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Poetry 2010 offered easy online entry this year, and for the first time our web entries outnumbered those in paper. As you'll see, <i>this</i> world wide web weaves a magic carpet to exotic destinations.

"What Every Traveler Knows" sets forth the itinerary of our dreams. We visit a magical island that really vanishes and an eternal city that refuses to. Xian, Cairo, Iraq, India and Japan lie just over the horizon. We'll explore strange cultures together--like the one that gave birth to <i>I Love Lucy</i> and Marilyn Monroe.

There's truth stranger than nightmares, like the Japanese schoolgirls with their delicate fire balloons, or the witnesses from Limbo who saved us from nuclear fallout. Mystery deepens and darkens toward the end, until we come to Rebecca Baggett's Grand Prize poem, embracing the beautiful and the terrible in one resounding "Alleluia."

Since it's been the number one subject of poetry for thousands of years, it takes courage these days to write an honest-to-goodness love poem. But this issue opens with a warm embrace that will help to tide you through the winter. Love leads naturally to art, and by the time we finally make our escape from the Louvre, it's high time for lunch. Perhaps a bite of tyger, burning bright? Beware: one taste and you'll find it hard to put down this delectable treat.

The spring IRAN Issue was a huge success, and Michigan State University Press will be publishing an enlarged version of this issue as a book, just as they did with our IRAQ Issue. (<i>Flowers of Flame</i> won the Independent Publisher Book Award for Poetry in 2008.) First with IRAQ, first with IRAN--<i>Atlanta Review</i> is the <i>one</i> journal that puts you on the front lines of world poetry!

<i>Dan Veach</i>

<i>Editor & Publisher</i>

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Author:Veach, Dan
Publication:Atlanta Review
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Date:Sep 22, 2010
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