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Weigh/bagging systems. (New Products).

GS-3100 weigh/bagging systems are ideally suited to the full range of meat and poultry weigh/bagging applications, including chops, fillets, breasts, drumsticks, wings and leg quarters. Systems accommodate each specific wicketed bag requirements, including adjusting weight set-points and lower/ upper limits. A "quick change" wicket holder facilitates the rapid reloading of bags, while a check weighing feature guards against overpacking. "Bag blaster" design uses short bursts of air to open bags prior to filling. This feature guards against the potential for recording inaccurate weights that can result from using a continuous airflow for bag opening. Gainco Inc., 1655 Oakbrook Dr., Gainesville, GA 30507. (770-534-0703)

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Publication:Food Manufacturing
Date:Dec 1, 2002
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