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Welsh schoolboy died for 10 minutes when holiday mealblockedhiswindpipe.

A welsh schoolboy came back from the dead after choking on a meal at a Spanish holiday hotel. Keiran Jenkins, 11, was clinically dead for 10 minutes when a piece of meat blocked his windpipe in a hotel restaurant. His frantic parents shouted for help when he stopped breathing and his heart stopped.

Hotel guests sprang into action to save Keiran's life - one pulling the meat from his throat while another pumped his chest to try to get him breathing.

His mum Naomi said, "We thought he was gone but then he suddenly screamed and started breathing again.

"We really feel it was like a miracle.

"He came back to life right in front of our eyes."

An ambulance crew rushed Keiran to hospital in Calella where doctors said he had been clinically dead for around 10 minutes.

Keiran was enjoying only the second day of his holiday with parents Naomi and Mathew, sisters Courtney, nine, and Emily, three, and 12-month-old brother Joseph.

The family, from Garndiffaith near Pontypool, was staying at the four-star Calella Palace Hotel in the Costa Brava resort.

Naomi said, "We were starting to eat and then Keiran suddenly jumped up his eyes seemed to pop out of his head and I saw he was choking.

"His lips began to go blue and his skin turned a shade of grey and he looked dead and at that point I just got hysterical."

The dining room was packed with 400 other guests but Naomi said people were frozen by shock.

Naomi said, "I saw Kieran's arms flop and all I could hear were people saying he was dead because there was no pulse and he wasn't breathing.

"But then a hotel guest came to the rescue and managed to reach down into his throat and grab the piece of meat.

"Suddenly Keiran screamed and that's when he came back to life and everyone started clapping.

"She did a marvellous job and we'll always be grateful to her even though we didn't get her name in all the confusion."

Mathew said, "It was a miracle. I didn't believe it when he started to breathe again because I was convinced he had died. Back home Keiran said, "It was a bit scary but I can't remember anything from eating my food to when the paramedics were there."
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Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:Aug 29, 2007
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