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Weird Nature: an Astonishing Exploration of Nature's Strangest Behavior. (Books: a selection of new and notable books of scientific interest).

When an archerfish gets hungry it knocks insects off surrounding vegetation by shooting a jet of water up to 7 feet long from its mouth. In what almost seems like a ritualistic dance, Florida's spiny lobsters join together in lines of 50 or more to conga across the ocean floor. From marine hermaphrodites to drunken monkeys, Downer illustrates an amazing array of fascinating animal behaviors relative to feeding, reproduction, locomotion, and self-defense. Perhaps this book's greatest attribute is the more than 150 photographs demonstrating these unusual activities. Each picture captures in intense detail creatures at a precise moment of interest. Firefly, 2002, 156 pages, color photos, paperback, $19.95.

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Publication:Science News
Article Type:Book Review
Date:May 25, 2002
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