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West Nile Virus: the cause or the effect? Dr. Stephen Tates explores modern plagues and how to prevent them from impacting you and your family.

It seems like every time we listen to the news or read the newspaper, we see new cases of the West Nile Virus. At first, we didn't seem too concerned because research showed that birds were the primary targets of this virus.

Unfortunately, many people have been exposed and infected by the Virus and, in some cases, have died. Unsurprisingly, the number of reported cases has already tripled last year's figures. Who knows what's in store for us next year? We are constantly hearing that mosquitoes are the primary culprits; however, we must ask ourselves, "Are they the primary cause of this virus or just the carriers?" Research has shown that organ transplants or blood transfusions may be a secondary problem that contributes to the transportation of the West Nile Virus.

Historically, mosquitoes have been blamed for plagues and viruses that were essentially caused by man-made environmental poisons. We (not the mosquitoes) are directly responsible for the condition of our environment. To make matters worse, the standard test used to detect the West Nile Virus measures only our body's response to the virus, not the virus itself. This means that you can't truly be tested for West Nile Virus for at least fifteen days after a mosquito has bitten you. By then you are already aware that you have problems or the virus has produced fatal complications. So basically, prevention and treatment is up to us.

How do we protect ourselves from the West Nile Virus? We start by identifying the group of people that suffer with infections of West Nile Virus. Some people are bitten by infected mosquitoes and never develop any symptoms, and there are others, especially the weak and elderly, who develop Encephalitis--a potentially fatal brain infection from the Virus. The common factors are the weak and elderly who suffer with poor circulation, low immune systems, and possibly anemia.

To ensure that our bodies are more resilient and able to resist dangerous illnesses like the West Nile Virus, natural preventative medicine can be very effective. We need to start by improving blood circulation and strength, re-nourish our body with proper vitamins and minerals and strengthening our entire immune system. This will improve our body's ability to attack, destroy and eliminate invaders like the West Nile Virus. Let's take a look at our options:

Herbal Treatment. Herbal Treatment is essential. We need to develop a clean, and pure blood stream. This is best accomplished by blood cleansing tonics, especially with herbs like burdock, gentian, and sarsaparilla roots. Also, garlic, cayenne, echinacea and pau d'arco will destroy harmful bacteria and germs common with the West Nile Virus and other infections. When a mosquito carrying the West Nile Virus bites you, you have a short window of opportunity for your antibodies, blood, and immune system to fight off and destroy the virus. Strong blood cleansing tonics are essential to accomplishing this task.

Water. Drinking dean water is important (particularly spring or distilled water). Virtually all our body functions require water: digestion absorption, circulation, body temperature, tissue rebuilding and blood and bowel cleansing. The average adult uses about three quarts of water with normal body functions daily. Combine water with blood cleansing tonics and you have an excellent combination for rebuilding or maintaining a strong immune system. If you eliminate either one of these things, you increase the possibility of get ting infected from viruses.

Raw Fruits. Raw fruits are high in vitamins A, C and E and other essential vitamins. Fruits serve as strong purging elements that assist in the cleansing of our blood, urinary and digestive system. Melons, mangos, grapes, oranges, papaya, and grapefruit are excellent choices for this purification process. If you have blood sugar or diabetic problems, don't eat sweets. It is also recommended that you do not eat citrus fruit if you have arthritis problems.

Raw Vegetables. Raw vegetables also help to cleanse the body and remove fat and waste. Fat and waste weaken our immune system and hamper our body's ability to protect itself. Vegetables provide vitamins A, C, E, iron, calcium, potassium, and partial protein, as well as trace vitamins and minerals. These foods include romaine lettuce, spinach, broccoli, carrots, celery, beets, radishes, onions, and garlic. Remember, the stronger and healthier we are, the more capable our bodies are at fighting off and destroying bacteria, germs, and viruses.

Pure Fruit and Vegetable Juices. It is highly recommended that you juice pure fruit and vegetables and add these juices to your diet to help strengthen and re-nourish your Immune System. Through juicing, we can maximize the level of nutrition our body receives, at least three to four times higher than with solid food. Fruits and vegetables provide a large source of the vitamins and minerals our body needs (examples: carrot; carrot/celery/beet; carrot/apple; spinach/greens; orange; and grape juice). Garlic and cayenne pepper should be added to vegetable juices in order to increase anti-biotic and antiseptic properties. When our body is properly nourished and cleansed, it has the ability to heal, rebuild, and naturally protect itself.

Grain and Cereals. Grains and cereals are the best food source for B-complex vitamins, carbohydrates, and minerals like iron, calcium and magnesium. When eaten in moderation, they strengthen and protect your body. When you overeat or consume refined and bleached grains and cereals, you actually weaken your body and create an excellent opportunity for bacteria and viruses to grow. Cereals and grains include: whole grains, wheat, brown rice, oats, millet, potatoes, and bananas.

Protein Foods. Protein foods are also essential. In fact, protein is the most plentiful substance in the body. One third is found in the muscles and the rest in the bones, skin, cartilage and especially the blood. Without enough protein in your system, the body is weak and malnourished. Most animal proteins, such as pork and beef, are destructive to your body (especially if you are trying to protect yourself from the West Nile Virus). The best and most wholesome proteins are green leafy vegetables, soybeans (including tofu), sesame seed and dried beans with fish, chicken (skinless), and/or turkey.

Regular (daily) bowel movement is also essential. Herbs like cascara sagrada, senna, chickweed, aloe vera, and rhubarb are excellent in assisting the body in the removal of toxins and waste.

Finally, supplements to enhance our Immune System:

Vitamin A. Vitamin A (Beta Carotene: 50,000 to 100,000 IU's daily), will help in the growth and repair of body tissues as well as fight bacteria and infections,

Vitamin C. Vitamin C (preferably buffered, powdered ascorbic acid: 3000mg to 5000mg daily) will help hold cells together, heal wounds, give strength to blood vessels, and provide resistance to infections. It will also help the Immune system by increasing the production of Interferon (protein substances that help prevent reproduction of viruses) and increases the ability of white blood cells to find, trap, and destroy viruses.

Garlic. Garlic should be taken as much as possible. Garlic helps prevent and eliminate infections as well as destroys parasites, worms and viruses in addition to stimulating the immune function. It also is an excellent blood and urinary tract cleanser.

Germanium. Germanium (210mg daily) will help increase oxygen to the cells and helps with interferon production. Alfalfa and ginseng are in high in germanium.

Other. Vitamin E, selenium, calcium, and magnesium all help in controlling cell damage as well as stimulate anti-body production. Antibodies help our body resist infections.

You must remember nothing will be effective if you continue to consume alcohol, caffeine, sodas, sugar, salt, pork, red meat, white flour and junk food.

Dr. Stephen Tates is a naturopath and herbalist in Atlanta, Georgia who specializes in detoxification and lifestyle con* suiting. He can be contacted at Carter-Tates Enterprises, Inc. 404-459-8696, 404-459-8940, or
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