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Weighing up dangers.

At skelton Junior School we have recently been commended for our healthy eating research and introduction of healthy school lunches.

I feel this is only one part of the picture regarding our diets. The following is the results of my research which I feel is a warning to young people that over-eating is not the only bad diet.

If you are thinking of starting a crash diet, stop and think about the risks.

Firstly, a crash diet is shocking your body into a sudden low energy food regime, which leads to premature hair loss.

A crash diet may also lead to ketosis, an abnormal metabolic state which leads to nausea.

Crash dieting will also make your concentration level drop. As time passes, it gets even more dangerous.

Many people are thinking of starting a crash diet, however they come to their senses and decide it's too risky. All crash diets do is make you feel weak, they don't work.

If you lose weight, you're supposed to feel proud. Ask yourself this: Would you feel proud for putting your life in danger? Would you feel proud of making those who love you feel scared for your life? I know I wouldn't.

Do yourself a favour and think. Is losing a few pounds worth putting your life at risk?

T-JAYE JONES (age 11 years), Skelton
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Title Annotation:Gazette Letters
Publication:Evening Gazette (Middlesbrough, England)
Date:Jun 3, 2006
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