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Welsh Homes: Sanctuary with a whiff of the sea; FAVOURITE ROOM: Broadcaster Jenny Ogwen's snug is filled with mementos of Pembrokeshire.


SHE sounds utterly at ease, sat as she is in her favourite room.

She calls it the snug - but her husband, Euryn Ogwen Williams, refers to her little hideaway in much grander terms.

In typical self-deprecating fashion, with her tongue firmly nestled into her cheek, broadcasting stalwart Jenny Ogwen can't quite maintain an air of seriousness when she lets slip what the room is referred to in her Barry home.

``Well, to me it's the snug but Ogs (her affectionate nickname for her husband) tells everyone it's the Pembrokeshire Room,'' she says.

``I'm just like Lady Muck here.``Everything I need is right to hand, even a little desk to answer the hundreds of fan letters I get every day.''

It is at this point that she breaks into a fit of giggles, laughing at the thought of bundles of gushing letters dropping onto the mat of her home for the past 30 years.

The Pembrokeshire room is socalled because it is filled with mementos of her beloved Pembrokeshire.

Born in Crymych, Jenny says her favourite places in the world are Tenby or Newport, Pembrokeshire, so her room is littered with pictures depicting the natural beauty of the areas as well as images of the sea.

``I've always loved the sea,'' she says.

``Even if I lived in a caravan I would have to be near the sea.

``I can see it from upstairs so I love to look at that and down into the garden of course.

``Not that I am much of a gardener mind you, but my neighbours are and I can peek into theirs.''

Jenny's favourite room was once her daughter Sara's bedroom.

When she left home to start a family of her own, Jenny decided to turn it into her very own sanctuary.

Painted in a soft yellow with a corner cabinet dominating one wall, it is a cosy retreat for the S4C weather forecaster.

Pictures of the latest addition to her family - Sara's sevenmonth-old daughter Soffia - sit among older family treasures, along with the last picture taken of Jenny's late father, Jack.

``He's holding Soffia,'' she says.

``So one day it will remind her of her great-grandfather who was a lovely man.''

With both her children having now flown the nest - her television presenter son Rhodri Williams now lives in London - Jenny divides her time between looking after Soffia and present-ing the weather. But it is with Soffia that her true affections now lie.

``She is the light of my life and if I could pick one thing that is my favourite piece in this house it would be a picture I have of her,'' she says.

Describing her house as ``just an ordinary four-bedroom semi'' would be like saying Buckingham Palace is just a council house with ambition.

It oozes good taste, but also re-flects an easy comfort which welcomes anyone who walks through the door.

``It's a cosy and homely place, not arty farty and we live in the kitchen.

``I have a lovely dining room table and I can't remember the last time it was used.

``If anyone comes round for a meal, we pop open a bottle of wine and all gather around the kitchen table.

``I wouldn't say it's grand really. It's just home.''

TV career

JENNY Ogwen, nee Jones, left school at 16 and went to work with television companies in London.

While there she won the Teenager of the Year award and returned home to work in Wales. She began her career on the short-lived TWW channel and later worked on a number of HTV productions. She co-presented the popular Welsh language version of Mr and Mrs, Sioi

a Siain, with Dai Jones.

She joined the weather presenting team at S4C in 1992.


ABOVE: The room which Jenny Ogwen has converted into a cosy retreat for herself; RIGHT: Jenny's favourite thing - a picture of her granddaughter Soffia
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Title Annotation:Features
Publication:Western Mail (Cardiff, Wales)
Date:May 18, 2002
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