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Illinois IPC blues: it's no award-winning performance as you struggle to stay chief of this Commander over the land of lincoln. But there's hope if you don't let things get much worse. Apr 1, 2013 1508
Hitting the slopes. Sep 1, 2011 587
How not to file a pop-up: converting from VFR to IFR in the air is usually a simple matter of asking the nearest controller. There are times when other strategies are better bets, or your only option. Sep 1, 2011 1533
The perfect paperless IFR bag: we used to haul around a binder that skewed aircraft weight and balance. Now it's a headset, an iPad and a flashlight to carry the dead batteries. What's the right bag for today's IFR? Sep 1, 2011 1189
Get with the program, or get out. Apr 1, 2011 619
Chill out about descents: you probably still hear your instructor's voice haranguing you to hit that glideslope intercept altitude or MDA sooner. This is one voice you can usually ignore. Apr 1, 2011 1206
Radar available: until full adoption of ADS-B gives us new excuses why ATC can't see you, it's still a good plan to check whether radar coverage is likely. Note that "likely" isn't "guaranteed.". Apr 1, 2011 630
Bully for the kids up front. Nov 1, 2010 541
What's changed here? Ever wonder how many changes there really are when they amend an instrument procedure? Now you can see them all, down to the most trivial pixel. Nov 1, 2010 895
Just do nothing: there are precious few times in an aircraft when immediate action is absolutely required. Sometimes the best reaction is inaction. Nov 1, 2010 1419
A fellowship of the craft. In memoriam Sep 1, 2010 563
IFR training gone bad: the real world of IFR flying is out of sync with the way many instrument pilots are being trained and kept current. Here are three areas for improvement. Sep 1, 2010 2052
Watch the waypoints: one of the rules of GPS IFR is to check your waypoints after you load them up to make sure you didn't spell something wrong. But that assumes you read the chart right. Sep 1, 2010 771
The myth of multitasking. Feb 1, 2010 572
Glass-panel scans: the promise of easier instrument flying with a PFD doesn't get realized until you tweak your scan to leverage the strengths of a digital display and mitigate its weaknesses. Feb 1, 2010 1878
The parenthetical fix: GPS navigators are terrific at doing all the things the designers planned for them to do. But no designer plans for everything. That's when you need to think differently. Feb 1, 2010 873

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