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Welcome to summit participants.

The following is the next of the welcome address delivered by Gail Wick, BSN, RN, CNN, 2002-2003 President of ANNA, to participants at the ANNA Invitational Summit, Nephrology Nursing Shortage & Solutions, March 2003, Baltimore, Maryland.

Good morning. I want to officially welcome you to the Nephrology Nursing Shortage and Solutions Invitational Summit. I am so excited this morning that I am literally shaking because looking out at all of you is truly a dream come true. Before we get started, I want to acknowledge one person who could not be with us today and that is Dr. Mike Lazarus, who was very instrumental in this dream. It was about 4 years ago that Mike and I were having one of out animated discussions about how to deliver better patient care and improve quality in spire of the many challenges that face out specialty. You can't have a conversation like that without the topic drifting to what 4 years ago was the pending shortage of qualified personnel. It was during that conversation that the idea of a summit that consisted of the people here today was born. The summit didn't come about at that time, but thanks to ANNA, the vision of its leaders, the hard work of so many volunteers, and the generous support of Amgen, we are here today.

I am so excited and so pleased, because, if you stop to think about it, you will realize that the fact that all of you are here--that you have chosen to give a day and a half to talk about access to care for the patients that we are so privileged to serve and access to the care of professional nephrology nurses. I think this is going to send a loud and clear message to the test of the renal community, to the rest of the health care community, and to our patients that we do, indeed, care enough to come together at this summit to discuss the probable causes of the nursing shortage in our specialty and, very importantly, to develop a plan that the renal community together can go out and implement.

We know that some of the causes are very obvious--our inability to compete because of out reimbursement, and the shortage of nurses in general--but there are many other causes we can talk about. We will talk about the obvious, but then I think we will uncover some other causes and lend our expertise and out experiences to come up with what is most important and that is solutions.

Gail Wick, BSN, RN, CNN

2002-2003 President, ANNA

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Title Annotation:ANNA Convenes a National Summit on the Nephrology Nursing Shortage and Solutions
Author:Wick, Gail
Publication:Nephrology Nursing Journal
Date:Aug 1, 2003
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