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Weird and wonderful; GADGETS OF THE WEEK.

ONE of the great things about this job is the vast array of weird and wonderful gadgets that arrive on my desk.

There have been a few gadgets that have caught my attention of late so here's a brief round-up.

Easily the funkiest pair of computer speakers I have seen, the Cubiks from Palo Alto Design certainly live up to their name.

If Buck Rogers had PC speakers these would be the ones.

They look great and certainly spruced up my desk at home. All well and good - but do they do the job? PC speakers are famous for being tinny and, in all honesty, a bit naff.

These are high-end speakers with a high-end price and thankfully the sound matches the expectations.

The speaker system offers crisp, finetuned, rich sound quality with full-digital amplification and digital USB streaming. It is the rich sound that impresses most, though, coupled with that oh so slick design.

Ideal for laptop, Mac and PC users, they're pounds 179.99 online at Amazon, and

But how about the visual side of things? Well, nobody sent me a new 46" 3D plasma screen sadly, but I did get sent some Polaroid Perfect Vision 3D glasses.

Now, I have never reviewed glasses before so I'm not too sure of the protocol.

Snazzy What I will say is that these glasses look very snazzy, were comfortable to wear and, after trying them in the cinema against a pair of house specials, they did impress me.

Things seemed clearer through these, maybe it's the included Thermofusion Technology. No I have no idea either!

Starting at pounds 24.90, there is a wide range of specs available here. Take a look at website sunglasses/3d_glasses. Well worth a look especially if you have a passive 3D TV.

Last, but by no means least, is a superb bit of kit that genuinely surprised me a lot. I have been playing around with the tremendous LiveScribe Smartpen in the last few days.

This is a device that records everything you hear, say and write, and lets you store it for easy use and sharing.

Perfect for business professionals and a dream come true for students, it takes all of the effort out of documenting lectures or meetings.

It works partly by using a notepad made of tiny microdots. This tracks every mark you make on the paper and stores it accordingly, Everything you record via the pad or audio can be shared and stored instantly. Lots of options are available to customize the pen and upgrade the potential. A genius product!

For more information, take a look at website
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Date:Aug 14, 2011
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