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Wenger's derby fighting talk lacks punch; PICK OF THE DAY.

Live football ITV, 5.15pm ACCORDING to the former FA chairman David Bernstein, Premier League managers are setting a bad example with all their complaints about refereeing decisions, writes James Milton. The life cycle of a tedious news story meant, inevitably, that some managers were then quoted complaining about Bernstein complaining about their complaining.

And now I'm complaining about their complaining about Bernstein complaining about their complaining.

Where will it all end? Hopefully with this full stop.

Phew, that's better.

The whole argument about whether football personalities are role models who should set a good example is moot but Arsene Wenger has certainly let himself down in the build-up to Arsenal's cup clash with rivals Tottenham.

"We haven't drawn a small team so it will just be another top-level game," said Wenger, exposing his woeful grasp of pre-derby banter.

Not drawn a small team? Arsene's fluffed an open goal there, going through his entire press conference without a single rendition of "You're just a small club in Chingford" or "Where's your Bale gone?"
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Title Annotation:Sport
Publication:The Racing Post (London, England)
Date:Jan 4, 2014
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