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Welding and sealing systems.


Builds dielectric welding equipment and supplies electronic sealing dies, tooling, and equipment for welding supported and unsupported PVC, PET, PETG films, urethane, and coated fabrics. Latter include heat-sealing dies, articulating seal-and-cut dies, 360 [degrees] tube sealers, pushbutton automatic trays, Colpit and Kiefel dies, capping fixtures, and vacuum-form and applique dies.


Manufactures electronic heat-sealing dies and fixtures for the medical, advertising specialty, looseleaf binder, and handbag trades.


Offers hot-air welding equipment for use in fabrication, along with noncorrosive welding rods.


ST40 40-kHz ultrasonic tube sealer adapts to most filling machines, seals over 80 tubes/min, and includes date coding and trimming station.


Model 1216 blister sealer automatically feeds blisters into nesting trays, picks and places cards, provides a positive seal, and ejects the finished package. Camco six-position drive reportedly ensures greater index accuracy with smoother acceleration and deceleration than a conventional Genevera drive. Toggle-activated seal head affords higher pressure for a more uniform seal. Model 1216 accepts standard tooling for other six-station blister sealers. Cycle rates to 20 cpm.


Manufactures equipment for heat-sealing plastic materials to each other or to coated paperboard. Machinery ranges from basic semi-automatic versions to fully automated equipment. Two sealing methods are used: 1) applying heat and pressure to the back of the lidding mate rial or paperboard and 2) applying heat and pressure to the face of the plastic material. Typical applications are conventional blister packages and lidded trays. Also available is a complete line of thermoforming equipment and automatic loaders to be used with company's heat-sealing equipment.


A wide range of 20-kHz ultrasonic systems with 150- to 3000-w power handle most thermoplastic assembly requirements, including welding, staking, spot welding, inserting, swaging and degating. Equipment also used for sealing, slitting, bonding and laminating of thermoplastic textiles and films.

Integrated welders and component systems available for automated production lines, along with several software packages for external control of welders and SPC. Complete ultrasonic horn manufacturing capabilities available.

Advanced power supplies provide more precise control of process variables and weld quality, reducing standard deviation and increasing Cpk (process capability index) of welding process. Major features include line/load regulation, electronic amplitude control, Autotune plus Memory (AT/M), and Auto Seek.

Current 900 Series microprocessor-controlled systems feature multiple welding modes such as time, energy, time/energy compensation, welding by distance (absolute, collapse, and ground detect activated) and continuous. Ultrasonic trim knife and hand-held units also offered.

Vibration welding equipment accommodates thermoplastic parts from 6 sq in. to 48 x 20 in. Linear friction welding process is effective on molded parts with complex geometry and resins (PP, nylon and PC) that are difficult to weld with ultrasonics.

Three other assembly processes offered: orbital welding, a friction process that uses constant-velocity orbital motion to weld thermoplastic materials with as little as 30-mil part-to-part clearance; hot-plate welding, which is suitable for flat parts and provides fast, strong, hermetic seals; and spin welding, suitable for circular thermoplastic parts.


Ultrasonic welders for low- to medium-power plastics applications are offered. A 100-w, 40-kHz, or 50-kHz "Gentle Touch" system is designed for small, delicate parts. A 125-w, 40-kHz "Model Shop 40" is available for plastic model building, as is a 450-w system that can accommodate medium-sized assembly applications. A 900-w system also is available for larger units. Manufactures horns and automatic assembly systems, and an ultrasonic analyzer for testing systems and horns.


Manufactures RF sealing equipment from 0.9 to 60 kw. Turnkey systems include appropriate generator and press best suited to application, together with production tooling. Builds equipment for fabricating medical disposables, for clamshell and blister packaging, for automotive-OEM aftermarket, and for welding seams and letters for back-lit signs and awnings.

Offers training seminars and workshops.


Manufactures C[O.sub.2], Nd:YAG, and Nd:glass lasers and laser systems for industrial applications. Laser applications development center is available for R&D work.


Supplies impulse or optional straight heat-sealing machines for blister packs and food or pharmaceutical trays. Most can be equipped with card feeders and product unloaders.

Models include SOCI four-station rotary machine with two heads that seal with each cycle; HAJ4 four-station machine for peel packs, blister packs, and lidding applications where reel-fed systems are not possible; and ILSI impulse or optional straight heat sealer.


