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Our diassapeared. Television program review Jul 1, 2009 810
Tale of two cities. May 1, 2009 2623
Art theft online. Mar 1, 2009 719
Guide for greenhorn travelers: this quixotic travelogue--hailed as the first South American guide book--gives practical details for journeying along the royal mail route from Buenos Aires to Lima in the 1770s. Recommended readings Nov 1, 2008 2881
Forgotten voyage: you may not find his name on the map, but Alejandro Malaspina is finally being recognized for his rigorously scientific exploration of the Americas in the 1700s. Biography Sep 1, 2008 2703
Surreal sanctuary. Jul 1, 2008 661
An enduring panacea: a lucrative export for nearly three centuries, American ginseng--like its Asian cousin-continues to be a popular herbal remedy for a wide range of ailments. Mar 1, 2008 3338
The Maya war of words: scholarly theories collide around the disappearance of the ancient Maya. How do you spell collapse? Nov 1, 2006 3319
Silent witnesses seismic sagas: Chilean scientists are studying historic accounts of earthquakes for clues that will help them predict the size and timing of future eruptions. Mar 1, 2006 2845
A bug of reds & riches: since pre-Columbian times, an insect harvested in the Americas has provided the world with a highly valued dye. Jan 1, 2006 3161
Visual ethnographer of the new world. Sep 1, 2005 737
The Beagle's native son: among the observations of Charles Darwin on his famous voyage is the strange story of Jemmy Button, a Yamana Indian taken from South America to England and later returned to his homeland. Biography May 1, 2005 3434
Beating a passage to the pacific: more than ten years prior to the celebrated expedition of Lewis and Clark, a little-known Scotsman completed the first coast-to-coast trek across the continent. Mar 1, 2004 3327
Quinine's feverish tales and trails: for centuries, this alkaloid, produced from the bark of an Andean tree, provoked international disputes and intrigue as scientists pursued the cure for malaria. Sep 1, 2003 2877
A scent of heaven and earth: from pre-Columbian times to today, copal has been burned for a wide variety of religious and secular purposes. May 1, 2003 2692
Eclectic currents of a historic deed: a number of cities in the United States will be celebrating the bicentennial of the Louisiana Purchase, which doubled the size of the nation and secured its control of a mighty watershed. Mar 1, 2003 3723
En route to the real Robinson Crusoe: a simple story that started on Chile's Juan Fernandez archipelago spawned a legend that has inspired numerous books and films over centuries and across oceans. Nov 1, 2002 3625
Great storms of the four winds; Scientists in a new field are studying hurricanes of prehistory to uncover clues that may help predict future patterns and probabilities. Sep 1, 2002 3538
Cineast of the human angle: with keen sensitivity to his subjects, Argentine filmmaker Jorge Preloran captures simple life stories that resonate beyond their ethnographic value. Jul 1, 2002 3653
Zooming in at San Diego. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 643
Maps on the cusp of change: when Spain's Philip II sent out a questionnaire to his New World domains, native and Spanish respondents had some surprising and revealing answers. Mar 1, 2002 3025
From omnilife to omnicity. (Americas !Ojo!). Brief Article Nov 1, 2001 646
Hispanics Heat Up the Ice. Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 628
Equine Allies in the New World. Jul 1, 2001 2381
The Mystery of Capital: Why Capitalism Triumphs in the West and Fails Everywhere Else. Book Review Mar 1, 2001 882
Dancing Down Below. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 477
CAUGHT IN A MAIZE OF GENES. May 1, 2000 1769
Restoring Pride in Arequipa. Apr 1, 2000 3256
Rare Books on Indian Frontiers. Brief Article Sep 1, 1999 584
Dog Tails of the New World. Sep 1, 1999 2555
Oaxaca: Trimmed in Tradition. Brief Article Feb 1, 1999 611
Oaxaca: Trimmed in Tradition. Brief Article Jan 1, 1999 612
Farming fungus in Florida. Brief Article Aug 1, 1998 591
Captive warriors' eloquent sketches. Jun 1, 1998 2331
Born to juggle. Brief Article Jan 1, 1998 644
Flintknapping comes of age; anthropologists and hobbyists alike have rekindled interest in this ancient art, enhancing understanding of primitive cultures and preserving a practical skill. May 1, 1997 1396
Cultural sites at risk. Jul 1, 1996 494
Truth & fiction chart a miraculous journey. Biography Jul 1, 1996 4030
Saving the seed spectrum. Mar 1, 1996 683
Bidding for a crown. Nov 1, 1995 453
Out of the deep freeze. Bibliography Jul 1, 1995 673
Long lost letter to the king. May 1, 1995 2760
Singing the border news. Nov 1, 1994 1554
Taking the pulse of population growth. Sep 1, 1994 2220
The Ashoka Foundation's "Genius" Awards. May 1, 1994 464
A new age for the ancient potato. Mar 1, 1994 2671
Spontaneous frames of movement. Sep 1, 1993 2920
Symphonies of solitude from the north. Jan 1, 1993 2318
Cultivating the secrets of Aztec gardens. Nov 1, 1992 2814
Paricutin sparks a miraculous pilgrimage. May 1, 1991 3128
Contract with loneliness. Mar 1, 1991 3280
Upstream, downstream. Nov 1, 1990 2618

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