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Weinlick Mall Marriage Update!; Predictive Relationship Tool Gives Weinlick Wedlock Two Thumbs Up.

PHOENIX, Sept. 28 /PRNewswire/ -- We know them as the "mall couple" -- David Weinlick and Elizabeth Runze, who married within days of meeting in June 1998, following David's national, and very public, open call for a bride.

If, like most of the rest of the world, you think the union is doomed for failure, you might want to think again.

David and Elizabeth recently took the Kolbe Takes Two Review(TM), a highly regarded online compatibility assessment tool that evaluates the conative, or instinctive, connection between two people and provides an immediate analysis of the chances of success for the relationship.

Created by Kolbe Corp., the Phoenix-based creator of software tools that measure human instinct, the Kolbe Takes Two Review revealed the mall couple's marriage has a high chance of survival.

According to Kolbe Corp. Vice President Amy Bruske, who analyzed the couple's Takes Two results, "Each complements the forces that drive the other to be who they are and each appreciates the other's differences."

David is an instinctive "Quick Start," an innovator who is not afraid to take risks, which seems on the money considering his approach to finding a bride. Elizabeth is an instinctive "Follow Thru," a person whose natural inclination is to create structure. Because Elizabeth is accommodating in Quick Start and David is accommodating in Follow Thru each is comfortable letting the other be who they are. Elizabeth is content to go with the flow while David takes risks and makes spontaneous plans, and David is happy to let Elizabeth inject a sense of structure into their lives.

About their Kolbe Takes Two Review results, David said they felt "right on," Elizabeth called the Takes Two Review "a useful test for people who know themselves well; it validated what I was feeling." Dave and Elizabeth each said that they would "definitely recommend" the Kolbe Takes Two Review to other couples.

Studying the conative part of the mind, which never changes, rather than the cognitive (intelligence) or affective (personality), both of which can change over time, provides insight into human behavior with 82% accuracy, according to Kolbe Corp. Says Bruske, "It is the only truly predictive measure of human behavior."

While instinct measurement tools have just recently become available to consumers for use in their personal lives, corporations, including Intel, Xerox, Stanford University and Hershey Foods, have used them for years to build effective work teams.

For more information about the Kolbe Takes Two Review, or to take the test online for $17.95, visit the Kolbe Corp. website at

Established in 1975, Kolbe Corp. is the world's leading provider of self- and team-management solutions and software. Their clients include numerous Fortune 100 companies as well as individuals who access Kolbe products online at
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Publication:PR Newswire
Date:Sep 28, 1998
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