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Well-known columnist, Dr. Samuel Lee, retires.

With deepest regret, we announce that Dr. Samuel Lee, our long-time Technical Editor and author of the monthly column, "Coffee Break With Dr. Samuel Lee," is retiring due to illness.

Sam was well-known to members of the coffee industry prior to joining the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal in 1960. He had already devoted eight years as director of research at the G. Washington Division of American Home Products. He had been responsible for improvements and research in soluble coffee, flavors, seasons, and condiments. But his true love was coffee.

Sam's research in soluble coffee took place at a time when most coffee people considered soluble coffee a fad that just wouldn't seem to go away. Only a few firms believed it would become a major product on a footing with ground coffee.

Sam had previously been a research chemist at Vick Chemical Company, participating in developments in nose drops, cough drops, and syrups. He spent six years with Vick.

Over the years, Sam would serve a stint as technical consultant to the National Coffee Association of U.S.A. and to the coffee bureaus ing countries.

Prior to that, Sam had been a product supervisor at Interchemical Corp. for eight years after serving for fourteen years in a similar capacity at Ciba-Geigy Corp.

Sam has two doctorate degrees-in Pharmacy and Chemistry-as well as degrees in Chemistry (Columbia University) and Chemical Engineering (Stevens Institute of Technology). He has been granted over a dozen U.S. and foreign patents on chemical applications and processing.

Readers of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal have always been amazed, not only at the vast variety of current technical information Sam was able to impart through his monthly columns, but also at the informative answer he supplied to their individual questions sent to us in the mail. His writing skills were highly developed, always lucid and to the point. Sam was endlessly busy writing technical articles on industrial chemicals, food, and coffee subjects. And, needless to say, Sam has always been an avid reader.

Sam was instrumental in advising the management of the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal to continue publishing the magazine. It was during the early 1970's when the descendants of rounding family, Ukers, died and lawyers urged James Quinn, editor, to wrap up publication of the journal.

Here at the Tea & Coffee Trade Journal, we, like our predecessors, will miss this kind, decent gentleman. The entire coffee industry will be poorer without the knowledge, wit, and wisdom of Dr. Samuel Lee and his monthly Coffee Break.

Until a suitable replacement can be found for Dr. Lee, we will repeat his more talked about columns.

If you would like to contact Dr. Samuel Lee and wish him well, he is located at: 3-20 Lyncrest Ave., Fairlawn, NJ 07410. Telephone: (201) 797-3317.
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Author:Quinn, James P.; McCabe, Jane
Publication:Tea & Coffee Trade Journal
Date:Mar 1, 1993
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