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Welcome to CLUB CLASS.


THERE may have been some raised eyebrows over Peugeot's attempt to gain membership to the motoring elite club.

But, believe me, they are now truly worthy of membership.

Their 607 saloon may not have the finesse and driving manners of certain other more expensive brands, but it's still one heck of a car worthy of closer inspection.

With its long, imposing bonnet you can't miss it easily. This Peugeot has that commanding, prestigious look about it.

A nifty feature of the 607 is that the door mirrors automatically fold inwards when you park and open out when you put the key in the lock.

As a motorway cruiser this majestic saloon literally chewed up the miles without effort.

This Peugeot is designed for the minimum of fuss and in that it scores highly.

Despite it being a big car, handling is easy and light.

Available in three trim levels, S, S with executive pack and SE, the test car was the SE version and came with sumptuous black leather throughout.

One thing that did impress me greatly was that the car auto- matically switched the headlamps on when you went into a tunnel or the rain started. As you could appreciate, they were rarely off.

The 607 comes with a choice of engines ranging from the two-litre petrol up to a three-litre V6.

But if you really want to keep and eye on the pennies, then it has to be the 2.2- litre HDI diesel unit. In terms of overall performance you've really got to work the five- speed box hard at times, especially when tackling steep hills.

But once it hit motorway speed there was never a problem.

I drove the car for a week and the needle on the fuel gauge hardly budged and at one stage I was beginning to think that either Peugeot were secretly filling it up at night or the gauge was faulty.

It was only when I checked with the on-board computer that I discovered the car was clocking up nearly 50mpg.

This was probably the most staggering feature of this French fancy. Okay, it's possibly not as dynamic as some of its higher-priced cousins, but with a starting price of pounds 18,500 I rest my case.
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Publication:Daily Record (Glasgow, Scotland)
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Date:Jun 13, 2003
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