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Welcome to the new world of work.

Change may be constant, but it is not uniform. Every now and then, we come upon a vantage point from which we can make sense of the wider world. We engage with ideas that crystalize rather than mystify, and our thinking takes a leap forward instead of a step to the side or backward. This is how we know that change is producing more than just churn.

The transformation of the world of work has been underway for some time. What's different now is that what is emerging has--at least for the moment--come into sharper focus. As you will see, this summer issue of the People + Strategy journal covers a wide swath of transformative developments--from how we think about and develop leaders to how we manage ourselves in an increasingly complex work environment to how General Motors (at the impressive age of 107) is transforming itself in anticipation of even more accelerated change as the 21st century unfolds.

Like every issue of People + Strategy, this one is full of forward-thinking leaders sharing what's new and what works.

In Linking Theory and Practice (p. 14), Bill Browning of Terrapin Bright Green demonstrates that there is a lot more to an effective workplace design than an open office plan. Research by Browning and others is giving new relevance to biophilia--a concept that has been around for more than 30 years but more recently has attracted the interest of leading businesses that are figuring out how to increase cognitive function and productivity by investing in smart design.

Eva Sage-Gavin and Kaye Foster-Cheek reveal the need for transformational changes in the way we think about and practice HR. In Perspectives (p. 8), they pull the camera back and look at HR as part of an ecosystem that demands that we rework both our perspective and our operational roles.

Our lead article, "The New Global Leaders" (p. 26), by Harvard Business School senior fellow Bill George, takes a holistic view of how today's global leaders succeed and what we can do to support them and increase their ranks. George addresses matters of character, business sense, and cultural attunement in an integrated portrait of what makes a leader global.

While this issue takes its inspiration from our annual conference, it is more than a reflection of the conversations we had in Miami--it is a deepening of that dialogue. Our authors don't just help us see what is happening now, they raise questions that will shape what the transformation of the world of work will look like in the coming years.

Welcome to it.

James Papiano

Guest Editor

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Title Annotation:Letter from the Guest Editor; organizational change analysis
Author:Papiano, James
Publication:People & Strategy
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Date:Jun 22, 2015
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