"Injectiweld" system is a hand-held welding gun that continuously feeds and melts a rod of thermoplastic (HDPE, ABS, PP, PS) and extrudes it under pressure as a continuous bead in the weld zone. Hot tip of the gun melts the surface of the substrate to be joined (of the same polymer as the welding gun), and the extrusion pressure causes an intimate joining of the bead and substrate in what the company calls a "true weld."


Provides ultrasonic welding equipment used in the assembly of thermoplastics. Techniques include welding, staking, swaging, inserting, spot welding and degating. Thermoplastic textiles and film can be continuously sealed, slit, embossed and laminated.

Equipment available in 20 and 40 kHz with wattage levels between 200 and 3000 watts. Systems include presses, thrusters, probes, hand guns, rotary tables, sound enclosures, multihead and integrated workstations. Special features include patented pulse-width modulation, linear ramp soft start, overload protection, load regulation, and heavy-duty construction with precision slide assembly for performance and reliability.

Advanced microcomputer-controlled Ultra-Com systems available for optimum control of process variables that increase Cpk (process capability index). Features include weld by distance, weld by energy or peak power, sequencing and control of force and velocity. Real-time data collection each millisecond provides graphing capabilities, analysis and interface with most SPC packages.

Accoustical tooling (horns and fixtures), including FEA (Finite Element Analysis), also manufactured.


Emaweld system for electromagnetic welding uses inductive energy to create fusion bonds between thermoplastic parts. System consists of a generator, water-cooled coils, and special magnetically active preforms. Preforms are fitted between parts and heated electromagnetically by the generator and coils. Fusion temperatures are reached in seconds. System reportedly can weld most thermoplastics, including reinforced grades, quickly and cleanly, and is said to be especially effective in attaining reliable pressure-tight structural bonds. It handles large or irregular shapes and is built as a turnkey operation, widely used in the medical, consumer, automotive, filter, battery and container markets.


Compak induction cap sealer, a non-contact system, establishes a magnetic field that heats the foil in the cap liner and creates a hermetic seal. Systems have "instant on" capability and automatic frequency control, which provides constant flux density, unaffected by the number of caps under the sealing head. Various coil designs handle virtually any application, regardless of container material, size, shape or product fill. Design allows mounting of cap sealer directly over conveyor, saving floor space. Induction seals prevent product spillage, reduce spoilage and provide tamper-evidency.


Offers Thermal equipment to stake together pieces of dissimilar materials using heat, pressure and time; and for manual, pneumatic, semi-automatic or fully automatic assembly/installation of metal inserts in thermoplastics.

Automatic assembly equipment, which can put together any number of plastic or metal parts, electronically inspects individual parts or finished assemblies and moves them to a packaging station.


Hydra Sealer line of hot-plate welding equipment for plastic parts provides high-strength, hermetic seals, high production rates and ability to weld unusual part designs. Equipment ranges from small, low-production table models to high-production machines capable of welding parts up to 4 sq ft. Applications include appliance pumps, air-conditioning ducts, automotive batteries and reservoirs, taillight assemblies, gas tanks, and other containers.


Offers ultrasonic and spin-welding units. Microprocessor-controlled ultrasonic bench welders available in 20, 30 and 40 kHz with power ranging from 600 to 2500 w. Probe systems available in 20, 30 and 40 kHz with power supplies of 600 to 2500 w. Hand units are 30 kHz with power of 800 w. All bench welders are microprocessor-controlled and equipped with a head that levels to the part, as well as pretriggering, dynamic triggering, electronic bottom stop and factory-in-stalled wiring for semi- or automatic plug-in operation.

Continuous-welding ultrasonic system for fabric and film sealing has a rotary horn, which seals at speeds up to twice that of conventional methods, while maintaining a consistent quality seal.

Spin welder seals circular-axis parts made of PP, PE, PVC, nylon and most other thermoplastics.


Offers high-temperature hot-air tools, including hand-held benchtop systems. Serpentine heating-element design provides temperatures to 1600 F.


Specializes in lightweight, low-cost hand tools for heat-sealing plastic film and bags in thicknesses from 1/4 to 10 mil. Sealing lengths extend from 7 to 36 in. Adjustable temperature is controlled over a range from 150 to 475 F. Simple operation and one-step sealing. TFE-coated sealing edge is easily changed by loosening two screws.


