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I haven't been able to skate in four years, but the culture never leaves me. I love skateboarding. I love that not giving a fuck is a prerequisite. I remember the first time I dropped into a halfpipe in the homie Touch's backyard and whooping' the homie Chris' ass in SKATE all summer. I love skateboarding. Not just the sport, but the lifestyle. I feel like a better person because of it. Skateboarding is hip-hop to me, but skating is also rock and also metal. Skateboarding isn't just alternative--it is the alternative. The alternative to bullshit home-life and bullshit society. So much of life is fakes and shams, but you can't fake skateboarding. There's no shams in skateboarding. You either do or you don't. You either can or you can't. You either are or you're not. I'm not even a good skateboarder, as much as I am a fan, and I'll never have the technical skills to be a pro skater, but every time I push off on my Shorty's Muska deck, in some fresh-ass Vans Sk8-Hi's, I know that nothing on Earth can duplicate how I feel. Every time I push off, I feel fresh as fuck. Every time I push, I feel the peace, the freedom, and the confidence that the dopest thrasher feels. I love skateboarding. Not just the sport, but the lifestyle; and I love that it loves me too. The skate lifestyle loves me and accepts me at any time, every time I need it. And I'll always need it. I'll always need it to express myself and my style freely as the wild, reckless and abandoned street kid that I truly am. I'll always need its love and its acceptance. I'll always need its truth, and I'll always need its freedom. I'll always need skateboarding. Mark Anthony Howard

Norco, CA

You can love skating but it won't love you back. --T-ed

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Title Annotation:MAIL DROP
Date:Sep 14, 2017
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