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Welding and assembly systems.


Standard and custom hot-plate, linear vibration and laser welding systems. Control software for Laser Tec laser welding units upgraded to make weld-by-depth feasible. Fuel rank automated finishing lines. Full technical design support and fully equipped laboratory.

The first gas-fueled hot-plate welder is a noncontact convection system that channels hot combustion gas onto the weld seam.


Range 01 I 5-, 20-, 30-, and 40-kHz ultrasonic systems with 150- to 6000-w power for most assemblies including welding, staking, spot welding, inserting, swaging and degating. Integrated welders and component systems available for manual or automated lines. Ultrasonic trim knife and hand-held units. On-site and remote ultrasonic tooling manufacturing.

Advanced fully digital power supplies provide precise control of process variables and weld quality, reducing standard deviation and increasing Cpk index of welding. Major features include line/load regulation, electronic amplitude control, Autotune plus Memory (AT/M), and Auto Seek. Touchscreen models available for easier setup and operation, and remote monitoring.

The 2000X Series microprocessor-controlled systems feature multiple welding modes such as time, energy, time/energy compensation, welding by distance (absolute and collapse), force, and continuous and amplitude stepping.

Vibration welding equipment for parts from 6 sq in. to 48 x 20 in. Linear friction welding is effective on parts with complex geometry and resins that are difficult to weld with ultrasonics. Hy-Line series linear vibration welders include on-board computer for monitoring parameters and controlling machine functions.

Also orbital vibration welding, a friction process that uses constant-velocity orbital motion to weld materials with as little as 30-mil part-to-part clearance; hot-plate welding, a direct thermal welding technique suitable for complex, irregular shapes (joint can be curved in all planes); spin welding suitable for circular parts with final orientation within 10, and thermal welding.

Laser IRAM welding process passes laser radiation through one plastic component (transmissive component) into a second where it is absorbed to melt the interface (absorptive component). Process is accurate, noninvasive, controllable, and clean. Can be used with dissimilar materials. Two IR-transmissive parts may be laser welded using IR-absorbing products developed by Gentex Corp.


Manufactures plastics-joining equipment, associated tooling and intelligent ergonomic workstations.

InfraStake and Infra Weld processes compliment company's high-speed servo-driven Hot-Plate and Spin-Welder product lines.


PUK 3 spot welders carry the technological advancements of previous-generation PUK spot welders to a whole new level. When fusing metals a special setting shortens impulse times to increase weld quality and strength. Micro mode helps with delicate tasks, enabling microwelding on sheet metal as thin as 0.10 mm. PUK 3 Professional Plus offers more controller power, finer setting ranges and five program slots in which frequently used setting combinations can be saved. Eliminates pickling, a rubber wheel is all that's needed for cleanup. Ideal for permanent welding and tack welding prior to soldering. PUK 3 spot welders both include stainless steel controller and Mezzo Stereomicroscope, welding handpiece, 10 reversible electrode rips, cross-locking electrode tweezers, flat electrode pliers, electrode clamp, diamond disc for cleaning tips, 10-ft gas hose and instructions.


CNC ultrasonic welders for joining thermoplastic parrs, fabrics and thin packaging films. Systems available in 20 kHz, 30 kHz and 35 kHz with 700- to 6200-watt configurations. A multilingual, Windows-based touchscreen controller provides easy-to-use, single screen programming. Exclusive digital generator technology features consistent performance and amplitude, independent of outside influences. Precise yet robust actuator designs incorporate proportional valve regulation and variable force control for repeatability and reliability. Welders can be calibrated for easy validation for ISO 9001, QSR, CCMP and FDA..


Thermo-contact welding, high-frequency (RF) sealing, and combination RF/contact equipment for sealing a wide range of plastics. Inline, rotary and shuttle table configurations. Variety of levels of automation.


Heavy-duty, industrial-quality Master Heat Guns feature a universal motor for highspeed performance, die-cast aluminum housing, externally replaceable carbon brushes, nonslip adjustable stand, off-cool-hot switch, reinforced mica-insulated ceramic heating element, and 6 ft. cordset. With temperatures to 1000 F models are 120 v, C-UL-US listed. Proheat models offer electronic variable temperature & variable air flow with lockable controls.


Primary equipment line for plastic assembly equipment, tooling and systems includes ultrasonic welding, staking and inserting machines in 40, 20 and IS kHz frequencies that are capable of welding in digital time, constant energy and/or distance modes with power outputs from 400 to 4500 watts.

Offers basic hand-held systems and bench-model pneumatic press systems. For applications requiring greater depth of weld control, ElectroPress system provides a final weld tolerance of [+ or -] 0.0003 in.

For large plastic part welding, a complete line of linear vibration welding systems, and for circular or round plastic parts, a standard line of high-torque spin welding machines are offered.

New X-press 20-kHz integrated ultrasonic welder features a press with a built-in microprocessor that eliminates the need for a separate power supply.


Company offers ultrasonic welding and ultrasonic Cut'n'Seal systems as well as ultrasonic punching, including bench-top models with up to 6000-w power, plus vibration welding and spin-welding equipment and tooling.


Hot-gas hand-welding systems for rigid sheet and pipe fabrication and repairs; heat guns for fabrics, liners and single-ply roofing systems; hot-air extrusion welders for rigid sheet and pipe fabrication and repairs; sheet butt fusion and bending machinery; plastic pipe butt and socket fusion machinery, saws and tools; pinhole detectors; spark testers; and plastic specialty machines.



Extensive product line that includes more than 175 general-purpose and application-specific robot models (such as expert, master and versatile are and spot welding robots), plus 15 families of fully integrated, pre-engineered "world" solutions (ArcWorld, FabWorld, Load World, SpotWorld) that include robots, process equipment and safety equipment. Custom solutions are available to meet unique automation needs through the Advanced Systems Group and an extensive integrator network.
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