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Welcome to the second annual jobs issue.

Welcome to the second annual jobs issue. If you are looking for your first job in dance, or your second, or your umpteenth, you'll find valuable real-world listings in our Jobs Guide. The openings range from ballet companies and modern troupes to productions like the Radio City. Christmas Spectacular. We also have a focus on Las Vegas, where dance opportunities are booming. In "Beyond the Strip," Theresa Ruth Howard tells us about the three R's of dancing in Vegas: Reliability, Revenue, and Routine. For short-term gigs, Lauren Kay breaks down the myths of summer stock in "Don't Cry for Me, I'm in Evita," and gives her hard-earned advice in "Summer Stock Sanity Savers." And just for fun Nancy Alfaro throws in a kitchen sink of ultra short-term day jobs in "Desperately Seeking Dough."

One great dancer who took a job risk by leaving her home country is Muriel Maffre. This extraordinary dance artist was deemed too tall by the Paris Opera Ballet, but she left that measuring stick in the dust when she joined San Francisco Ballet. With endless elegant limbs and an air of mystery, she graces every stage she sets her beautiful feet on. Her thoughtful way of performing proves that you don't have to "sell yourself" to be memorable. Maffre is a dancer who lingers in the mind's eye long after you leave the theater. In "The Beauty of Inflections," Allan Ulrich compares her to a mythological creature.

Talking about myths and mythology, Cuba has always held a special place in the minds of ballet lovers. I had seen the Ballet Nacional de Cuba perform in New York and was hungry to see more. Last fall I had the good fortune to go to Havana on a journalist visa for their biannual International Festival of Ballet. Seeing the Ballet Nacional de Cuba every night for a week and being part of this wonderful international gathering ... let me just say, it was a week of magic. I was able to chat with Alicia Alonso, who still directs the company despite her blindness, and I got to visit the source of the fabled Cuban training--the National Ballet School.

Wendy Perron, Editor in Chief
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Author:Perron, Wendy
Publication:Dance Magazine
Date:Mar 1, 2007
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