, Yahya Salim Yahya; Kadkhoda, Kamran; Drebot, Mike; Wudel, Beverly; Bow, E.J. Report Jan 1, 2018 2786
Monitoring Anti-NS1 Antibodies in West Nile Virus-Infected and Vaccinated Horses. Rebollo, Belen; Sarraseca, Javier; Lecollinet, Sylvie; Abouchoaib, Nabil; Alonso, Javier; Garcia-Boc Jan 1, 2018 5909
Permethrin Susceptibility for the Vector Culex tarsalis and a Nuisance Mosquito Aedes vexans in an Area Endemic for West Nile Virus. Vincent, Geoffrey P.; Davis, Justin K.; Wimberly, Michael C.; Carlson, Christopher D.; Hildreth, Mic Jan 1, 2018 4800
West Nile Encephalitis, an Unusual Infection in a Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia Patient. Espinoza-Gutarra, Manuel R.; Cervantez, Sherri L.; Nooruddin, Zohra Jan 1, 2018 2297
West Nile Virus Lineage 2 in Horses and Other Animals with Neurologic Disease, South Africa, 2008-2015. Venter, Marietjie; Pretorius, Marthi; Fuller, James A.; Botha, Elizabeth; Rakgotho, Mpho; Stivaktas, Dec 1, 2017 3382
Investigation of Acute Flaccid Paralysis Reported with La Crosse Virus Infection, Ohio, USA, 2008-2014. Hennessey, Morgan J.; Pastula, Daniel M.; Machesky, Kimberly; Fischer, Marc; Lindsey, Nicole P.; DiO Dec 1, 2017 2016
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 114, No. 8, August 2017. Abstract Dec 1, 2017 239
Video: Months after Harvey, health care challenges persist. Nov 30, 2017 492
German Epidemiologist: Israeli Mosquito Brought West Nile Virus to New York. Leibovitz, Liel Nov 15, 2017 128
NOVEL INFECTIOUS DISEASES IN EUROPE/NOVE INFEKTIVNE BOLESTI U EVROPI. Lendak, Dajana; Preveden, Tomislav; Kovacevic, Nadica; Tomic, Slavica; Ruzic, Maja; Fabri, Milotka Report Nov 1, 2017 4264
West Nile Virus in a Pregnant Woman with Acquired Immune Deficiency Syndrome. Boggs, Karli; McLaughlin, Louise; Moore, Ferney; Montz, Andrew Report Nov 1, 2017 2182
Dengue in Pakistan. Oct 15, 2017 736
Usutu Virus RNA in Mosquitoes, Israel, 2014-2015. Mannasse, Batya; Mendelson, Ella; Orshan, Laor; Mor, Orna; Shalom, Uri; Yeger, Tamar; Lustig, Yaniv Report Oct 1, 2017 2086
September 2016: Antimicrobial Resistance. Calendar Oct 1, 2017 235
Five deaths reported due to West Nile virus in Greece. Sep 28, 2017 118
A comprehensive plan for exterminating killer mosquitoes. Sep 11, 2017 967
Killing killer mosquitoes. Sep 9, 2017 966
More mosquitoes breeding in poorer neighborhoods, research finds. Krisberg, Kim Sep 1, 2017 183
Surge in varied diseases attributed to livestock movement and rainfall. Aug 30, 2017 773
Safe water supply system in country can win fight against polio;Researcher. Aug 29, 2017 644
May 2011: vectorborne infections. Aug 1, 2017 185
West Nile virus outbreak in Houston and Harris county, Texas, USA, 2014. Martinez, Diana; Murray, Kristy O.; Reyna, Martin; Arafat, Raouf R.; Gorena, Roberto; Shah, Umair A. Report Aug 1, 2017 2212
March 2010: vectorborne infections. Aug 1, 2017 295
Cluster of acute flaccid myelitis in five pediatric patients--Maricopa County, Arizona, 2016. Iverson, Sally A.; Ostdiek, Scott; Prasai, Siru; Engelthaler, David M.; Kretschmer, Melissa; Fowle, Jul 21, 2017 2118
UN initiative to help tackle mosquito-borne diseases. May 11, 2017 320
West Nile Virus Seroprevalence, Connecticut, USA, 2000-014. Cahill, Megan E.; Yao, Yi; Nock, David; Armstrong, Philip M.; Andreadis, Theodore G.; Diuk-Wasser, M Apr 1, 2017 1711
Species abundance and temporal variation of arbovirus vectors in Brownsville, Texas/Abundancia de temporal de los vectores de arbovirus en brownsville, texas. Srinivasan, Krithika; Tapia, Beatriz; Rodriguez, Arturo; Wood, Robert; Salinas, Jennifer J. Apr 1, 2017 3093
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Baxter International signs contract with Nanotherapeutics. Dec 17, 2014 115
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