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Weird and wonderful left behind.

WE'VE probably all left something behind in a hotel room at some point. But would you have left a throne... or indeed a chihuahua called Butch? They were among the bizarre items found in Birmingham hotel rooms, according to research by Travelodge.

Its lost and found office has seen all sorts of strange things in 2017 including a mermaid tail, a red antique throne chair, a diamond Mangalsutra necklace - and 84 pairs of builders boots.

Other rare treasures that have been left behind in Birmingham include: | An unreleased set of company results (Birmingham Central Broadway Plaza); | A book of handwritten music (Birmingham Bullring); | A three-piece Burberry tailored suit and matching hat (Birmingham Central); | A mermaid tail (Birmingham Central Newhall Street); | A stamp collection worth more than PS20,000 (Birmingham Fort Dunlop); | 84 pairs of builders boots (Birmingham Streetly).

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Publication:The Birmingham Post (England)
Date:Jan 11, 2018
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