Equipment, bonding agents, and technology are offered for high-speed induction bonding of thermoplastics and metal to plastics. Plastic welds are achieved by magnetically generated heat produced when magnetic particles in the bonding agent are exposed to an RF field. The bonding agent is applied as a liquid, hot melt, die-cut film, molded gasket, ribbon, filament, or coextrusion. Welded bonds are achieved in TP polyester, polycarbonate, PP, HDPE, nylon, PPO/PPE blends, FEP fluoropolymer, ABS, PVC, and many TP elastomers. Accelerated curing of epoxy adhesive is available for joining SMC and other thermosets.


Manufactures CNC welding machines with exclusive proportional valve that provides closed-loop control over air pressure and ensures consistent trigger and weld force delivery. With this technology, pressure gauges and trigger springs are made obsolete.

Welders allow for the programming of amplitude from 70% to 100%. Unlike conventional generators, the Active Control series provides constant amplitude output regardless of voltage variation from 190 v to 240 v. Machines offered in 35 kHz, 500 and 1000 watts; and in 20 kHz, 2000 and 4000 watts.


Manufactures RF high-frequency plastic welders/sealers from 1-kw to 75-kw output with pneumatic or hydraulic presses. Accessory materials-handling equipment, such as rotary indexing turntables, side-to-side shuttle slide tables, and automatic roll-feed indexing mechanisms also available.

Supplies premachined brass electrode/die rule and diemaking apparatus for in-house fabrication of RF heat-sealing dies/electrodes. In addition, complete RF sealing dies manufactured for users who require professional precision diemaking services.

Imports machinery and die-supply products associated with plastic sealing.


See Forward Technology Industries.


Welding equipment from Italian companies includes heat sealing for film (bagmaking, wrapping; high-frequency welding (for stationery, packaging, automotive parts, medical items, and inflatables; and ultrasonic welding for assembling molded and/or extruded parts.


Manufactures RF heat-sealing equipment from 1 to 50 kw featuring options such as computerized equipment and computerized power control. Material aids include turntables, indexers, material feeders and board loaders. Provides complete turnkey operations with in-house die facility for the manufacture of heat-seal tooling. Also die kits, die rules, and Carmo vinyl heat-sealable components such as snap fasteners, medical fittings, grommets and valves.


Hot-air welders supplied for tack and hand welding of all weldable thermoplastics, including high-temperature materials. Standard hand-held models require compressed air and 110-v a-c (350 to 900 w). Portable models have built-in air compressor. Units and electric heating elements are of stainless steel.

Supplies standard tips and tools for tack welding or welding with round or triangular rods and flat strips, and a heating device for bending thermoplastic sheets.


Air-operated heat-sealing and welding units with electrically controlled dwell time available in pressure ranges from 1/2 to 10 tons. Presses have thermostatic control; heated heads range from 2 x 4 in. to 20 x 30 in.


Manufactures wide range of contact welding, high-frequency (RF) heating-sealing, and combination RF/contact sealing machines for use in automotive, packaging, stationery and medical industries. Machines include:

* Double-shuttle tables for small-scale production of blister packs, folded boxes, videocassette cases and holders. Equipped with an automatic shuttle-table system and max. welding areas of 900 x 1300 mm (RF) and 400 x 700 mm (contact-heat).

* Two-, four- and six-station turntables for small- to medium-scale production (RF and contact-heat) of blister packs, folded boxes, videocassette cases and holders. Can be used in semi-automated or fully automated production in combination with thermoforming machines.

* Indexing machines for large-scale production of blister packs and videocassette cases with a max. welding area of 610 x 670 mm.

* RF and contact-heat indexing machines with sheet inserter for large-scale production of folded boxes. Used in RF embossing for PVC and thermocontact embossing for PET or PP.

* Contact-heat indexing machines for large-scale production of disposable liquid packs in sizes from 3 to 20 liters. Equipped with automatic material unwind, hole punch for filling tubes, automatic tube feed, crosscutter and stacking device.


