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Ween Break Up After 25 Years Of Doctor Rockin'.

They had an Awesome Sound. But it's goin' down. Ween is breaking up after 25 years of playin' it off legit, breaking the hearts of their legions of Boognish-worshiping fans, who have watched them grow from young psychedelic explorers into the doctors of rock.

Gene Ween -- aka Aaron Freeman, one half of the duo known as Ween -- ( broke the news via an interview posted Tuesday on ( that the band is saying "buenos tardes amigos" for good.

"It's time to move on ... It's been a long time, 25 years. It was a good run," he told the magazine. "For me it's a closed book. In life sometimes, in the universe, you have to close some doors to have others open," says Freeman. "There's no, 'Goddamn that such and such!' For me, I'd like to think it's a door I can close finally."

The band wants everyone to know that it's gonna be alright, baby, as they are not on the outs and they're not turning to bananas and blow or covering it with gas and setting it on fire, they're just moving on from the years of Ween to focus their own projects.

Though Gener may have needed someone to help him scrape the mucous off his brain after years of drug problems which came to a head in recent years, the band still talks, but it seems Gene spoke to the mollusk, and determined he wants to forever be free.

Gener won't be crying in his sleep, and he's not just going to leave you on the farm, as he's got a budding solo career poised to take him away to another land, thank you, and he wants to reassure Boognish-heads that more of his music will continue to be released in the future.

Gener and Deaner -- aka Mickey Melchiondo, the other half of Ween, which formed when the pair were in high school in New Hope, Pa. -- had a great run together, building a cult following after bonding with each other over their shared religious experience of seeing the image of the "boognish" while tripping balls one fated day in their youth.

And since then, though the going got tough from the get-go, it's been a great musical journey filled with fun tunes and camaraderie, but it appears that when it comes to Gener, he was in the mood to move, and that little birdie just wanted to be set free.

So don't sweat it, don't sweat it, if you want some comfort in this time of lost rock, just throw on one of their albums and float away on a puffy cloud.

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Date:May 30, 2012
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