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Wells' is homemade, Dean decadent, and both are indulgent.

Wells' Dairy is emphasizing the homemade quality of its newly introduced Blue Bunny Dessert Classics Feature Flavors, while Dean Foods stresses decadence with the new flavors added to its Really Cool Flavors line. Arid both are sending consumers the same message: these products are indulgent, filled with rich confectionery, cake, and fruit ingredients.

Dean has added four new flavors to the Really Cool Flavors line, which it describes as "the ultimate ice cream." Dean originally launched in 1996, and the new additions bring the total number of flavors in the line to sixteen. The new flavors are Dulce De Leche, the caramel ice cream that has become the most popular new flavor in years; Dulce De Leche Con Chocolate, which adds chocolate flakes to the basic Dulce De Leche ice cream; Strawberry Smash, which offers vanilla ice cream and chocolate strawberry cups in a chunky "parlor-like" strawberry sauce; and Kodiak Island Fudge, which mixes chewy fudge pieces and Kodiak Island butter fudge in vanilla ice cream.

The company reports that so far this year sales of the Really Cool Flavors line are running 33% ahead of 1999 levels. The line is packaged in both pints and half-gallons and is distributed throughout the Midwest and in parts of the Northeast and Southeast. Dean Foods distributes a full line of frozen desserts, including low fat ice cream, sherbet, frozen yogurt, and sorbet, as well as a full line of refrigerated dairy products.

Wells' new line of premium ice cream feature flavors are "reminiscent of the sweet, creamy, homemade goodness of several classic American desserts." Produced in limited quantities, they are labeled as Limited Edition or Critic's Choice. Among the flavors is Banana Cream Pie, described as "creamy and decadent" and Homemade Peach Cobbler, described as a "spicy blend of luscious peach sauce, generous peach chunks and crunchy piecrust pieces...accentuated by the rich creaminess of Premium Homemade Vanilla ice cream. Other Homemade flavors in the new line are Cherry Cobbler, Blueberry Cobbler, and Apple Pie. Packaged in round half-gallon containers, Dessert Classic Feature Flavors are available wherever Blue Bunny ice cream is sold.

Wells' has also added two new flavors to its Blue Bunny Jungle Adventures line of premium ice cream: Wildberry Safari and Rainforest Crunch. The former is "a rich, creamy black raspberry ice cream packed with marionberry-filled mini chocolate cups and swirled with a sweet blackberry revel." The latter is "a smooth and creamy caramel flavored ice cream with caramel variegates, and loaded with crunchy cashew and Brazil Nut brittle. The other flavors in the Jungle Adventures line are Amazon Storm, Jungle Paradise, Muddy Sneakers, and Chocolate Rainforests.

In addition, Wells' has increased is basic Premium Blue Bunny line with three new "Sumptuous, Romantic, and Decadent" flavors: Homemade Turtle Sundae, Royal Cashew, and Midnight Raspberry Rendezvous. The Turtle Sundae features an "opulent blend of Premium Homemade Vanilla ice cream, rich butter caramel sauce, mini milk chocolate caramel cups, and golden salted pecans; Royal Cashew is made with Premium Vanilla ice cream "united with buttery cashew crunch and caramel sauce; and Midnight Raspberry Rendezvous offers "a passionate mingling of Premium black raspberry ice cream and decadent dark chocolate chips." Packaged in round half-gallons, the three new Premium Blue Bunny flavors are available wherever Blue Bunny ice cream is sold.

Wells' has been actively promoting this line as well as its other Blue Bunny variations to the foodservice industry. The company has added a broad array of free point-of-sale materials to the many promotional items already in its Ice Cream Shoppe program, reminding foodservice operators that "branded products sell better, have a higher perceived value, and customers are willing to pay more for them. wells' Dairy, founded in 1913, is one of the few remaining family-owned and managed dairy processors in the United States. There are more than 500 Blue Bunny-branded products, including ice cream and frozen novelties. Blue Bunny products can be found across the U.S. and in 30 foreign countries.
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Date:Jun 20, 2000
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