High-speed hot-gas welders feature six interchangeable "located-heat" elements with welding temperatures of 450 to 1150 F. Wattages are 250 to 750 with heat concentrated at the tips for easy barrel handling. Also offers portable air compressors, extra-long barrels for high-heat applications, and a wide variety of tip configurations. Specially engineered nitrogen-saving units can reportedly cut nitrogen consumption by 50%. Equipment to bend and weld thermoplastic sheets for fabricating tanks, hoods, etc., is available, along with specialized contact welders for plastic pipe.


Supplies induction healing power supplies and work-handling systems for bonding. Also induction cap-sealing generators for hermetically sealing membranes to plastic containers.


Sur-Bon Seamer, a hot-wire seamer, can join most thermoplastics and trim waste. Widths from 12 to 75 in. can be accommodated.

Also offers the Engel line of heat-cutting and heat-sealing units, ranging from small hand-held units to large slitting and sealing models.


Hand-held, 20-kHz ultrasonic welder incorporates an automatically controlled pneumatic clamp. Unit weighs 5 lb and is powered by a 500-, 1000-, or 1500-w generator. Welding tips, anvils, timing and energy-control options available. Welder can be retrofitted to existing ultrasonic systems.


Offers all-purpose industrial heat gun for applying shrink tubing and solder preforms; welding plastics; and bending, softening and forming thermoplastic materials and curing epoxies. Gun is available with optional pinpoint attachment for welding plastic. Built-in stand is standard. Master Model HG 501A heats to 750 F, VT750C variable-temperature heat gun to 1000 F.


Builds ultrasonic welding equipment and related tooling. Standard line consists of a 20-kHz welding press with power supplies from 350 to 1200 w. A hand-held model or tabletop press is available with a 100-w power supply, thruster capabilities, and 50 kHz. A 20-kHz handgun is standard. Automated systems can be made to order. Standard rotary indexer is available with multiple stations. Also offers spin-welding equipment which can handle applications not feasible for ultrasonic welding.


See Forward Technology Industries.


Manufactures spin welding equipment, tooling and systems for cylindrical and spherical parts hermetic assembly. Standard line of machinery includes multiple-horse, low to high torque a-c and d-c random spin drive, and fixed-spin units that weld parts to [+ or -]2 [degrees] of part diam. Part size applications can range from 1/2 diam. and up with part indexing via turntable or lineal conveyor.


Manufactures thermal-impulse sealers for thermoplastic film. Sealing lengths to 24 in., producing 2-mm-wide fiat seals.


Spin welders range from bench-type models for small parts to free-standing machines that weld up to 24-in.-diam. parts. Options include tachometer, trimmers, automatic loaders and unloaders, and test stations. Welders have dual palm buttons for operator safety when initiating weld cycle and a solid-state programmable controller to monitor all functions of machine operation. Basic spin welder is designed as a modular unit, which can be incorporated into automated lines. Also designs and builds dial-index and in-line machines to automate welding processes.


Induction cap sealer is a 100% solid-state, air-cooled generator designed specifically for heating a foil inner seal. System is said to require only half the water for cooling the unit and about half the power of vacuum-tube equipment, and requires no warm-up.

Built-in feedback circuits maintain constant output. Units handle closures at line speeds up 200 ft/min. FCC certified.


Offers custom-manufactured contact heat-welding equipment


Induction machines provide localized heating for plastic forming, coating, and foil sealing. Fully automated, turnkey, or manual-handling systems offered from 1 to 300 kw and 450 kHz to 5 mHz. Dielectric systems feature patented Macro-wave process. Automated or manual systems range from 1 to 200 kw and 12 to 120 mHz.


RF heat-sealing equipment ranges from hand-held units to rotary turntables 28 ft in diam. Presses available to 30 tons. Generators are frequency-stabilized, FCC-certified, and available in power outputs from 500 w to 100 kW. Individual presses and generators are offered.

Specializes in tray-type shuffles, roll-feeding, and rotary systems, usually sold as an integrated unit to ensure reliability and accuracy. All generators incorporate a completely solid-state arc-sensing unit. Other accessories match generator output to the workload. Integral electric and seal-checking units alert operators when sealing quality deteriorates.


Manufactures electrical plastic welding equipment for industrial and automotive applications. Equipment includes a hot-air welder, assorted tips and elements, welding rod stock, and three models of heat guns. Welders, with a variable heat range of 400-900 F, are capable of welding PVC, ABS, PP, PE and other thermoplastics at speeds of 4 ft/min. Portable, self-contained unit also available.


