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Weight Matters; Email Christine your questions to or write to Sunday Mail Diet Dilemmas, One Central Quay, Glasgow G3 8DA.

I attend meetings but I'm constantly hungry, even though I eat regularly. How can I keep the pangs at bay? When following the ProPoints plan, you'll see that some foods are highlighted green in your Shop Guide. These are called Filling & Healthy Food because they're low in energy density (bulky foods that are low in ProPoints values) and will help give you lasting satisfaction and the ability to make better choices for your weight loss.

Did you know that irrespective of the amount of calories a food contains, most people tend to eat around the same weight of food - around 2kg - every day? If you keep eating the same amount you usually do, but reduce the number of calories in that food, you can avoid hunger pangs while enjoying weight loss success. Any food highlighted green will make a huge difference to getting rid of that hunger. I always thought bananas were bad for you but Weight Watchers says they're not. Why? They've never really been bad. No fruit or vegetable will ever be bad. In the ProPoints plan, Weight Watchers has made it simple by giving all fruits and most vegetables zero ProPoints values. Just take your pick. I've just moved in with my boyfriend, who is overweight, and I'm hearing all the stories about gainingweight when living with your partner. How do I ensure this doesn't happen? Research has found a connection between couples and weight. Not only do women and men who live together tend to gain weight at similar times, but they are also more likely to achieve better results if they tackle weight loss as a couple. Most importantly, one year after reaching their goal, the couples had maintained their weight loss. Get him onside. Go for long, romantic walks or cook delicious recipes from the WeightWatchers cookbooks. Or, join a meeting and get the support you both need.

I eat three meals a day but am still not using my allocated ProPoints. I don't want to gain weight by eating more. The ProPoints plan is all about offering a solution that helps you lose weight and keep it off. You need to be flexible, eat well and above all, enjoy life. In terms of your budget, it's there to deliver weight loss and room to live. For good health and realistic weight loss you should aim to eat your budget - and on most days eat no fewer than 29 ProPoints values. Your budget is personal to you - use it. Can you recommend foods that are good for energy? I am a working mum and I often feel lethargic.

It sounds like you need carbohydrates, which give energy and release it slowly through digestion. Eat pasta, wholegrains or brown rice as part of your daily ProPoints allowance. Also, swap white bread for wholegrain.

For more info on the Weight Watchers ProPoints Plan or to find your nearest meeting, call 08457 123 000 or visit
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Publication:Sunday Mail (Glasgow, Scotland)
Date:Feb 6, 2011
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