Products line include laboratory heat sealers and formers; high-frequency sealers; and in-line and turntable systems for stationery and office supplies, medical devices, blister sealing, inflatables, and other plastic-to-plastic heat-sealing applications.


Offers a versatile fusion-bonding machine. Side platens are accessible so that tooling can be moved in and out of the equipment easily. Setup is said to be easy, and changes from one tool to another can be kept to a minimum.

Hot-air staking machine in various sizes reportedly makes heat staking more efficient and simpler. Tooling for this machine also available.


Offers line of table-top heat-sealers, which can seal precut heat-sealable lids or films on a roll onto rigid or semi-rigid containers. Manually operated systems available for low-volume production requirements. Pneumatically operated systems available for lab applications. Special units designed to fit inside lab hoods for medical and biomedical applications also available.


Manufactures ultrasonic horns, tooling equipment, and a microprocessor controller, the RX 1000, which is retrofittable and can be installed on any ultrasonic welder. Complete systems can include index tables, shuttles, hot stamping, pad printing, automatic loading and unloading, spin welding, heat sealing, and automatic insertion.


Manufactures ultrasonic plastics assembly systems capable of welding, inserting, staking and reforming thermoplastic components. Equipment is available in three frequencies (15, 20, and 40 kHz) and power outputs from 200 to 4000 w. Microprocessor-controlled systems monitor and report conditions during each process cycle and compensate for variables to give consistent results. Operating parameters such as time, energy and trigger force are easily entered through the microprocessor keypad. Up to nine jobs can be stored and sequenced. Options include CRT monitor, hard-copy printer, linear encoder (which allows accurate welding by distance), and SPC and PC interface capabilities. Welders with conventional timer controls also available.

In addition to bench-top welders, company offers the 10965 slimline actuator for use in automated systems where space is at a premium. Compact hand-held welders, available with many accessories, are suited to assembling large parts or those with hard-to-reach joint surfaces.


Supplies ultrasonic assembly equipment for welding, staking, inserting and degating. Welders include conventional 20 kHz systems with power levels from 600 to 3000 w; 35 kHz systems from 200 to 900 w; and a small 70-kHz, 90-w unit. Because of their lower amplitude of vibration, the 35-kHz and 70-kHz units are for welding small precision parts.

Sureweld 20 and 35 come equipped with a built-in leveling fixture in the base and a "T" slot and toe clamps to secure fixtures. Sureweld 20 has a rectangular support column for extra rigidity. Micro-processors control the weld by time, energy or distance.

Company retains the old Cavitron style SW 800 (formerly Cavitron's 150) along with spare parts and repair.

Line of equipment for cutting and sealing films and fabrics includes an ultrasonic "sewing" machine, slitters, and a hand-held cutter.


Manufactures RF heat-sealing and thermal heat-sealing equipment and accessories. RF heat sealers available from 4 through 30 kw. Accessories include side-to-side shuttles, rotary and in-line indexers, and heated platens. The "Current Monitor" uses current, not time, to control the welding cycle. It prevents under- and over-welded parts. Customized systems available.


Produces heat/ultrasonic, self-tapping and expansion inserts, as well as insert installation equipment Automation product line includes vibratory parts-feeding equipment, pin installation equipment, and nonsynchronous conveyor components and systems.


Automatic plastic heat-riveting machine seals up to 50 rivets simultaneously. Unit automatically feeds parts on a powered conveyor, then separates, locates, rivets up to 50 projections simultaneously, and discharges items on the conveyor to the next operation. Cycle time is 24-30 sec. Automatic web unwind/rewind stands, weld/scrap winders and automatic splicing machines with speeds to 800 ft/min also available.


Manufactures special machinery for its hot-air staking ("hot-cold upset") process. A hot-air gun blows flow-controlled air across the plastic boss, which is then upset with a cold rod that extracts the heat from the plastic to form any shape head desired. Because the boss is thermally reformed with hot air and not mechanically formed, there reportedly is no tendency to delayed stress-cracking, as may be caused by ultrasonic staking or orbital riveting. Higher strength assemblies are said to result, since material around the boss reportedly is undamaged by the assembly process. Machinery cost is said to be 40-60% less than for ultrasonic staking and 10% less than for conventional heat staking. Any number of bosses on various planes and/or angles can be upset at the same time. Assembly time is less than 10 sec, regardless of the number of bosses.

Also offers hot-plate fusion equipment, ultrasonic systems, and secondary equipment involving clip pressing, degating, pinching, and laminating dies.


High-frequency dielectric heat-sealing equipment from 1 to 100 kw is designed for welding, heat sealing, embossing, and die cutting supported and unsupported vinyls and other thermoplastics. Solid-state, harmonic-free units, custom or standardized, are frequency stabilized to meet and surpass FCC requirements. Accessories include board feeders, indexers, inserters, shuttles, turntables, quick-disconnect features, temperature-controlled platens and tools, dies, and fixtures. Looseleaf binders and disposable medical products reportedly can be produced at rates up to 80,000/day with one operator. F-series models feature circuitry said to require an average of 32% less energy than comparable heat sealers.


Specializes in automated ultrasonic welding systems, which include ultrasonic horns and fixtures. Systems are microprocessor controlled and can include indexers, conveyors, testers, automatic feeders and stackers.


Manufactures ultrasonic welding equipment in 15-, 20- and 40-kHz. Also tooling for welding, staking, forming, spot welding, inserting, tube sealing, and continuous film sealing. Equipment ranges from small hand-held units to large automated systems. Welding can be continuous, timed, depth-controlled, or microprocessor-controlled with q-c functions. All power supplies incorporate variable power control for fine amplitude adjustment between normal booster ranges.


Offers electric-impulse heat sealers with 14- and 18-in. jaws, manual heat sealers with 6-in. jaws, heat-sealing irons with heat controls, and heating elements for specialized sealing.


Manufactures semi-automatic thermal-impulse heat-sealing machines for films, foams, fabrics and laminates used in both packaging and fabricating. Sealing capacity ranges from 4 to 240 in. and seal widths extend from 1/8 to 4 in. Over 250 models of 13 basic machine types are built, with modified and custom equipment also available. Sealers can be integrated into automatic packaging systems. Units can seal contours and trim in various shapes--open or closed, symmetrical or irregular.


Manufactures linear vibration welders, hot-plate welders, and tooling for joining thermoplastics. Cycle times generally range from 6 to 30 sec, depending on size or complexity. Vibration welders feature variable high frequency, small amplitude ([+ or -]30 mil), and hydraulic clamping for parts up to 55.5 x 25 in. Hot-plate welders feature smooth, controlled motions for delicate assemblies, complex parting lines, or flexible components. Parts to 24 x 48 in. can be accommodated. Both processes can be fitted to conveyors, rotary tables, or pick-and-place robot loaders.


Distributes 1) Vertrod Corp.'s thermal impulse sealers and welders for plastic film and sheet; 2) Packaging Aids Corp.'s impulse heat sealers for film and bags; and 3) Heat Sealing Equipment Co.'s heated jaw sealers and simple packagers. Full stocks of spare parts and complete repair services are maintained.


Dielectric heat-sealing equipment is offered, along with dies, fixtures, and loading trays.


Sole U.S. representative of Leister (Switzerland) hot-air tools--from hand-held, electronically controlled hot-air tools for welding PE, PP, HDPE, LDPE, PVC and ABS, to automatic hot-air welders for in-house and field applications. Also available are heat sources, blowers and accessories for building into other machinery. Electronically controlled hot-air tools are rated from 260 w up to 39 kw, from single hand-held tools to complete industrial systems.


Blister heat-sealing machines offered with platen areas ranging from 10 x 10 in. to 25 x 50 in. Over 36 different types of blister sealers available, from manual-feed units to completely in-line automatic heat sealers, rotary-type heat sealers, belt and tray sealers, and special units that heat seal and trim at the same station. Seal and Trim machines offered up to 200 tons with platen areas from 8 x 10 in. to 36 x 48 in.

Newest line of sealers utilize impulse sealing technology and are available in shuttle and rotary designs. Capable of welding plastic/plastic parts in sizes exceeding 15 x 18 in. to 12 in. tall.

Also offers complete in-line, form-fill seal units with platen areas from 5 x 7 in. to 25 x 36 in., serving food and drug, medical, and retail markets.
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